It’s about time Arsenal had some good news!

Finally Some Positive Injury News For Arsenal! by AT

After a rather dismal performance in the Capital One Cup against Southampton, the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has given the latest injury news from his squad. While Arsenal had to field a second-string side against the Saints as a result of all the injuries, Gooners will be happy to know that there is plenty of positive news from the treatment room.

Firstly, Theo Walcott and Serge Gnabry are both set to be back right after the international break, which starts after the game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Wenger said: Theo is doing very well, and Gnabry is doing very well too. They should be available after the international break for full training.”

It’s safe to say that both wide men, Theo in particular, have been a huge miss for the Gunners so far this campaign. The duo will certainly boost the attack when they return and it will be very interesting to see how Arsene Wenger fits the Englishman into his starting eleven.

With that being said, there is some positive news on the short-term as well. Per Mertesacker and Kieran Gibbs, who were not fit enough to start against Southampton, will both be available for this weekend’s North London derby against Spurs, following speculation that the defensive duo will be a little short for the much-anticipated clash.

Whilst it will be hard to get over the long-term injuries to Nacho Monreal and Mathieu Debuchy, I think the Arsenal fans can take some joy out of the news of Theo Walcott’s imminent return and the availability of Mertesacker and Gibbs for the all important game against the Spuds. Here’s hoping Le Boss will move to reinforce his defence when the January transfer window opens.


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    1. ahh man its after that game at the bridge.

      last season that game was so painful. still dont wanna accept that happened

      1. Gibbs and chambo sending off mix up was a joke, and it was yelow at best (going wide) and we got demolished, worst day of y life nearly.

        1. Rather dismal performance? I didn’t think we actually played that badly, one was a penalty and the other was a 35 yard screamer.

          Not saying we were great, but definitely not dismal.

  1. The less injury for us and the more “gunners” returning to action from injury is welcoming news indeed towards the arsenal cause! Coyg!

    1. yeah that’s great news… as long as no one else gets injured. especially our defense.

      sorry to see the negatives again but we are looking mighty depleted back there. Gibbs gets injured a lot. Chambers is already filling in on RB. And every time a team has a counter or free kick, i bite off another nail.

      To say the least i am worried. But i will try to remain positive like this article. so coyg.

  2. Depressing facts

    – If Giroud hadn’t gotten injured, we might have had only Giroud and Sanogo as strikers. I don’t know if that excites anyone. Even after Giroud’s injury, Wenger seemed reluctant to invest in a striker. Now we’ve got Welbeck – not the best striker in the world – but we can clearly see the improvement in our attack.

    – Fans have been shouting off their heads calling for a replacement for Vermalaen and now we have a defensive crisis. Fans saw it coming. I wonder if Wenger did as well…

    – We have been calling for a defensive midfielder for like … 4 years now? Arteta is looking even slower than last season and Flamini keeps getting yellows. Already, our soft underbelly was embarrassingly exposed against Dortmund. I look forward to the Chelsea game with bated breath…

    For how long will this continue??? Which top side in Europe will play Sanogo in a quarter final tie against Bayern? 🙁

    1. You know what? Its no suprise to us where we stand as a club. We are being manageg by a 4rth place manager to get Cl. Simple as that.

      Liverpool and Manure are no thread to Wengers and the board goals. With this current team we will compete for the 3rd place but not for glory.

      And as long losers and the Akb exist, the 4 place trophy will be always good enough.

        1. Jesus f’ing christ…This was ment to be a positive article, and you jizzed all over it.
          Put me off my tea.

                1. Well i collect door handle dust, and shake my leg really fast, like crazy fast whip wow shoooooooom
                  Beat that
                  yes sir i can boogie”!

  3. I didn’t even know that Mert, and Gibbs were injured until after the game. Why in the world were they even listed as subs then? We’re paper thin on defense. Hayden, and Coquelin looked okay yesterday, but they are definitely not ready from prime time yet. The only one I would trust to start at this point is Bellerin. Not only he was going forward, and defending well, but his hair looked perfect too – watch out Arteta! 🙂 . As for Theo, and other injury news, that’s great! Theo will bring more energy, and pace to our game, always a welcomed addition.

  4. Wengers is such a knowing all wannabe football men. Gives always his opinion about football and other teams, yet disslikes to be critesised from the media, football experts and fans. Such a stubborn old fart he is.

  5. The only negative thing that we should worry about is the international break, who’s going to come back injured.
    onwards and upwards GOONERS!

  6. I can see it now, theo comes back, plays average for three games “sack theo, he’s shite”

    Who’s gonna be next scapegoat, so far weve had Giroud the most hated, now it’s Wenger, Little mozrt gets a little (from playin 1 game)
    I give up, i’m furious and hungover from this site.
    I might not return, so depressing fans

    1. I just don’t understand how hard we try to defend Wegner. I love poldi and ox and I see Campbell becoming great. But Wegner doesn’t. And now people try to tell me Wegner was right not to play them before. He has his favourites and even if they would score yesterday still won’t be enough so why should they care. Is ok for Giroud not to score in 8 games and being useless, is ok for Wilshire to play good game every few months, is ok for Ramsay to have a shocking games from now because he had a few good months last sezon but podolski and rosicky should leave and Campbell not good why because people will always expect more from them People use your brain sometimes.

    2. Let’s see whose been criticized….

      BFG, Woj, Nacho, Arteta, Santi, Gibbs, Flamini, Theo, Ox, Welbeck, Poldi, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, Ozil, Ozil, Ozil, Giroud, Giroud, Giroud, Giroud, Giroud, Giroud, Giroud

      it’s part of every fan base. it’s part of every sport. we hate folks when they play like crap, treat em like a god when they play amazing.

    3. Ah, happy im not the only gooner that feels this way! Everyones acting like they support a terrible team.. like the spuds.

  7. We are really weird as fans. We don’t want to accept the true that Wegner is not anymore someone who can make difference. We beat villa just villa and he is again great. I am fan of Wegner but people prefer to blame players but at the moment they don’t even look like a good team.

  8. DIABY must play at the bridge, too bad theo won’t be back for that game considering what happened there last year. I say we give them a dose of their medicine, park the bus and play on the counter attack with ox/welbec/sanchez. Our full backs need to stay put and do tuck in to protect us from hazard or willian giving any width.

    i’m a better manager than wenger.

    1. it won’t happen, Wegner will say go boys and express yourselfs. And the game might be over before we know it. And the scary thing is at the moment I don’t think our players know how they should play. Nothing clicking.

    1. Not necessarily – let them wear themselves out on the Capital One / Europa cups, will stop them breaking into the top four!

  9. I was disappointed by poldi and his performance last night,played like a player with no future at the club which is a shame as I like him

    1. I don’t think he has a future and he knows this. But to be honest I understand him why to give everything when for Wegner it won’t make a difference. Wegner has his favourites. And when they have shocking couple of games it is ok, but for others not.

  10. Wenger has put a suggestion box up at the training ground. Here are the first batch of suggestions:

    – Every time I score or provide an assist at the Emirates I want the theme tune of Cold as Ice by MOP to play – Mesut Ozil

    – Please review AFC’s smoking policy It discrimates against me – Jack Wilshere

    – Buy a damn DM you fool – Stan Kroenke

    – Please play me in the league – Lukas Podolski

    – The mirrors are too high. I keep going on the pitch with messy hair. Please lower the mirrors – Santi Cazorla

    – Please find me a house on the same street as my new bff, Mesut – Danny Wellbeck

    – Please teach Wilshere how to press – Alexis Sanchez

    – The word pace should be banned from AFC – Olivier Giroud

    – Can we please incorporate nap time into training sessions? – Mikel Arteta

  11. Breaking news: Arsene Wenger suffering panick attacks after hearing the Labour leader would introduce a minimum wage of £8 per hour if elected. Wenger believes this would double Arsenals wage bill.

  12. Now listen up, all you negative a-holes, all you can do is criticise, criticise, criticise….. Season is a few games old. Team is still sorting itself out. I KNOW you will say that Mourinho, Pellegrini, Koeman, etc. have their teams sorted out, why not Wenger. Good point. It’s a problem with all the injuries. But, you say, why do City, Chelski, Saints, etc not have all these injuries? Also good point. Maybe we do not have the right fitness coach, and let’s blame Wenger for not sorting out the team.
    We have not lost an EPL game so far – drew with last year’s winners and we could have won. STOP complaining and give it a chance, it’s early in the season. AND, the shining light for me is that at last Wenger played Özil in his best position, just behind the striker. HOOOORRRAAAAAYYYY!!!! This is the best news of all. The other good news is that Bellerin and Hayden proved last night that we do have defensive cover. In fact, after last night’s showing, I would even consider playing Hayden together with Koscielny in the middle, instead of BFG. Even more good news is that Diaby is back. Walcott will be the cherry on the cake, but even without him we can do it. Be POSITIVE, you’ll be surprised at how positive energy from supporters, whether they are at the game or watching on TV, can influence the vibe in the team. COYG!!!!

  13. Maybe I’m just being cynical, but the old saying goes that you always get what you pay for, and although that’s somewhat debatable at the moment, in that we always pay the top price and end up somewhere around fourth, that certainly wasn’t the case with the much touted £10 top price for Capital One cup tickets, I mean you couldn’t even go to the cinema for that price.

    May Wenger and the board thought the risk / reward ration just wasn’t worth it, anyway I’m not too upset to be out – I can’t even remember who won it last year, and it will save us injuries, so all the better.

  14. I’ve been telling people all along, don’t expect anything from Theo before December. Yes, he will make appearances beginning in October but it will take time to get back in form. And who knows whether he will have the same speed?

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