It’s looking like Carrasco will be Arsenal’s first signing of the summer

There has been no end of Arsenal transfers rumours already this summer, but all the signs right now are that Yannick Carrasco will be our first signing of the summer.

The player himself admitted that “negotiations are going well” and said he was looking forward to playing in the Premier League.

The journalist that seems closer to the deal is Nicolo Shira, and now he has announced on Twitter that terms have been agreed with Carrasco and it simply remains for Arsenal to finalise the transfer fee with his club.

He tweeted…..

Let’s hope this won’t take too long and we can get Carrasco announced as soon as possible, so we can move onto other pressing targets. The club need to prove to the fans that there is progress coming this summer….



  1. I didn’t want this transfer to happen, but hey, a transfer is actually happening so why say no… Hopefully Carrasco won’t let us down.

    1. Carracaso is far better than everything we have currently, more confortable on the ball than Auba and Laca, even Iwobi who was our best dribbled is no match for him so why not? People don’t even know this guy and yet they want to judge him cos he went to China for the yen. That doesn’t make him a bad winger at all. For me why he when to China doesn’t count. Is he an upgrade to what we have? Yes. Do we need can he press better than our players? yes. So I say bring him on if possible. He might come in and become our player of the season…

  2. I would have been thrilled to see Carrasco directly from Athletico Madrid, but his detour to a very inferior CSL makes this a weird one. But he is just 25 , hopefully he is the dynamite winger we needed.

  3. I will wait till I see his mug on the Arsenal website before celebrating

    But hopefully he is one of many signings

  4. If we dare miss out on this world class great signing, then I will know that we are daft. Remember this is how we missed out on Moura and Kovacic by lingering too long.

  5. Ive only seen him on youtube and i know that can make anyone look good, however, as i did with Torriera i will go out on a limb and say hes 10x better than what we already have

  6. A right footed left winger who cannot cross with his left foot on the run.Similar to Iwobi in many respects.Not my cup of tea I’m afraid.

  7. We are making a wrong choice and we will learn it the hard way this season.Some say he’s 25 and is only going improve but we must be realistic.Carrasco is only a decent player but not a great talent.There are younger wingers who can improve us far better than him and available for around the price being quoted.At least he’s decent.Still hoping the Praet and Andersen moves never come to fruition.If we are these two to him we are doomed this season.

      1. Chukwueze and Marcus Thuram are very cheap and are probably all below £25m.To add to that their respective clubs have been relegated making it easier for us.The club that will land any of these two will be very lucky clubs.These two are a much better fit for Arsenal and both will be a huge coup.

    1. I don’t mind Anderson tbh, at least he resembles De ligt… Praet is the one that worries me

      1. For me let’s get the Carrasco deal done and over with and then get a loan deal for Nkunku (with an option to buy)as a Ramsey replacement cos he can also play as a rwb.

        1. Why do we need to replace Ramsey. He spent more on the treatment table than playing. I’m all getting Nkunku but not as a replacement to anyone. It is only in epl that people keeping about replacement for this player or that player. And if at all we need a replacement for a player, Ramsey should never be the one we look for his replacement. I’m all for get good players for the team

          1. True.
            Ramsey was a box-to-box MF.

            When Emery wants this position filled, he can use Maitland-Niles who was made for this position more than RB.

            But it doesn’t seem Emery uses a b-t-b in every game, so we don’t need a replacement for Ramsey…

    2. Preat maybe be but Anderson I think will be a good signing. His ability to distribute to wide areas well is what we need. He will be sending bellarin, caeassco, Abu and Co flying down our wings.
      Hopefully the tireny rumours are true.

  8. I don’t understand the hate on this player.. he went to china so what? If not we would never get him for only 25 million.. he is a regular in a top Belgian team and keeps the likes of Thorgan hazard out of the team, who is an equal to Pulisic who went to Chelsea for like 60 million..
    Carrasco is the best buy we could hope for, for this kind of money..

  9. it said so many voices in the hierachy is a reason of buying delaying, every one wants his target to be prioritised, we’ll scout turkish midfield today night, is this scouting time? too sad

  10. Would take Ryan Fraser over yannick for that money, it is well documented that Carrasco has a poor attitude and poor stats to accompany that! He’s no better than Chadli or lamela unless he’s drastically improved in China (when I stopped watching him play) he’s just a bit part player with only flashes of brilliance very sporadically. Get Frazer in, he’d give us 100% and his got a quality delivery on him. We need players who can actually cross the ball and who don’t have history of a poor attitude. Last thing we need is another ozil/myhkitarian situation. Carrasco doesn’t have a strong work ethic and doesn’t possess the attacking talent to compensate, a very strange move by arsenal if proven to be true. Rather we get Frazer in or Promote one of the wingers from the academy (saka, Nelson, smith-Rowe or even try AMN out there) and spend the money on quality defenders which we don’t have coming through and are in desperate need of!

    1. well where is this “well documented”? and Carrasco doesn’t have a strong work ethic? do you even know who Carrasco is?
      I presume you are a scout if you consider our academy players enough good to promote them rather than a Belgium regular?

    2. Belgium regular? You mean like Jason denayer? Boyata? Guess Simon mignolet should start for arsenal since he’s in that squad regularly too right? He left athletico for 10m when his release clause was 85m, he hadn’t played for 6-7 weeks before his move as him and Simeone were butting heads.

      When answering questions Simeone doesn’t refute claims that they were butting heads, he instead cleverly dodged the questioning saying “He and I want what’s best for athletico.” That doesn’t sound like a manager who wants to keep a young talent that he thinks has a high ceiling. Athletico then went on to sell him for meagre 10m. I’m no scout but I can tell u reis Nelson won the PFA for league 2 (U-23s) which had players like Hudson odoi and Jason sancho who are both now worth ridiculous sums of money. he then went on this season to pump 6 goals in 11 games for a champions league team ( most of his goals were spectacular too), he’s only 18 and he’s faster than all the options we have on the wing (bar auba). Admittedly the only thing he can’t do is cross to save his life which is why I’d prefer Frazer. Emile Smith-Rowe was also loaned to a champions league with a glowing reputation having played in the first team and scored a couple of goals in the Europa league.

      An even more pressing matter and an area that needs urgent investment is defence. arsenal shipped 51 goals last season in the premier league and that is a record fitting of a mid table side. It doesn’t take a scout to tell u where arsenal needs to invest just a pair of eyes, the ability to read and a bit of common sense.

      1. @Malik we can buy Carrasco and still promote Reis&ESR to the first team.Its a long season anyway.I know we have talent but experience is equally Vital.
        Secondly,Atletico and Simeon are not a benchmark in football. So many things happen in clubs and coaches are not always right.I know of a coach of who sold De bruyn&Salah because he never trusted them,who is laughing now?
        Lastly there no guarantees that Fraser will be an automatic success while Carrasco will be an automatic failure.Who knew the Mighty Sanchez would flop at United?Therefore stop being so negative and give the players we will be able to Sign a chance to prove themselves.

  11. The are loads of Talents here in Europe, why China products??
    I will take fraser ahead of him any day , an EPL proven player with many assists this season.
    Carasco is just trying revive is career in Europe and desperate to sign up for any club available, which arsenal fall as victim.
    I read the reported amount is around 25m pounds, which we can spend on young and talented wingers not finished Chinese product like Carasco.

    1. Agreed, I’ve seen him play and he honestly looks like another Gervinho (headless chicken). Frazer May be small in stature but he Is a specialist at crossing, which is an are we currently struggle in

    2. Benex,if Auba left for China this Summer and R.Madrid buys him back in January would you call him a China product?

  12. As much as we crave for Frazer instead of Carrasco, we definitely don’t have a Giroud in our team currently. Personally I would take Malcolm above Carrasco. But as it stands now, Carrasco is definitely an upgrade to Iwobi and mkhi

  13. Just watched a Kanu compilation on another blog, what a player he was. If you weren’t around when he played for us, (1999-2004) have a look at him on YouTube. Yes, I too believe Bergkamp and Henry were gods but Kanu could dribble, beat players, had some audacious skills and scored some wonderful goals. He was 1.97m tall and wore size 14 boots!

    1. He was an undisputed talent. A magician like a certain none flying Dutchman. He is everything I want Iwobi to be as a Nigerian. Football has missed a lot of great talents who put money first before football.

  14. This is not the signing we need not for 25million on a player that ran off to China and hasn’t really performed.

    We should of gone for Almiron for that price we would’ve had a good player that can create.

    Newcastle weill enjoy his talents Arsenal nred to start really thinking we don’t have 25mill to waste.

  15. No…No…No..
    Please I don’t want this signing. We need a real dribbler with enough treat to trouble defenses. This guy is just an average winger.

    Why Arsenal why?

  16. Still nothing on Ornstein about any rumours……………I shall sacrifice a Beaver at the altar of David for some real rumours…………….if I can catch the little fcuker !……………here Justin, come to daddy !

      1. Sue, I see Arsenal Arsenal site is possibly closing………………..shame they banned people like me…………cant understand why ? hahahaha

        I used to put hundreds of comments on that site and had great banter with a few…….a few who stopped commenting when I got banned and joined me on another site………..then I got banned for a while on that one ! hahahahaha

        1. Hahaha it cracked me up when you said Raddy banned you for your humour! Was that after the conjoined twin post?! ?
          I was quite surprised reading that earlier, although in all fairness, it is quite quiet on there, compared to on here..but now I understand why!! Be a shame if it does fold…
          Haha banned again?? Why some people just don’t have a sense of humour ? you have quite a following.. and I can see why.. I’m a Le Coquette ??

          1. Le Coquette hahahaha

            It was years ago, Sue, I put up a photo of a downhill skier whose name was Andreas Wank(pronounced Vank)and said if he was a footballer for Arsenal how many shirt sales would he get !…………it didn`t go down to well with Mr Raddy . 😆

            PS……… conjoined twins comment got binned on here ! hahaha

          2. Haha that’s brilliant!! I can imagine the look on his face after seeing that!!
            I know, I’m so glad I got to read it, it was hilarious & straight away made me think of those 2 (or is it 1?!) who were on Jerry Springer!!! ???

  17. As usual there are no surprises from arsenal fans!!!! They even have the guts to compare a great player in Carrasco with the Frasers and soon the Zahas of this world.
    Remember a guy called Moura and how we lingered around only to be foxed.
    Another alternative to look at is Kingsley Coeman of Bayern and leave deluded arsenal sabotagers some miles behind.

  18. Carrasco is a good player, watched him for Atletico a few times. Not quite a Wilf Zaha but a bit Walcotty. More tenacious than Walcott. Hope we get Andersen and Praet. And Big Wish…..James Maddison an Aaron Ramsey offspring.

  19. Not crazy about him to be honest. Simeone never relied on him when he was at Athleti, and he never impressed me too much when I saw him play for Belgium. He’s better than what we have (not too hard to do that), but I’d rather get an established EPL player like Fraser. This guy went to China for money which is always a bad sign. We have enough players that are only here for money. I don’t like this transfer too much

  20. Purely on our need. He fits the bill. I mean why so much negativity? I can assure you if he works on his mentality and be more consistent which I expect him to as he looks hungry. He’s terrific and can be a fearsome winger on his day. the type of nightmare for defenders in and outside of the box. He can unlock a stubborn defense with a personal moment of brilliance. (we all know how teams seat deep with 5-6 defenders in the league and we find it difficult to create a clear chance), This player drags them out of position in numbers to create a goal. Isn’t that what we need??? Look at it this way.. Fraser is cool and all that but too one dimensional and limited (We will be figured out easily by other teams ) a closer look at those assists, A good number of them came from punting the ball into the box after a run_( we all know how many headers our strikers can score) . He Doesn’t dribble. He needs yards of space to run into. In a team like Arsenal who hope to be protagonist in most games, oppositions will sit back and won’t give ‘yards of space’. Carrasco is dynamic enough to always pose a problem and make us dangerous on the flank especially in 4231/433. There are obvious question marks about the transfer but At that price, It’s worth the risk. It’s not like with can get Nicolas Pepe.

  21. Why are we constantly being linked with players who predominantly play on the lefthand side? Auba can play on the left. Laca up front. Give me a solid RW and call it a day. Move on to Mid and D.

  22. I hope buying Carrasco means they’ve arranged departures of certain players. We’re short of at least 3 good players and if the club doesn’t sell players, there’ll be only one more transfer in, which is not enough at all. And that’s solely on the manager and the players. They had so many chances to grasp the UCL spot, it’s downright silly.
    Best to not have any expectations of the next season and hope that the youngsters will put a really strong shift in.

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