“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to back him.” Pundit fears for the worst for Arteta

Dean Ashton had been a supporter of Mikel Arteta as the manager of Arsenal and he believed the Spaniard could turn them into a top club again.

However, after he watched them succumb to a 5-0 loss at Manchester City this afternoon, he feels that time might be running out for the former Everton midfielder.

Arsenal has lost all three of their Premier League games this season so far and haven’t scored a goal in the league as of yet.

The Gunners have splashed the cash in this transfer window to sign the players that Arteta wanted.

The club will want to get more from their investment and it is only a matter of time before they fire Arteta if things don’t change.

Former Premier League star, Ashton admits that with the way they are playing, it will be hard for him to keep his job.

“It’s been so easy for Man City. They’ve not had to be at their best,” Ashton said on TalkSport.

“How long will Arteta last? I’ve backed him, but after the things I’ve seen today it’s becoming increasingly difficult to back him.”

Arsenal stars will go into the international break next week and hopefully return to deliver better performances to their club.

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  1. We all backed him but it’s time to leave. MA can’t bring us our glory days!

    He sent Saliba and played Kolasinac today!
    He keeps playing Xhaka with all his mistakes and sent Guandouzi and Torriera?
    No chances for Ozil were given by him, although he said every player will be given a chance, except for Willian (Edu’s player!), we never saw any of the aforementioned players given any chances!

    It’s time to leave MA, bring someone during the break time to work closely with the players and teach them some tactics, our players are not that bad, it’s lack of coaching skills!

    1. Whenever I complain about the treatment of those three, MA fans will justify his idiocy. We’re in serious trouble. The so called smaller teams will now okay us will full confidence and vigour cos they’ll fancy their chances of beating us. It will be a very loooong season

  2. Just a little timeline:
    EMERY asked for:
    -Maguire but got Luis
    -Partey got Guendouzi
    -Zaha got Pepe
    -nurtured Saka, Willock, Martinelli and Guendouzi
    -never had Tierney on his team due to injuries
    – waited for Saliba while Mustafi singlehandedly threw away points
    -lost the dressing room cos 4 captains (Koscielny, Monreal, Cech & Ramsey) left the club at once
    -in his first season, went 22 matches unbeaten, finished 6th and got to Europa League finals

    1. Thinks the only solution to solving a problem is buying another player. Pep has the funds at City while we do not. Not sure he’s learned that

    2. Pep seldom talks to his players. He’s extremely arrogant and many do not know this. But his players don’t mind cos his methods always bring results. MA wants to run Arsenal like that

    3. I’m quite sure he’s been smoking the Emirates grass cos some decisions he’s made are so so so so so so so so baffling. See below:

    1. Cedric – At least, Kim Kalstrom and Denis Suarez got to kick a ball. Cedric didn’t even get on the pitch for a minute cos of injury and was offered a four year deal

    2. Saliba – an 18 year old with only 19 senior appearances got half of Europe in the chase. We won and paid £27m despite us being so desperate for a defender that we had to panic buy Luiz to hold the fort till he arrives. Didn’t meet Emery. Was criminally frozen out from both the EPL and Europa League squads. When football.london investigated, the word that came out from the Emirates was that “he’s not an Arteta signing”. Went on loan to Nice and was the club’s player of the month after just 6 games while he earned rave reviews throughout his time there. Returned and was sent packing by MA again

    3. Mari – Was signed only because he was left footed. Good gracious

    4. Torreira – Was arguably our best player during the run of 22 matches unbeaten and was MOM in five of them including the North London Derby. Played really well in Arteta’s first few matches and then BOOM!!! He’s no longer good enough cos he’s not a Fernandinho. Yeah right

    5. Guendouzi- another young success story, signed for £6m and only 6 months later, report had it that PSG bid £60m for him but Arsenal rejected. As at the time of the Maupay incident, he was valued at €40m on transfermarkt. He did something which I wanted him to be jailed for, but the handling of the situation has the inscription. “Manager ego” written all over it

    6. Pepe – had he gotten the 1900 minutes handed to Willian instead of him last season, his goals/assists would have been much better

    7. Willian – signing willian was not a bad idea. The issues were:
    -For 3 years?
    -For such wages?
    The major problem was that MA continued playing him even when we couldn’t score. The first match where he was benched after the horrible November run, we scored from open play(can’t remember the opposition now). Was it a coincidence? Again, MA’s ego to justify his own signing even ahead of results. Sickening

    8. White – not a bad player. But was he our priority? Was also a tad too expensive. One positive is that he can also play at right back but still has the MA’s ego written on the transfer

    9. Tavares – good signing. Only he won’t be impacting the first team now

    10. Lokonga- same as Tavares

    11. Odegaard – The only attacking signing MA has made alongside Willian. Very good signing

    12. Holding – not sure the reason for his new contract but if it’s to preserve his value, then good. If for any other reason, then hmmm

    13. Tierney – a successful Emery signing. Please don’t give him the armband. It’s cursed

    14. Nelson – Should have been sent on loan last season. There is nothing willian had to offer that Nelson wouldn’t have offered, even better

    15. Ramsdale – a very good backup keeper. But adding £5m to his fee would have gotten us bissouma.

    Only few years ago, Wenger offered over £80m for a certain Mbappe and he seriously considered coming to Arsenal. That was once upon a time (just a few years back). See what we’ve become. I don’t think MA would be sacked early. Man Utd deliberately didn’t back Moyes because they were sure that they’ll sack him, and they did. MA has spent over £200m in just 1yr and 7 months(not including signing on bonuses and inflated agent fees for atrociously criminally bang average “free” transfers). Even the great Arsene Wenger with all his powers and might didn’t spend that

    I’ve never liked the Chelsea model of sacking managers but now I see what Abramovic fears

    1. Very good examples of decisions dgr8XT…well done. There are just so many; I used to call them “deluge.” To your list, I would also add the 50M White deal. We went to see Brighton to discuss the 30M Bissouma deal, but were snookered, and left with Ben White for 50M. The bigger concern though is who responsible for supervising Arteta? Who green-lighted those stupid decisions? Where was Vinai and the rest of the board. Kroenke should be asking tough questions.

    1. Absolutely he has to resign or be sacked.

      It’s a shame that a former player leaves under these circumstances, but no break up is nice. Just ask Graham. We have a couple of weeks to find the man to drag us out of this more, the man will not have much to spend, but then again he will take on a squad including, Ramsdale, Leno, Gabriel, White, Tierney, Partey, Saka, Odegarrd, lokonga, Smith-Rowe, AMN, Lacazette, Pepe and Aubameyang.

      That is not a shabby list of players, they are simply being told to ay an alien way

      Me I would get our best players on the pitch

      White Gabriel Tierney
      AMN Partey Lokonga Saka
      ESR Odegarrd

      I know that AMN will be controversial and that formation, but for me that would be it

  3. Nicely put down. Agreed with everything written.
    Arteta need to go, must go for the good of the team. This international break should be the time to get conte or any other coach/ manager in at the earliest to get the team up to speed with his tactics and game play.

  4. Arteta might one day become one of the best Managers in the world as i believe he is a very intelligent fellow but I think the Arsenal manager’s job came too early in his career. Arteta looks very confused in everything he is doing ranging from team selection to tactics, the pressure of managing a massive club like Arsenal is too much for him to bear.

    Arteta gifted Mancity the game by playing Xhaka with his immobility as the only defensive central midfielder, he went ahead to mess the defence by playing Kolasinac, Chambers and Holding as a back three, was Mari injured to be left out of the team?I agree Mari has not been at his best in the last two games but I still think his inclusion would have made our defence stronger because of his positional awareness.

    The Arsenal ownership should replace Arteta before it is too late, he looks lost.

  5. Dear Mr Dean Ashton,

    You’re just a “fanboy”. You’re not a true “SUPPORTER”. You’re naive, thoughtless and young. You need to think more and grow up.

  6. MA should just leave our team in peace because it was stupid of him giving Xhaka another contract not selling Holding, Chambers, Cedric, Elneny, Kolesnas

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