It was rather a good weekend for Arsenal fans, don’t you think?

Well what a weekend that was!

Waking up this morning I still have to wipe my eyes and look back at the results over the past 24 hours. But the more I look the more I realise that they actually did happen and for once I am glad that it wasn’t Arsenal on the end of one of those humiliating battering’s!

Of course, it is early days and given how the league is going so far we may yet suffer one of those battering’s, but given how hard Arteta has worked to improve our team defensively, I would like to think that this just wont be happening to us!

Although I would have preferred it to be Spurs who were on the other end of the battering that they gave to Manchester United, either way one of those teams had to lose, obviously it wasn’t going to be a draw what with the team strength both clubs have. But I guarantee that if we had played Manchester United, in their current state, we would have even beaten them emphatically, but as always it boils down to how you perform on the day, and as we saw, United just didn’t perform, well they did up until they went down to ten men, and then all of the tactics and game plans just went out the window.

After their game, came an even better one though, one which saw the reigning Champions fall to a shockingly and rather appalling 7-2 defeat to the hands of Aston Villa. Now let’s not take anything away from Villa, from start to finish they were excellent, and it could be said that last season, Liverpool should have lost even more than they did and they could have even lost by similar score lines, but they grinded out the wins, whereas now I feel like their time has come to an end and teams are no longer afraid to go head to head with them.

So all in all, as United lost 6-1, Liverpool lost 7-2 and Arsenal ground out a nervy finish to take away all three points to win 2-1, it was a rather good weekend, and long may it continue in a positive manner for our beloved club, while the other clubs around us falter. Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


    1. It still says Atletico on his Wikipedia page….. I do believe they’ll change that soon though…….. time to Partey

  1. Not here by me though.
    Nevermind the Atl Madrid they mention on the first page. Click on Wikipedia and see magic.

      1. Don’t rain on my parade Admin Pat😂😂😂
        He was on loan last season.
        This season, is the real deal
        I’m gonna eat my cake and have it

        1. I’m looking forward to this season immensely, but I think Arteta will take usto much bigger heights next year mate.
          Partey and Gabriel may not be quite enough this year IMHO

              1. They absolutely can, in alternate universe! But in real life they have to contend with a far superior and way cooler neighbor. Its a curse they have to live with for eternity poor things!

    1. Eddie What ever year you or PAT count MA as coming is not the thing that matters. It is , AS YOU RIGHTLY SAY, that he is here.
      He is by a country mile our best signing since Wenger came here.
      Without Wenger we would never have had Henry, without Rioch not got Berkkamp and so on back to kingdom come with Herbert Chapman and Cliff Bastin etc.

      The principle is always that a manager is far and away the most important employee. So few seem to realise that, rather disappointingly.

  2. What’s wrong with Arsenal or rather They tortured us all week and still do by writing somewhere that Aouar is still a possibility. Then when you go through all publications to find zilch.
    Cruel buggers

    1. the twitter itk’s are back at it again apparently. Even tho they were completely wrong 24 hrs ago people are back to believing them.

      1. You need to understand that spurs are the closest team to us geographically and our biggest rivals, yes in the grand scheme of things Man U are a far bigger club than them, but spurs can NEVER be our heroes, only our biggest enemy.

  3. Liverpool and Barcelona heavy and deserved defeats have wiped away all bitterness of 8-2 for me, but my happiness this week is courtesy of Man Utd, may they keep on giving.

    The weekend results plus Man city and Chelsea perfect start to the season have just strengthened my already 100% conviction and guarantee that its Arsenal who are going to lift the trophy this season.

  4. Lucas Torreira to Atlético Madrid, here we go! Paperworks just signed between the two clubs after medicals completed days ago. He joins Atléti from Arsenal on loan, as #AFC sign Thomas. ⚪️🔴 #DeadlineDay [Fabrizio Romano]

    How bloody exciting is that??!!!

  5. Not sure if it’s appropriate to laugh at this but Barca just informed OL Dembouz is staying meaning Depay, Auoar and Jeff are staying. And theyre likely facing point deduction due to FFP violation. What a mess.

    1. Did they not just sign Paqueta to fill the Aouar going out too?

      That is some heavy money staying put…..

  6. …… and to think Ross barkley threw away three sitters….. and Ollie Watkins missed a great chance for a fourth goal, wow. Is that like the worst defensive display by a defending champion ever ?

  7. This week was a. excellent week for our new Arsenal Club because our problem after defence has been the midfield especially a midfield that scores and gives ASSISTS to our versatile attacking force
    .Things will improve.
    Thanks to the recruitment team and a last minute bail out from Stan Kroenke. We ended the first four games on a good note. So with a reinforcement from Partey the team can be sure of a higher level and more Silverwares. God bless Arsenal

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