It’s Man City that should be worried, not Arsenal

As usual, the Arsenal (supporting?) internet warriors are predicting doom and gloom after the Gunners slumped to their first defeat in the League and the Champions League since the opening day of the season. This means that we are now sitting in 3rd place in the table with a crucial clash at the Etihad this coming weekend.

But why do Arsenal fans always give up after every single loss? We have lost twice, Chelsea have lost twice, Liverpool and Tottenham have lost twice. Why is it only Arsenal fans think that this means the end of our hopes for the season? No team goes through the season winning every game, and we all know that anyone in the Premiership can beat any other opponent if things go their way on the night!

If anyone should be seriously worried about Sunday’s game it is the City manager Pep Guardiola, who started the season so well but now find themselves slipping down the table after defeats to Chelsea and Leicester, before finally getting some points last night against Watford. City are also without Aguero and Fernandinho through bans, Vincent Kompany is on the injury list, and last night they also lost Ilkay Gundogan to an ongoing knee injury.

The midweek loss was Arsenal’s first away defeat for nine months, why should we think that suddenly we have become a bad team and will therefore lose another one this weekend?

Maybe, just for once, Arsenal fans could be positive for a change?

Sam P


  1. G-Rude says:

    Its always the same. Let them have their moans if it makes them feel better. We are not even halfway through the season and six points is nothing in the grans scheme of things.
    I for one am just looking forward to all the great games in front of us this season. It is the toughest League to win in the world which also makes it the most exciting. Every team will drop points, and hopefully it is us that will have the last laugh come May.

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    I m predicting a draw against Man city but I really hope we win the game. We can win the match but we must play well and utilize our chances.

    Losing won’t be nice as we will be thumped to fourth place.

  3. Ramterta says:

    this will bang when they humiliate us

    1. Olivier's toe says:

      I think the word you are looking for is IF not WHEN.
      I know you want City to win so you can come on here and moan all week, but some of us actually support Arsenal and will cheer them on to win.

  4. Ramterta says:

    dont you realise what happens when we face a half decent side?
    Psg should have hammered us.
    United and tottenham should have won against us.
    Everton won.
    Atleast mancity have beaten united and barcelona.
    So I think you now realise who should be worried more

    1. Olivier's toe says:

      Are Chelsea a ‘half-decent’ side?
      What was that score again?

  5. David says:

    we will not win in City simply bc our players are tired and our bench is useless.
    City lost No8( dont now how to spell his name) but guss what thy have yaya to cover for him.
    I hope tho thy proof me wrong.
    Wenger should have start with Perz in Everton instead of Teo or The OX.
    or he should have bring him on 60 min for one of them.

  6. ken2 says:

    no, we do need to worry. its that type of naive thinking bearing in mind the media cynics that can turn one loss in to an end-of-the-world biography and rival fans that hang from their key chains that like the book but haven’t actually read it . we topped our group in Europe and despite the odds being against us, in the unlikelihood of a PSG loss they conceded the first goal and ended up drawing. my point is we fielded a pretty strong team in the event of such an out come, so lets not take anything for granted and certainly not think because their with out primary weapon we got this in the bag. Chelsea are famous for 1-0 win’s despite many claims to missed opportunity’s. we play better on the ground then what they do but their consistency generally doesn’t come with out a 1-0 victory. we need 1-0 victory, not the score line as such, but the clean sheet and consistency. start giroud and perez to freshen things up now that we are in to the last 16; try to find our french strikers head from open play like Sanchez to ozil , one with head and into the ground volley.

  7. citrenoogeht says:

    For me this is by a long stretch the biggest league game of the season for City and us. By kick off, we could be 9 points behind Chelsea. I would therefore declare this game, even at this stage of the season, ‘a must win game.’

    Can we win it? Yes we can! And we will never get a better opportunity, with all of their players missing, to do it at the Etihad. Although our record against Pep isn’t that good, our record against City is quite decent. When we win, we have quite a few fixtures to get back on the straight and narrow to reel Chelsea in. COYG!

  8. TR7 says:

    hope our boys will turn up wel

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