Italian legend questions why Juventus signed Ramsey

Former Roma star Antonio Cassano says Aaron Ramsey’s fitness issue has always been there as the former Arsenal man continues to struggle to impress at Juventus.

Arsenal worked hard to keep the Welshman at the club in the summer of 2019, but he rejected their offers and moved to Turin.

The midfielder had been one of the best players at the Emirates for years and starred as the Gunners reached the final of the Europa League in his last season with them.

The Gunners were slammed for allowing another of their top player to leave them at the time, but Ramsey always had an injury problem of some sort.

He played 40 games for Arsenal in his final season at the club and that appeared to suggest that he had finally gotten over his persistent injury problems.

But Juventus has found that to be false as he played just 35 games for them last season and has featured in just 28 in this campaign and he never played the full 90 minutes in most of them.

Cassano was speaking about the midfielder recently and said Juventus weren’t smart to have put him on such a huge salary considering his injury history.

According to Il Bianconero, he said: “Ramsey? He was like that at Arsenal too, at Juve a boatload of money.

“Are we not only finding out now that Ramsey has injuries? The problem is that the Juventus managers gave him a lot of money, but he also had those problems at Arsenal. I agree that he is technically valid, but the problems were there before.”

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  1. Fred says:

    What a player,technically out of this world, ma only regret is that the Arsenal didn’t get big bulks outta the Rambo’s deal.

    1. Durand says:

      Ramsey? Technically out of this world?
      Can’t be talking about the same player.

      “Technical” was a word never associated with him. He pulled off the OCCASIONAL heel flick, but no more.

      Perhaps you have confused him with Santi.

      1. Ad says:

        Exactly . He was a good player but lacked any discipline. Take rakitic at sevilla and then at Barcelona , completely different player otherwise he wouldn’t get in at Barca . Yet he changed and was brilliant. Ramsey would play his game regardless of a depleted midfield he didn’t care about the situation at hand. He would do daft back heels and flicks in his own half and they wouldn’t come off. I knew he wouldn’t last at juve, he was never good enough for them. He has talent but he isn’t to be relied upon

      2. vieralyn says:

        Durand, it’ s embarrassing to think that we let him go elsewhere on a free, consider the inflated transfer market at that time…in reality, he was a one year wonder, who many mistakenly saw as a world-class player…injured far too often and although I felt for him after his horrifying early days injury, he just couldn’t be relied on, which was an all-too-familiar refrain for this club…showed glimpses of course, but sadly his best ball, or at least his most consistent performances, came with the Welsh National team…how ironic that Juve pulled an Arsenal when they vastly overpaid a “free” transfer…finally the shoe is on another foot

    2. Mark says:

      oK Then

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Ramsey was not one of our best players.

  3. Joe. S says:

    Juve signed Ramsey because he was free. They may be Italy’s wealthiest club, but they are not that rich compared to the Arab and Russian owned enterprises. Italian clubs have been struggling financially for years now and relying a lot on the unwanted scraps floating around. Ramsey’s game was never suited for Calcio where players are still required to have a high skill level and brains are as important as physical endurance. As an Arsenal player he was always good to have in the squad, but when did the team ever seriously rely on him do way Arsenal now do on Tierney.

  4. Alex says:

    One of our overated players the fans always thought will be so great. Chamberlain, Iwobi in thesame bracket. Arsenal need to quickly start letting go our youngster that are underperforming instead of hoping they will magically becomes exceptional. Nketiah, wilnock, Niles are those I doubt if they are arsenal standard. If they are not taking their chances given to them then sell the players and give other academy graduate opportunity. See how we wasted time with Senderous and sonogo

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