It’s a crazy year but Arsenal can still believe

A POSITIVE outlook on the current situation. by AP

If you are looking to read an article about how dire the situation is at Arsenal, how Wenger should be fired, how Ramsey is killing our team, how Theo is the invisible man; read every other piece on Arsenal over the last week. I get it. Frustrations are high. We feel like a title is within our grasp, so the fact that we haven’t closed our hand on it (or even begun to move the fingers) confuses and angers us. All the signs were pointing to this is our year, and what if it isn’t?

But what if it is?
There is in fact still a light at the end of the tunnel. For as much as we want to tear this team down, the truth remains that they have put themselves in a position to compete for three trophies. Look at the other top teams in the league this year. We sit in a more enviable spot than all of them. Would you trade our current situation for that of Man U? City? or Chelsea?

The truth is that it has been a crazy year. The league winner will likely claim the title with the least amount of points in Premier League history. It’s speaks to the parity of this season, but also to the craziness of the year that Leicester City sits atop the table while Chelsea are in 10th.

It’s hard to overly judge at this stage because the season isn’t complete. If we win the league this pain and frustration will all be part of the journey. So until the final act is complete, lets believe. Let’s believe this team can still spark to life, that we can score goals. Let’s believe there is magic left, that there is heart, fight, and desire. Let’s believe that this is still our year!

Bring on the Spuds!!!


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  1. Arsenal should go Mahrez and Payet. Then sign two strikers with one defender.

    Giroud,Arteta,Flamini,Rosicky,Per and Walcot should leave. We can still allow ramsey to go as well.We should start preparing for next season.

  2. in order to believe you need to see something positive on the pitch but this lot look beat before they walk out of the tunnel.

  3. The Arsenal players don’t want to play for AW anymore and it’s in there body language. We need a clean up big time you could get rid of 11 players from the squad easy and new back room staff. A real number 2 is needed ASAP with taking over in mind. Now is that TH ? Not sure but he dose no what we need and understands the Morden game. Our back line needs sorting out with come on john stones in there so break the bank for him. LK keep getting knocks now? BFG is nothing but a bench player. Chambers could go as part X for stones and we will have Carl back. What bothers me is AS and Ozill not signing a new contract? Then the little man will go to city and nothing Arsenal can do. I’m sure when he signed he was told that players would be coming in but again that’s just bull crap

    1. Oh well another one with a magic Crystal Ball. No point in watching the matches then really…..

      1. Hi Admin,
        As much as I don’t like the comment made by @goon thinker, that’s his opinion. No need to get all sarcastic about it. I bet you wouldn’t have commented if he said Arsenal was winning the next 5 games.
        I believe his comments are born out of frustration. We’re all frustrated.
        By the way, good job yous are doing here.

        1. @Arsenal007. I know people are frustrated. You think I’m not?
          But this site is for discussion not wild crazy predictions based on nothing at all.
          Just like I don’t allow stuff like “All AKBs are deluded WengerOut” or “Wenger is god” or any other opinionated claptrap.
          If he wanted to be sensible, he could have listed each game and the reasons why he thinks we’ll lose not just a nonsensical slogan. It’s NOT an opinion.
          By the way, Arsenal have just lost three games in a row for the first time in six years. Now I am supposed to believe that will become 8?

          1. Based on nothing at all? What about no significant player coming back any time soon (except Cazorla AFTER the next 5 matches), and a horrendous form in 2016? Now West Brom and Hull we surely should be able to overcome even in such a form, but spuds, Barca and Everton should have no problems beating us at the moment. He’s overexaggerating, but there’s a lot of ‘truth’ in it too.

            For your statistics, this will also probably be one of the first times spurs finish above us in over 20 years, and that is usually accompanied by some other embarrassing stats. Surely not 8, but 6 out of 8 i can believe.

          2. @Admin,
            I understand you very clearly. I really do.
            I really hope Arsenal starts performing again…I must confess, at the moment, I’m no longer worried about the BPL (it seems like a long shot for me) I’m more worried about Spurs finishing above us.
            COYG let’s take it to the Spurs.
            Again, good job yous doing on this site. Thanks.

  4. I want to believe, I think we all do, but Ill wait til after the spu game and I will either be willing to set myself up for another teasing or else I will have given up the ghost. Fingers legs eyes toes and bow tie crossed ..COYG.

    1. Your right there trevor we ALL “want” to believe as we all do every season, yet every season threres something that stands in our way, now the majority of us on this site and arsenal fans in general are NOT skilled in the ways of managing and running a modern top class football club, but, the majority of us have a degree of common sense and the ability to problem solve on a reasonable level, and this is where over the years many many fans have become so disillusioned with AW.
      When he came to us he appeared to be a man with vision and a plan that NOONE else had thought of and he won us trophies and he made us into a world wide brand and a club stand on equal terms with other footballing world powers, but over the last years he appears to have not moved forward in the way we all expected of such a manager, its almost as if he’s gone backwards and started acting like a stubborn and senile old man.
      I mean its not rocket science to look at some (though not all of the issues) and see how they should be solved, we’ve been dragging Arteta and Flammini along for the last two seasons when they clearly should have been replaced if not two seasons ago then at least last season, BUT AW refuted this and pressed on despite EVERYBODY and thier dog expressing either a doubt on Coqullin’s ability to be consistant or the likely hood of serious injury or suspension, and thus it has been proved that the lack of a new CDM has proved costly.
      EVERYBODY has been waiting for Theo to come good un yet all we hear is he is developing, NO he is not he’s been a sack of Sh!t for a number of seasons yet AW offers him a new contract at a considerably higher rate of pay despite his performances steadily dropping.
      For a manager who point blank makes no secret of his absolute reluctance to spend or pay big this was a highly puzzling decision to say the least. .
      We have Danny Welbeck who while I honestly believe absolutly tries his best, really is limmited in ability and Oliver Giroud who despite his trying to be the “real Deal” as a spear point striker is again not really up to muster in his chosen role unyet AW again persists in telling evry Arsenal fan that he is or at least will be the genuine article when we can all clearly see this will NEVER be the case.
      All this has been going on for a decade and people are at last getting fed up with it and is it any wonder?
      @Admin mate noone is gonna say get shot of AW right this instant and I for one wonder of the wisdom of getting rid of him at all….but its clear that something is not working and has not been working for a number of years, how long do we put up and just accept it before its too late and every fan is institutionalized into believing that once AW goes the sky will fall in? we’re not far from that now. Its not working any more AW so either change things fast as most believe you are capable of or leave if you refuse to as most know you will (refuse that is).
      we all know that there is a slim chance we can still win the EPL this season but given the bad luck the piss poor playing and the management approach most of us know its a pipe dream and while we WANNA believe we’re running out of patience and the genuine ability to do so.

  5. You are right.Our players simply do not feel like playing.I dont understand what it is with the fans dilemma.They are all fed up.
    Just look at tommorows game when tottenham will hit us hard.Wengers reign is over

  6. AP, you cannot compare arsenal to teams like manure and chelski shitsky etc. they have changed managers so ofen while Wenger has been there building for long and yet nothing is coming together. we are supposed to be in a better position than them yet Wengers child still does not come to Mou’s eggs of 2013-2014.

    the advantage is is not supposed to be our but must be ours yet we keep stumbling like drunkards without being pushed.

    for how long have the foxes been building compared to us ? everyone is saying its a crazy seasons its a crazy season. i say arsenal or arsene are crazy.

    we all know our team does not inspires hope…even if we beat spurs. and i say she should not mention out team is the same vein as the title this campaign. it ended when manure beat us down

  7. indeed no point in watching the games coz AW’s tactics (which the players are also fed up with) has enabled us to be sure of what we expect in a game even b4 kick off..!

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the all conquering spuds and sh***y lose Saturday and Leicester drop 2 point. We’re still 3rd and win Saturday we’ll be joint 2nd.
    Come on boys and girls and the otters we supporters need some team spirit also.
    Positive thinking from now on is a must.

  9. Looks like Arsene is more interested in preparing players for the England national team than winning this trophy, why is he playing Ox and Walcott ahead of Campbell

  10. Just listened to wengers interview and he seems to be oblivious to the reactions of the crowd on Wednesday night or does he choose to ignore it. Ignorant man!!!!!!

    1. Obviously we, the fans, are not doing enough to make our voices be heard by those that should be listening. Last time I remember Arsenal fans made a mild stir in top managment might have been in 2013 and the black scarf movement.

  11. Well the wheels started falling-off in January now they are in deeper trouble. I imagine the criticism that Chelsea had in the start of the season made them weak but now with no losses they look like another fighter in the ring with a reason to make something of the season. Arsenal need to know that the title is gone now with limited matches remaining Wenger is his adamant usual-self. Cech and Koscielny are important to what Arsenal do but with no sense of purpose in the team it is going to hit the fans where it hurts. Tottenham will win on Saturday due to their personal ambitions on the line as well. The Swansea match had great start but with no decisive striker Giroud is lucky to be there in the squad.

  12. I know you keep wanting to compare us with this seasons performance of ManU, and Chelsea and ManC, but AW ‘s record of not performing goes back over a number of years. These crashes happen all the time. As a reminder lets take the 3 clubs you mention over the 10 years and see what they have done:
    ManU: EPL – 07,08,09,11&13 ECL 08
    Chelsea EPL – 06,10,15 FA Cup 07,09,10,12 ECL 12 Europa Cup 13
    ManC EPL 12,14 FA Cup 11
    Yes they are all having an off year or 2, but they have performed over the last 10 so please stop comparing. And before you bring Tottenham etc in, they do not fall within the top 10 richest clubs. Liverpool are a better comparison.

  13. What’s that they say about positive thinking? At this moment what we need is positive thinking and belief in this team, its all we have. Arsenal have disappointed a lot in the past and recently but they have also overcome impossible times, overhauling spurs a few seasons ago for a top 4 finish, beating Bayern, staying in contention this season despite losing coquelin, carzola and Sanchez for long periods this season (just look at how man city have coped with injuries to key man this season), etc. So why cant we believe that Arsenal can do it, winning the league is a dream after all, why can’t we believe that it can happen. We are 6 points from the top in a crazy season and already a lot of fans have given up, be disappointed but never give up. If you have then why watch, why support arsenal this season? Someone posted on comment on this article saying how can we believe when we do not see it on the pitch, well we have before and sometimes you have to believe first before you see. Hang in there Gunners, Arsenal needs you no matter what you think of Wenger, we are close.

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