It’s just unlucky that Arteta was the first to get COVID-19

COVID-19 Was Almost An Opportunity for Arsenal by AI

Despite the bleakness on the horizon right now regarding the viral pandemic, if you employ a rational, long term perspective, one in which the Wuhan virus is eventually brought under control and normal life can promptly resume, with Mikel Arteta returning back to full health along with EPL football, this fallow period might be recognized narrowly as an opportunity in disguise for us.

The suspension gives players time to rest, recover from injuries and replenish mental energy in a crucial run of games. Were the league to resume next week, the free days of grace might be vital in getting the squad up to speed with the coach’s tactics and philosophy, a sort of a mini winter break forced on us by necessities.

But our head coach is ill, affected by the spreading virus and the rest of the team are in isolation. One can only wish Mikel and everyone else affected a speedy recovery. That is what is paramount right now. Football can take a back step as we all try to get a hold of this novel new disease. That is what is proper.

And yet, in an hopefully close-by future, once all is well again, we might rue the poor luck of our brilliant young coach contracting the infection just just when he would have had the time to take a proper analytical look at our games and make needed adjustments. Now he has to be in isolation and we can only hope for a speedy recovery for him.

WE hope you are back soon, Mikel, and continuing your tactical instruction. It just would have been better for us if you weren’t the first to succumb to the virus…

Agboola Israel

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  1. @Agboola, our boss Arteta was not the first to get Covid 19 so why the stupid headline saying he was? Other people in football had already confirmed they have it. And as for the next line about it being an opportunity for us, sheesh just where do some people get off. Also you are deluded if you think football will resume in a couple of weeks. It’s done, finished for the season and everyone needs to focus on getting through this virus rather than looking for advantages to our team because of it.

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