It’s Arsenal’s fault for appointing a clown as the manager

Unai Emery destroyed our top 4 chances and must be sacked no matter what. by Konstantin Mitov

I don’t care what happens from now until the end of the season. I want to see Unai Emery sacked. Tonight if possible. This is a disgrace. This goes far beyond a joke. This manager and those players better take a long hard look at themselves.

Look at the substitutions we made. We made our squad much worse by changing a team who was on the up and had Brighton on the ropes. Who do you scare if you see Guendouzi, Iwobi and Kolasinac come on? Right now I don’t see a difference between them or any reader on this site being on the pitch. Even 6th place is high for our recent performances.

Now you see, it’s not just Mustafi. It’s everybody. We appointed a manager who’s biggest success is winning the Europa League. This practically meant “we aren’t good enough to go in the top 4, so we’ll try the Europa on a budget”. It is not how the real world works. I feel bad for Lacazzete, Aubameyang and Leno. The only players who look like they really want it. If I was Ramsey I’d be happy I’m leaving.

To go forward, this football club ultimately needs a new owner. Somebody who would actually care. because we don’t have the fanbase that will put the necessary effort to make a real statement. But even with that said, make no mistake, this was a golden year to capitalize on the mistakes other made and make it back to champions league. The manager has ZERO excuses. His rotational mistakes against Palace is what put us in this position and he must pay the price.

He is not Wenger. He has not done anything good for this football club ever – and if he’s not sacked, this will be the complete capitulation of the idea of change, because nothing has changed. We should’ve gone for an experienced manager, who can handle pressure. That game against Barcelona when he was in charge of PSG should’ve put a black stamp on any potential way to a top club in Europe, but we’re no longer a top club.

The League is the ultimate challenge. It’s hard and it requires consistency. You can squeeze far in a cup competition, but the championship is where you prove yourself. I actually think we’ve gone further back despite the bigger point tally than last year. This is the ultimate bottom. Even if we somehow win the Europa League which is extremely unlikely, I repeat myself, we’re papering over the cracks.

Our defense is bad, our midfield is bad, we don’t have one proper winger. How do you repair all this on 45 million pounds? This used to be a proud football club. It was an honor to wear it’s badge. What has happened in the last 10 years is pretty much only better than bankrupting the club.

We have destroyed our identity. It is so painful to say this now, but I now think we should’ve stuck with Wenger. What’s the difference anyway. Even he would’ve won against Brighton in this scenario. We are Arsenal charity club, where it doesn’t matter if you’re bad, we’ll give you a ton of money and no responsibilities.

I’m done with this. We got exactly what we deserved for hiring a clown. Arteta would’ve been much better. He studies from Pep, one of the best in the business. Look at how Man City win every game. They must do it, they’re always under pressure, but they do it. Even if they don’t win the league, can you question their mentality and character? They went out of the Champions League on away goals, but then hosted Tottenham and went to United and dominated them and won.

A change of mentality is what we need. This ultimately starts with the manager and ends with the players. Both are nowhere near good enough for this football club. Or maybe, they are, because they are still here. We should try and get a manager who knows what it is to defend. As much as I hate it, I’d go for Mourinho right now. He was spot on about United’s players if you look at their miserable failure, but do you know the major difference between us and them?

They will make changes. Ed Woodward’s face is in the cameras as much as OGS. They will take action. Even if it’s the wrong one, they will try to make it happen again next year. They will put up the money if needed so that they can get where they want to be. They will get rid of Sanchez and they will invest.

Do you see us offering Ozil 10 million, so he can leave early? Never going to happen. And his wages are one of our biggest problem in terms of balancing the book. Look at Ajax in Europe. It doesn’t have to be big money signings. Why didn’t we buy Tadic? Why do we never shop in the premier league to get experienced players who know this league?

We lack English players. Those willing to put up a dogfight. Those who would scrape through a game. This football club ultimately lacks people who care and that will always result in the way it does now. And what you need to remember very carefully is that even if a miracle bigger than Lazarus appears and we win the Europa League, not making those changes would destroy us.

Next season, we’ll be poor again. We’ll face a Bayern in the champions league and we’ll be beaten 5-1 again. Our sole goal shouldn’t be just to get the Champions League money, which it is in the last 15 years, it should be to progress and become the best, so we can actually win the competition.

Weakness crawls in the bones of those players and this manager. I’d be ashamed. I’d say sorry to the fans. Do they even understand what a pain being an Arsenal fan is? Pathetic. I tell you again, it doesn’t matter really if we win the Europa League. It’s about what we want to build in the future. If we want to invest in this football club and get players who can propel us further up the table, we’d be planning for this regardless of the Europa League. Our goal would be to cut the gap to the top.

Now it’s just about getting some stupid Champions League money and nothing else. Those players don’t look like they want to play in Europe’s elite competition. They don’t look like they want to play at all. How many players lost their motivation at Arsenal? Even Theo Walcott did it. We give bad players a good life here and they stop caring, because they aren’t fighters and they aren’t trained and managed to be ones.

I said enough on this site. I wanted to not write anything again, but for some dumb reason I care about this football club. Honestly, you can only care so much about rich people who don’t care at all. If the richest man in Africa wants to buy Arsenal, there isn’t a better time. The stocks of this club should get lower by the minute. Things will ultimately go worse. Next season the other teams will invest and we’ll be further down the dust battling with teams like Watford and Wolves and hoping to be 6th.

It’s what Arsenal deserves for the way it is ran. We promoted a guy nobody heard of to the top of the food chain. A person from marketing. What about footballing people? Think how much of those are left here. If I’m David Dein I’d be wondering what the hell happened. And you know what the worse thing is? He himself said that he tried to talk to people in the club. Think about that for a moment. If he can’t do anything, what can we? I’m depressed, so depressed, and it all could’ve been so different if we had a real manager.

Ultimately in life you reap what you sow…



  1. 80% of all what the players do in training is play, dance and laugh and use the remaining 20% to train. For the love of me, I just don’t understand the lack of coordination on the pitch. If they were really training well, surely it would reflect in their performance on the pitch. They don’t train properly on defending and they don’t train properly on scoring. Crosses from the wings are pathetic and penetration from midfield is non-existent. We need to strengthen our creative midfield, defense and wings with pacy and explosive payers to stand a chance for top 4 next season.

    1. You are a joke yourself calling Emery a clown you do not know football and surely think stupid as a hobby bro

    2. How many training sessions have you been at if any?do you realise the crap you’re coming up with?players dancing in training really,if you’d ever played the game you would know that players laugh now and again in training which doesn’t mean they aren’t training seriously,I said it before and will keep saying it,most of arsenal fans are the most clueless ever!!

  2. I see it as an owner problem ,and there is nothing that can be done about it .
    On Emery I will say for me anyway that he was bought here as a cheap option.
    To collect 1 point form 12 in the last 4 games is embarrassing especially what was at stake .yesterday we played a team safe for relegation and not a lot to play for ,there heads must have been thinking about the summer holidays ,but we still could not get the 3 points .
    Just read online that this is the worst defensive team in the last 35 years at arsenal ,now for someone to be a defensive minded coach does not look to good IMO.
    Again I saw fans blame OZil for yesterday’s results on here and the usual crap about his wages ,what I saw was a manager change the team just as we really getting at them ,why did he change it ?
    I’m not going to say if he’s the right manager or not because that does not really matter with the owner we’ve got so that’s our biggest problem but Emery hasn’t shown me anything special .

    1. I’ll admit that Silent Stan could give us (Arsenal FC) a interest free loan over silly amount of years to ‘buy’ our way back into the top, he could… He will not.

      Not willing to do that doesn’t mean he will be proactive in sabotaging his own asset.

      Did Silent Stan run over to block the Auba deal?
      Did he run over here to block the Ozil deal?

      Doesn’t seem like he runs over here to block high value deals…

      So what is stopping us from paying to hire a top manager?

      Not the owner…, it is the role I have been pointing at for years, previously it was Gazidis and now it is Raul. If we recall, Raul wanted Enrique but that was blocked by Gazidis due to high wages. Not blocked by Silent Stan.

      So again, what is stopping Arsenal from hiring a top manager????

      1. It’s not the hiring bit ,I just don’t think a top top manager would want to come here and work with the budget given ,I just feel Emery was hired just because he won’t rock the boat and will be a corporate man ,if he’s not given money to get us back to where we being then I would except him to leave ,if he did not then that backs up my point .

        1. I do not know how much Arsenal have to spend, I do think Raul will consider Emery in thinking how much needs to be made available, can the manager be trusted? If not then I do believe Raul will make it a smaller value, can’t throw all our funds at a pathetic clown can we? 🙂

          Arsenal will be saving a pretty penny in wages as off next season…

          I know we can’t spend £300 mil on one player but I do not think we are so bad as people make out, I do think Arsenal need to rebalance some areas but overall we are a very wealthy club. Look at the richest clubs list and the incomes from them. Look at our net speniture over the past 5 years (well, it was 5 prior to Emery from my looking up, not checked since Emery took over).

          I think we have plenty of pull to get a top manager.

          1. None of us know what undertakings were given to Unai Emery when he took the job. It is well known that other prospective managers would not apply without a a guarantee of a massive injection of transfer funds or weren’t prepared to learn english to manage in England, face TV interviews etc.
            Emery took the job on the undertakings given, probably based on a limited budget, due to Arsenal’s wage ptoblems with FIFA rules.

            1. Now that the full extent of the issues ((lack of physical and mental strength, aging squad, lack of squad depth exacerbated by injuries) it would be expected that without the support of Kroenke and the board in the transfer market, Emery will walk.

        2. That is exactly correct. Emery and Arteta were seen as silent builders. Not ones to rock the boat.
          I think under the circumstances until the last few weeks Emery had done a pretty good job. Unfortunately the last few weeks have not only shown the weaknesses in the team but also in the manager.
          We were very unlucky with injuries(again) and with Ramsey gone the team really lost it’s balance.
          Nevertheless, if Stan is not going to heavily invest in the team, I see no reason to get rid of Emery as we wont be able to attract anyone better with this squad and budget.

          The one thing we HAVE to do is start a long term re-building project with youth players. Buy only young players, promote our youth and start to rebuild. There is no amount of patchwork that will help this team, it needs a total rebuild.

          If Emery is willing to play our youth and buy young hungry players he can stay, if not bring in a couple of legends back and give them the youth remit.

        3. exactly iagree with you without abadget how can he get atop class defender coz that’s where our main problem lies

      2. Giving the club such a loan would break FFP!!
        but guess an idiot like you cant see that

    2. Stop attending games….hurt him where he’s hurting us….but Arsenal fans are to loyal to mediocrity

  3. Now you’ve got that off your chest have a think about who brought about the change of ownership? The Saintly David Dein is the answer.

    1. Yes Andrew and I’m glad you bought this up as it was Dein who introduced Kroenke to the club and suggested he invest.

  4. I think it is a little harsh to go straight in after one season and suggest we have a clown and he needs to be sacked.

    We didn’t finish (still likely but very unlikely) in the top 4 because the paper thin squad left over at this stage of the season has players who clearly need a break as they look leggy…all whilst having to accept there is still a mentality issue that needs to be addressed…

    Change manager and give that person a season to do this all and I feel you will find the same issues arise…do we sack that guy too?

    Swap and change is the strategy of fail after just one season.. in a time when Sven left, Raul is promoted, Ivan left, Wenger left, Dick left.. you haven’t taken this into any account!

    Sorry Konstantin but I feel its anger you feel and you are pointing the finger then accepting it’s a process that needs another season before any decisions of ‘it’s not working’ is required.

    Right now, a list of players come to mind who need to go! Not the manager who has been a clown in as far as having to juggle injuries, changes behind the scene, lack transfer budget, deal with improving average players, deal with getting more out of under performers….

    1. No Tom, you are part of the idiotic group that thinks Emery should be given a blank slate due to ‘Wengers dross’, not your words but same sentiment, a load of BS.

      Leno, Torreira, Guenoudi and Sokratis are all new, new signings to help Arsenal resolve the def issues, 4 players and we are not on the road to keeping out fewer goals. 50 goals conceded so far, 1 less than last season and that was Wengers worst ever season with us.

      Wenger got sacked partially due to how poor Arsenal were in def, Wengers worst ever season with us seen us concede 51 goals all season. 1 goal difference after having nearly £70 mil spent to improve it on top with being a manager who doesn’t ignore the def.

      How could he fail…

      You think it will happen with the next manager, I disagree and some others also disagree.

      I’ll point to Enrique, the man Raul wanted when Gazidis was still here and blocked that option due to wage being ‘too high’.. Yet Gazidis had Ramsey contract on the table for a bumper pay rise and Ozil new deal was agreed by Gazidis. Why not go for him?

      He has a deal until 2020 with Spain, while he may wish to see out Euro 2020, enough money could get him to change his mind. If we want to compete then we do need a manager who can compete… Getting the man who got more points per game than Pep at Barca is one way to show that ambition.

      Lastly, if David Dein had your lack of spine then we could have watched Wrighty leave before breaking the record and never see Wenger arrive. Rioch lasted 1 season before he was removed for not being good enough.

      You may think it is a little harsh to go after one season but people with ambition are not afraid to make that call.

        1. Midkemma, it is agreed that Emery brought in Socrates and Torreira (DM) and Lichtsteiner (free); however to be fair don’t you think that long term injuries to Koscielny, Mavropanos, Holding and Bellerin may have disrupted the defense? This was compounded by the board not making funds available in the January transfer window to bring in defenders. None were available on loan.

      1. What makes me have a lack of spine?

        Because I feel a manager should not be given only a season…whether that be Unai or if it was Enrique or someone else – and the targets are not fully met but not totally off.
        If this is the approach of football fans then Klopp would of been chopped long before he even got to spend the Countinho money.

        Look at Man U constant management change, has that helped them? It’s not always the way I am sorry to point out. It can work…for example when you have a plan…like when Rioch was replaced by Wenger. That was a relationship Dien and Wenger held well before he was appointed.

        Unai has tactical issues I am not totally on side with but as I wrote…it needs another season. If we lay 8th, 9th… I dont see why we shouldn’t change. But has unai really need totally shocking or just getting what we can out of this squad whilst trying to implement new ideas..?..

        I think the different between our views is that you feel ambition means constant change if targets are not met…where I understand ambition as showing the ability to improve with consistency in mind first, and then to reassess.

        If that makes me an idiot, then this idiots values seem to work my corp!

        1. “What makes me have a lack of spine”
          A spine, a backbone, willing to stand up for themselves. If you fail to see how that applies then keep looking.

          “Because I feel a manager should not be given only a season…”
          You did find it, well done.

          “Look at Man U constant management change, has that helped them?”
          Where would UTD be with Jose? Has it helped them, of course! Look at the whole picture and not the isolated pixel you are focusing on.

          “That was a relationship Dien and Wenger held well before he was appointed.”
          You mean, they knew each other… shock horror… I know dude. Why do you think I point to Raul and Enrique? Oh look, they know each other and they did well together. I’m waiting for a point I haven’t already considered…

          “it needs another season”
          I say it doesn’t need another season and I will point to Dein at how he shown ambition as to why it doesn’t require a 2nd season. Emery was not hired because he was the best, he was hired because he was the only one with experience.

          You say, I say… Meh, maybe people should think for themselves instead of listening to either of us here? Should we give Emery a 2nd season after this horror show and let him drag us down to mid table or should we sack him and show ambition to hire a manager who can do a better job?
          Should we have stuck with Rioch or sack him and get Wenger?

          “I think the different between our views is that you feel ambition means constant change if targets are not met”

          Nope. I never said that. I said Emery has failed all together and shouldn’t be given a second season.

          This is based on the fact that we have conceded 1 less goal and we still got 1 away game to play. We had £70 mil of players to help this area out and no better?
          We have scored 5 less than last season so far and again, 1 away game left, without current away form then would you put money on us having a better def record than last season and improving on our attacking record?

          1 away game to go…

          I wouldn’t. If you would… Go on quickly and take a pic. If you genuinely believe it and call it before it happens then credit for when it is proven to be right. So go and put money on Arsenal conceding less and scoring more than last season.

          Wengers worst season with us in over 2 decades… Emery has done worse. That does not require a 2nd season to see how worse he can become.

          “If that makes me an idiot, then this idiots values seem to work my corp!”
          I have no idea what you are trying to say here, if it is some slang or if you misplaced a “for” in between “work” and “my”.

          Every human being on this planet is an idiot at one time or another, I am as well, we are all idiots at times. I feel that you are being one in the instance of backing Emery. You may be a very smart person when it comes to other matters, I am not talking about those areas in my post to you, it is your support of Emery.

          Hope that clears up the idiot part 🙂
          And dude, no real hate towards you, I am really upset at Emery and want that cancer cut out of Arsenal. I know some people will jump on me for calling Emery that as cancer is a bad thing, not something to be used lightly as a example. Emery is a cancer to me and that is how strong I feel about him.

          1. Your attempts to be rude seems to make your points very difficult to listen to ( I suspect you are still growing up) and it makes it pointless if regardless of my view, you seem to disagree and unchangeably believe your view is correct, and that’s that.
            Yet give no view on how change and how that will make things different in a better way could work..instead just say yes change.

            Your point on Rioch is totally incorrect btw. He was replaced because Wenger was always lined up but it didn’t work out in 1995/96 for AW and Arsenal. Rioch was replaced not because he did poorly (finished 5th after finishing 12th the season before – maybe before your time) but because Wenger finally agreed the time was right for everyone. So, his sacking wasn’t about ambition but about timing.

            My support of arsenal is my concern not unai or wenger. I dont feel Unia has failed as much as you seem to think…maybe you had higher expectations for him then you recieved. I felt it would be a great achievement if we made the top 4…because not only is our squad weak and in need of far more signings then what we made…but the club as a whole is in transition and so I didn’t expect top4 this year but I supported our endeavours.

            The problem you have, from your view of assessing is to assume that not having a back bone means you are not ‘willing to stand up for themselves’ yet here I am still standing up for my views because I give reason with my view! If you dont like it, that’s fine. I respect that. I wont insult you for it.
            I am Even entertaining someone who I understand writes on here quite alot, yet wishes to pigeon hole what I say, deems it ok to tell someone they have no spine, an idiot and well I will wait for your next comment.. which I hope is not another insult rather gives some context to how change will work then just say we need change, this isn’t good enough. You will be terrible in a escape room!?

            But being serious for a moment.
            Part of the debating issues fans have, is that we think its black and white. But consider this, I had a team of 2 men who last year did not reach their goals, in fact they were more then half short of their set goals. I didn’t sack them…we planned to improve for the year ahead. They are today one of the top 2 market performances for Europe – not because of me, or them but because.of our Plan. The point being, success is achieved when you back your decisions when you have a plan. SWAPPING and Changing is not a plan until you try The Plan you made 12months ago…(especially when that plan was not set as a 12 month goal)
            (I know you will potentially miss my point here and say something like ‘good for you…’) ?

            Arsenal need to back their decision. Next year players need to improve, staff need to improve, management need to improve…dare I say…fans need to improve..there is no 2 ways about it…levels of expectations rise next year.

            You seem to be upset at people who are unia fans. You split fans with this attitude, not just you mind you.

            It needs to be understood that you can support someone, who down the line you dont see progress go the way it was planned and you want to see them go. It’s the same approach the managers are AFC will have. That’s the real world. I dont need to live and die by being a unai cheerleader if I say today he needs at least another season, and change my mind later if it doesn’t work. Doesn’t mean people are fickle, it just shows ppl can be smart when the right decisions need to be made.

            I hope my views come across sincere and precise. Arsenals plans are the most important element then sacking and hiring and sacking and hiring..

          2. You this Moslems of a guy, you appear to be the biggest idiot on earth. Are you aware that while these players are on the pitch, they are actually in their office working for their wages? So a manager should pay the price for a failing staff at his duty post who is costing the company losses?
            People like you chorused the”Wenger Out” song and now you intoned Wingers last season was better than Unaided!
            When Ramsey was on the low, people like you crucified him but now praise him to high heavens and wonder why he should leave.
            Now listen man, if you are cooking with firewood, you don’t remove the entire firewood because some bring onlysmoke and not flame, otherwise your food will never cook well. Just remove the smoking ones, replace them and fan them to flame. Unai did well this season,even Michael Owen of all people admit this.So you may have to endure longer seasons with him around.

  5. I can’t disagree, I want Emery out as well, I think he is a tactical fool. He gets lucky, that is my honest assessment of the clown of a manager. Not surprising he has some luck when he changes so often.

    I know many say Emery has done well considering Wengers dross but those people are idiots, they do not understand football and just slating something to do with Wenger even though he has none of this blame.

    Wait for those idiots, they’ll be in here, they’ll be putting this blame onto Wenger somehow.

  6. i have one problem with Emery.And that is his approach.
    He looks like a Simeone esque Manager who is conservative in his approach even against the small teams. it is okay to be cautious but in this club the mindset should be to attack and change to defence as a 2nd approach.Not to play the entire 90 minutes on the back foot.
    it is not Emery’s fault we have a bad team.
    it is not Emery’s fault the team Lacks depth.
    it is not Emery’s fault that we have had recurring deficiencies for ages.
    it is not Emery’s fault that players have been pampered over the years and suckling on huge wages.
    it is not the owner’s fault that funds have been misused by the previous administration.

    the biggest faults are Wenger gazidis and Wenger fanboys who have diminished the clubs expectations made arsenal a laughing stock and put us out of the European picture

  7. I get the impression that you are not a happy bunny?Cool down and cheer up.It’s only a game and believe it or not there are more important things in life than football.Look at it this way, are any of the players who have let us down this season, and that is the bulk of our first team squad , going to care one iota about the fans?I think not, so why should you go on punishing yourself?

    1. ?well said Granddad; the voice of experience and reason (from another grand father).

  8. You can sign Pep next season and yet call him a clown with same crop of players.
    You realise our major problem to be that of an owner who wouldn’t support our team financially yet you call for the head of a coach who is trying to manage average/below average players and on the brink of winning an European cup and not just 4th.
    We have high expectations and speak as though we had the materials commensurate to such expectations.
    You invest in a team to go places. You don’t wait for them to get there before you invest in them.
    Such a silly ultimatum!!! That until we qualify, no funds…how do we qualify when those above us have invested and reaping results.

  9. St least we used to whip in crosses in every game under Wenger, and we’d beat the smaller teams easily.
    Right now all we do is pass and pass, pass sideways, then pass backwards, pass to the wings and pass backwards again, we never pass the ball with the intention of taking the ball to the net.
    Again at least under Wenger we scored some of the best goals the league will ever witness, at least we could pass and pass the ball directly into the net leaving commentators screaming.
    Now all we do is pass pass and pass then lose the ball and get hit on the counter sttack.
    I was never an AKB fan, but st least seriously, Wenger wouldn’t lose these silly games we lost for the past one month, nothing’s change honestly, yes some of you will point out how the hunger and the players run over the pitch, news flash!! we need the points not the sprinting!!
    I don’t believe in Emery but I’ll keep watching anyway, as a fan hoping be gets his mojo right.

    Oh please and please someone shouldn’t even start with the whole “we need inverted wingers like Salah,Mane,Sane and not strikers” bullshìt today, because honestly, reading that crap for the past three months is as depressing as watching Arsenal play away

    1. Emery inherited Wenger’s players including some additional who were brought in by Sven so give Emery time at least this summer and see what is going to do. And since we don’t have any more politics between Wenger and Gazidis things will be just fine with Raul in place and Kroenke owns Arsenal 100%

    2. Its too early to be blaming Unai. it’s his 1st season with no decent budget given to him to improve his squad. And with changes his was trying something and it did not work out and that happens to some of the best managers in the world they get wrong sometimes. I feel he needs to be given a chance and a budget.

  10. arsenal fans have now become hypocritical now thinking they deserve to be better than United Chelsea and Tottenham.
    how many times have we been humiliated embarrassed in the last few years.
    how many trophies have in in the last decade.
    how many European cups do arsenal have?
    And to think now many believe we are going to be a top club in an instant is not only naive but also the embarrassing state of our fans

  11. So Emery didn’t inherit any problems? Why are more fans not talking about the the devastating injuries? Only one team can cope with a lot of injuries, and that’s City. They have two top quality players for every position. Every other club would be affected, even Liverpool. So let’s use Liverpool as a comparison, seeing as they are doing so well this season, and they are similar to us in the sense that, if their starting XI are injured, they’re in trouble. Looking at like for like, just for the big injuries:

    Holding/Van Dijk, injured since Dec 7th – Holding was a our most improved player at the time of his injury, and was our best CB. Especially given what I have seen from Sokratis throughout the season. It is close, but Holding just shades it for me as he’s our best ball playing CB as well. VVD is Liverpool’s best CB.

    Bellerin/Robertson, injured since Jan 20th – Like Holding, Bellerin had massively improved before his season ending injury. Bellerin had once again become our best fullback, which is equivalent to Robertson. Bellerin also missed over 3 weeks just before the injury as well.

    Koscielny/Matip or Gomez, injured until Dec 12th – Yet another player who has missed around half the season. I feel that Lovren just shades first choice CB over Gomez, and Matip, so it’s those two I use as a comparison.

    Welbeck/Shaqiri, injured since Nov 9th – Our third, yes, third season ending injury! He had improved under Emery also, and was a main forward option from the bench. Shaqiri is Liverpool’s main forward backup option.

    Mavropanos/Liverpool first option from youth/reserve team, injured until Jan 5th. Up and coming player that would have featured for us here and there, but like many others, not available for over half the season.

    So these are just the big injuries. You then have Ramsey who’s had issues all season, Miki who missed almost 2 months, Ozil’s constant injury problems, Kolasinac missed around 2 months at the beginning of the season.

    When you look at all these injuries, there is no way Liverpool would be where they are right now. So of course it’s going to affect any team (bar City). Out of the top 6, Emery inherited the worst squad, and now add all these injuries into the mix as well. Is it really fair to judge him in his first season, with such a difficult situation? I just do not understand why fans are not factoring in the injuries?

    1. Tactics? “We need a better manager!”
      Injuries? “We need better training facilities!”
      Mistakes? “We need better coaches/players!”
      Investment? “We need to get Kroenke out!” Oh wait…
      Honestly this writer sums up the “big club” entitlement of some fans around here, if Pep suddenly lost four games on the bounce, the same article would be written about him on a City fan site.

    2. We have had injuries at this club worse than any other for the last 20 years ,did you make the same statement in those years also

          1. No just Ozil, he’s trash! Remind me, what did he do against Brighton when we were desperate, or pretty much any time we needed a so called WC player to step up? Hahaha!!!

            1. He was getting back and putting his foot in.
              He was moving the ball forward when he could.
              He was working hard…

              Did you not see it because you chose not to see it? Or are you really so ignorant that you can’t tell what is good football and what is bad football?

        1. @Midkemma @Xxnofx

          No that was Wenger’s fault. He knew he had players with chronic injuries, but decided to keep them around for ever! Then acts surprised when they’re injured again! Haha! You’ll also notice that ALL of our injury problems this season have steamed from Wenger’s squad, and not the players brought in over the summer. As I keep saying, Emery inherited so many problems!

          1. No, you are just making excuses which hold no truth.

            If we look at Holding and Bellerin and we can see that those two players get injured close together with the same type of injury which is caused by excessive training… and you wish to ignore the coach who sets the training.

            Chambers was loaned out instead of being utilized… Emery choice. This has helped put pressure on the remaining players and contribute towards fatigue and injuries/ Not like Chambers is any worse than Mustafi.

            Or am I the only one talking about reality?
            You keep saying Emery inherited so many problems, I disagree.

            Emery inherited a great team that just needed to keep a tighter def to compete at the top, Emery has taken us backwards! Emery is the problem now!

            Do I need to point at the 50 goals we have let in while having £70 mil spent to make us better in def?
            How about pointing to the fact we have scored 5 less than last season and we only have 1 game to go.

            We could end up with letting more in while spending all our transfer budget on def minded players… AND!!! Scoring less while not losing any attacking talent and having our 2 WC strikers finally settled in the EPL.

            Shouldn’t we have conceded less and scored more?

            Yes, we have suffered from injuries, do you know how they happen? Or are you just a FIFA kid? You do know that excessive training can weaken your body if you do not give it enough time to recoup?

            Such stupidity… you ignore training methods and put all blame on Wenger, like a mindless moron.

            1. You talk such rubbish mate!

              So you’re saying if Liverpool had VVD out for over half the season, and Robertson, along with all the other injuries, it wouldn’t have affected them? I bet you won’t answer that, because you know I am right.

              I am not saying that Emery is or isn’t the wrong man for the job, and that he has or hasn’t made mistakes this season, but only a completely brain dead fool would believe he didn’t inherit a rubbish squad, and that injuries have crippled us!

              And you think our defensive problems a new? WTF!!!! Have you even been watching Arsenal for the last decade? Has Emery conceded 8 in a single game.

              You’re either brain dead, or a troll!

              1. Holding and Bellerin were 2 players fans on here were saying we’re trash last season now all of a sudden we have lost 2 world class players to injuries,at the end of the day it’s the manager who picks the team if they are not player well he should pick other players .
                The blame lies with Emery ,and if you actually watched yesterday ozil played quite well ,better than most on the pitch ,some of his touches were class ,but again all you go on about is his wages .

                1. When did I ever say they were WC? In my comparison with Liverpool I was just pointing out their first team regulars against ours.

                  1. No, you were just making excuses.

                    You know the saying don’t you, excuses are like …. we all have them and they all stink.

                    Stop stinking the room out.

                    Accept reality.

                    Emery is not a top manager, if he was then where was the line of clubs begging him to join them instead of us?

              2. Some braindead batty boy troll: “And you think our defensive problems a new?”

                Midkemma: “Emery inherited a great team that just needed to keep a tighter def to compete at the top”
                “Wenger got sacked partially due to how poor Arsenal were in def, Wengers worst ever season with us seen us concede 51 goals all season.”

                I said the idiots would be here claiming it was all Wengers fault:
                “Wait for those idiots, they’ll be in here, they’ll be putting this blame onto Wenger somehow.”

                Not so braindead when I can easily predict morons like you huh?
                Now crawl back under the bridge, only one troll here and is the moron who is easy to predict.

          2. ThirdManJ I think you don’t really really understand a lot of things. Our squad is far better than the teams that has outplayed us, so if you keep talking about the players the. You are just trying to avoid the main problems. Emery inherits the squad and bought so quality because I cannot say these players are rubbish except maybe Lichtsteiner. More so these players start the season. This manger is simply clueless, ignorant and do not learn. WE ARE A JOKE. No pattern, no formation, no tactics, no consistency, no defence, no midfield, average attack. Tell me what is he good at? Ozil is just one player out of a team and you and Jon Fox has turn him into your word punching bag. This manger is average. He just said he is happy with our improvements ???, really??

            1. Clearly I have it wrong in regards to the top 6. Emery didn’t inherit the 6th worst squad, he didn’t get the 5th worst budget, and apparently lots of injuries will not affect the team in the slightest!

              1. ThirdManJW, it’s stsrting to be a waste of time on this site, because some people have an agenda and won’t listen to rational argument. It is getting back to the bad old WO/AKB days.

    3. If we want to talk about injuries then we have to recognise that two of them (Holding and Bellerin) are caused due to high stress load. High stress and then pops. It is the sudden change in direction and stress put onto it that can contribute to the pop.

      For all the praise Emery has had with his coaching and ‘hard work in training’, no one seems to be questioning the fitness issues that come with it, increased risk to injury for example… More so in a league which has no winter break yet the coach trains as if there was one.

      Let us ignore reality so delusion can prevail.

      1. But did not Holdings injury happen because Rashford collided with him? How can that be due to excessive training in that case?

        1. If training was about having big enough legs that don’t crack after a whole upper body lands on it, then it misses the point of football.
          But then again if it were so easy to break legs like that then why don’t every forward attempt to head while the opposing defender goes for it with their feet 😉

          1. Midkemma you are completely wrong about Holdings injury; he came down awkwardly on his ankle. It was unlucky and can happen to anyone in a contact sport and no amount or different type of training can avoid such an injury.

        2. Ever heard the phrase “Straw that broke the camel’s back”?

          ACL injuries often happen during sports and fitness activities that can put stress on the knee:

          Suddenly slowing down and changing direction (cutting)
          Pivoting with your foot firmly planted
          Landing awkwardly from a jump
          Stopping suddenly
          Receiving a direct blow to the knee or collision, such as a football tackle

          I will not hide truth, a knock can cause it, if you think that the knock alone is the only reason then I do feel you are being naive. How about Bellerin? He was turning/twisting his knee, he has done it a lot and with Emery harder training, can you say it isn’t putting more pressure on the ACL?

          I praise his coaching in general, nothing is perfect and Emery has suffered like other coaches have suffered in the EPL, he is used to his teams having a winter break. In the EPL we didn’t get that, we got player breaks instead.

          Training to strengthen muscles of the legs, hips and core — as well as training to improve jumping and landing techniques — may help to reduce the higher ACL injury risk.

          Emery has done well in the muscle development but what about technique?

  12. We have lost our football identity,I don’t know what style are we playing ,definitely is not exiting or productive
    The constant changing of team and systems clearly is not working
    Why shouldn’t be fired ,it was in our hands and he failed miserably
    I would go for the Southampton manager because he knows how to inspire players and play attractive football

    1. well, of course we lost our identity if you see wenger-ball as our clubs identity. because wenger is not here anymore.

      concerning bad season, our squad is not fit enough obviously. we have defensive urgency.. we lack depth in midfield.. we have iwobi.. all things to be corrected. (with 45mio haha) but these are things that everybody knows, also emery. so let’s see what happens in august..

      concerning emery, wtf of a squad rotation was that against crystal Palace?

      1. At least with Wenger we were playing beautiful football and we had a style ,every week I go to the match and struggling to see what system we playing
        I renewed my tickets this season but one more season of this dross and I give a miss

        1. Beautiful football,under Wenger eh? Shame you forgot to mention it was many years ago since that ceased then! Boring sideways slow passing and refusal to work hard. THAT accurately describes WENGER LAST FEW SEASONS.

          1. I bet your over the moon with the exciting backwards passing we got now huh?
            Great times…

    2. our identity was gone long ago. We’re people not watching us the last several seasons? Wenger wrecked this club. There is no quick fix.

  13. What a stupid Article didnt read it all for a start get your facts right peps man city list at home too crystal palace do you want too sack him you go on about the last 10 years this guy has been here 1 season and inheretited the mess of that idiot wenger Emery has jad no money to speak of and look into the barca psg game a bit more and see the refering decisions before you mouth off your just a fair weather supporter if Emery is sacked or leaves we will suffer alot more under this Kroenke they will bring in a yes man like Eddie Howe then see how far we drop

  14. Emery is not great and I hate his post match interviews,his English is not improving and hasn’t got charisma

    1. We have two problems at Arsenal right now and unfortunately it’s the same old same old, first and main problem is we have Kroenke as our owner, absolutely useless as a football owner, could not give a damn about winning trophies or investing in the club, that is a fact, his personal investment in our club proves as much, secondly is unfortunately the new manager, looks like another yes man to the board. The football hasn’t been great, the press from early season has simply vanished, defense looks the same and attacking worse. Yes, their is an argument of he has been given the squad he has and give him a few windows to bring in his own players might has some weight but what exactly did he do in the last window, um he brought in Dennis Suarez? Was the manager at the helm this season as well when the club decided to let Aaron Ramsey leave for nothing, now I’m not saying Aaron is world class, but for free, come on, does not fill me with any confidence.

  15. I said it here before, a manager who threw away a 4-goal lead (even if it’s against Barcelona), with a quality squad as they had in PSG, was not the right choice to replace Wenger!
    The only reason to accept Emery was when the blokes at Arsenal contrived to make Arteta the only other available option!
    That man is not taking us anywhere.
    But he will not be sacked because mediocrity has become the hallmark of our once beloved club.

    1. Letting Ramsey leave the club when he clearly is one of the arsenal player that care is a disgrace, so sad to see him yesterday. Clearly didn’t want to leave the club.
      As for the manager, the place game was where it all started to go so bad, who in there right mind plays jenkinson, elmeny, it was a joke. If he’s played our best team that day those three points wou!d have done it for us. His tinkering has ruined our season. I agree with him. This club has lost its fighting spirit..
      We lost all those games when Ramsey got injured, no surprise there and we let him go ???????, Madness it really is.
      We need to get some top players in this summer, but how’s that going to happen, with no investment in know people hate saying it, but arsense would have got us over the line at least. We could have had pro himself if we were quick enough when he was available, he even said he’s like to manage arsenal at one stage. Missed opportunity there ? Until the owner invests heavily we will get worse. That’s not the arsenal way and that needs to change.

      1. You mean injury prone and overrated Ramsey I would rather bring back Santi Carzola or Banega despite his age.

        1. CorporateMan; you don’t seem to remember that the loss to Barcelona included two of the dogiest penalties ever awarded in the Champions League.

      2. It’s like our ex said (Kevin Campbell) it’s not about Ozil, Ramsey or Auba because they have big names, it’s about who fits to play for Arsenal.

  16. Have watched Arsenal every game this season. Only in two games did I enjoy the way we played.
    That is not Ozil, or Wenger or even Xakha’s fault.
    I pray that the two year contract is a sign he was only appointed as a temp.

  17. The most important thing is to get shot of the players who have proved they are not good enough, ability wise and physically.

    As well as the 3 (Cech, Ramsey, Welbeck) who waved goodbye to the emirates on Sunday. I would also like to have seen the following first teamers waving goodbye (obviously some of these could not, as they were playing elsewhere) so that we can raise some funds and reduce the wage bill

    Lichsteiner Jenkinson Monreal Koscielny Mustafi
    Xhaka Elneny suarez Ozil Mkhitaryan Asano

    Add to those players like macey, iliev and bramall who are simply not at the level required and we have an 18 strong potential kitty to add to whatever emery gets to spend.

    Let him bring in some players (I would say about 7) of his own and a director of football, then give him 10 matches to prove he has learned from this seasons mistakes.

    Even with no new signings I would prefer to see this team turn out on the opening day, than any of the players above.

    Holding Sokratis mavropanos
    Bellerin AMN Torreira Willock Kola
    Lacazette Aubameyang

    Martinez, Chambers, Guendozi, Iwobi, ESR, Nelson, Nketiah

    A team of only 6 non-homegrown players and many classed as u21s. So plenty of room for new signings.

    And this back up young team is also packed with talent

    Pleguezuelo Ballard Medley
    Osei-tutu Sheaf Bielik Thompson
    Ameachi John-Jules Saka

    1. Forget that homegrown crap, we just need quality, please when Liverpool sold Coutinho that money didn’t go to Brazil

  18. Lets have some proper critiscm of wenger on here 8 2 6 o 5 1 51 no will too win 5 aside football on 11 aside pitch must not shoot from outside the box push both full backs beyond halfway line and have a centre half who cant run sell our best player twice to man utd and Emery has inhereted that idiots squad what would pep and klopp do with this rubbish i ask Bayern munich 10 2 Bradford coty league cup debacle Theo Walcott the coward played with 10 men for 10 years with that coward the great wenger

    1. Must keep blaming Wenger… Must never stop blaming Wenger, always blame Wenger.

  19. I don’t know what you saying Konstantin…Emery is not the problem….Wenger and the boards are the root of all this…..$70m at this time of transfers for 4players, Kepa,Allison, Van Djik cost more than that sum, Klopp Guardiola have built there squads, all 11/23 players are players they bought, and you here blaming Emery for bring a 21year old Torreira, 19years Guendozi., 35 Lecheistner, 31/32 Sokratis(had his poorest season as a player before we brought him) and A Leno who has the highest Errors 5 Leading to goals in EPL as a Keeper…And you want Emery to do magic, you are sick….Look at Xhaka error prone, Mustafi King of Errors, Mhikitryan Shit..Ozil lazy maestro….All Bought for some crazy amount and crazy wages from Wenger…And Emery is the problem…You don’t know what you talking about…We are where we supposed to be…we have an average team…until the board releases money not just money , a lot of money….Till then don’t judge Emery on a bullshit squad….

    1. It was a good thing to lose that 4th yesterday maybe will force something on players sells and bringing in good ones. you can’t have players like Mustafa, Xhaka, kolasinac make mistakes left and right and lazy Ozil and expect to win it a joke!!

    2. 100 per cent correct. If ozils contract deal was made in a public company there would be a police enquiry!!!!!!

  20. I’m sorry but you can’t expect miracles in emery’s first season. He has had a chance to properly asses the squad. The real test will be next season we he will hopefully be able to bring in some players that he wants & will work in the system he wants to play. He inherited a crap squad & has a pathetic budget to work with. The management above him are quite frankly a shambles! Give the guy a chance & a decent budget & then judge him!

  21. In 2005 we were unlucky to lose in the champions league final to Barca..Arsenal at that time we’re a bigger club than Bayern,bigger than juve,we then moved from Highbury to the Emirates the best ground in the biggest city in Europe,London. It’s the same as moving a shop from the east end of London to Bond Street in Mayfair ,but what Product do we sell it should be GUCCI but no it’s fucking primark dross!!!!!!! I close my case sir

    1. Well done John Fox in putting this idiot article too the sword i remembering waiting 17 years for us too win a trophy and you too good old Bertie Mee which was the catalyst for the double in some respect a clown like this who wrote this rubbish you think hope it is 70 years before they win another trophy because fair weather fans like this woth NO FOOTBALL BRAIN deserve it

      1. Billy bee, just remind us again why Arsenal left Highbury and spent a fortune building the Emirates? Arsenal were going to compete not only in the EPL, but with the best in Europe!
        The future may bring Kroenke redeveloping the Emirates for housing if the Council permits it.

  22. I wonder how much the following has affected the performance of the team this second half of the season:
    A/ I can’t understand what Emery is saying in his interviews. The words appear to be English, but what he means is a mystery to me. I hope the players have a translator to help them in training.
    B/ A manager coming from leagues with a winter break may not understand the dynamics of players’ fitness through a long hard season. His fitness training may just be wrong for the premier league.
    I’m prepared to give him another season, but I’m not holding out much hope for progress.
    It’s all on Thursday now.

  23. Konstantin, it is you who are the CLOWN. You are naturally disappointed but have let your natural anger at recent unacceptable perfs divert your attention away from where the actual and TRUE FAULT LIES. With Kroenke obviously. Emery is charged by silly fans like you with making Wengrs non carers and non good enough players into a great team. It cannot be done without fresh blood in and many spongers and too many comfortable and frankly bad players out the door. Of course Emery has made mistakes. Everyone does. I do, you do , so do all fans. And all managers too. But the biggest mistake in your article is to blame entirely the wrong man. The actual villains are and were Kroenke((are), Wenger and Gazidis(were). Emery though far from blameless is a widely accepted top manager by real professional football people in the know and has achieved wonders mostly with another mans failures . Because of Kroenkes wilful refusal to back Emery, his depleted and injured squad ran out of steam and also in many cases will to win, in the last period of this season. If is not and never can be Emerys fault that he is forced to make changes (through the need to rest players from overplaying games) and is left with the likes of Elneny and Jenks as back up. And nor is it his fault that such as Mustafi, Iwobi and Xhaka are regulars. Let the man have his OWN players in and if that goes wrong , THEN and ONLY THEN criticise him. You have penned an article that is far more damaging to YOUR credibility than it is to Emery.

    1. jon, Fox,
      Agree with you 100% we should judge Emery this coming summer who he brings in and sell, Elneny, Jenks, Mustafi, Xhaka, Kolasnac, Miki, Ozil, Nacho, Kozy, Socrates, and even Auba who can keep missing chances he should have scored they need to go some like Ramsey, Cech, and Welbeck are gone plenty of room to bring in new faces and challenge for title.

      1. Enagic, So relieved to see there are still rational and fair fans on this site. Many of the rational fans do not post overmuch, which I, perhaps foolishly, am prone to do. I just cannot stand unfairness and people blaming the innocent for the fault of the guilty. Like you I also am slightly disappointed in Auba despite his goals tally. To my mind he misses far too many for a really top striker and he works far less hard than his pal and much more effective all round team player, Laca. I always say realists judge players by what they bring , CONSISTENTLY to the team and NOT on once in a blue moon perfs , like the highly talented but mentally AND physically frail Ozil. To my mind “consistent” includes the long term ability to stay fit and available for selection. This is one of the many charges I laid at Wengers door, over such as Walcott, Diaby, Rosicky, Wilshere, even Ramsey. CONSISTENT EFFECTIVENESS, without which NO ONE can be that much use , however much they may bring on the occasional game. As I keep reminding the many Ozil lovers on this site. I believe and much hope he , with all the others you list, will be gone by August. On AUBA I WOULD KEEP HIM ANOTHER SEASON AND THEN DECIDE, since he does score goals, though misses many more than he scores.

    2. “If is not and never can be Emerys fault that he is forced to make changes (through the need to rest players from overplaying games) and is left with the likes of Elneny and Jenks as back up. And nor is it his fault that such as Mustafi, Iwobi and Xhaka are regulars.”

      Emery is at fault for switching players as often as he has. Making excuses for him is silly, Emery is known for tinkering and this isn’t his first season at tinkering. You admit people make mistakes and yet you just covered this mistake of his. Tinkering too much.

      As for regulars, it is Emery who is picking the team, Emery has backed Mustafi and started him as much as he has, he could have kept Chambers at Arsenal and played the younger player who has more potential in the long run… but he sent him out on loan and put his faith in Mustafi.

      It wasn’t Wenger or Gazidis doing this, it was Emery choice, he made the decisions and need to accept the consequences of them.

      1. I’ll say this for you midkemma, you consistently requote far more of what other fans post than anyone else does. It has become you personal trademark. And nothing wrong with that either. I totally disagree with your basic stance on both Wenger and Emery as you well know. I feel the only fair time to judge Emery is once he has all his own choice players in the squad and not til then.
        However, you are clearly a passionate and honest fan and regularly stand up for your beliefs as you perceive them and you can write passionately and well. I try to do so in similar vein. I warrant that you and I and many others of our type are the lifeblood that keeps this site active and healthy. So, definite respect!

  24. Well said Atid.Constructive comments aimed at giving our youngsters a chance.Would be happy to add Socratis to your expendable list as he also has become a liabi!ity.

  25. Let’s give Emery a chance, please he came in and inherited Wenger’s players and let’s not jump to the conclusion, Kroenke took over Arsenal 100% this year so let us see this coming summer with Raul onboard if there are any changes on players side which i really believe it’s our weakness 100% our players are not good enough simple as that!!

  26. Great article! (Assuming you are trying to sound like a crying 7 year old girl?)

    In future, take more time to reflect on what has happened and gather your thoughts in order to articulate your points. You answer your own questions/contradict yourself so many times, I wouldn’t know where to begin. You clearly care which is great, but posting on emotion just does not work!

  27. if anyone wants to get an employment, you have to fit the job specifications, you will back yourself with experience, your inner strength, mental capabilities, trust in the employer and yourself. Emery knew what job he applied for, how much was available, what the players are like, their individual abilities. Emery was not blindfolded into the job. So I believe he thought he could do the job with the available resources. By the way what happened to the Emery that guided these players at the beginning of the season, where his that Emery, because the football we play now was not the same we were playing then? Emery is lost, he changes players, method, tactics everytime because he isn’t sure anymore. All good teams are very consistent in the way they play. He took the job thinking and telling the board he can do it, i thought he could do it, but now that the job seems to be bigger than him, I think he should step aside.

  28. OVERREACTION of all ages on here:
    1. I didn’t expect Emery to be appointed, but we have to give him a chance. Pep had a nightmare 1st season and spent millions more than any other team, 2nd season and loads more millions later he won the title. He has moved on 20+ players since he became manager there and signed almost just as many and still cannot win the champions league.
    2. This mess is 10 years in the making from Ivan Gazidis bad management of our football club. David Dien didn’t let his best players leave on free transfers or low poultry fee’s and signed on our best players with years before their contract expired. Gazidis come in and all that was thrown on its head, GAZIDIS is to blame for this.
    3. We have a bang average squad and under new management Liverpool Man United Man City and Chelsea have spent 100s upon 100s of millions on their squads and 2 of them are still shit, its not the answer. Give any world class manager our squad and they would struggle. We spent 65m on 5 players last summer Man city paid 65m on Laporte.
    4. Emery makes so many changes in tactics and personnel because he does not trust this squad, ffs i would trust them either. He is trying to find a way to win with the overpaid shit he’s been given. His signings have performed well this season and if his next 4 signings perform the same next season well be in a good place. Its the lads who were already here have lost us top 4.
    5. Wenger was a great manager who lost his control on the club when the Kronkes came in and gave that idiot Gazidis all of Wenger’s major roles to allow him to concentrate on the team i.e signings contracts and so on.
    6. We are not going to spend 65m on a player now so now worldie managers will touch us cause managers want an easy life must be really hard to win the league managing at clubs like Bayern, Barcelona and Man City.
    7. Calm the feck down we are a 5th-6th place team at best and winning the Europa has always been our priority this season as our only way to the Champions league.

    Just take a breath and lets see how next season goes hopefully well be shot of at least 9 of this playing squad. I agree with you on Ozil and give him 10-15m to leave and sign Harrera and Rabiot on frees for example using Ozils package to fund it 60-80m pounds of player for 15m to pay ozil off.

  29. Konstantin this post is absolute BS and I expected better from you.

    Personally I hope you stick to your word and don’t post again on this site.

  30. Well done John Fox in putting this idiot article too the sword i remembering waiting 17 years for us too win a trophy and you too good old Bertie Mee which was the catalyst for the double in some respect a clown like this who wrote this rubbish you think hope it is 70 years before they win another trophy because fair weather fans like this woth NO FOOTBALL BRAIN deserve it

  31. Now someone tell me different but everyone calling for emerys head let’s not forget he inherited a squad of similar attributes in certain positions.. alot older players on top wages.. he was backed with 70m and loan signings in his 1st 2 transfer windows.. doesn’t really scream out welcome to the 6th richest club in the world.. the investment side of things is laughable.. we pay highest tickets around but only have 70m a season? Rubbish.. I know about ffp and all that but how can we be so limp in transfer market? The question we need to ask ourselves.. is Emery another yes man another puppet for the board to hide behind.. or is he the man now to grow some balls and challenge the board to give the investment needed.. it’s a big summer ahead for us.. let’s hope for once our stingy board put their money where their mouths are.. trust me when I say even IF we do win the Europa do u think the board will invest more to transfer budget.. I would like to think we have.. but knowing these yank owners like I do I think we may get 70mil again

    But hey let’s get to the final 1st.. we may well cock it up thursday

  32. Hindsight is 20/20. I think Emery sat down before the Everton game and decided our best chance of CL was through the Europa League. I’m sure if he could of foreseen how pathetic our our rivals have been he would of chosen differently. But que sera sera.

    A major rebuild is needed and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether Emery is up to the task. I’d rather not guess – give him another year to prove one way or the other.

    In the meantime, let’s pretend our Europa League side is a different side from these PL bottlers and get behind them for the Europa League. Because it matters big time to be in CL.

  33. You are seriously comparing Man City with Arsenal, wow. U expect Arsenal to win every game like man city and you also believe Mourinho will do a better job with our current squad. The problem with arsenal fans sometimes is that we don’t always cut our clothes according to our sizes. Football now is very competitive and we are far behind the top five teams. To me emery has really tried in his first season even though we no longer play attractively but he needs at least another season with more support from the board.

  34. we dont have to blame Emery, to me he has really tried his best. Lets think back, when Arsene were replaced by Rioch, is Wenger delivered in his first season?… And come to think of, the player that Wenger used to give the glories back then, is those player now at AFC?. To me emery has really tried, lets give him the support he do need, and judge him after. Can somebody tell me why did xhaka committed that silly foul yesterday, did emery send him?, same against wolves, stop blaming Unai, its the owner and some rubbish players we had!

  35. FFS it took Wenger 2 seasons to get it Wright y’all need to put some respect on Emery’s name….

    -Out here calling your manager a clown like you’d do better in 10 months after inheriting what he has

    – Like Arsenal wasn’t already on a steady free fall when he received that through pass to take the winning shot and nailed us a 22 pointer on the trott after a tough debut weekend

    -heck was he meant to do when being told in January that he can only afford to bring in a loan to balance out the injuries at an attempt to save himself

    -Shut up about his tactics/approach….not even Peps tactics coupled with Klopps would give us any glimpse of hope, not with this current crop of players

    -15 seasons and counting not even a single league title in near sight and some of our vocal fans with mighty platforms to shake-up the status quo are busy calling our manager a clown (smh), a perfect summation of Arsenal as a whole….

  36. The results in football, as in life, often rely on small margins or moments.
    Officials call offside for Tottenham’s goal or Aubameyang scores the penalty then Arsenal are 2 points more and Tottenham are 1 point less.
    Konstantin’s view is that Emery wss at fault for Aubameyang’s poor penalty attempt; he can’t play for them and neither could Wenger.

    1. Ozzie, you and I live in opposite ends of the world. But I feel we are so close in spirit, in perspective and sound MATURE sense. I share a city (London) with some of the immature fools on here but would rather not share the same planet, if I could avoid it.

  37. Adm:one question,who allowed the writer to post a piece like this one?calling our manager a clown and making unsupported claims,I have one word “disgraceful”

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