Italian radio station confirms Higuain to Arsenal?

Italian radio station confirms Higuain to Arsenal?

I don’t need to tell you that this is a report that you should be taking with a pinch of salt, but according to Italian Radio Station ‘Radio Kiss Kiss’, which is Napoli’s official radio network, it has been confirmed that Gonzalo Higuain will be transferring from Naples to North London this summer.

Despite interest from fellow Serie A side Juventus, Napoli would prefer their main man upfront to move on abroad this summer, with the Gunners paving the way for the Argentinian’s transfer.

The report stated the following: “According to Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, the official radio station of the Neapolitan club, the rumours about Juventus are true, but in the end Pipita will go abroad.
Arsenal will be the next team of the former Real Madrid player: the Gunners, who have put on the plate 50 million Euros plus the card of French striker Olivier Giroud, are looking to make some cash with sales in order to increase the economic part of ‘offering’.”

It is a big statement to make and we have heard this kind of story all before, however it is the latest in developments surrounding the Higuain to Arsenal transfer saga and so it raises a few eyebrows.

Personally I think €50 million plus Olivier Giroud is a ridiculous move that Arsenal should definitely NOT be making if this is true. Arsenal may be very desperate to sign a striker this summer but I cannot stress enough how unfavourable to Arsenal this deal seems be.
First of all, it would be ridiculous for Arsenal to offer €50 million for a 29 year old striker, especially when you consider how petty Wenger and co were surrounding the bid for a much younger and more deadly Luis Suarez a few years back. Why spend that amount on a player we are going to have the best out of (that’s if he adapts instantly) for just a few seasons.
Secondly if Wenger is willing to spend €50 million on a striker, why not go for a player that is younger, perhaps two strikers, or even add an additional €10 million and bid for a player like Aubameyang?
Thirdly putting Olivier Giroud as part of the deal doesn’t solve anything for us. One of the biggest issues is not having quality players available who can offer something different upfront when plan A isn’t working, or when there is a shortage of strikers due to fitness or suspension. Giroud may cause frustrations to us all at the worst of times, but selling him is not the way to improve the striker situation at Arsenal. The only way the sale of Giroud at this time would be a positive aspect would be if Wenger is planning to bring in more than just Higuain, but we all know there is no guarantees there.

I really do hope this is just another silly rumour to add to the tale because as much as we may want Higuain or any other top class striker for that matter, doing a deal like this is not beneficial for Arsenal come the start of the season, unless further additions are anticipated afterwards.


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  1. He’s 28 please make sure your facts are correct. IMO I wish Giroid wasn’t going the other way but he’s just what we need. For the next 3 years we will have a top quality striker

  2. john down tmy local pub who predicted we would sign sanchez and ozil has said we will get higuain, mahrez and varane,

    * take this with a pinch of salt he was on his 8th pint*

  3. Radio kiss kiss and tell, Hey! ? I love it, I would welcome Higuain with open arms and I’m sure that Ozil would too.

    Bye bye Lamp post, thanks for nothing! ? ?

  4. so it doesn’t even Look like Radio kiss kiss exist Let alone broadcasted an announcement on Higuain????

    Well those who heard it LIVE!…actually heard it….. As for those who didn’t, doubts will continue to Linger in em…… There’s also those who believed more in “Hearsay”….they are actually the majority L()L

    OveraLL, The twist and Turns……The Labrynths in Arsenal transfer spectulation is just Hilarious!

  5. Secondly if Wenger is willing to spend €50 million on a striker, why not go for a player that is younger, perhaps two strikers, or even add an additional €10 million and bid for a player like Aubameyang?

    Maybe because Napoli is willing to sell and BVB is not willing to sell?

    1. 1. Napoli are willing to sell as he has 2yrs left
      2. Higuain is willing to leave as his bro said no renewal
      3. Aubameyang is Gabonese and Gabon hosts the next AFCON which means he won’t be available in the tough period (January,February) and possibly March if he doesn’t recover quickly.
      4. Higuain is more proven has he has been at the top consistently for 6seasons in two different leagues (serie a and laliga) and last season only Suarez scored more league goals than him in all of Europe’s top5 leagues

  6. Hahaha ? it looks like we could be kiss kissing Koscielny good bye too, after contract talks hit a £90,000 aweek stumbling block, Munich on high alert as Koscielny has only 12 months left on his existing contract.

    1. Koscielny signed a long term contract in may 2014, according to but duration is not given. The evening standard on 1 july 2016 says that it was believed it was for three years but now understands the contract runs untill 2019.

      Who knows but I would have thought that if it ran out in a years time then we would have heard something before now. We all know that ozil and sanchez contracts run out in two years time.

      1. The Daily Express claim that Koscielny has been offered a new £90,000-a-week deal to stay in North London, but it appears that both parties have reached a stumbling block.

        Bayern manager Carlo Ancelotti is keen on bringing in defensive cover for Jerome Boateng and Mats Hummels, with Medhi Benatia allowed to join Juventus on-loan.

        Koscielny only has 12 months remaining on his current deal at The Emirates, and the recent breakdown in talks has alerted the German Champions.

        Bayern are long-term admirers of the former Lorient defender, who has developed into one of the most accomplished defenders in the Premier League.

  7. Wenger may pay €50m for higuain but to throw in giroud as well, i would say no chance.

    We need alternatives up front for variety of play and because of injuries/fatigue/rotation.

    There is no guarantee that higuan will suceed at arsenal in the PL. We have to keep giroud for next season.

    1. 40 mill cash +Giroud for Higuain
      would be a coup (Not Turkish).
      Everyone would be happy.
      I love the idea.

  8. It wouldn’t make sense to get Higuain AND get rid of Giroud without getting another forward
    Because losing Welbeck forced us into the market
    That’s why it makes more sense to get BOTH Higuain and Mahrez if we lose Giroud and use Theo/Alexis if Higuain gets injured

    But both Higuain and Mahrez would be amazing

    Bellerin….Koscielny…New CB….Monreal

    1. just wanna correct something there. Losing welbeck ddnt make us go into the market for a striker.. we’ve always needed a striker since RvP left 4years ago..
      Welbeck’s injury is a blessing in disguise as it further empasized the already obvious need.

  9. Celtic trialing “Safe” standing.
    I remember Heysel and Hillsborough.
    So please not at the Emirates.

  10. I agree wit d writter about giroud, even if we buy Higuain, no one can predict how well or soon he will get adapted to EPL. olivier already know his way around hia so he shld stay. I tink AW is funny , I mean if he really wanted dis pipita why did he allow him leave for naples wen it was all certain then that we were ready to knit d deal. imagin where we would have been wit higuain goals if it were all for us. only God knows how d man tinks

    1. “Olivier already knows his way around here so he should stay”

      How many games did Giroud go with out scoring in the second half of the season? You did watch last season’s football right? Trust me, Higuain would be an upgrade and he would not take as long to start scoring as Giroud did when he arrived either. Higuain is a prolific goal scorer. Maherez with Higuain would definitely be the best scenario but even if it was one forward in one forward out we would have still improved our attack.

  11. The guy just made 36 goals in 35 games in which is the most defensive league in the world!
    when u have one of the best strikers of the moment for 50 million euros plus your striker that doesnt even make the tally of 20 goals a season in the league, you take it

  12. I don’t think what is troubling some gooners is a ‘backup striker’ or won’t you gladly exchange Mertesacker for Varane if their is a chance of that?. many are just like Wenger, too scared of progress.
    Giroud has had 4years and he is still a poor striker.. save for the 3goals against the worst relegation side since Derby he got just 13 goals even in Ozil,Cazorla’s creative form and still said that was ‘one of his best seasons’
    even Lukaku that got more goals (18) with everton’s lack of creativity due to loss of form and injury to coleman,baines,Barkley won’t say that.

  13. yea we might not have a back up striker but I dnt think we have a backup RB or are even sure we ll have a backup GK at the end of the summer. of what use is having backups in all positions when u lack good enough starters in key positions. attend to pressing needs first before thinking of backup

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