It’s a goodbye from Arsenal’s silent hero….

Arteta leaves Arsenal fans with an open letter!

Former Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta, who retired from the professional game at the end of last season, has today officially confirmed his move to Manchester City to work as a coach.

Arteta became a ‘silent hero’ so to say at Arsenal, as he really did help stabilise the club during its most recent tough years. Arteta done his job to the highest standard at Arsenal, whilst managing to keep a low profile. Arteta was a leader both on and off the pitch and even in the latter stages of his career, where he spent most of the season out of the team, he still led by example and was on hand for experience and advice.

Arteta has therefore decided to take up the role as a coach in order to continue his influence on the game, but he was very thankful to the Arsenal fans before he left. Arteta said: “I’ve enjoyed my amazing five years at Arsenal and it’s been an honour and a privilege to captain such a great club. I would like to personally thank the manager, board, all of my team-mates and, of course, the fans for the fantastic support I’ve received during my time.”

Arteta will look back with fond memories of his time with Arsenal and I’m sure there’s many great moments Arsenal fans will remember of Arteta for years to come. I’ll never forget that late strike against Manchester City. It was so significant in both that seasons run in, as well as showing that we were close to returning to the ambitious and competitive nature that Arsenal football club should hold.
It’s a shame that Arteta wasn’t offered the chance to remain with Arsenal as a coach, but you cannot blame the former midfielder for wanted to move on with another club, to start the next stage of his involvement with football.



  1. Arteta is an AM. I’m shocked that in his 5 years at the club, he was never given a chance to show what he could do upfront. Not even as a 5 min sub!

  2. Fans have known about Arteta’s move for many months. And this was reported as “official” some weeks ago.

    Maybe this is the genuine, real, certified, formally announced, official version of this old story.

    But wait………..

  3. Hero?

    I loved his attitude and his hair but he typifies everything that is wrong with Wengers modern Arsenal, he was a sticking plaster on a gaping wound, granted he was cheap but he was too slow and too immobile, even if we had him in his prime he was never good enough to play for us and sadly thats where we now do our business, in the bargain basement, nearly men end of the football sphere. For every Ozil and Sanchez there have been five Christopher Wreh’s and five Junichi Inamoto’s

    Now I know I’m new around here so before anybody shoots me down in flames think about Sanogo and the countless others! Even when SAF had sh1t teams UTD stilll won the league

    1. Whether u think he wasn’t good enaf or not … U will admit at least if you are genuine…… that he always gave 110%. What more would you want a man to do. Come on…. Show some appreciation. Hz a LEGEND for me

      1. Yes, I’ll happily admit he was a calming influence in the squad, led by example, and our younger players would’ve learnt alot from him as human beings, he even steadied the ship and brought a calming influence in a time of great turmoil.

        I do fully appreciate what he did for us even going sofar as to take a pay cut to join us, I’m just griping because we still aren’t seeing the fruits of the Emirates stadium on the pitch or in the Trophy cabinet yet 😀

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