It’s crunch time for Krystian Bielik and Arsenal

So Arsenal loanee defender Krystian Bielik was immense for Charlton in yesterday’s play-off Final against Charlton after being a mainstay of the Addicks defence all season, and this is now a cruch time in his career.

Arsenal will take him back next week, but we will now have to wait and see if he could be part of Emery’s plans for next season, or even if Bielik himself decides that he would rather return to Charlton next season.

In fact after yesterday’s Final he hinted that he would be staying at the Valley when he said that he was really looking forward to next season, although before the game he seemed to have no idea of what the future holds. “I really like the [Charlton] training ground, the players and staff – everything is great here,” Bielik said. “But I can’t really tell you what is going to happen next season. I don’t know. There is the Euros (u21 European Championship 2019) in front of me. I’m just trying to focus on football now – the final and the Euros.

“I don’t really talk about other stuff with my agent. It is about football and he will decide when it is a good time to tell me about everything. But right now I don’t think about any offers or new contracts.”

The big problem is that Bielik only has one year left on his contract, so it remains to be seen whether Emery can persuade the Pole that he has a future with Arsenal. If Bielik prefers to be guaranteed a starting place at a lower League team then he may even refuse a new contract, which means he is very likely to be sold.

Should Arsenal go all out to persuade him to re-sign?



  1. Never saw him play

    If he is a CB, he could replace Koscielny. If he is a DM, Torreira, Chambers or him must be sacrificed

  2. He had a really good game yesterday, and believe he’s had an excellent season with Charlton.
    I’d like to see him given a chance. I remember a while back, watching him play & thought he looked really good, to then be shipped off out on loan!!
    Who knows what Unai has in store for him though!

    1. He’s had a very good season, but the problem is that it’s at 3rd division level. I agree though, I like the look of him, maybe use him in some cup games, but a loan to another Premier League club would be the ideal scenario.

      I suppose that’s the one advantage of losing on Wednesday, and then playing in the Europa next season, we can then try out some more youngsters.

  3. Another player with one season, what the heck were our negotiators doing with their time. A young player like that should not be aloud to go out on loan knowing that if he has a breakthrough season someone can then either get him for cheap or he could bide his time for one more season. Everywhere he goes they say his ability stands out and he has a big future. I’m not sure if this is just encouragement and trainers acting like trainers, or has he got a big future. If he is really naturally more talented than the majority in his age level, and this goes for the other young guns too, how can we not groom him into becoming what we need him to be. I also think that the people choosing our loan destinations over the years were doing a really poor job. We had players at 22-24 and were still looked at as academy players, a player should not reach that age and be nowhere near competitive playing time. It’s good that Bielik wanted to play, I hope it pays off for him.

  4. I have not seen much of BIELIK but having watched him yesterday it is clear, even playing at lower level , that he is a class above Calamity Mustafi- but then so is my cat, so by itself merely beating CALAM is not saying much. However , I think he is certainly worth playing in lesser first team games and should be kept. In league cup games and even some FA CUP and Prem games if he continues to show development. Either way, Calamity must be sold, (preferably this THURSDAY morning!) along with all the other complete dross left behind by Wenger . And yes, Ken 1945, DROSS is the correct word , or deadwood if you prefer, but there are many of Wengers sub par players that I feel certain the new pro-active regime are ACTIVELY looking to move on.
    It is very clear, given that Kroenke owns us, so money is tight, that Emery will have to properly blood many more of our promising or already good enough younger players and play some of them regularly. Certainly Nelson should now be a regular starter with SAKU, E S-R and other young talents pushing hard for regular places. I discount those young guns already in the regular squad, all of whom will improve more quickly now. We must look to shift those now over thirty and older players who were yesterdays men and no longer effective. The single exception I would keep is Kos, who even now is far and away our best CB, even given his age and injury prone situation. With three or four of our regular sub par dross gone and some fresh, more motivated young guns in their place , things could look better really soon. Time and tide wait for no man is true and no one can defy age and loss of motivation for long. Nor should they even be allowed to try doing so, in ANY ambitious club, which, now that Wenger and Gazidis are history, we once again ARE! In case anyone thinks I include Auba to leave, as he is approaching thirty, YOU MUST BE JOKING!

  5. I would love to finally see a young player come back from a loan spell and be given a real chance to quickly develop into a contributing member of the first team, rather than disappearing in oblivion.

    I am sure I might forget an important player, but for the moment it seems when Arsenal send you out on loan your chances of coming back and becoming a valuable player are shrinking fast.

    Gnarby ( I know he is now sold but also was promising and then send out on loan never to return), Chambers, Bielik, Emily Smith R, Nelson etc, will any of them show that the Arsenal academy can actually help us compete?

    Ajax has shown you don’t need to be an experienced player to have value to a club. If you don’t have the money to compete financially, you better have an academy that delivers homegrown talent with a certain frequency.

    I much rather see Bielik (or even Chambers) next season making mistakes but learning and improving than a Mustafi or other senior player who is unlikely to improve or be part of our future. Same goes for Nelson out on the wing versus any of Mikho or Ozil on the wing.

  6. Yesterday was the first time that I had seen Bielik play, and he is class. Looked fantastic on the ball, and pushed into the midfield with it at will. He was also covering a lot of ground. Sell Chambers, and Mustafi, and get Saliba, maybe along with another CB.

  7. I have always insisted that Bielik deserves the opportunity to play for arsenal’s first team whether as a DM or a CB as he’s much better than the likes of Elnerny, Guendouzi, mustafi, mavrop and even monreal as a CB. It will be very sad if UE lets the boy slip through our fingers.

  8. Bielik came to Arsenal as a 17 year old after playing first division football in Poland. He is now a Polish U21 international after playing for Arsenal’s youth teams and Charlton.
    His progression shows that the system has worked thus far. Should he not be brought back, sold or allowed to run his contract down, it will be a major mismanagement by the Arsenal hierarchy. Bielik has a solid future at the Emirates. Just remember Tony Adams made the first team at 19 and how old was Holding? Look at how many great players at the top level in the past have succeeded after performing in lower divisions.

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