“It’s a good financial model,” Arsenal praised for their transfer policy

Kieran Maguire has praised Arsenal for their investment in youngsters after they spent their transfer budget on players aged 23 and under.

The Gunners are trying to rebuild their squad after years of underachievement and they have brought in the likes of Ben White and Aaron Ramsdale to the Emirates in this transfer window.

Both players will represent great options for the club in the near future, however, they have been behind their rivals for a long time now and their fans want them back among the top four soon.

The likes of Manchester City and Chelsea spent less than Arsenal’s transfer spending on one player each and the result is obvious with Jack Grealish and Romelu Lukaku making an instant impact on their teams.

Arsenal fans will have to wait for their signings to develop before they deliver and not all of them will manage to do that.

However, financial expert, Maguire insists Arsenal has taken the right approach to rebuilding their squad.

“It’s a good financial model,” he told Football Insider.

“We have to be brutally honest and ask, how attractive is Arsenal to a player?

“Everyone acknowledges that it isn’t going to be an instant return to former glories.

“Therefore, players might see Arsenal as a gateway club. If they can do well, they can move on to bigger clubs. So there are benefits to the players.

“A galactico, why would they come to Arsenal unless they are paid a huge amount of money?

“We saw with Willian, who is a good player but had a poor season, it doesn’t always work. They have had a few turkeys recently.

“They aren’t as attractive a proposition as they were when they had Henry, Bergkamp and Viera. Those days are a distant memory.”

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  1. OT Everton looking good under Benitez, Townsend and Gray have been excellent signings Arsenal should have taken a gamble 😂

  2. Its a good financial model.So what?Arsenal are in the bottom half .They are out of the top 10 let alone top 6 . In time to come,they will become another Leeds.
    They may not be invited to a future super league,if theres going to be one.

      1. I think he already does, by the sound of him! I note “they” not “we”, which is always a giveaway of where the true heart lies. Or does NOT lie, to be more precise!

  3. Ridiculous statement considering what we paid for several of the players in question…the Nuno and maybe the Lokonga deals notwithstanding…of course, re-upping your in-house prospects to term, on reasonable wages, is always a wise plan, as the odds are generally in your favour, but to expect that, at some point, you will make a profit from those you paid over the number for is a bit far-fetched, to say the least

    1. For me TRVL it isnt anything to do with a “model” its to do with buying the players we have identified, buying for the correct position, paying the correct rate for the prospect, young or experienced and improving them and their value. We have done none of them for years and years. If we dont get top 4, our players will not increase in value as they should.

  4. Good financial model? Are we an investment company? It requies a good result to justify. With the result we have ( 3 points out of possible 12) at the moment, it is hard to say it is a good model at all.

  5. We have a good young squad I agree, now go and do everything you can to get an experienced manager to actually coach them instead of confuse them!

    If we got a decent coach in now I could see us challenging for top 4 by the end of next season.

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