‘It will be a dream to watch them’ – Mikel Arteta in awe of former club

Mikel Arteta has claimed that it will be a ‘dream’ to watch former side Paris Saint-Germain with new signing Lionel Messi in their ranks.

The Spaniard made his senior debut in the French capital back in 2001, having been allowed to leave Barcelona’s B team on loan, and has already spoken kindly of his time with PSG.

That fondness is about to grow however as he looks forward to seeing what will come of the club with new summer signing Messi, who I’m sure you will have heard of.

The Argentine was supposed to be extending his stay with Barca, only for the Spanish division to refuse their attempts to re-sign the forward due to their financial deficits, and Lionel has wasted little time in joining new club PSG, where he will line up alongside top-class talents Sergio Ramos, Gigi Donnarumma, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar just to name a few.

Arteta among many of us will be following their progress closely.

“Excitement and attention,” Arteta responded when asked what Messi would bring to his former side(via the DailyStar).

“And straightaway yesterday you could see everyone in Paris how exciting it is when they realised he was going to be there.

“It’s incredible and it will be a dream to watch them, how they play.”

The Arsenal boss added that Messi is the GOAT, before going onto talk about the situation which led to his exit from Barcelona, the club both he and Messi came through the youth ranks of.

“He’s the best ever on the planet,” Arteta added.

“He was raised in Barcelona to similar parts to where I was and to let him go the way it happened is sad.

“But it tells you that there is no club exempt of a financial crisis and, as sad as it is, it probably had to be in the position to do it, to save the club.”

Will Messi’s move to Paris drastically raise the following of the French division? Will Barce struggle to move on from their current woes?


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  1. In answer to your last question, as much as I have enjoyed the rivalry and sheer footballing excitement and talent on display between Barcelona and Real Madrid over the years , my foremost concern is what happens at Arsenal

    1. TBF sue same as you very enjoyable watching them through the years but they have been found out and their government can not keep them afloat anymore,personally no more Spanish teams will be competing for the major European honours for the foreseeable IMO
      Think I read that league money went towards Baca and real at 80%and the remaining 20% went towards the remaining 18 teams per season and that went on for years (could be wrong on the percentage but it was Something silly )
      Caught up with them now ,but now looks like PSG are going the same route now that FFP as relaxed .
      I believe PSG wage bill is 5times higher than any other french team ,no lvl playing field involved which makes a mockery of the game .

      1. Can’t argue with that Dan kit
        Self sustaining model was nowhere in sight
        To be paying Messi a million a week after tax bears no resemblance to most people’s normality and in some respects the amount he was paid by Barca has brought them down

      2. I don’t know about how others feel, but Barca lost all respect almost a decade and a half ago, the moment they started employing cheap tactics to lure players by letting their players publicly express their desires to link up with players contracted to other clubs. And, it wasn’t an one off affair. They signed Cesc, Pique, Hleb, Villa, Mascherano, Song and Suarez (few players I remember and possibly many more) by playing the same card.

        They portrayed themselves as the torchbearers of morality in the sporting world by putting the UNICEF logo on their shirts for free. But, off the pitch, their behavior lacked a sense of morale.

        And the current situation of the club must serve as a warning to others who puts a player, even if he happens to be the GOAT, above the club.

        In short, FCUK Barca!!!

  2. I would rather Arteta worry more about Arsenal than praise his former team. Focus on where Arsenal is heading Dear MA.

    1. Just in the hope of PSG returning the favour by letting some of their talented and surplus players join us on-loan / for cheap to aid MA in his battle for survival at Arsenal this season. Gotta give credit to MA for his creativity.

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