Italian giants ready to seal deal for Arsenal’s Folarin Balogun

Inter Milan is making a strong comeback in their pursuit of Folarin Balogun, who has been a priority target for the club.

Despite exploring other options, such as Gianluca Scamacca, the Italian giants never abandoned their interest in the talented Arsenal striker. The Nerazzurri are now intensifying their contacts with their English counterparts and are hopeful of securing a deal for approximately €35 million, or possibly even less, to secure the services of Balogun.

During the previous season, the young forward showcased his immense potential while on loan in the French league. His impressive performances earned him a reputation as one of the most prolific strikers in the league, and his exploits did not go unnoticed by Inter Milan. The Gunners have remained resolute in their valuation of the young forward, recognizing his talent and potential.

Inter’s pursuit of Scamacca was seen as a possible alternative in case the negotiations for Balogun did not progress as desired. However, recent reports suggest that Balogun was always Inter’s primary target, and they are now prepared to push forward to finalize a deal for the 22-year-old American striker.

The talks between Inter and Arsenal are ongoing, and both clubs are working towards finding common ground to secure a transfer that would be mutually beneficial. With Inter Milan keen on bolstering their attacking options, Balogun’s arrival would provide manager Simone Inzaghi with a top-notch striker to bolster his squad’s attacking prowess.

The negotiation process is reaching a crucial stage, and there is growing anticipation that the deal could be concluded soon. Both clubs are aware of the importance of finding a resolution, especially with other forwards also being considered as potential alternatives for Inter.

As the transfer window progresses, all eyes are on the developments surrounding Folarin Balogun’s potential move to Inter Milan. The American forward has garnered significant attention with his impressive performances, and Inter is determined to secure his signature to add a new dimension to their attacking lineup.

For Arsenal, the potential transfer represents a significant decision, as they must weigh Balogun’s immense potential against his importance to the team’s future. The outcome of the negotiations will have a significant impact on both clubs’ plans for the upcoming season, and fans eagerly await further updates on this intriguing transfer saga.

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. The Millan club lose out on Lukaku to Juventus then they pussy foot with Scamacca at West Pam and you would think they had learned.

    With the injury to Jesus now more than ever, Arsenal resolve is going to be more difficult to be tested.

    Unless a ridiculous offer is tabled the Nerrazurrians will not be taken seriously

    1. I agree with you.
      Inter first offer was a joke and insulting on price and wanting a loan first then pay.
      Shame the lad still hasn’t had a chance, while Jesus injured ans Nketiah still his below par self.

      They don’t want to pay the price clubs are asking. West Ham turned them down also.

      Inter should pay the 50 million we ask or jog on.

      Why should we lower our price when no one else does? Why should we bend rather than Inter pay up?

      Balogun should stay while Jesus is injured. We can still sell in January; maybe even move on Nketiah instead.

  2. Balgaon doesn’t want to renew is contract so there is risk of losing him for free. Or if we wait until next yr him value will definitely go down. He hasn’t played any major competitive match for Arsenal, so do get deal done is better for Arsenal.

    1. who cares? we need to make a statment so we can get payed for our wonderkids… i men terminate özil, auba, probable pepe to, is way more expensive then to lose 25m£ in an shameful bid. just refuse! im quite sure he will be the best striker we have in a few years tops! 22 goals in reins lol.

  3. Inter should pay up the quoted fee and stop all these insufficiency attitude gaddamnitt!!! if they are indeed keen on landing the kid they have to pay, they literally received double our asking price on lukaku two years ago and also priced martinez out of our reach now it’s our turn to give them a those of their own medications.

  4. If we do sell for 35 million or less, we should definitely have a buyback clause or profit from any future sale of the player.

  5. Scamacca has joined Atalanta so I’m expecting Inter to now push for Balogun. We must hold out for far more than the €35 million mentioned in the article and include some sell on and/or buy back clauses.

  6. When Arsenal buy from Italy, they have to pay top dollar. But, when the situation is reversed, the Italian clubs cry poor and demand a ‘charitable’ sale.

    When Flo keeps pace with strikers such as Mbappe, who will go for a couple of hundred million, why should Arsenal sell for 25-30 million pounds?

  7. If he goes for £40 million.( €45/6 million) A good price.With a sell on or buy back option thrown in.Anything less & he is undervalued.Arsenal hold the aces here.Italian clubs always low balling.

  8. You can images so called fans pricing out their possible better striker than a washed up NKETIAH.. Pathetic honestly..No wonder arsenal don’t get the job done over the line…we don’t have a reasonable striker to a never fit Jesus and they want to sell the only possible light to the CF..soon these same fans will back ARTETA for having a weak bench..Some Arsenal fans don’t learn at all.

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