“It’s a horrendous situation” Piers Morgan goes on the attack after latest Arsenal loss

Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan is one of the more well-known Gooners and he was understandably frustrated to see Arsenal get beaten yet again at the weekend.

The media personality watched on as Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham beat Arsenal in the Premier League.

It is fair to say that Arsenal has hardly provided him with much to cherish in the last couple of weeks and he was unimpressed by how Mikel Arteta went about his post-match interview.

He slammed the Spanish manager for making the loss to a rival look like the club’s best performance of the season and told him to sort out the problems because he couldn’t take it anymore.

He was then asked by co-host Susanna Reid if it was time to bring Arsene Wenger back, he answered in the negative and asked the Frenchman to also keep quiet.

The 55-year-old said as quoted by The Sun: “It’s a horrendous situation.

“Our manager was banging on like it was the best performance all year.

“Mikel (Arteta), we just got stuffed in the north London derby, mate.

“We’re 15th and two places above relegation. Sort it out, please. I can’t take any more of this.”

Co-host Reid then attempted to wind him up by responding: “Is it (Arsene) Wenger back?”
Morgan fired back: “No, he can shut up as well.

“We need to start winning, we need to start scoring goals please.

“The front four cost us £200million, and we’ve scored about two goals. Get on with it.”

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  1. Piers Morgan advising someone to shut up. That made me chuckle.

    Did I miss something? What has Monsieur Wenger been sayng that has offended Mr Morgan so much?

    1. I agree Declan-He is just saying what everyone else thinks. If Arteta believes that performance was acceptable then he seriously needs to consider his options because pretty soon he will be looking for a new job. It’s the NLD. We simply do not accept being second best, snd Arteta, once again, got his line- up completely wrong.
      Just what does AMN need to do to get a game in this side? Is he honestly a worst option than Xhaka? And just how much longer will MA persevere with Willian? Ok,Pepe is back soon, although that’s not guaranteed to be any better. But Nelson if nothing else would play to orders,and at least show some enthusiasm. Ax for Bellerin? Quite simply a second rate FB who has never improved and will not start now.
      We can all see it. But Arteta? It seems not

      1. Thank you, Phil. He played in enough NLDs to know what it means to us fans!! I was not impressed yesterday..

        Also agree with Piers!

  2. I like Piers, tells it like it is. Straight talking and takes no prisoners. He is right and he is passionate about the gunners.

  3. As much as i dislike PM and his opinions ( 99.9% of the time)
    He is right 100% here imo

    MA wont last till the new year if this form continues, its that simple.

    Our next 4 games in the league are

    Home vs Burnley
    Home vs Southampton
    Away vs Everton
    Home vs Chelsea

    I can’t for the life of me see us winning any of those game and we have City at home in the cup which again I can’t see us going through there either.

  4. I watched the game at 3am and switched off after ht. I knew Arteta had fallen into Mourinos trap like Wenger.Against a rooted defence with 8 players,how can Abu score?He has not suddenly become a bad player overnite. Class is permanent and form fleeting.
    With the gunners pressing and the ball intercepted/mispassed,the spuds with 2 passes scored.How on earth did Arteta not fathom this?
    Oh Son scored a wonder goal?? Really .He was given the freedom of ES. Lets see him score in the cl against defenders of the highest quality and premium class managers.
    At the rate the gunners are digressing ,it seems transition is guaranted for the next 5 seasons.

  5. We should stop pretending to be surprised at the 2:0 loss in the NLD. We should instead be thankful Mourinho pulled the counter-attacking hand-brake at the start of the second half.
    All our hopes were resting on Thomas Partey’s fitness and they evaporated into thin air when he left the pitch. We are simply not good enough to compete consistently with opponents who are stronger, faster and more clinical with scoring chances.
    I still think we are better than 15th position and can finish in the top ten. This however will require improvements in at least three areas: team selection, pace of play and overall strategy.

  6. Under most circumstances Piers is little more than a somewhat amusing talking head, but when it comes to things Arsenal-related he’s been spot-on on more than a few occasions…not only has Arteta’s tactics failed miserably on the pitch, they have likewise failed the eye test…I personally watch a considerable amount of Bundesliga, Serie A, LIgue 1 and Champions League games and I’ve seen only a handful of teams who have exhibited less creativity in the final third…if we’re so concerned about being exposed on the counter that we’re unable to generate any opportunities going forward, what have we really achieved…we will never be such a stout defensive squad, with this roster, that would could realistically win 1-0 games on a regular basis, so why do we continue to pursue such a futile game-plan…on a side note, why can’t we ever seem to provide crisp pass that allow our players to run onto the ball, instead of always passing to the player’s back foot so they need to constantly stop their forward momentum…I’m assuming it has something to do with our mind-numbing love of sideways and backwards passes…I would give my left nut for some more direct football

  7. Agree with RF about pace. The gunners are ponderous. By the time they get to the box,the Great Wall of Tottenham is there .
    Despite this,Arteta still like Wenger tried to thread a pass through the heavily defended wall. Kane picked up the pass and in one swift move, Son with 3/4 strides hit the ball. I dont know whether Leno could be faulted.
    Watch how other teams score. The gunners take a long time to shoot let alone score.
    The gunners may run up a cricket score against Dundalk but its of little consolation.
    Burnley wont roll over. Its make or break for Arteta.

  8. I think half the problem we have is all the swapping about and constant formation changes. MA needs to get his starting sorted and stick to it. He then needs to get each player in a tactical mindset and stick to it! It almost like watching Louis van Gaal at Manure! STOP swapping players around and sort the basics out (like proper throw ins, crossing, passing, one touch football, movement, chasing, closing down and EVERYTHING ELSE!!!). In every department this Arsenal side are so dis-functional!

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