“It’s happening slowly, but Mesut is closer than ever to Fenerbahce.” Ozil is nearing Arsenal exit

Mesut Ozil’s transfer out of Arsenal is getting closer, according to Emre Belozoglu, Fenerbahce’s sporting director.

Shipping out the German midfielder has been Arsenal’s biggest headache this season, and his insistence on staying forced them to axe him from the squad.

He didn’t play any football in the first half of the campaign, and that seems to have worked for the Gunners as he closes in on a move to the Turkish side.

Ozil still wants to earn his Arsenal pay, but it seems that he is also not looking to stay for the second half of the season without playing any football.

Emre, formerly of Newcastle United, told Sky Sports that negotiations about signing him were going slowly, but he was confident that a deal would be reached for the former Real Madrid man to join the Turkish side.

Quoted by Sky Sports, he said: “Mesut Ozil has been one of the most special players in the world for his position in the last 20 years.

“If this transfer takes place, it will be a first. I regard it as a very positive move for both our community and our president, but I don’t think it will be easy.

“We have our own plans. And Mesut has a contract with his club. He is a superstar.

“We are talking about a player who contributes to goals in every other game, regardless of which team he plays for.

“I will be extremely pleased if Fenerbahce can have such a player, especially while we are on duty.

“We had a meeting with him and his agent. It’s happening slowly, but Mesut is closer than ever to Fenerbahce.

“The fact that Mesut’s childhood dream is still alive and Fenerbahce has such a dream has made this step so close for the first time.

“After Mesut is done with the negotiations with his club, we will have our own negotiations among ourselves.

“If Mesut can make a deal with his club on the terms we expect, it won’t be a burden for us financially considering our limits this year.”

If Ozil leaves Arsenal this month, he would save the Gunners a huge amount of money that can be used to bring in new players.

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  1. Lenohappy says:

    “We are talking about a player who contributes to goals in every other game, regardless of which team he plays for”.
    I think the last time this man watched ozil was 2015/2016.

    1. Loose Cannon says:

      Psst, lets not say it loud or else the little progress in chucking him out might get derailed. Let him, his pals and Fanerbahce continue living in cuckoo land as long as they can “prize” him off from us, that would be our best news of the year.
      Off topic we have hired a DoF, so no more thoughts on “the greatest EPL manager” ever joining us back. One day, two fantastic news.

    2. jon fox says:

      I AGREE BOTH WITH YOU AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY WITH LOOSE CANNONS COMMENT BELOW. It is vital that the Ozil fantasists, even among other clubs, continue to believe their delusion and thus get this leech out of our club, sooner than June.
      Were I a disinterested man and therefore not involved, I would be laughing heartily at this absurd delusion by Emre Belozoglu of Fenerbahce!

  2. Grandad says:

    I have never been a great fan of Ozil, but in the midst of the mediocrity I witnessed last night, I had an urge to see him on the pitch to give us a few minutes of class.The thought passed by quickly but it was there .Our failure to retain possession under pressure was our downfall as was the absence of Tierney.We should not have to rely so much one one player.

    1. Phenom says:

      Grandad, I bet to differ on this one. One player can make a difference. Bruno proves a team can rely on one player so are CR7 and Messi.

      Madrid have not been the same since CR7 left.
      Look at what Danny ings is doing for the Saints. We can rely on KT to help us if he’s our most important player.

      Yesterday’s match was a difficult one ESR and couldn’t find their feet cos CP made it difficult for us and our best player was injured. Can’t blame anyone but to look forward to the next match.

      1. Cliff says:

        What we need is physical presence especially in our offensive part.ESR is talented and he will keep getting better,but for now he can’t hack it against physical teams in the EPL.This applies for most of our players.We should sign some strong players to complement our talented boys and use them as our plan b.

    2. lcw says:

      Grandad: The truth hurts. Ozil is blamed for everything bad at Arsenal. Yet our club is CRAP with him and even worse without him.

      We don’t have the players to succeed because we don’t spend and when we spend we buy the wrong players.

      Yesterday’s game is an other clear indication that Ozil is/was not the problem at Arsenal.

      He played with those same players who can’t even master an easy pass or score an obvious goal.

      Yes he underperformed sometimes but in football you are as good as the players around you.

      The sooner we realize that most of our players are not good, the sooner we stop being disappointed. Our problem is a lot bigger than a single player making a lot of money.

      Meanwhile, those who thrive on hating and demeaning Ozil, will continue to be disappointed long after he is gone because our club is below average.

      1. jon fox says:

        ” He underperformed sometimes” actually means just completely for the last four years!

        1. lcw says:

          While printing a lie casually without presenting any proof might satisfy your hate for the man, debunking your lies is so easy. Of course you will comeback with another lie but that should be expected.

          Here is snap shot of Ozil’s performance from the day he joined. Notice that he scored almost the same number of goals each year including last 4 years.

          Mind you his goal output dropped under Emery and MA but that’s another story.

          2019/2020 1 Played only 18 games
          2018/2019 5 Played 24 games
          2017/2018 4
          2016/2017 8
          2015/2016 6
          2014/2015 4
          2013/2014 5

  3. McLovin says:

    I think we need a player who creates and scores, just like Fernandes. Even Özil in his prime didn’t score that many.

    Those kind of players don’t come by easy. In fact, statistically in top 5 European leagues there only few of them:

    Fernandes, De Bruyne, Grealish
    Calhanoglu, Ilicic, De Paul, Berardi
    Messi, maybe Sancho
    Di Maria, Depay (these obviously didn’t cut it)

    Oddly, only one name comes close to the stats of Fernandes and De Bruyne, and that’s Emi Buendia.

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