It will not be easy for Mikel Arteta to land the Arsenal job

Arsenal intend to put Mikel Arteta through a rigorous interview process.

Arsenal is considering making Mikel Arteta their next manager after they fired Unai Emery but the road to the managerial seat won’t be an easy one, according to reports.

The Gunners considered making Arteta their manager before they hired Unai Emery who was also highly thought of at the time, the Spaniard is now back among the favourites to land the job.

FourFourTwo, citing The Telegraph claims that the Gunners intend to put Arteta through “an Apprentice-style interview process.”

The report claims that: “Raul Sanllehi and technical director Edu will interview candidates separately from Huss Fahmy, director of football operations, and managing director Vinai Vinkateshem.

“A final interview will be conducted in America with owner Stan Kroenke and his son Josh. “

Arteta is just one of several candidates that Arsenal have on their mind to be named as their next manager.

The likes of Max Allegri and Mauricio Pochettino are still very much in the running for the job, but Arteta would be a popular appointment because of his playing history at the Emirates.

Freddie Ljungberg is also in the running to get the job until the end of the season if he can succeed in turning their season around.

There does seem to be a bit of momentum building around Arteta. I am just not so sure that he would be widely welcomed as the clubs saviour. A more experienced manager is what the fans are wanting, certainly based on comments on this site.


  1. My instincts tell me that once Arteta gets to the interview he is hot favourite. I STRESS that having worked closely as Guardiols right hand man and being a man Pep really rates highly, THAT WILL CARRY MUCH WEIGHT WITH THE REGIME AND RIGHTLY SO. I HAVE COME ROUND TO THE RELUCTANT REALISATION THAT WE CAN NOT NOW GET MY OWN FAVOURITE CHOICE, RODGERS. I feel that Arteta is now odds on for the job and am very happy personally, though I realise many Gooners will not be so.

    1. Jon I’m surprised TBH, I’m glad you ain’t among those writing him off and using inexperience as excuse. As we all have to start from somewhere, Pep has no experience before he took over Barca. Arteta has a lot of people saying good stuffs about him regarding his influence on City. I’ve seen it several times myself with him giving directions and things going smoothly.
      I’d welcome him with open arms. Nobody says it’ll be smooth for him, but there’s something there those experience folks see which is the reason they all rate him so high.
      I’d like Bodgers too, but right now he’s out of reach. So I’m behind a young hungry and smart person like Arteta. I really don’t want any old age manager here anymore. Football has evolved, look at all the coaches dominating and ruling the game now, all very young men.
      I understand people won’t agree with Arteta being a good choice, but that’s just the truth

      1. Eddie , you and I have not always seen eye to eye, as I am prone to say what I think and not hold back, which I realise can be hurtful. I do not do so to hurt but to try to make others see things as I see them. And to really think hard before posting the first thing that comes into their heads. I also, away from public view, also think deeply about many things I love and cherish; the truth and of course Arsenal being prominent among them. I am sure many others do likewise.

        Please believe me when I say I much respect your intelligence and AFC passion , even though I have sometimes argued with you, as I do with others when occasion demands. I never hold grudges or become petty.I would far sooner spek my piece and move on. But I am human though, as we all are and get passionate about Arsenal. But, as with us all, I really care about our future and present and am proud of our long historic past, going way way back in time. I totally agree with your post , every word.

        I am one who welcomes and urges necessary change as soon as I see it. I see no point in life in just waiting for things to haopen; that is not my way and is not sensible. We need profound change and we ALL know that in our soul. We do not need it in January or at Christmas but NOW, TODAY! I firmly believe that Arteta is our best bet for manager,of those who would accept the job and work under KROENKE! That being so, I THINK WE SHOULD APPOINT HIM THIS WEEK. I think we will appoint him, either this week or next. His age and lack of Number one managerial experience worries me not a jot. I see dynamism and talent in him and will always say so. Hope that helps explain why I am as I am. And hopefully we can now be better friends Eddie.

        1. Believe me Jon, I don’t hold grudges or dislike towards people, especially Arsenal fans. One thing I’ve come to learn in life is that people have different way of giving and showing love.
          One thing, Gary Chapman has taught me, and is helping me become a better lover, not just in family but in all ramifications. One thing I know is everyone on here is an Arsenal fan.
          Now me expression my love for Arsenal and wanting the best for the club might be me saying I want this or that, and believe me I’ve come to understand, that every other person have their individual way of showing love to the club. In simple terms, we all love differently. The Mourinho to Arsenal is an example, I was ready to accept him even tho I dislike him because I believe he has the bigger ego to deal with our players and he’ll focus on our defending at least. I’m willing to accept him because I see all the good he could bring, but others don’t want him due to personal reasons, mostly they believe he’ll harm the club in the long run.
          In the end, both fans are only looking for what’s best for the club, one is scared of hurting the club, the other is willing to risk it just to see the club get better.

          I’ve had different debates on here and elsewhere with Arsenal fans, as we are humans, sometimes tempers do flare and emotions do set in, so I do understand everybody, even I myself I can confidently say, so many times I might’ve pissed off a few people with my views. My take is, it’s nothing personal. I’m just trying to love the club the way I know how to love, which I understand will be different from the way you love it, the way Phil,Sue, AdMartin and others would love it.
          I don’t hold grudges or anger, like you said, so many times we’ve disagreed, and a few times out of those tempers flared, but we’re still here. If I do keep things to heart, I wouldn’t bother reading anything you post not to mention me replying you.
          I always understand we all just want what’s best for the club even if we’ll all take differe t approaches towards it, and there’s no personal dislike for anyone. So I tend to keep discussion with everyone, and I do leave my response even if we’ve had altercations before, you ain’t the only one.
          Like you said, I do hope things get better and smoother too and the friendship grows.
          Afterall, we all want to see our beloved club at the top.
          If I take a chopper, you take a plane, another makes use of the hot air balloon, it’s the destination that matters, we all want to get to that one place. It’s what keeps us as fans together.

          Since we can’t have Bodgers. Arteta it is for me

    1. Leicester just won. We are now below Newcastle in the table. I think it is fair to say that Emery should be sacked again for taking us to mediocrity. He should have left after that defeat to Chelsea in the Europa League final.

      1. TO SACK HIM TWICE EH? Well, I suppose we could start a new trend. But would we have to rehire him after the first scking , to make his second sacking technically possible!

        1. Jon, a pity Dein and the board didn’t apply that rigorous interview process to Kronke isn’t it?

          How quickly they abandoned integrity, responsibility, and principles for a few million pounds.

          That was the day Arsenal died as we knew it. Mortage the clubs soul for profit shares, traded ambition for ambivalence, married mediocrity for a quick buck.

          Our owner sacks managers to avoid his culpability, hires money men for profits not futball men for pride.

          Can’t find the millions for a top manager, but throwing money into the Rams who are fading again.

          1. To add to my comment, why are Arsenal the only ones considering Arteta? Surely Everton would be interested in Arteta was that good?

            Sad day when spuds show the ambition we sorely lack.

    2. Arteta will be a big big mistake.Arsenal will be looking for a new manager in the Summer if they go for Arteta and we might even be in the Championship next season

      1. I must admit DG, I don’t want him and wasn’t overly keen on him as a player.
        This isn’t the time for experimenting.

      2. DG, It is a shame you give your opinion but choose to give NO REASON for your thoughts. I hope you have done some thinking before posting . HAVE YOU?

      3. DG, wait are you really expecting him to come in and perform miracles? Even if we get Allegri, are you expecting miracles? The way things are, this season is a write off already. Getting to top four will demand luck and massive failure from top four contenders.
        I hold no expectations this season, so I’ll gladly have Arteta come in now, handle the team, find out its weakness during the season, so he knows where to fix, and he’ll start implementing his philosophy right now. I don’t expect miracles from any coach who takes over. We ain’t going to the championship, neither are we going to the UCL. I’d gladly have the coach trying to put his stamp from now, then we reinforce during the summer and pursue our objectives soon as next season kicks off

  2. Not for me, if he was that highly rated, city would be giving him guarantees about when Pep goes. Pep has already stated he isn’t staying much longer at city and they would surely like a smooth transition to the next manager. I dont think he has the charisma, he wasn’t wholely liked as a player by his fellow pros at Arsenal and i never took to him as an Arsenal player. I think it would be a risk too far at this present time. He needs to prove himself at a smaller club first for me, im not a fan, i think its a disaster waiting to happen.

    1. REGGIE, What you suggest about City is just not practical, sensible or logical. City would be mad not to do all they humanly can to keep PEP FOR AS LONG AS THEY CAN. They know that and so so all their fans. NO club talks publicly about their next manager whilst a highly successful, revered manager is Still there and so nor do City. What you have suggested is plain silly. The fact Arteta is still there and still valued says it all about what THEY, the double reigning Prem champions, think about Arteta.

      1. You aren’t getting what i am saying. City if they value Arteta knowing that Pep may leave at the end of this contract, will want to make Arteta aware that he will replace Pep. If they haven’t or dont, they don’t see him as his successor, which is what some are suggesting. If Arteta is allowed to come to Arsenal and bomb, there is no way on earth he will get the city job. Arteta will have some idea of his future, he will only come to Arsenal if he is sure he wont be replacing pep, he wont risk it if it is the case that he would. Either way, we get Arteta if city dont rate him and we dont if they do.

  3. What a whole lot of BS. Insane process, You’d think these managers are getting interviewed to take a job in heaven.
    All these process, yet when it comes to splashing money to reshuffle the squad, they won’t drop the funds, always limited funds

  4. He is going to save us as his first line up would be 5 attacking and 5 defensive players. The Guardiola model which is 85-90% effective which is a distinction in itself. His training style would build the player’s stamina, quickness in releasing the ball, ball possession, and Pace. He is going to start with the fastest players in the squad to build his playing style and these are the players for his starting line up in a 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 formation.













    1. What is wrong with the board? Why have they not appointed a new manager? They should have been bold enough to sack Emery before the international break and appointed a manager immediately. From what I have seen of Ljumberg, he is not ready yet. Things are looking bad at the moment. Emery messed us up big time. It was a foolish decision on the part of Emery to let Ramsey go. We are in a mess. West Ham game is a must win.

  5. As much as I’m ok with Arteta I’d prefer Rodgers, but he’s just signed a new contract, or Poch.
    Thing is, I seem to remember he got interviewed before Emery but we bottled it so if the interview process mentioned is true, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tells us to stuff it.

  6. Seems clear to me that aubemayang wants out and it’s true he has piped up and scored even when team is poor but to be honest he doesn’t improve the team or it seems wants to stay so flog him even in January if we could bring in a world class Centre back with the money but with absent ownership and dithering management it looks like a tough road ahead for us

    I think defense has to be bellerin holding chambers and tierney though will need 2 real quality defenders in summer and would play Pepe laca and saka up front with Ozil and Martinelli behind them and torreira as dm

    1. If he wants to go, then we should sell him in January. We need to overhaul the midfield. We should buy two players in January. Rakitic and Thomas Partey. Go all out for them. offer them good money and lure them to the emirates. Our central defence should be Chambers, Holding, mavropanus and Mustafi. Get David Luiz into DM role going forward.

    2. Should be sold if he doesn’t want to be here. Same as any other player. I agree as well. Yes, scoring goals wins games, but doesn’t have enough dimensions to his play, doesn’t work as hard as he could. Same could be said about many, many, players. He’s not signing an extension and we’re not getting top 4, so cashing in is fine with me.

  7. We should go for the France manager and try to bring a French resistance back. Edu was a good choice because he knows people from out that way and it can help us get Martinelli’s and hopefully a couple young defenders soon enough. The France boss knows all the right people for the French market and he knows who to watch already, I believe that he’d be the best candidate. He can play attractive football, but he also plays tough football and will go with the tactics that work. That would be my two cents.

    Out of the candidates that are being spoken of, am not sure really if any of them stand out. Vieira, Arteta, Pochettino, Bielsa, Nuno, Kovac, ex Tott boss has proved more but I’d rather wait and get Allegri or go for Simeone, than take him. The ex AFC players, it is hard to be sure on them, because it’s a bit of an unknown really.

    The red bull Leipzig coach might be better for us than them.

    No-one is mentioning Howe anymore, but he brought them up and solidified them, played respectful football too. He’s a good age, experienced, but, has a lot to prove and time to do it.

    Arteta works with Pep, I’ve asked before, so here goes, how is Pep’s former no2 getting on, did he leave to manage or what was his story. I think Pep probably changes his no2 more frequently than most others.

    1. lol. I don’t mind the Arsenal ladies playing against Westham tomorrow. The Arsenal Men are scared of winning matches.

        1. Without QUESTION they would do a better job, Sue. Women’s team needs to teach the whole mens team what it means to play for the club, because they seem to get it.

  8. Eddie asks further up, why all the interviewing?
    Well, what else can they do to justify their salaries?
    Apart from Edu (too early and martinelli) what have the rest actually brought to the club, except chaos and pain?

    I actually understand that there has to be due dilligence this time, but surely they did this when Arteta was interviewed last time?

    Unlike Eddie and Jon, I believe we should bring in a seasoned and proven manager, who can deal with the player power that obviously exists in the club at present.
    He should be strong enough to take on any one player and the fanbase should back him to the hilt, no matter who that player is.
    kronkie SHOULD move heaven and earth to achieve this goal and simeonne or poch are the men who fit the bill for me – arteta (who will be a real top manager one day I believe) will have too much on his plate, without this major task.

    We cannot afford to experiment at this moment in time, but IF Arteta is appointed, he will have my backing – but will he be strong enough?

    1. Ken as usual you’re always direct and clear. The board are a bunch of failures if you ask me. Edu only came in months ago so he’s exempted. I never saw Raul as the savior people tried painting him to be, the way he handled the Sven’s issue while wanting to turn the whole club into some Spanish dynasty thing was the problem I had with him. I don’t believe in contacts, to some extent it’s nepotism.
      I believe whoever should take a post anywhere under the club should earn it and be worth it and not just because Raul knows about them or is connected to them. So on that front, he’s always been a failure to me. Look how his regime has been.

      I see your points regarding Arteta and I understand em. No doubt I’d like proven managers too, but the once I can beat my chest to say I want are not available, and will be damn hard to get. So I can only go for what I believe will be the next best thing, Arteta.
      Whoever we get will definitely have my support a hundred percent

    2. But Ken dear fellow, exactly whom, out of all the “seasoned and mature managers” do you think would accept the job, knowing the plight we are in with a care nothing Scrooge owner and wholesale change needed virtually overnight, which CANNOT HAPPEN , OBVIOUSLY. SERIOUS QUESTION KEN, EXACTLY WHOM? In the practical world that is, not the theoretical world.

  9. The latest example of hack guesswork;

    “Arsenal technical director Edu is thought to favour his ex-teammate Patrick Vieira in the search for their next manager following the sacking of Unai Emery.“

  10. He will be pleased but can’t replace Wenger as MU have hardest time since Sir Alex stepped down. He is of course in the club and advising and behind his boy!

    No way to save us and make Wenger transition without him in the mix! Our Football style, spirit, this stadium paid for, and legacy we all remember all shapped and built by Wenger! It should be Wenger Emirates in all reality, he paid for it with all he provided!

    Kroenke kicked him out, usng his kids to do so, from home he built for us! That’s very much greedy business people ways! No values, no legacy, but a filled stadium to make profits!

    Minute we not showing up, he fired Emery, only to make sure we back!

    Wenger should be back urgently to save this boat with no Captain since he left and make a choice on who will be next coach, taking it after him;

    Arteta, Viera, Freddie or another of his player, be there all next year with him, make a proper transition and of course keep him as Sir Alex who has been really sadden by treatment of his main contender Wenger! He showed tremandous respect recently!

    This is very embarrassing and cold as Kroenke is, doesnt care for fans Arsenal or Football, just money & profits!

  11. Eddie said that he considers calling his Prof for advise, Wenger replied saying that he will of course be supportive and gave all hs support to Eddie!

    Bring him back as the boss so he can help, she the way as he always done to each player in an individual way!

    To do so, just take to not go to stadium as for Frankfurt, few signs of Wenger back, and he will use us as an excuse to justify choice! No, empty stadium is his nightmare!

  12. Red will be champions, City will figth with Spurs sond place, Man U for fourth with Chelsea, leicester who won’t keep that pace all season.

    That’s top 6 obviously! Means that we possy can have 5 teams in next CL, if Chelsea or Man U wins it and finish 5th, we will have 5 teams!

    Where is Arsenal ? We fight for relegation we will be by January 1st, before Kroenke moves on a new coach who will then indeed be hired to save club from relegation. No top players will come in such a mess!

    This is really hurtng to see Arsenal being destroyed completely and in such a fast speed! Since Wenger left!

    Courage everyone and try your best to not be affected, watch other games, it is great ones!

  13. If the club actually has a vision and will back Arteta, then go for him. If they are just taking another shot in the dark like with Emery, then it will fail. No matter what happens, the next manager will NEED SUPPORT FROM TOP MANAGEMENT!!! Serious investment in defense and Arteta must have more of a say in who comes. More of a say than Emery had.

    1. Agreed RSH.

      The relatively modern fad for “directors of football “ is a hindrance and curse upon the “head coach” nee “manager”.

      A “MANAGER” should be employed to mould a side in his own image, portraying his vision as to how the game should be played.

      If the “head coach”, amongst the other pressures his is under, is also trying to please 1, 2 or 3 besuited gentlemen in the stand he’s on a hiding to nothing.

      We as a team, and indeed club, have suffered massive identity loss, with in my opinion the recent structural changes being one of the main factors behind this.

      We can only hope our new man whoever that may be , is allowed to get on and actually MANAGE.

      Sadly under the current regime, I have my doubts.

      One for a future topic perhaps.

  14. We clearly missed in Mourinho as facts shows, Spurs passed us in 3 games!

    I think we will miss on Wenger as well, Bayern did pproach him, never other way around. He need to reflect o poposal, a deal til end of season. They went for their coach B, seeing reslts, decided to move on with him, not rush into new coach search! They did not cosider Murhino!

    Knowing how they function, losing this week end, if they lose again against Spurs, coach will be replaced to not lose chances in CL and what’s left in league to finish first.

    They went for Guardiola, Ancelotti, now tried Wenger, it tells a lot! They will get him while Kroenke focus is only make sure we fill stadium, no other ambition or goal; $$$!

  15. What is a matter with you people we want a top manager Arteta is not a top manager he might be in 3 or 4 years time but not for us at this present time

  16. Michael Laudrup would be my choice. Laudrup knows how to play the game in the very finest way. I think Swansea played the best football ever unde him. I should like to see him work with better players.
    That would be a good choice IMO. He seems to be a forgotten man in the UK.

  17. I read Edu, who should not be our technical director given his inexperience IMO, likes Vieira for the job.

    I would choose Arteta over Vieira.


  18. Before I was astonishly gobsmacked by the appointment of Emery my two favourites were Simeone and Arteta.
    Rumour has it that Simeone is possibly sack amaterial at AM and I would love him to sort out our defense, not sure if he speaks English, but I dont think that will be a problem as he has the face of a psychotic serial killer and the players will shit their expensive underwear at a single glare from him.

    Arteta would be great as he knows Arsenal and knows Peps secrets and a bonus point for Kroenke is Arteta would be a life time donor of hair for Stans wig making factory !.

    Whoever we get will not be able to fix a decade of bad defending, this next manager needs possibly 5 years to fix a broken club.
    The cancerous terminal tumour of the club is the owner. I have no idea how we can get rid of him legally, but illegally I`m available at a price !……………….just jesting, please no lawsuits !

  19. Please make this an opinion.. Please I beg you. Pep used one good season in Man city before he made them premier league champion in his second season. Klopp had to use 3 seasons before making Liverpool a great team. Please, we need a coach who understand English football. Why is no one talking about Marcelo biesla? He already has one good season in championship football. Please talk about him.. Please

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