Italian giants planning to offer Arsenal an interesting transfer deal

It has been reported that AC Milan are interested in signing Lucas Torreira for £35 Million and it has previously been reported that Arsenal are interested in Milan’s Frank Kessie and so it should come as no surprise that the Italian giants are considering offering Arsenal a swap deal.

It seems that Milan are determined to sign Torreira and have had their hopes boosted by the player’s comments earlier in the week when he intimated that he would like a move back to Italy.

Furthermore, the Uruguayans old boss at Sampdoria, Marco Giampaolo is on the verge of taking over the hot seat at Milan.

Arsenal has apparently made it clear that they will not be selling Torreira but that does not appear to have put Milan off, thus this intriguing offer.

In a way, it does make sense for both clubs in that neither has an abundance of cash to spend but by the same token they are not exactly strengthening their respective squads either.

Arsenal being interested in Kessie is not new, we were keen on him when he previously played for Atalanta and so it is not like we are being offered a player we do not want.

To be honest, I am not sure what to make of this, I think Torreira will improve next season, he will be stronger and I doubt he will tire in the same manner he did at the end of the last campaign but I also like Kessie and feel he could be a huge asset for us.

Tricky one worth thinking about.


  1. He has better goal tally and taller, but not sure about his interception and tackle stats

    Arsenal fans that watch Serie A occasionally should know whether he is a specialist DM or a box-to-box CM. If he is the latter, better don’t swap, because I’m not sure how Chambers or Bielik would perform as DM

    Torreira looked weak in the second half of the season, but his interceptions were crucial, he is the best tackler I have ever seen at Arsenal in the last ten years and the fouls he got gave us a lot of free kicks. He almost reaches Kante’s level and it’s difficult to find another DM like him

  2. 11 we could sell for 110m
    Jenkinson mustafi koscielny nacho
    Elneny Xhaka kolasinac
    Ozil Asano Mkhitaryan

    11 we can get for free and probably half the wages
    Simpson cahill godin moreno
    H.Herrera Rabiot Dzaegov
    Kruse Sturridge Brahimi

    I would say not a bad x1 and with 3 English players reduces our non homegrown contingent. Leaving us with about 150m to spend on the right players for the starting x1,though I would bet pound for pound that free x1 beat the one worth 110m

  3. If he wants to leave arsenal, he should get out. He played rubbish for half of the season.

    1. But he doesn’t want to leave us, he said he is happy here and was joking about adapting to the weather.

  4. This is the reality Atid.It may be our only way out(free transfers).That is how low we have sunk.Imagine even west ham are now out performing us on signings .Where did our arsenal go?

    1. to answer your question Cliff, it stayed behind at Highbury. Its all been downhill since we left sadly.

      1. The sad thing is this is totally true!
        Arsenal left Highbury to invest a fortune building the Emirates with the promise of competing with the best in Europe. Now Arsenal can’t (or don’t want to) compete with Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United anx will be battling with Everton, Leicester City, Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Ham United and maybe Newcastle United.

  5. Kessie is a great box to box work horse but isn’t the best tackler he is solid defensively tho, he’s also Milan’s P.K. guy. Torriera would improve at milan and kessie doesn’t fit the new coach’s formation. Kessie would be good for arsenal imo tho

  6. This rumour is a non-starter.
    Firstly the Torriera out rumour was started after he was misquoted in an interview and it has since been clarified.
    Secondly, they do not even play in the same position. Kessie is a utility player used mostly as a ‘water carrier’ i.e just keeps the passes ticking along. He can also contribute to the offensive press as he’s got a good engine. However, his passing range and general technique leaves a lot to be desired. We already have his type in Elneny who does the same but has a better defensive output.
    A swap with Elneny would be ideal instead.

    1. If the rubbish is true what is interesting about it. Why can’t keep hold of their player instead offering for an exchange with ours. And if you had your research you know that this is another fake news as Kessie is not an ac Milan player and was on loan from Atlanta on two years deal.

      1. erm… It is a two year loan deal with an OBLIGATION to buy, not an option but an obligation therefore he is 100% an AC Milan player, so I respectfully suggest you do your research before you shout fake news.

  7. According to the CIES football observatory, 5 out of top 100 footballers with the highest transfer value play for Arsenal.
    The details will shock you, though:

    47. Auba – 77,6 mil. Euros
    49. Torreira – 76 mil. Euro
    54. Lacazette 74,9 Euro
    62. Guendouzi – 70,2 mill.
    94. Xhaka – 62,4

    So Xhaka IS highly rated (much to my surprise), whereas with Guendouzi and to some extent with Torreira it’s probably about their potential.

    So selling Torreira for less than 50 mill. would be foolish in any case and is just not going to happen and no one will bid 50+ right now as his season ended up as a mixed bag…

    Lucas is staying.

  8. Kessie isnt worth it…arsenal management better use their no 6..if kessie was ok or better why would they want a swap?

    Those criticising torrerias second half of the seaso. Know little to nothing about football..even in his so called bad games he made his presence felt…if the amount of times messi gave away passes was counted against him, we wont easily consider him the worlds best.hes never won the world cup..but a majority of peoe believe hes the best to ever play football.give credit to torreria cos its due…he had to break since last year

    1. Those criticising Torreira did not need to know anything about football.They just needed eyesight.The player was shot to pieces physically and was struggling to make the impact he did when he first got into the side.I suggest you go and treat yourself to a trip to an Optician PAL.

  9. I’m really disappointed in you posting the fake rumour. How would ac Milan swap a player that is not theirs. Several users of the site had complained about the quality and quantity of the articles you posted on daily bases and it is not surprising this one made here

    1. And neither is it a surprise that you as posted such a tweet without having a clue what you are talking about

  10. Arsenal transfer windows are like a circus ? I don’t get annoyed or excited what will be will be ?

      1. I am Mr Sensible Sue ? no no it’s really me I’m just on a Copa America scouting mission.. you know how it is ?

        1. Funny you should mention that – Aguero plays tonight, I’m very interested in that tournament right now ?

          1. And here’s me thinking you got your foam finger out cheering on Rondon ? how are you anyway Sue anything exciting happen since we last spoke ? ?

          2. Hahaha bloody Rondon ? I’m good thanks, Kev.. how about you? No.. just worked far too many hours, you know how it is!!
            I just saw we’re playing a friendly against Barca on August 4

          3. Rondy is a handful ? nursing hours Sue ? I’m good Sue thanks ? well that’s not good we’re just target practice for Barca ? so you pleased with the fixtures Liverpool away on matchday 3 so that’s another 5 goals conceded ?

          4. I couldn’t believe it, then the spuds the following week.. urgh what a horrible week that could turn out to be! About time we beat Liverpool!!
            What did you think? Was excited when they came out, looked at them, then wished I hadn’t bothered ??

          5. It is about time we beat Liverpool but that time isn’t in August as it stands we’ll get beaten badly 5 or 6 ? oh Sue I thought horrible run of fixtures even the opening day looks like a real tough game ? so is it true we’re getting Claude Maurice and playing Angers in France?

          6. Bit of an anti climax hey?! ? who is that Claude guy, Kev? Surely not the guy from AFTV ? yeah I saw about the Angers game (hopefully it won’t anger us ?) United are bidding 45m for Diop!!! Finally the world has gone bonkers or has OGS?!!

          7. Haha but he’s a forward not a winger so they better not sign ACM and not sign one of Carrassco or Fraser ? what I like about ACM he shoots he does dally on the ball like a lot of strikers when he gets the opportunity he lets fly ? diop? Who’s that lol well Olly has gone mad ? he won’t be at the wheel long Sue ? will you be attending the Angers game ?

          8. You like Carrasco, Kev? Diop plays for West Ham!!!! 45m!!! My oh my!!!
            Well that’s good, as we don’t need another dallier on the ball.. we have enough of them ?
            The next time I will be going to France Kev, is to Euro Disney to ride the tower of terror ??

          9. That’s gonna be some game between Argentina & Colombia.. just saw the line ups ? are you going to watch Fury later?

          10. Sue Carrassco is an excellent player very strong fast and skillful it would be a real coup signing him ? of course people will say he’s not good enough because some people can’t be pleased but trust me i have watched lots of Carrassco in Spanish games and he impresses me ? absolutely and he’s a top finisher and he’s very young he will improve I know he only plays for lorient but the boy has some real talent still raw though ? euro Disney ? my god 45 mil for him ? will you be awake to watch the full game ? I’m not sure Sue what time is the fight ?

          11. Well Kev.. if you say he’s good, then that’s good enough for me!! Kev you’re wasted on the building site.. you should have been a scout ?
            Of course.. I’m watching Wentworth Prison now!
            It’s on around 4am as it’s in Vegas.. now that is late for me ??

          12. Oh I really hope we sign him Sue he’ll fit into the PL nicely but I’m only gonna believe it when I see it! With Laca auba and Carrasco we will see plenty of goals ? not an Arsenal scout our fans are never pleased ? that’s why I love Copa America because im a big fan of football in South America there’s some real gems there Sue ? is it good Sue ? Yeah I probably won’t watch it not really a fan of fury and never heard of Schwartz ?

          13. I thought it was going to be on BT.. but it’s on some sport channel that you have to pay for!! Sod that ? damn it!!
            Fury is a rare one, that’s for sure!
            Wentworth is always good!

          14. BT sport box office… I have it ? he does my head in comparing himself to Muhammed Ali he must have taken some blows to the head to make him think that ? your man Aguero is playing ? have you watched swamp thing ?

          15. Aww lil Sergio.. takes 2 paces to everyone else’s 1 ? it’s still 0-0 ?
            Swamp thing? Can’t say I’ve heard of that.. been bingeing killing eve!

          16. Haha in your eyes ? it’s been an awful match well awful first half the Venezuela Peru game was much better might just head off to bed and watch Lucifer I don’t think this game is gonna get much better ? it’s a TV show from the old movie Sue ? I bet your enjoying that ?.

          17. Oops I flaked out ? I just saw the result.. 2-0 to Colombia, how is that even possible with Aguero, Messi & Di Maria playing?? I bet Ospina played well.. assuming he did have work to do & wasn’t just a spectator all night ?
            Is swamp thing any good then? Eve has been really good!!
            Soccer Aid tonight, Kev. I’m surprised you haven’t announced on here that you’re taking part?!

          18. Argentina are just awful Sue, they for whatever reason just do not click and Messi turns into Giroud ? he actually had a decent game apart from a mistake in the first half ? it’s not bad give it a watch sometime ? haha my schedule wouldn’t allow it Sue ?

          19. Turning into Giroud ? dayum that’s bad!! Uruguay tonight!
            I’ll have a look at some point.. loads of series coming up though that I just have to binge!
            So have you had a nice Father’s Day? I’m sorry if I upset you about your Dad.. but I meant with your daughter?
            Well that’s a shame we’re missing out on those slick moves ?

          20. Oh will Lucas Torreira be playing ? I read Arsenal won’t entertain offers from Milan ? haha he’ll retire again once Argentina are eliminated ? I had a great little day thank you Sue ? oh my old man never did father’s Day anyway Sue he always said it’s just another money maker haha but was the same on his birthday and speaking of that he’d have been 60 on the 24th of this month ? haha slick moves ? don’t think I’d last 90 mins nowadays ???

          21. I reckon so, ? he doesn’t get injured! Good.. I don’t want to do any deals with bloody Gazidis!!
            So did you watch Fury? Kind of blink & you missed it!!
            Haha you wouldn’t last 90 minutes ???

          22. No Sue, I didn’t watch it but glad I didn’t over in 2 and fury was 1/50 with the bookies absolute Joke another Journeyman looking for a pay day! So Sarri is off to Juve glad to see the back of him and Hazard ? 20 mins is probably my limit ? how’s Coco Sue ?

          23. Yes I’m glad to see the back of them too!! Are you watching Soccer Aid??!
            She’s fine thanks, Kev ?
            20 minutes ???

          24. Haha no I was playing mario on my little woman’s switch damn i was a wizard playing the super Nintendo when I was a kid especially Castlevania and ghouls and ghosts lol. I would love to get a staffy but I wouldn’t have the time for it ? haha well a lot can happen in 20 mins Sue ?

          25. I used to love sonic the hedgehog ??
            It was quite good.. Bolt scored.. Pires & Seaman played for a while.. some of the celebs were awful! Rachel Yankey played well.. how’s your girl doing?
            Haha I agree – about 20 mins – ?? although I’m not sure which way you meant ?????

          26. There was actually computer games out when you were younger? ? Haha yeah I agree it was Great I loved streets of rage on the mega drive ? how did bolt play did he beat anyone with pace ? big Dave ? did he save any pens ? Was Alex Scott playing ? oh I’m sure you do ? she’s doing great thanks Sue what about your girls and son all good I hope ?

          27. You had a mega drive? I loved it ? loved the platform games! Haha cheeky!!
            He played quite well, but then Carragher got wise to him! He was faster than most, haha I wonder why ?
            Big Dave only played the first half. No your gf wasn’t there!
            Good.. they’re all good thanks, Kev.
            Haha no comment – these lips are sealed ??
            Torreira is on the bench

          28. Carragher was a snail in his playing days but positionally was terrific ? yeah I saw that Sue Torreira should be playing ? damn I wonder where she was tonight ? that’s good Sue ? ah that old lips are sealed trick ?? I didn’t no Sue but my cousin did he was mega drive and I was super Nintendo both got them for Christmas ?

          29. At least he won’t get injured on the bench ?
            Bielik scored for the Pole U21’s earlier – he’s been in fine form lately!
            Any angling planned, Kev?!

          30. Yeah he scored a header Sue another season with Charlton in a harder league will do him good ? cavani 2-0 ? yeah maybe some coarse fishing next week and hopefully some salmon fishing in July as you know Sue I’m an avid angler ? if you ever take it up I’ll give you some tips ???

          31. Oh I know very well about you being avid, Kev!! Love it!! It still tickles me, even now.. don’t ask me why ??
            Well I could take you up on that, but… don’t hold your breath!! ? saying that, you never know.. I may need to chill one day!
            Good old Cavani, 2 more will do!

          32. But you said David Seaman was an avid angler also ??? haha well your a sports lady Sue you might as well try your hand at it ? can’t believe how bad Ecuador are ? Japan vs Chile on Tuesday that’s gonna be a good game ? well Sue it’s past your bedtime so I will bid you goodnight you don’t work too hard this week ???

          33. Come on Japan oi oi ?
            Well been nice talking to you, Kev… have a great week.. give your spud colleagues some grief ?
            Goodnight Kevin ???☁️ our vaping cloud hehe!!

          34. Guessing you’ve not forgiven Alexis yet ? ?? Oh god I would just get ganged up on ?? and nice talking to you too Sue as it always is ? haha even a vape cloud ☁️?️ goodnight Suzanne you have a great week also sweet dreams ??

  11. im confused as to who owns this guy, Atlanta or AC Milan. I know he was on loan to Milan this past season but ive looked into it and ut seems that Milan will pay Atlanta 24m come July 1st. Anyone know if i have got this right? Also if true doesnt it look bad if they are trying to get rid of him before they have even bought him?

    1. AC Milan own him, yes it was a two-year loan deal but there is an obligation to buy clause inserted and this can be verified on the official AC Milan website. It means that come July 1st AC Milan can sell him if they wish as he will be officially their player 100%

      1. Thank you for clearing that up for me Martin. Like the clause Barca wanted to put in place with the Suarez deal. Im glad we didnt accept those terms haha. Still id rather keep Torreira.

  12. Apparently rumour is that Torreira’s wife wants to leave. She is Italian and misses Italy. Not sure about the truth in that.

    Torreira is our best defensive midfielder. We MUST have a quality DM and can’t rely on Chambers, Bielik, Elneny

    A good DM doesn’t come cheap so I honestly can’t see us getting one if we sell Torreira

    Two box 2 Box mf won’t work.

    We need a DM to protect the defenders, tackle, reclaim the ball etc.

    1. this entire rumor stems from a quote taken out of context. Torreira is going nowhere. The papers just need their clicks.

  13. Torreira stays no matter what. Xhaka can go if the sums are that high as Guendouzi & AMN can do his job then we can add Xhakas replacement. Simple.

    Alexis Maurice is a gem who could be squeezed into a real diamond at Arsenal, so that’s another winger along with Nelson to add on to our Attack of Auba, Laca & Nketiah. £17m isn’t a bad price also and is young.

    Mesut Ozil needs to go so either sell him for a cheap price or swap deal for some young rising star maybe, his time is up and isn’t worth the money he is on.. Turkey or China be best bet!

  14. If xhaka stays we will not improve in midfield … And if we don’t improve midfield we won’t get back in to top four … This is my litmus test for emery this summer … If he can’t see this he will be gone by next summer imo … Might get 30m for xhaka in this market … Or a swap plus some cash for a decent b2b …

  15. These player swaps are a joke. Who would give away a good player for free in a swap deal?
    Ac Milan, pay up the full £40+ million or shut up.

  16. We were sold down the river without a paddle, and then we were given a few cups to help stem the flow of water from sinking our boat, thanks to the man who took all the blame.

    Kroenke is a cancer to people who love their sport, was his franchise not a dead give-away.

    DD would have gotten Wenger many of his first targets, a better right hand man, better defensive coaches probably some legends, better talent spotters, and given him all round better support.

    1. BOT, how astute of you with regard to David Dein.

      However, AW chose his own defensive coach and hired and fired legends.
      His biggest problem was gazidis, who will, in my opinion, be found as the man who worked tirelessly to undermine AW in order to feather his own nest.
      How I hope AW will one day write his Arsenal autobiography.

      1. KEN , Wouldn’t you think though, as I do, that ALL autobiograhies are one sided, being written by the person whose life is is about and their comments are BOUND to be prejudiced by their own opinions? Whereas biogs are written by people who have generally speaking , not the same reason to distort the truth, as they see it. I have read very, very many biogs , from many areas of life and generally think them more likely to be honest than autobiogs. This is not to say that Wenger is a dishonest man and his auto biog, which I think he is bound to write one day, will of course be a must to read. Your post above has much truth in it but he, Wenger, always had the option to either confront the owner and board when his credit was still very high with fans, to get more badly needed help. Gazidis was a wrong un and Wenger must have known that almost from the outset, BUT sadly, he chose to settle for mediocrity instead of insisting on a far better CEO. Where you and I DIFFER on Wenger is that I say he hated confrontation within the club and went out of his way to avoid necessary confrontation in standing up for himself and the fans. Ironically, he never shied away from confrontation with other club managers, with refs and even the FA,though indirectly. This failure to ever confront things he NEEDED to confront was his biggest weakness. Perhaps he is just TOO nice to be like Fergie, which as we all know, at times, is necessary.

      2. Ken I should have added that Deins disgraceful ousting was the outstanding Arsenal tragedy of my life as a supporter. It ruined everything and the club would never be where it is today with an absent, morally corrupt and uninterested owner and with pathetically incompetent financial mismanagement over many past years, had DD still been here. A huge tragedy for us all. DD WAA AND IS A MOVER AND SHAKEr WITH A UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED REAL LOVE FOR ARSENAL AND WOULD NEVER JUST STAND BY AND ACCEPT THE ONGOING TRAGEDY OF KROENKE. And yes, I know he introduced Kroenke but I know he would have found a way out. Real love overcomes mere mistakes, generally speaking, in most walks of life. Dein would have tackled the Kroenke problem another way, by seeking rule changes to prevent parasites like him from owning clubs. Ultimately that is the only way we are ever going to rid ourselves of Kroenke. Concerted fan power at a corporate level to clean up all the corporate, morally bankrupt “villains” ruining our top level football.

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