It’s much too early to call Arsenal favourites for the title, but if we beat Man United this weekend….

So here we are, halfway through the season and Arsenal have played every single team in the Premier League except for the crucial matchup against Manchester City, who we won’t face in the EPL for another month yet, so we may be five points clear right now with only one defeat to our name, but there is still another 20 games to go.

As Andy Cole, who won the title five times with Man United, told Betway this week: “Sir Alex Ferguson always said to us that the title race doesn’t get decided in January, it gets decided in April. It’s too hard to give a prediction for the title with so many games to go because there are so many peaks and troughs to come.”

Right now Arsenal are slight favourites over Pep Guardiola’s side in the betting for the title, with Man United way back at 20/1, but those football odds could change immensely in the coming months, and this week’s game between Man United and Arsenal could have a massive effect on the final outcome.

A win for United would make them just 5 points behind the Gunners and we could see Ten Hag’s team move a bit closer to the top two in the betting, especially if Man City continue to drop unexpected points.

As Arsenal’s only defeat this season was to United at the Emirates, this return match could affect the confidence of either side that loses, as neither of them are in the habit of dropping points this season. As Andy Cole said: “Over 38 games you will always hit a rough patch, but Arsenal and Man Utd haven’t had one yet, and we don’t know how they’ll deal with it when they do because they’re not used to being in this position.

“Arsenal are doing extremely well, they’re playing some very good football, but when that rough patch happens it will be a test. Not many of that dressing room have been in that position. If they lose a couple of games, it’s suddenly right back on again.”

Conversely, if Arsenal play as imperiously as they did against Tottenham and get their revenge convincingly at Old Trafford, then confidence at the Emirates will go sky high (not that it isn’t at the moment), but Man United may feel they have blown their biggest chance to get themselves back in the mix.

If it’s a draw? Well, both sides may be happy with that, although Arteta hates dropping points!

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  1. Technically we are ‘Favourites’ atm but I believe if we were to accumulate at least 10/12pts from our next four PL fixtures then we will start to be widly seen as favorites by bookmakers, pundits rivals etc.

  2. These are not my “opinions”:
    1. Arsenal has played against 17 teams, except City and Everton
    2. Arsenal lost to Utd at OT
    3. This Sunday Arsenal host UTD.

    I expect authors to at least do little checking (not even a need to do research) before writing articles. As a fan I am surprised some of these things are not even being remembered by a fellow fan (assuming all authors in this site are fans as well).

    I didn’t want to write this, but such mistakes have been happening for some time. We can understand such a thing in comments, but for articles it should be unacceptable. Hope there will be an improvement in article publishing process.

    1. Make it an F.

      You can say “football odds” without linking to anything.

      But instead we get another link to a betting site artificially woven into an article. It really isn’t a good look for your site Pat. Can’t you get some cash for linking to something else? Anything else? Even an Arsenal mug on Amazon.

  3. Title race will enter a decisive face after Arsenal play twice with City.
    Also we still need a proven defensive midfielder for squad depth but Arsenal is not even talking about that. Is it because the injury-prone Zinchenko can play there

  4. This is a slightly strange report as it seems they have reported that we Arsenal are playing Man Utd at Old Trafford. But I had to check BBC and we are indeed playing at the Emirates. So some of the comments don’t make sense.

    That aside, I agree with Fergy how could I not in that the title is decided in April not January. However, that was true then during the Fergy Vs Wenger days but the way the past few years have played out (last season aside) the title has seemed to be more decided earlier maybe March as points and goals were heavily in favour of the eventual winners the leads were that big. So it does depend on how close the top three teams are coming out of January. If we beat Man Utd Sunday and Man City keep dropping points I think we maybe in a commanding position come mid Feb. But the crunch apart from Sundays game has to be our two City games which at this point look crucial as to deciding the winner.

  5. Ok now to transfers.

    So like all of us I was very disappointed with missing out on Mudryk but he is one for the future. Whereas it seems like we have signed a very good player in Trossard who can have an immediate impact, which is exactly what we need.

    It also looks as though we were holding off on signings until the Mudryk deal had been decided. The gloves are off and Edu clearly has more funds available and the signings are starting to progress. I just hope we have enough money as time for a Partey back up and possibly another striker.

    1. I don’t think many of us were disappointed in the end.

      I was keen on Mudryk when it looked like £30-40m and a wage that reflected his real status but when it became £89m and Chelsea offered him £200k for 8.5 years I was very happy to see that we passed.

      1. You and I both. I am not a fan of stupid spending – Chelsea can enjoy cornering the market on that one.

        I am very pleased with business as it stands. Even though I suspect a defensive midfielder may come in before 31 January, Kiwior already adds to depth in that position.

        As for the title race, it is too damn early to speculate about. This is one of those years that will likely see things decided in the last two weeks or so.

  6. Arsenal wins against United I have no doubt. No Casemiro no win. If Arsenal win against United the players will start to believe that they can win the league. The game will be a important mental hurdle for young players like Martinelli, Saka, Saliba. Gunners let’s support our players tomorrow win or lose.

    1. Master Li, If you honestly have no doubt we will beat United then you are clearly very young and very life inexperienced.

      That is NOT the sort of boastful statement any mature Gooner or indeed United fan( for them) would say, truthfully.

      Mature fans will know there is always an element of doubt in almost any game and esp between these two. as both are doing really well.

      Yours was, therefore, a silly post! At least, a silly first line!

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