Italian club sends intermediary to complete the signing of Arsenal man

Atalanta has sent an intermediary to London to help them swiftly conclude the loan signing of Nuno Tavares.

The left-back only joined Arsenal last season as a backup to Kieran Tierney, who is often injured.

In his first campaign at the Emirates, he didn’t impress as much as he should and the Gunners have added Oleksandr Zinchenko to their squad in this transfer window.

That has pushed him to the exit door at the Emirates and he is now expected to spend this campaign in Bergamo.

Alfredo Pedulla reports that the Italian side has sent a representative to London for talks with Arsenal, hoping to complete a move for him swiftly.

They hope everything will move fast and he will be their player in a matter of days.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tavares missed several chances to remain Arsenal’s second choice last season, but he is still young and shouldn’t be spending the campaign on the club’s bench.

A move to Atalanta will make him gain even more experience and he can prove to us that he has gotten better and is ready to get a first-team place at the Emirates.

If Tierney continues to struggle with long-term injuries and Tavares improves, the Portugal under21 star could still become a long-term replacement for the Scotsman.

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  1. Rather he stayed as backup and the assistant coaches did their jobs to help improve his defense. Thought we were supposed to be good at developing young talent?

    Anyway, think Brighton would be better for the PL experience, but so long as he plays plenty of games and returns to Arsenal, good enough.

    Way to early to give up on Tavares, glad Arteta sees enough in the player to let him sharpen and polish his skills before deciding if he fits into the process.

    1. I agree with you on the Brighton front. The problem with Brighton is that they want an option or obligation to buy but Arsenal wants just loan. Arsenal want the player to gain valuable game time and experience and adapt to the premier league. Brighton don’t want to sell Cucurella, develop our player and still a left back next season.

      1. Silly of Brighton imo if true unless they have an amazing opportunity to get a LB they really like at a cheap price then its win win. Fact they would be willing if it included a fee option shows they don’t have such a option elsewhere lined up. They pay the small fee to get a player who will do the job whilst they get a year to find an appropriate signing long-term. There is also the case like Willock where he performs well enough they want him but not well enough that we want him back and at that point they can negotiate a fee.

        Most teams in the world have left behind the silly we don’t want to develop him for someone else nonsense as it doesn’t actually translate in the real world at all particularly financially. Obviously if you can get him on a fee, afford the fee and want to then you try but loan signings can be fantastic value if appropriate and mitigate risk ie the downside of failed transfers. It FOMO when people fear developing for someone else as it’s just as likely they flop rather than have a stellar season and usually slap in the middle.

        Forest essentially got promoted last year through loans for instance. Broja and Gallagher certainly helped keep their teams in the prem last year and now have soft spots for those respective clubs and so and so on. Willock to Newcastle worked out for all parties.

        Whilst flops like Ceballos and that winger for us for instance were not stuck on our books for years whilst we had time to identify better options in the market, save the money for transfers and makes space in the wage budget.
        Gilmour at Norwich last year is a another good example very similar to Ceballos played a role that year so not a waste and didn’t perform particularly outstandingly and now Norwich aren’t stuck with him on what would of been high wages for them had they signed him.

    2. There are two sides to the “improvement process”. These are: The club’s facilities(coaches,etc), then there is the player himself(ambition, attitude, mind-state). If a player doesn’t improve it is not necessarily due to the club’s inability to improve him. Some players simply struggle to adapt to their new environment.

  2. I’m slightly surprised to see Tavares leaving but glad it’s only a loan with no option to buy (if rumours are true).

    He could be a very good player. He’s probably now what Saliba would’ve been if he’d played in the EPL too early.

    Since he wanted to stay and fight for a place, I guess the post pre-season discussion with the management that MA alluded to didn’t lead to what he wanted to hear, so he has opted for a loan with no option to buy.

  3. Tavares is a lost cause. He does not have enough Defensive mindset for epl. You want proof? just watch orlando city goal. tavares had a chance to brush off the attacker but he let him run free. then he was too lazy to contain him, let him run inside and he scored. Just watch his body language, the way he gives up mid way. I think getting rid of him will be the best solution.

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