It’s amazing how badly a multi-million brand like Arsenal is managed

Arsenal show clear lack of a plan for the season. by Konstantin Mitov

Well ladies and gentlemen, too often I hear “wait till the transfer window is closed”. But the tone we’ve set for the season has been pretty catastrophic again, so I won’t bother waiting again, and just go straight into dissecting what’s going on.

Rumours link Aubameyang or Lacazette with Barcelona in a swap deal for Coutinho. There are pretty good reasons for such a deal. Both teams are financially strained, both need reinforcements and the future of the players are uncertain.
Honestly, swapping a striker above 30, low on confidence with only pace as his main weapon for a creative midfielder is not the worse thing we can do right now. But there are quite a few flaws as well.
We already need a new striker and if Auba or Laca or both leave, who will we buy to lead the line? We’re massively struggling for goals and I don’t see the plan here. Is Balogun the answer? Surely not Eddie? Or we will try Martinelli as a number 9, which Mikel Arteta ignored heavily last season even in games where it was begging to be played?
The manager’s press conferences are also quite alarming, show lack of confidence and solidify the idea that we are just strolling along with no direction whatsoever. He couldn’t tell more than that they were ill? Both of them? Laca on less than a year on his deal and Auba, whose goalscoring record seems to be a concern at the club, if rumours are true?
The signals from the club all indicate that we have no plan whatsoever. We gava Xhaka a contract extension and made him captain. That’s extremely demoralizing, and I just wonder why would you join Arsenal right now?
What are you fighting for this season? We’ve not shown one drop of ambition to move up the table and with no European football I just struggle to see it. Even a player like Bellerin desperately wants to leave.
I’m very seriously worried. We have an uninterested owner who has left the club in the hands of a rookie manager out of his depth, a CEO who doesn’t understand basic football, and a technical director, or whatever Edu’s title is, on permanent vacation.
Even from a pure business perspective, it’s amazing how bad a multi-million brand like Arsenal is managed. I’m really worried, and not because Chelsea and City will spank us, but because we’re back to square one. We’ve moved backwards and need to restart again.
Every time from a lower starting point. We definitely need to change both Edu, Vinai and Arteta, but it’s a bit too late, throwing another season under the bus. Even if we splash the cash, I don’t think that will be enough.
City splashed and still lost to Tottenham. It’s not all about the money. If there was a direction, an idea that everyone can rally behind, then players would be happy and it would reflect on the pitch. Right now, everybody is trying to abandon the sinking ship.
Even Bellerin is desperate to leave. Not that he’ll be really missed. I honestly wouldn’t miss one Arsenal player if they left right now. We need a goalkeeper, an attacking midfielder, a central midfielder, a right back and a striker. That’s five players at minimum if we want to compete.
But even if we do, will those players fit the profile of the system we want to play. What is that anyway? I don’t know, I just hope I miss the Chelsea game, because Arsenal is far too depressing – and for the first time I don’t really see a way forward. I don’t know which manager will want to come once Arteta is fired and he’s getting fired before Christmas, unless we want to get relegated. And then what set of players will he find and in what condition.
I’m worried and so should you be.
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  1. Come on!!
    ESR and Sake alone deserve every ounce we have at the moment..
    Come on Gooners!
    We need no negativity now..

    1. Tom…I appreciate your glass half full approach but that my friend does not paper over the cracks and the reality that our club is a mess.

      Yes we have promising youngsters who are being made to carry the burden of good performance however that is not enough.

      We have;
      – an owner that doesn’t care about on field results as long as the cash tolls sing (see below for the k pick on affect of this)

      – players who don’t want to play for us (Arteta) anymore and who we would like to shift but can’t (see below)

      – players that have are too expensive and old to get off the books.

      – no direction and system of play on the field with a L plate manager who seems to confuse his players with over baked micro management.

      – edu whose activities are dubious at best. Be that holidaying in the most important transfer window for us in years as well as his involvement in some transfer dealings with specific and favourite agents.

      -a general decline of the quality of player joining and staying within our ranks.

      I’ve supported the club since 82 and have seen bad times but the years of Satan Kroenke ownership are taking their toll now and culminating in this period and whatever comes after..

      So whilst I appreciate your attempts to spin a rosy perspective on it I personally find it a little hollow seeing the state of our once great club.

      We are mid table at best also rans at present and it could get even worse than this whilst the song remains the same!

    2. Tom, it is nice to have fellows like you over here, who have a positive approach to things in life. Last week, ten teams won and ten teams lost, so, as some commentators over here, ten managers need to be fired?Guys and gals, be positive,with Mikel we won thrice, drew once and lost only once to CFC. We have Tierney, ESR, Saka, Sambi, just the likes of Leno and the rest need to keep a cool head and avoid mistakes. Be a supporter and support the manager and men. Till all garbage is cleaned from the bin, the man has to mneouvre around the trash and get results which he will I am sure.

      1. Support Arteta? Why? Give me one reason to support him based on our performances on the pitch! The main garbage I am seeing is Arteta and his buddy Edu!

        1. Arsenal was one of the best team after new year last season. FACT.
          So if Arteta can get his 3-4 more targets in this window I actually believe in him.
          Arsenal need a RB, an attacking midfielder, and a CF – maybe a goalkeeper as well. But time is running out.
          We should have had these players long ago in order give these players a fair chance to adapt to Artetas play style and concept.

          1. Yes, the old we were great for half a season nonsense. It happened in the past too. It never carries over to the next season.

          2. That defensive Stat means nothing.. Were you watching our football for the same duration of that stat time frame or not? We are extremely poor! And all our wins are from indivual goals not from a style of play that’s working! Keep supporting Arteta but then you should come and apogize when he gets the sack because guess what? He’s failing already!

      2. Hi Loose Canon. Man City lost. Yes. But we know they will bounce back and beat as many teams as possible. Arsenal lost, what we know is they would probably loose as many matches as possible if the status quo is maintained.

        We ha e a manager whose Ego writes cheques his body cannot cash.

        He is naive and arrogant at the same time.
        I am an Arteta fan. But the truth is we need a new manager

      3. Loose, Part of the garbage includes Arteta and Edu. They resigned Xhaka and spent a fortune Aon an average Joe in Ben White and that’s only the beginning.

    3. Tom C, do you really expect these three young players, no matter how talented to carry Arsenal FC?
      Where are the seasoned professionals to assist these players into the history, culture and requesites of being a professional footballer at Arsenal and the demands of the EPL?
      Where are the Tony Adams and Martin Keown grabbing a young Ray Parlour prior to playing Spurs and telling him “we don’t lose this game”? Granit Xhaka, Hector Bellerin, Aubameyang you must be joking and all three have captained Arsenal!

      1. Ozziegunner, you make a very important point, our lack of ‘leaders’ over many years has been the main reason for our inconsistency and being labelled a soft touch. To hand the captaincy to Aubameyang was a serious error but saying that I struggle to find a proper leader in our current team. So depressing!!!

  2. Over a year now, am still in shock about how Arteta threw away Martinez to Aston villa for Leno. The guy is now one of the best in the world

    1. I agree the club has been run poorly these past ten years but so has every one of the top 10 sides because the PL has been awash with so much money clubs could afford to pay idiotic transfer fees and give out ridiculous long term contracts with massive salaries and no performance clauses.
      Covid has caught many clubs out including Arsenal.
      Now players who cost 60, 90, even 120m are being given away.
      At Arsenal it took head coach Mikel Arteta two painful 8th place finishes to realize that micro managing superstars at City is a whole lot different to getting a tune out of old pampered over paid has beens at Arsenal.
      So yes Arteta started off with his head in the clouds but the 8th place finishes and Covid have brought him back to earth and to their credit he Edu and the club are carrying out the ruthless scorched earth purge.
      No pain no gain.
      So Arteta Mark 2 has been unveiled.
      A massive clear out (at a significant financial loss) is under way.
      The plan now is to build a team around a slew of “profile” players reasonably priced under 24 year old’s with decent resale value like Ramsdale White Gabriel Tavares Tierney Lokonga Saka ESR Odegaard
      Martinelli Pepe Balogun Azeez.
      As many as possible of the dead wood will be off loaded each summer.
      A handful of older players will survive temporarily during transition
      eg Partey Xhaka and a couple of HG players.
      So by this time next season gone from the time Arteta took over will be Ozil Ramsey Mkhitarian Mustafi Socritis Luiz Ozil Cedric Bellerin Elneny Kolasinac Mavropanos Guendouzie Willock Nketia AMN Nelson and hopefully Lacazette Aubameyang and Willian.
      Not bad at all I reckon.
      6 more “profile” players next summer and the remaining fat terminated.
      Next season we should be targeting top 3.
      So yes a clearprocess is taking place.

      1. “Not bad at all I reckon.” ……. I totally agree with you. Top three in the Championship!!!!

        If you honestly think that Arsenal will be able to get rid of that amount of experienced players and then play all their youngsters and ‘still’ manage to stay in the Premiership then you are seriously deluded.

      2. Clear out?what clear out are you talking about?
        -we should have taken the 13M for Xhaka imagine that after the Euros he had apart from Roma no one came in for him from now on his value will keep dropping and I’m pretty sure that with his 13M plus 20M plus from Willock we could have got a better midfield and Lonkoga could have taken his space and do a better job the guy is younger more energetic quicker better technically and always looking to pass forwards and with TP back ,to partner him when he is fit sorted!

        -we should have taken Inter offer of a loan with option to buy Bellerin because with CC Soares AMN he will barely play so we would have saved his wages and freed a place.
        -the 50M spent on White should have been better spent on a proper RB and GK with change left for another midfielder like MO who Arteta loves do much or I hate to say this a target man as a plan B last season should have been used to give more minutes to young players instead of preservering with some senior players had Saliba been registered with us and got few games while training with the first team playing some U23 games he’d definitely be ready to be our 5th CB as the start of the season and who knows after a few good performances now as things stand he’ll be back to square one when he comes back next summer with no experience in English football.

  3. Hunn this is loaded. But I am on the positive side, been pessimistic won’t change anything.
    I hope Arteta could get it right anyway anyhow. All great coaches started as rookies. But he needs to be humble and flexible tactically and play to the strength of his players. He doesn’t always have to initiate his attack through the left side of the pitch he should be dynamic.
    If he could get a D M that can fight in the middle. I think they also need to improve their drilling in training. Sometimes they play like they aren’t fit. I remain positive.

    1. Silva, I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic, just facing the season with hard nosed resignation and serenity remembering the words of Francis of Assisi.

        1. Actually fairfan, he follows St Francis of Assisi Bournemouth FC, which plays in the SWEA Second Division. 😁

  4. And not just Arsenal! Barcelona are in an absolutely shocking position right now.

    So badly has the Catalan’s been run, it seems the people in charge didn’t have a clue about even the basics of economics.

    Too much greed, and too many people who have no idea about football in the game at the moment.

    1. Too much greed! Now, I have heard that before somewhere but from whom, I wonder”

      Oh yes , now I REMEMBER ,IT WAS MYSELF, and I have been a voice almost alone in the wilderness on this poisonous greed issue for and many, many years already. Great to see some others now accepting where the poison lays.

      I DO know TMJW, that you have also been prominent among the already converted.

      But we need a complete sea change in the whole elite football world, including all fans, before the realisation of how GREED is steadily killing the game we all love, FULLY DAWNS!

  5. If we should happen to beat Chelsea by some miracle through an own goal, fluke or even if we manage to put in a one off big team performance…it won’t mean anything other than 3 points.

    As the signs show that there are major deficiencies in this Arsenal team/squad and system (from owner to coaching and recruitment staff) with additional player issues..

    Players given huge and lengthy contracts who either never deserved them in the first place (willian) or have just plain lost interest in playing for Arteta and therefore us (Auba/Laca). The worst of it all though is that through diabolical management the bang average Xhaka has been awarded a new contract.

    This shows the level of the club now. We are mid table at very best.

    Thanks Stan

    1. Just look at Graham Potter Brighton manager yes he was a young coach but look at his experience compared to MA the guy learnt the right way he even went abroad to learn what about Brentford their head coach has about 15 years experience but Arsenal went for someone with what 2 years experience as a number 2 even Viera has more experience than MA he was player coach with Juventus Inter & City then took charge of the academy then NYC Nice (European experience)all this without taking his vast experience as player (WC Euros winner titles winner..)having worked under the best managers in the game.

      1. With Artheta as the manager, even if we have Messi and Ronaldo with Sagio Ramos in Arsenal we can not achieve anything. Because Artheta has no experience, no character, no good human relation, quarrelsome, no vision and stubborn. He can not achieve anything as a football manager with these qualities. He should be one to quit first to start cleaning up.

    2. And the tickets for the Chelsea game at the Emirates are sitting on the shelf unsold. Unheard of!

  6. Ahhh also Barca don’t want Auba – he is too expensive for them right now , he’s no spring chicken and he is temperamental.

    Ozil like if you will.

    We again will probably be stuck with players we don’t want, that don’t want to be there at that we can’t shift ala Xhaka.

  7. Am article of speculative negative nonsense really.

    No one who writes these blogs has ever met our board, owners, recruitment team, coaching staff. I understand bemoaning the signings we don’t want, Willians or future Ramsdales, but otherwise just get behind your team and stop making up problems in your head.

    It’s starting to become apparent that the biggest problem with Arsenal is the mindset of the fans, which seems to be ever swayed by the media who enjoy our brief dip in form.

    1. So the fans are the biggest problem at Arsenal right?

      Do we own, run, plan, schedule, manage the club and it’s assets?
      Are we in a position to use our billions to help the club we own?
      Do we sign the players that play and stay for us?

      We as a fans are paying consumers for AFC content. So you blame us for not liking the content. But like universal studios blaming movie goers for not liking the films they produce..

      Wake up!

    2. Many thanks.
      This particular contributor has a habit of writing very long laments with very limited perspective.
      This is then seized on by those with a similar negative mindset.
      The manager is clearly trying to rebuild the team with younger players. He also needs players who fit his preferred set up.
      This will evidently take time unless there is massive investment. The way Arsenal have been conducting business illustrates some of the difficulties that the manager faces. There are many senior players that should have been moved on but are on loan or stuck because deals can’t be made.
      Whilst Arteta may not have got everything right he certainly has a good understanding of the game and with the right framework will be a success. I also feel that Arteta deserves more respect and less of the ridiculously negative comments that fill this platform.
      The team also really needs the fan’s support now. This could go a long way to helping the players performances and will likely be necessary over the next few challenging encounters to come.

      1. Being blind and completely out of sync from reality does not mean you have a positive mind set. No wonder we have come to this point it’s because of fans who in their mind have painted a hunky dory picture of situation and want others to do the same.

        1. “Being blind and completely out of sync from reality does not mean you have a positive mind set.”

          Sometimes it just have to be said straight 👍

        2. No one defines a positive mindset by being blind etc etc. This comment is illogical and bears no relation to the points made.
          The second point is also nonsensical as no-one has painted such a picture as you describe. We all have different ways of responded to difficulties and some choose not to be overly negative.
          There are still those of us who can see that the situation Arsenal is in now is due to several factors not all of which are in the manager’s control.

          1. The fact that we cant move unwanted players or have no buyers for our players shows how much they have regressed, to be honest how is arsenal a top club with Elneny as a starter, Nketiah on the waiting list, xhaka almost unrivalled on his position, dont even get me started with Leno. The reason we are stuck with so many players is because other clubs dont see them as good enough to move their club forward. They would rather have them when they are on the bosman list to reduce risks. Look at our list of non starters and their wages. Kolasinac, Mari, maitland niles, chambers, willian, among many others

      2. Nothing is free in this world, Stan Kroenke’s ownership has proven this.

        You can’t expect fans to get behind a team when they clearly see how shambolic it is. From top to bottom the club is being run into the ground and fans are completely in their right to voice their dissatisfaction.

        “Whilst Arteta may not have got everything right he certainly has a good understanding of the game and with the right framework will be a success.” —

        You say Areta has a good understanding of the game. I ask you then, on what basis do you make such a claim?

    3. Last week, someone accused glass half full fans as being the reason for our decline into mediocrity. Now, whilst I am naturally sympathetic to your point of view, you are saying our biggest problem is the glass half empty fans.

      Let’s be honest. We’re all just along for the ride. No amount of fan whinging or wishing is going to make much of a difference. The former might induce he occassional panic buy, the latter might convince the occassional player that this is where he wants to be.

    4. Tommy gooner, anyone who has ever run a business or has any business acumen knows that Arsenal FC is run as a sh#tshow.
      The fans are not the problem, “the customer is always right”.

    5. Please it’s better to keep quiet if idea is lost. Is it the negativity of mindset of fans that stop Kronkes to bring money to buy players? Is it the negative mindset of the fans that is making Artheta to prefer quarreling with the players than the progress of the club. I’m very sure that the fans will attack the manager and the board members very soon. There’s no club’s fans in this world that endure nonsense than Arsenal fans. Yet they are not appreciated. The manager and the board members will soon see the other side of the fans.

    6. Tommy and David
      What we discuss here is totally irrelevant and will affect nothing. We come here merely for our own benefit, because we love to talk about football, and more specifically about our own team.
      We don’t have to all agree – indeed it would be boring if we did. When I stood up for Arteta and tried to be optimistic about the near future, I knew my views made no difference. Now that I want Arteta gone, I again know that my words don’t matter.

      Having “switched sides” I do feel I have a better understanding of both camps (am I still allowed to use that word?) than many others, and it has made me more tolerant of different opinions.

      I get the optimists. We watch for enjoyment, not to feel pain. Most of us have learned than an optimistic attitude makes life better. Arsenal is our club and Arteta is the figurehead – shouldn’t we support not criticise? It’s a transition so be patient. I have used all of these arguments recently. I admire the optimists and wish you well, as should everybody here.

      Here’s what you guys need to understand about the Arteta critics and “doom merchants”, which now include me:
      We all want to be optimists too, indeed most of us were so previously. Have you ever lost your temper? It builds up inside you until you can no longer keep it in. You explode with uncontrollable anger. We are ANGRY. not with other fans, but with frustration that we are helpless witnesses to something we care deeply about being destroyed (in our opinion0 brick by brick, with nothing being done.. We have crossed the Rubicon and can’t go back until things change. I want to be a compliant, optimistic supporter again. But my anger and frustration won’t let me. If you have ever seen the Michael Douglas film “Falling Down” it will give you an idea!

      Note that I am not discussing what our criticims are, or even who is right or wrong, because that is not the point of this post. I am merely trying to make both sides understand the other a little better. Arteta supporters are not blind sheep ignoring reality, and neither are “outers” nasty people who are disloyal to their club.

      Some of you currently still supporting the process will eventually reach the same stage as me. Then you will understand.

          1. A team that turns up to show personal professional pride, play for each other and the manager, shirt and Club is all I want. The results will follow.

  8. I love every word you said and it is quite true and honest, right now I am struggling to just distance myself from such a situation, it is not good for my heart. Do you think it is a good Idea to follow another team as my second team? because all I know is Arsenal all my supporting life of 20 years.

    1. How about switching your loyalty to Arsenal Women!!! Won’t feel too bad about distancing yourself from the current Arsenal first team and it’s good for your heart too.

        1. No more for me since Van de Donk left Oz. In a similar vein – in the 90’s I was working in a large Govt office when a directive came around telling men to remove all calendars/posters of scantily clad women. Next day all that remained were calendars and posters of scantily clad firemen, male models etc. Not a word was ever said, and they probably remain in situ today.

          1. guy, I had to implement the same policy in the workplace many years back and it was 100% across the board. I was lucky I had pictures of family, trains and DB10 (in full kit. 🤗

        1. Technically true, mate! 👍

          At least, one can enjoy Champions League football while following Arsenal Women. 😉

  9. The only way to save Arsenal is to sack Arteta and Edu right now. We have just lost one game and there are still a couple of weeks in the transfer window. No new contracts, such as Xhaka, no Arteta/Edu signings. Appoint Conte or Eddie Howe and give whoever, real assistance to finalise the seasons squad. If we leave it to Arteta we will be throwing good money after bad. He is not working on Arsenal’s behalf and is in danger of making massive errors of judgement. You are right, a massive professional club being run by a novice obsessive micromanager, and spending money on the wrong players. The ultimate disaster movie. A new manager could enthuse Auba and Laca.

  10. Worrying, moaning and expressing your emotion might make you feel better, but it won’t solve anything

    Suggesting a solution could change something

    1. I would say around 95%of the fan base have suggested a solution ,sacking Arteta !
      The another 5% less said the better .

      1. He would only get the boot if he loses the next two EPL games. Let’s provide some support and another solution for those games first, to increase our squad’s morale

        1. Gotanidea – I’ve been meaning to give you a shout out for awhile. You take more than your fair share of grief on from other posters but I for one have always appreciated that your comments are always constructive and you don’t rise to the bait.


          So kudos to you

        2. Gai
          Yes let’s see what happens in the next 6 games. I pray Arteta plays to the strength of his players. 3-4-2-1 this fomation suits B. White our seemingly best Defender. Anything can still happen in football. I have cautious Optimism.

          1. Yes, a counter-attacking three-CB formation seems more suited to our current set of players. We don’t have a strong CF like Benzema, Lukaku or Kane in the front line, but we do have several pacey attackers

          2. GAI, I agree with a combination of Aubameyang, Pepe, Martinelli or Balogun playing off the shoulders of the last defenders a fast paced direct counter attacking style with three CB’s and Tierney and Saka playing as wing backs would optimise Arsenal’s player resources, but Arteta doesn’t want to see it.

      1. We’ll never know. But I believe Arsenal have assigned some of their employees to check the fans’ opinions, especially on their official media

      1. He would only get the sack if he loses the next two EPL games. Let’s provide some support and another solution for those games first

        1. If that is the case then I know I am going to be slaughtered for this but I don’t want Arsenal to win next to game because that will put paper over the cracks and give more time to Arteta. We will sink further and further. He had a whole season to prove him self and he failed. Why are we saying give me X amount of games to show what he can do.

        2. GAI

          So you think the solution is other than the solution. There is NO solution until Arteta has gone. It’s just a repeat of Groundhog day. Surely you see that it is not working under Arteta. That is reality.

        3. GAI, my solution is for Mikel Arteta to live up to his title of “Manager”, earn his money and manage.
          A manager is supposed to utilize the resources at his disposal to optimise their individual performances and direct that through a system of play and tactics to optimise the performance mance of the team as a whole.
          At the moment the majority of the team are playing as a disinterested, non plussed, leaderless rabble.

        4. @Logic , @Sean Williams and @Ozziegunner : So which manager would you like to be Arteta’s replacement? I don’t think Kroenke would pay someone like Conte or Zidane now, because we’re having big financial loss since 2019

          1. Antonio Conte or Lucien Favre of those available.
            No to Eddie Howe as he wouldnt take on the Glasgow Celtic job, because of the situation (19 points behind Rangers) and the pressure at Park Head for both success and attractive football. Ange Postecoglou did and believe me he is the real deal. He is on a yearly rolling contract, so not available at the moment. Ange doesn’t suffer fools gladly, so he might not be a good fit at Arsenal 🤔, but will be worth watching at Celtic. He has been a success everywhere he has been, develops players, gets them on side, communicates truthfully and well with the media and fans, has an attacking football philosophy and doesn’t hide when things aren’t going the way he wants. In Scotland, they were asking “Ange who” in that UK centric way, yet Brendan Rodgers knew all about him and gave him his seal of approval. It’s going to be interesting., but positive vibes so far, with the “old firm” derby round the corner.

    2. Sack Arteta now to salvage the season, better take a hit now then when half the season has passed and we are fighting relegation battle.

      1. I think most people here are asking for Conte, but he’ll surely ask for a huge transfer budget and a big severance compensation. Mourinho and him have become very rich from the sacking money

        1. Gai
          Arsenal can’t afford Conte now. Besides, we need to be careful of always sacking coaches. I’m surely many fans would have realised that we could have been a little patient with Unai Emery considering his erroics at Europa finals. My only issue with Arteta is the subtle pride I see in him even though he’s a young coach and yet to achieve much.
          I remain hopeful.

  11. Arsenal will get relegated judging from the way things are done in the club, serious lack of ambition, poor scouting network, bad judgment, owner that don’t care , funds wastage and etc! The football business is loosing its appeal and it’s so sad

  12. It has been a shocking transfer window, we are a weaker team this year than we were last year without David Luiz and Odergaard, the main emphasis should have been on spending on a creative midfielder and right back yet we have done neither. I don’t know whether it is dithering, or we were never in for players like Martinez, Bissouma or the other Argentine cmf who we lost to AV, but I never saw Ben White as a priority, although hopefully useful after the loss of Luiz. The only people who we have sold are people who we actually need, like Willock and would cost us twice as much to buy back again. That will come back to bite us, the same as Emi.

  13. Now that Arsenal is at best a mid-table team, perhaps Konstantin regrets his his relentless criticism of Arsene Wenger who kept us in Europe for over twenty years, winning 3 titles and 7 cups.

    1. Steven, like you I smile with bewilderment at Konstantin’s never ending negativity.
      He trumpeted the news of AW leaving as “I feel as if I can breathe again” – them hounded UE up and until he left…. and now, it’s Arteta’s turn.

      It’s no good starting a article with “hello all you lovely Gooners”, it’s about supporting your club at sometime down the line and not acting like a spoiled fan boy!!!

      Your statement regarding where we were before AW left to where we are now, will not be addressed by those like Konstantin and his ilk…. they still blame AW.

      Fans/Supporters like these moaning minnies deserve every thing they are seeing at present – our fall from grace has been as spectacular as the claim that when AW left, all would be fine.

      As for the contracts, if they hadn’t thrown out Wenger’s over 30 one year contract clause, we would, at least, not have the willian /Abu situation… but Konstantin always knows better.

      1. I keep thinking his articles have been written by Harry Enfield’s Stavros.

        If I was ever thinking of ending it all it’s a toss up whether watching Eastenders or reading a Konstantin article is more likely ensure I don’t back out.

      2. Ken, I warned about Arsenal entering into a “revolving door” of managerial appointments, when the knives were out for Unai Emery, when he hadn’t been supported by senior management and the Board in implementing discipline and transfers in and out. A well credentialled experienced manager/head coach was sacked, without the underlying issues and problems being addressed. Arsenal then replace Emery with Mikel Arteta, whose CV highlights were that he was assistant to Guardiola and was an ex Arsenal midfielder. And people wonder why it has gone wrong? Throw an experienced manager, who was appointed as head coach with limited powers to the wolves and replace him with a learner, with more power and more support from senior management and the Board!

  14. I think we all want to be backing the team, and the club as a whole come to that ,but lets look at this realistically, some of what admin says is probably right and some not so right, we ARE a club that seems to be in a mess, we as supporters feel it probably more than anyone and wether we think people are negative or not the plain truth of the matter is that the club has not functioned well since the Kroenke’s took the helm,the buck must stop with them and the board,they do the hiring,Firing and sanctioning of players coming in and out,they surely have to realise that something is not right, I will keep supporting the club because I love it, but negative or not we are entitled to have our say, the performance against Brentford was terrible with just a few coming out of that game with any sort of credit, ESR,KT and Saka who only came on in the second half, the rest were pretty woeful, and they still seem to be in the same old groove they were in last term, I cannot fathom what is going on, Xhaka should have been sold when they had the chance, Elneny is not ever going to set the premiership alight he is just not good enough, Leno is an accident waiting to happen every week,Mari not good enough, Pepe blows hot and cold, the management looks at a loss of how to turn it around and the simple answer to that is that with these players the NEVER will. So sorry for the negativity but i will still be supporting and hoping against Chelsea and beyond.

    1. Everyone can of course have their say. And no supporter is happy about Arsenal’s current state.
      The problem is that we have to live in the real world. How, do we move players on in the current circumstances? Most fans would like to move Xhaka on but then you also have to consider the cost of replacing him. You also have to factor in the need to strengthen other parts of the squad.
      This is the result of a poor recruitment strategy over a number of years and will take time to resolve unless there is significant investment.

      1. factor in the cost of keeping him too. Higher wages, longer contract, doesn’t improve the squad and lowers chances of European football. Sounds like a lot of lost money to me.

  15. In another post yesterday, I mentioned that the board are 100% sure they’ll ask Arteta very soon, yet they’re buying players for him. Man Utd didn’t really back David Moyes because they were sure that he’ll not last in the job. This statement you made above…”We need a goalkeeper, an attacking midfielder, a central midfielder, a right back and a striker. That’s five players at minimum if we want to compete”…forgive me, but isn’t this the same thing that was being said before the transfer window began? Yet we’re still here and all Arteta cares about is spending £20m on a BACKUP GOALKEEPER”. That’s something which even PSG in all their flouting of FFP will not do. #ArtetaOut #AntonioConteIN

  16. You are talking of Arsenal like a club that has no owner. Is what is happening now the promises given to fans at the end of failures of last season? When will Arsenal stop thinking low. If we are no longer a club to reckon with in England. Please let it be announced officially. Is this the same way Manchester United, Chelsea, and host of doing well clubs in England operate. We are in crises and you are talking as if Arsenal is not owned by a billionaire. This is a shame.

    1. Rasheed. I will give you a couple of analogies that may help. Having a rich father does not make a child rich unless the father chooses to pass money on. We don’t have a generous, loving father who cares about his children so much. He gives us pocket money and tells us to stand on our own two feet.
      When you are first buying a house you may dream of a mansion but you know you can’t afford it. So you buy a small house to give you a platform, improve that house and sell for a profit, then buying a bigger house until eventually you have a mansion. That’s where we are now – on the bottom rung of the housing ladder, aspiring to climb up it.

  17. When are we getting rid of the clueless two. Arteta and Edu are sinking Arsenal. They need to go as soon as possible.

  18. Opinion, another opinion from Konstantin and no where I am reading and waiting for some solid meat to chew but I just kept getting opinions after opinions.

    When will fans of the game start to realise that supporting your team means in good times and in bad times?

    When will fans start to realise they/we only ever have a pinch of knowledge of what is really happening when it comes to strategies and executions?

    When will fans start to look beyond understanding that just because the reality of how you want things to be doest match directly with your wishes doesnt mean efforts are not being made to make things better.
    Do you really think everyone at arsenal are celebrating finishing 8th????????

    QPR, Leeds, Aston Villa, Man U, Liverpool… have all been where we are… why do we think we are an exception to the rule!!!

    Get a grip!

    There is so much wrong with arsenal, but in equal measures there is so much wrong with arsenal ‘fans’

    1. BS…

      Stop blaming the consumers and start looking at the real issues! It’s like your head is in the sand!

      We are not an exemption but does that mean we should be happy that our club is a sh£tshow!?

      Should a true fan not want more for his club (and by club I mean the club and not one particular transient owner, manager, player or team)?

      Supporting something blindly and without question is being like a sheep being herded by a Shephard’s dog. Questioning is how civilisation has advanced through the sciences and art.

      Supporting everything any system, institution or any other body does because it’s the system, institution or body you have chosen to swear lifelong allegiance to is dumb quite frankly. You should support or not support their actions (or in-action) not the high level concept of whatever ‘inset here’ you follow..

      AFC for all its history and achievements is today run like an amateur startup and not the multi million pound football club it is supposed to be..

      In any business, failure after failure by employees is not rewarded so ask yourself why we seem to float along on a cloud of mediocrity year after year.

      Why? Because it is accepted by the top of the power pyramid there and whilst he and his family remain our problems will persist and most likely worsen.

      1. Also, demanding or wanting something that is not achievable at present, is also pointless, repetitive, boring and pathetic.

        Every club has its ups and downs – that’s when The Arsenal, as a club, needs it’s supporters most… during the down period.
        Easy to support a winning team, harder to be supportive when they aren’t.

        1. Mmm supported the club before any great success Ken at least for the modern generation of invincible spawned glory hunters.

          You support mediocrity and I’ll support the idea of a winning team.

          I’ll say it again, show me any business that supports failure and mediocrity and where you wouldn’t be out the door after serial poor performance and I’ll eat my shorts.

        2. Ken, even worse when it is self inflicted by the Club and supporters are expected to follow futility.

        3. True Ken – I may want Arteta gone, but I don’t expect a change will solve all the problems, and certainly not quickly, and no magic wand will suddenly appear to buy all those players fans are demanding. It took a long time to descend to this level, and will take an age to recover. A cyclical game and the sense of success as a entlement many fans have annoys the hell out of me.
          Criticise on here all you want, but deep down stay in love with your club.

      2. Again more opinions

        I have no issues with being critical of my football club but give me constructive arguments rather than one liners that sound catchy.

        One thing I never get is why some people make outlandish statements without giving any clear, precise reasoning.
        For example, can you give me a clear precise understanding of what you know that allows the statement you made below to be acceptable/true????

        ‘AFC for all its history and achievements is today run like an amateur startup and not the multi million pound football club it is supposed to be..’

        Surely you dont actually believe this statement of yours? Why are you writing this??
        Are you trying to indicate the club is run poorly (than an actual start up) ?
        Can you give me accurate pro and con arguments for this reasoning?

        Who are you to make such a statement, again another throwaway opinion that we all have to scroll past and for others to believe. But now it is annoying me that people fit their emotions to what needs to fit to ease it.

        You are not, like me happy with where Arsenal are. Is this the total result of our manager? Is this the MD or the football director? Not totally imo as shown by the owners sacking 2 managers and 2 football directors.

        And, for your start up comment. MA already mentioned that arsenal need more experience outside himself, Edu and our MD and so have made several acquisition – notably the ex chief executive of EPL… I can go on…
        So you, like alot of fans i come across are ill informed and dont know enough about our football club. So dont try and school me without understanding how to construct an arguement that follows facts than opinions (this will require you to seek out more info about our football club). And go and change your user name whilst at it so you can be taken more seriously too!

        If you do not try and seek out the work being done and the efforts and evaluate it honesty than continue to frustrate yourself with self indulging rhetoric BS

        1. You think I have the time to give you detailed point for point answers Tommo?;)

          As for frustration, it’s not that. It’s annoyance. I don’t get that frustrated about football and men kicking a pig skin around. Far greater concerns however I do call a spade a spade and the obvious (not to yourself of course) decline of AFC is a clear indicator of the owner and his failings.

          Open your friggin eyes man.

          1. You dont need point for point answers if you are not just speaking rubbish in the first place…

            You miss the point of what I say. This isnt about if we agree if arsenal are not doing what they should. It’s that fans like you or Konstantin are not doing what they should, offer insightful arguments to their position. Instead we all have to listen to constant rhetoric from you all…

            You dont fully understand the decline you speak of at AFC yet you are happy to criticise it. That is a reflect on you not arsenal.

            Do you even know how we built the squad we did before moving to the Emirates and how this strategy would fair in the modern game? Do you even know how you would change the current position of how arsenal operate in the market in order to establish a consistent approach to successful purchases and sales? Do we even know how long this current approach is taking shape? Do you even know how long this must be given time… these are questions I am sure you havent even thought about.

            Instead its caveman thinking.
            ‘My club not good, we bad, me annoyed, not happy…’

            I wouldnt employ you at my company. You wouldnt offer any constructive advise just moan moan moan…
            Just like this article. Full of hot air!

  19. Gooner opinions(or rather demands!) for MA to be sacked right now are unwise and for this simple reason. He is not going to be. I firmly agree that I would much prefer a new and world proven managerial name.
    But as a realist, I also realise that while Kroenke remains, that will not be happening, as not one of those great names would accept the poison chalice which would be handed over, in theory, at present.
    Asking for things that will not happen is to my mind a complete waste of energy and time. I could ask for my youthful life back but it will not happen either.

    Fans who are unhappy right now and who demand immediate change would be far better advised changing their impatience and realising that NO club, not us, not BARCA, not RM, not MAN UTD, are never going to struggle at times.

    Supporting means accepting that you cannot get all you want all the time and that sometimes when things are hard, even when desperate, still supporting is the ONLY way out of the mental stress such fans cause themselves.

    I am NOT advocating no change but I AM saying that those who want MA out NOW, will not get their way.

    The every earliest time he may be relieved of his job will be Christmas (approx) and second earliest is end of this season. There is IMO still a better than even chance of him still being our manager for quite some time yet, (as in years, not months), no matter what many fans may wish.

    1. For one of Konstantin’s articles, the responses have surprisingly cheered me up. I’m heartened by the number of posts from folks who are growing tired of the constant moaning.

      I experienced something quite unexpected on Friday night. Rather than turn off the game at the final whistle and kicking the cat, I watched the Brentford fans celebrate. The singing, the older man with tears streaming down his face, Frank and players celebrating with the young lad with his father/carer. It was awesome. Thoreau said “Its not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”. And what I saw after looking at a pretty limp Arsenal performance, was a reminder of why football is a great game.

      1. I agree indeed. I was mesmerised by the Brentford fans celebrating. Arsenal fans would have been on train!

    2. I believe MA is going to be here for as long as he wants. It will take more than finishing 8th or losing a few games to sack him. I believe management fancies him and like whatever ideas he has presented to them and that he has also convinced them that they are ideas that will take a while to materialize and they are completely behind him.

  20. Welcome to “grow a pair” day at JA for all the regular, and some relatively new, members of the Blinders AA club…I get it though, as Konstantin has always represented a hard line in the sand, when it comes to club matters, and as such it oft-times acts as a beacon for those of you whom see this as a perfect opportunity to crawl out from under your respective rocks, as you know that you won’t be all alone in your disdain for his scorch and burn approach…now I don’t always agree with everything he says or frankly how he says it, but anyone who tries to defend the ongoing amateur hour organizational tire fire that has been on display for quite some time, then you’re an infinitely more destructive element in the quest for REAL change than those willing to voice their concerns, reasonably or otherwise, as this abject level of complacency is functionally no different than the absolutely deplorable indifference shown by our absentee landlord…btw, anyone who wants to debate this glass half empty poster, you know exactly where to find me, but make sure you bring your A game because this won’t be some cliché-based, weak sauce, walk in the park chit-chat

    1. Spoken like a true fan 🤛
      As always TRVL
      The sandcastles are piling high up on the Arsenal fan beach

    2. Try and read the article and the replies before coming out with your normal BS.

      The criticism is about the complete negativity of this “fan” whenever he produces an article…. and who professes to know all the answers.

      Long before you found JA and we were blissfully unaware of you by the way, we were subjected to this ongoing moaning and bitching about the club, players, staff etc etc

      That is what those who are disagreeing with him and his solutions are tired of.

      As for you thinking you scare the pants of anyone, do me a favour…. at least finish the article you promised months ago, the one that you boasted would tell everyone what a clever boy you are… any nearer to publication?

      I know where to find you alright, a keyboard warrior, who is all mouth and trousers…trouble is, I really can’t be bothered with you anymore, but I will look forward to your article with anticipation… why I have no idea 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂

      1. I knew you couldn’t resist what you believed to be a pissing contest of sorts…unfortunately, as per usual, you brought nothing to the table, from a debating standpoint, so no need for me to waste my precious time responding, at length, to the all-too-common refrains of the unconvertable Ken…btw stop wearing those heavily tinted glasses when it’s clearly not sunny out

        1. Sunny up in Scotland, so wrong again…. as usual😎😎
          Tell you what, how about a release date for the article to beat all articles?
          At least us, seemingly, uneducated fans will have something to “look forward to” as it will be full of positivity one assumes?
          You know where to find me… cue scary music 🎼🎼🎼🎶🎶🎶🎧🎧🎧😱😱😱😂😂😂

          1. I love that I bring out the “best” in you Ken…it’s like an emoji-based wet dream over there, the likes of which I have never witnessed from you…I get it though, you’re still a tad sour about our earlier encounters, that were largely one-sided, albeit entertaining nonetheless, so you continually lash out using the only thing you “believe” you have over me…of course, that’s only a figment of your imagination, as I told you all along the timing was the most crucial variable and based on the present situation, it’s way too soon for your long overdue Arsenal intervention…as you know, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem…good day to you kind SIr

          2. Such a terrible amount of words to use, while trying to impress.
            I use the emoji’s to point out how childish you are and, hopefully, they have it seems, impressed you!!

            As for your “dreams” please don’t worry, as you get older the real thing will give the pleasure you seem to just “dream” about…. what a sad individual you must be.

            Have we had previous encounters?
            I cannot think of one single time, except of course your article….. that needs the right time to be published 😂😂

            Still, after trembling with fright over your threats, I’ll just sit back and take pleasure in knowing that I’ve got under your skin and you simply had to reply, despite saying the opposite.
            Sweet dreams.

          3. and you think I’m pompous, Mr. Pot?!?…I’d tell you to shake your head, but I’m afraid if you did it just might fall off your disproportionately sized neck…sincerely, the Honourable Mr. Kettle

          4. You’re a condescending chap aren’t you.

            Tell us Ken what secrets do you harbour on the running’s of AFC?

            How about realising that what is being said is fact (negligent owner bringing club and it’s expectancy down) and that supporting it (because I’m a ‘true’ fan – or is that non thinking droid) is to the detriment of the club.

            Be like Kroenke and profess that winning isn’t important if you want (it’s the taking part and the cash register ringing that counts) but don’t call people uneducated because they can see the wood for the trees.

            Examine the root of the problem and not the leaves and branches..

          5. AOT, just like you and every other Arsenal fan, I have no idea about the running of the club and I don’t profess to claim I do either… unlike the author of this article and some fans on here who should be successful PL managers in their own right, it seems.

            What I do know, however, is that the continuous moaning has been going on for ages, despite top four finishes, cup wins andCL/Europa qualification.

            Now we see what this barrage of negativity has succeeded in doing…
            Probably three managers in four years, no european football, our worst season in decades, a divided fanbase and players wanting to leave.

            After one game, out come the knives once again against the manager, players and fans who have different opinions.

            I haven’t read one post that is happy with the situation, but to repeat the same old tirade does nothing to change the situation.

            How many times are we going to read we sold the wrong keeper?
            Bought the wrong player?
            Missed signing the right player?
            Got the wrong manager?
            Can’t afford the right manager?

            Still sack the current manager, sell all the “deadwood” for unbelievable transfer figures… or even give them away, then get a new owner, all season ticket holders told not renew them and all our ills will, supposedly, be solved.
            Just as the parting of AW and UE was supposed to do.

            If that’s what you see as supporting The Arsenal, then we do indeed have different ways of doing just that.

            If, as I suspect, the job will prove to be too much for MA and he is then judged on this seasons results (by his methods and players) then I will be as vocal as the next fan… but until then, I will support him.

            You do it the way you want and I will do it the way I want.
            You give your views and I will give mine.

          6. By the way, I have NEVER called a fellow fan “uneducated”.
            Check back and see who has done just that, you have got that wrong, but it really doesn’t matter anyway.

          7. Ken
            Just read your last . piece and had to say I echo your thoughts
            MA at some point in time will be sacked, let go, dismissed, leave or walk out
            Some of us have been in denial that our club has been in decline for many year. Blame the manager blame the players blame the owners
            We as fans are fickle sometimes
            Lpool fans last season calling for klops head because he was out of the top 4
            I for one whilst not exactly liking our play or results will back MA until one of the above happens then it will the king is dead the king
            Because he is the manager of our beloved football club and who every crosses the white line on match day or directs from the side line has my support and that even includes xhaka who I belive should be gone..I can say that as it isn’t match day and he hasn’t crossed the white line
            Life is too short to be moaning people
            Upwards and onwards

          8. AB, I concur with your views on this subject – imagine what will be said if we beat Chelsea on Sunday!!

            Support the club/team /manager when it’s required

    3. But it will be respectful as we are all Arsenal fans and have the wish for our club to succeed. Won’t it TRVL?

      1. @Ken i don’t see what TRVL as said that most Arsenal wouldn’t agree with unless I’m missing something,we all play the “who’s got the biggest dick competition on here as you and I know more than anyone .
        Ive noticed you have changed your stance from last season calling for Arteta to go to now calling the very said fans that you agreed with to now calling them “moaning ,whining fans “.
        Atleast with TRVL he’s not a bandwagon jumper who dose not change his opinion with whatever direction the wind he’s pissing in .
        You know me Ken I stick to my guns no matter what and get abuse aimed at me for it ,water off a ducks back .
        Personally I would say get back to the old Ken rather than this new one (no offence ).

        1. Dan, last season has been and gone – our worst season for decades and I most certainly gave my thoughts on MA – mainly the treatment of players and his inability to play with any playmaker, despite the fact that ESR was knocking on the door.

          We have made three signings and addressed the LB, CB and cover for Partey, Xhaka, Tierney and are still active in the transfer market.

          It is obvious that MA has/is making mistakes, but what is the point of articles harping back to AW and UE, pilloring individual players and the club at the start of the season?

          As for TRVL, it’s the pompous, know it all attitude that I cannot stand and you have remarked about it yourself, have you not?

          As for the “old Ken” if MA has not improved and we see the same old negative football, then I will be complaining again.

          But this never ending crucifiying of the club by so called supporters, day in and day out, achieves absolutely nothing.

          We had it with both AW and UE (with Konstantin being one of the best at it) and look where we are now.

          Yes, constructive and knowledgeable criticism at the right time is OK and I have said, for example, that the contracts for Aubemeyang and Willian are ludicrous, as is the scrapping of the one year contract for the over thirty players – so don’t start being selective regarding my MA thoughts.

        2. Cheers DK…much appreciated…Ken’s just too heavily invested in this club, both emotionally and financially, to see the forest through the trees, when it comes to most things club-related…if he were to accept certain realities about this club it would likewise require him to admit that he’d been functionally duped, which would be an incredibly tough pill to swallow, especially at this juncture…I get it and I certainly don’t blame him for being so protective of his longtime “ties” to the club…it’s just a bit disheartening, as he’s the kind of dogged and well-versed supporter that would certainly add some much-needed substance to our longstanding battle for real change…in fact, he shouldn’t just be in the choir, he should be the GD Chorus Master

          1. Blah blah blah – once again.

            If being “duped” means expecting to read an article to top all articles, then I think your right on that one point at least.
            Let’s agree on that and then ignore each other shall we, at least until publication?

  21. My concern with this your article is that while describing our player Auba as an out of form, low in confidence or misfiring striker with only pace to offer for a creative midfield I bet you won’t remember the last match he futures for Barcelona, one who in the era of Pedri and De Jong can not still get into the Barca team. My point is don’t try to rubbish our players and glorify others. Coutinho and Auba are of same age grade and out of form, if you are to judge Coutinho by his Liverpool standards then you must judge Auba by his standards prior Arteta. On the other hand until we realise every penny spent under Arteta era is only a waste of resource cos there is no one player Arteta has signed that have improved our team or improved individually beyond where he was prior arriving at the emirates. Say no to Wastage Say no to Arteta. Note Auba lost form in Arteta’s full season in charge and have not seen enough reason neither has the manager given him enough motivation to help rediscover his form. Auba is a seasoned striker of 20+ goals so why is it not working under Arteta

  22. The underlying problem: hiring a rookie manager bereft of relevant experience and giving him unrestricted power to behave like a tyrant, without adult supervision. Big multi-national brands make rookie mistakes, too.

    1. RFrancis, and yet when he was acting like a tyrant with regards to Ozil, Guendouzi etc etc he was lauded as being strong and doing what the fans wanted.

      Now. the same fans (like Konstantin) are complaining about it and want him out….. that is the problem with part of the fanbase, they are never satisfied and, it seems, never will be.

      Some of us tried to explain that what he was doing was wrong, but it seemed the end justified the means.

      So we are where we are and MA will continue to manage his way – time will tell if he is right and I have to remind you that those of us who DID question what MA was doing, were in the minority for a long time.

    2. 👍 Arsenal changed horses mid stream from an experienced manager to a young inexperienced colt and have backed (promoted and supported) the wrong horse.

  23. Grow up elitist Arsenal fans. Arsenal are not mis-managed, Kronke isn’t a neglectful owner, Arteta isn’t rubbish. They simply haven’t bought and/or developed enough payers at the same time. Of course they have bought players who were bad or didn’t pan out, Andre santos and Squillaci! Yet They are 5th on the money list of highest spenders on transfers in the history of the premier league. They don’t buy up ever young player and loan them out to make a profit in 5 years after never playing for the team like some clubs. They’re club isn’t in massive debt. They just have about half there squad who aren’t champions league players. We can complain all we want but deep down we aren’t hated like man city and Chelsea for their outrageous spending and we aren’t trying to stay out of bankruptcy like Barcelona and most of the Italian league. We just get mad bc the players on our team don’t have high enough FIFA rankings.
    If Arteta doesn’t improve this season he will be sacked 100% but 3 years feels like an eternity when most top clubs fire managers after a bad 6 week stretch. But in reality we have several 1st team players who are mid table at best.

    1. Our manager doesn’t have the skills to even manage in the championship! And our owners’ lack of football knowledge is the root cause of where we are now! Keeping Wenger for too long! Not getting Klopp.. Not getting naglisman or tuchel.. Not getting Conte and getting Pep’s cone boy and promoting him to manager! Let alone the clueless Edu! It says it all really

      1. I would say they were missing 5 to 6 starters including their first two striking options. No Saka, really. No Partey , no Gabriel , and no Odegaard. The game was almost cancelled due to covid. Name a team other than city and Chelsea who are going to be good without their two starting strikers, their best player (saka), their best central midfielder, and their starting center back? City lost to a Kaneless Spurs. Are they in crisis? Spurs were 7th last year and missing their best player.

  24. It’s obvious he’s trying to get rid of bloated contracts and go waaaay younger. They lost this weekend without aubu, Partey, lacazette, Gabriel and saka (for the majority of the game). Most teams would struggle without their top two strikers, their best midfielder, their starting center back and their best player(saka). White doesn’t make sense next to Mari (who does),their striker has never scored an EPL goal, Martinelli was just back from Japan, and 2 players were making their first start for the club. With odegaard, their starting line up will probably be 50-60 percent different than on Friday. No team other than City and Chelsea are good missing 50 percent of their starting lineup and a completely makeshift front line. None

  25. Odegaard is worse than Ozil, and does not press, he only runs to put himself between his man and the goal, same with Chambers by the way, schoolboy defending. Kante is like a falcon, he strikes his man from any angle and if he misses he strikes again. Bissouma does that , how else to stop Fernandez, DeBruene, Havertz. Arteta can’t read players, he can only imagine what Pep would want. Anyrealmanager but Arteta.

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