“It’s lack of concentration in the key moments.” Campbell slams Arsenal’s defending

Arsenal suffered yet another defeat because of poor defending, and Sol Campbell has bemoaned their lack of concentration in the key moments.

The Gunners have been struggling at the back for much of this season, but the appointment of Mikel Arteta seems to have steadied the ship and they have even kept a number of clean sheets since the turn of the year.

They have been impressive in their last few games ahead of this match, and fans were confident that a clean sheet would not be so difficult to keep in this game.

However, in their usual manner, the Arsenal defence let the team down again to raise the same issues that Mikel Arteta will feel that he has solved at the back.

They let in a soft equaliser before conceding another goal from a corner and Sol Campbell reckons that the ongoing issue at the Arsenal defence is a lack of concentration and they need all the concentration they can get to see out a derby game.

He said as quoted by Sky Sports “It’s lack of concentration in the key moments. It’s a derby game, you’ve got to be concentrated for the 90-odd minutes now. Early doors, you should be switched on.”

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  1. And it happens time and time again…and it had to be against that lot! Unforgivable….
    We had 2 more days to prepare than they did, but anyone would think it was the other way round!
    Also, I think we must’ve set a new record for back passes in a game…

    1. Sue calm down, I know you are angry at the loss, it’s unfortunate, however, this season supposed to be an experimental season for MA, loosing should be expected, now it’s showing the team are not where the manager want it to be, loosing 15points from a winning position, 9 of which occur from 75min upwards, shows that the team loose intensity towards end of the game, it’s not easy to change mentality and energy of the team, at least not going to happen overnight, am sure the technical team are working to remedy the situation. Let’s not get too much worked out on an already lost season. Hopefully MA uses this experience to make a better change, adjust, for the upcoming season, we are gradually creating a team with identity, trust the process

      1. Adajim… I know we wouldn’t turn into world beaters overnight, but where was the passion, the fight, the desire, the hunger, the pride of donning
        that shirt? Omg half of them looked like they were having a kick about in the park!! Then were resigned to defeat!!
        I’ve not got any problems with MA….I’m not saying Arteta out… I’m just so fed up….

  2. If Luiz got one, Mustafi should, he is not good enough, but Luiz worst. Both should go but Arteta sees different, extends Luiz for another 2 years!

    The real issue precisly there, choices that Arteta makes; he can’t pick a team, not his job under Guardiola

    How come Holding is on bench and Luiz plays CB he got to slow for? Chelsea benched all year and got rid of him for that…

    Arteta is not ready to take a team as Arsenal or he will be at City after Guardiola. City told him to not count on that, came to Arsenal from assistant to a coach, in middle of season…. He is experimenting, developing, should be doing it in a midtable team, they can stay there, not drag us down so he can learn one day…

    How many times Chambers and Holding played as CB and together?

    Luiz is Arteta first name in his line up in defense. He extended him too!

    I can get how we attached to Arteta and think he has potential but let’s get real, he is an assistant to become a coach.

    This won’t serve him as a player who goes to a top club and fails instead to start lower and gradually progress.

    1. Enough with this Luiz campaign already, kolasinac was 100% at fault for the first goal, but here you are crucifying Luiz over and over, you might not like him, but cut him some slack, we don’t have huge budget to go for big cb, we have lots of young defenders with potential, an experienced man should be around to provide cover and help the young ones through, between sokrati and Luiz, I’ll chose Luiz any day, he took pay cut and for his standard he is doing fine. We lost, it’s painful, we could have won but still, its a list season, and looking beyond this season, I see it as an experimental season, am sure when the team is complete Luiz may not start, if you call us midtable team, no problem, Liverpool was midtable team without European competition someday season back, now they are champions

  3. The way I see it is ….. they are giving to much of responsibilities by do more than defending. They saw too many balls with our sideways and backwards passing. Even when they were under pressure or in tight spaces they received passes from the midfielders. They were bound to make mistakes or have a brain fart occasionally. Bellerin made several of those passes ( passing backwards with several options to pass forward) yesterday as well and it didn’t just result in a goal. I’m putting that down to coach instructions as have seen that under previous coaches.

    1. Be realistic, this sideways passes you mentioned, got back here yesterday, it has not been happening at least since restart , to me mou parthern reduce our wing back threats and force them back, and reduce us space to operate it was a good game plan, our mf could have pressed further upfront but remembering kola shaky performances, the 2 CM have to stay close to the back 3 creating a big gap between mf and attack

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