It’s about time Arsenal made a public decision on our contract rebels

Hello everybody! Are you anticipating the new season? To be honest, I’m not too keen on the start, because I feel like we’re not ready for it. My biggest worry is the defence where I feel like the back 3 could be Mertesacker, Kolasinac and Monreal or Elneny.

Will Koscielny be fit for it? When will Holding and Mustafi be ready? What about Bellerin? Too many questions with an uncertain answers less than 3 weeks away from our first official game. It’s not good enough, but at least those players have a contract with us that doesn’t expire next summer.

So what do we do with the other players who are in this situation? I think that the wait was too long. Far too long. We should’ve known by the end of last season which of these players we’re gonna keep and which we will sell. Now it’s a joke really. If we sell all 3, we’ll definitely need replacements and who are we going to get?

We have 2 options, either we get the personnel in and then clear out, or we wait till the end, than we make rash decisions in the last minute. And then we’ll end up with more dead players we don’t wanna use and we cannot sell.

But there is another catch. We cannot just get rid of players we don’t wanna use if we’re going to lose the ones we do wanna use anyways. I’d take 30 million for Theo, but when the Ox and Sanchez look likely to leave, we cannot just let 3 players able to play on the wing leave.

And the magic circle is complete by the fact that if we want to sign new players we need to get rid of some of the old ones first. We have to go the 3 well known players with contract problems and tell them it’s our way or the highway, because we’re left in jeopardy.

Sadly though, Arsenal never learn. Wenger said his contract situation did cause problems last year yet in the summer we keep waiting for the players to decide. We are Arsenal for gods sake. We should be looking at our priorities.

Lastly I will end with Lemar. Мonaco made so much money this year I see no reason for them to sell anymore, but the player may want to force a move with the amount of outgoings. So perhaps if we put in the right price and our french connections do their job, he could ask to leave, but I feel like this is dragging too long.

We need more signings. Two are not enough due to the already mentioned uncertain future of some players. Ideally I’ll get Lemar a CM to replace Cazorla and a defender, even if it sone which we will use only for the start of the season, because with our makeshift defence we could suffer and we badly need a good start to the season.



  1. Dion says:

    guys how good is seri from nice??cuz we seem to be checking on him…

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      We were linked with him before the window officially opened. I actually thought that Wenger’s trip to Nice (weeks ago) was to sign Siri. And yes he is a very good player ?? worth every penny of his £35 million release clause.

    2. Kostafi says:

      another AM? I honestly don’t believe that is where we need to strengthen. We have plenty of options. I think central midfield- an upgrade on Coq (still a beast but not a top top DM) would be more important imo.

      Koscielny will rotate in and out dep on pain and injury to give young Holding minutes
      Holding didn’t see a lot U21 minutes because of Chambers so should be fresh. Chambers?
      Mustafi as per the gram has been holidaying on the Swiss beaches and should be recharged when reporting next Monday.
      Ditto Bellerin- just not Switzerland- LA
      Sanchez reporting same day and it takes 2 weeks training to slot into the first team, so no concerns there.

      We have options at the back for the CB’s (not El Neny ffs) and Ox can do a shift at RWB. Getting Lemar in would give the manager a selection headache which is what you want.

      1. Adam Criniti says:

        Besides Santi, the remainder of AM’s on Arsenals payroll are Cup players at best, including Ramsey.

        Seri would be an incredible upgrade and any manager sans Wenger would immediately slot him in the first team over the Welshman.

        But again this is Arsenal

  2. kev says:

    Konstantin there’s no need to fear about the Lemar deal.The same thing happened with Lacazette.I can confidently tell you that the deal is as good as done.The only thing is that insider sources are faster than the media so you’ll get things earlier than expected.Arsenal had a meeting with Monaco yesterday and they agreed to pay Monaco their asking price.They will first pay £30 upfront,£20 for achieveable bonuses and £5 in add ons.
    The latest info I’m getting is that he’ll be due for a medical next Wednesday.Though this has not yet been confirmed.I’ll give you more info on that..As of ow you can consider Jadon Sancho of Man City U18 and Thomas Lemar of Arsenal done deals.We’re also thought to be looking at some CM option of which Jean Michael Seri is on the list.I’ll keeo updating you guys from time to time.Please calm your nerves .

    1. WengerBooi says:

      Lol Resource gon say you’re cramping his style.

      1. kev says:

        I’m his deputy.

    2. Adam Criniti says:

      Lemar and Seri would be fantastic additions to the club, the Nice man a perfect long term replacement for Santi.

      These two deals should be sanctioned regardless of contract issues or recouping fees for outgoing players.

      FFS Arsenal act like a Big club for bloody once and spend some of the fans hard earned money and strengthen OUR team.

      Koulibay or VVD would be the icing on the cake


    3. Pablo Picasso says:

      “I will address speculation relating to the case of Thomas Lemar. He is staying with us,”. “He is an immense talent and is essential for the team.

      “We have kept all of the key players that we intended to keep.” Monaco vice president Vadim Vasilyev

      Hi Kev

      1. Adam Criniti says:

        Disappointing if true but understandable from Monaco. Keeping Lemar, Fabinho, Mbappe and Sjidbe (sp?) and reinvesting the $150M in players sales with quality replacements will see the French Champions competently defend their title.

        Back to Arsenal:

        Mahrez, Seri and one of VVD, Koulibaly, or Manolas would be fantastic business for the Gunners and with Sanchez an EPL title charge and return to CL would definitely be on the cards.

  3. kofi?? says:

    Our defence come the start of the new season will not be those three who’ve been paying in preseason cos we have Mustafi, Ballerin to return. However, I can’t help it seeing that no one is going for Van Dijk. I mean he’s prove himself in the Epl as one of the best CBs over the past couple of years. Wenger should try and get him(just faint hope though).
    But we need to get Lemar which I’m confident we would and also add Goretzka or Carvalho brfore it’s too late. Not to measure our transfer window success by comparing with other teams but I do that to obviously spell out the fact that we’re behind.
    Get Lemar, Goretzka or Carvalho and possibly add Van Dijk asap..
    We must sell some players though…at least five of them
    Kofi inside Ghana ??

  4. Pablo Picasso says:


    Any info on when the following we will join the team for training:
    – Alexis / Bellarin / Mustafi / Holding / Chambers

    Secondly any updates on the injured players, particularly Carzola / Reine / and Jack?

    1. Bigperf says:

      Bellerin, holding and chambers already back

  5. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    Can’t believe all of you ganged up on Resource


  6. ThirdManJW says:

    With the new formation, I am not so worried about the defence now. Even Mertesacker is looking WC again within the new system. It’s central midfield that worries me, because it’s a key area to get right for Wenger’s system to properly function.

    Santi was perfect, but there’s no one within the squad to replace him. There’s no doubt in my mind that Wenger will stick with Ramsey, which is not only a massive downgrade in quality, the system doesn’t function properly when he’s playing. Wenger loves dominating possession, and quick, intricate passing, so that we also get those flowing attacks when countering. That cannot happen with Ramsey. He takes too long on the ball, his passing accuracy is poor, and his first touch isn’t always that good, so he usually has to quickly face towards our goal, as he gets closed down, leading to many backwards, and sideways passes. With the likes of Santi, you get that quick one touch football, which takes out many opposing players in second.

    Lemar is the only player we’re the rumour is very strong, and he’s a winger. Very worrying there isn’t any central midfielder heavily linked with us.

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      Spot on about Ramsey, his best position will always be a floating #9 where he plays for Wales. He should rotate with Ozil and feature predominantly against lower table teams, as well as both League and some Europa Cup games. But sadly as we’ve seen over the years, even on dreadful form Wenger is willing to disrupt the team dynamic by forcing AR into the first 11.

      With that said I really believe that Jean Seri from Nice is that guy, a Santi clone that would be a fantastic long term replacement for the diminutive Spaniard. The African Xavi he has been called. Lol

      Love his engine, technical attributes and ability to manipulative a game from the center of the pitch.

  7. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    Jean seri looks a talent
    But he’s 5ft 5

    Lacazette lemar all small

    No.more midgets
    Please someone of physical stature as well as talent

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      If only Veratti, Xavi and Kante were blessed with vertical attributes, “Oh what a Caesar they would of been.”

    2. Atid says:

      Put seri alongside carvalho and we could have the perfect combination with xhaka coquelin elneny and Santi or wilshire as back up options. Ramsey back up for ozil.

  8. soccerboy says:

    Adam Griniti. you forgot to mension Makelele. big frame doesn’t necessarily amount to a midfield beast.

  9. Viera Lyn says:

    This House of Cards created by the thin-skinned narcissist and our absentee landlord is going to come crashing down over the next 12 months and anyone who doesn’t put the success of the club ahead of blind allegiances will need to check themselves so that we can move forward once the dust has settled…this club has been on auto-pilot for far too long and the same old, same old just won’t cut it in the new EPL where many of the best managers, players and deepest pockets in the world now reside…just think to yourself what has transpired in the last 7 years alone: Leicester City won the EPL, Chelsea and ManCity have changed several managers and still won the League on multiple occasions, ManU lost Fergie yet we still didn’t take advantage, Liverpool has emerged from their slumber and the Spurs are presently the better team in North London…if you find this acceptable, I feel for you and this future of this club…hope you all enjoy fighting with Everton and West Ham for the final Europa spot every year(aka the new Wenger Cup)

    1. neil says:

      Man utd finished below us last 2 or maybe 3 years… Spurs finished above us first time in 20 years!City and Chelsea have both spent over a billion pounds on transfer fees ! Of course Liverpool at some time would get better but habe won nothong of note for a number of years…
      We have won 3 FA Cups in 4 years and are putting a new team together … some good youngsters coming through and spending decent money on transfers for good players… Ozil Sanchez Cech Mustafi and Lacazette in just last few years…
      We all want more names but you also mentioned Leicester who won on a shoestring… City and Man Utd will probably have spent a billion between then last 3 or 4 transfer windows and not won PL.. !
      Just saying !

  10. Blazor says:

    With all do respect to Wenger, the area he had been reluctant was starting the new season with full force. He often bring in a weakened team and lose the game, which could have been won easily while other teams strengthen their stand collecting points. If he listens to true Arsenal fan, here are some pointers:
    1. Don’t play Xhaka and Ramsey in mid-field, they make a bad pair
    2. Don’t wait to sub players up to 70 min., take out players having a bad day early in the 1st half
    3. Plan your team formation according to your opponent, one form fits all do not work, so be ready to change it even while the game is going.
    4. Pay attention to opponents’ sub moves and counter their change to cancel it out.
    I hope Wenger Listens to some of the comments.

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