“It’s not a problem for Aubameyang” but “a major problem for Arsenal”

Obviously the big talking point at the moment is the news that our captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was dropped from the Arsenal side that beat Southampton at the weekend, and due to Mikel Arteta refusing to discuss the matter in public, it is still unclear as to whether Aubameyang will be involved in tomorrow’s game against West Ham.

When Auba was dropped for lateness to the Tottenham game and demoted to the bench, it didn’t take too long for the captain to be returned to the first team, but this time around Auba is currently well out of form and has had his longest period without a goal for many, many years, so where is the rush to return him to the starting XI, especially as we beat Southampton very easily without him being on the pitch?

So what can Arteta do to resolve the situation? He has been strict on his captain, who by rights should be the one setting the example to his team-mates, so can the boss afford to be lenient on him just 4 days later?

Arteta is known for freezing out players that don’t fit well with him, but can he afford to do the same thing with our highest paid current player?

Paul Merson thinks this is going to be a big problem for Arteta. He told Sky: “This is not going to be a problem for Aubameyang because he’s got an unbelievable contract at the club.

“However, it’s a major problem for Arsenal. Who’s going to take him on those wages? Absolutely nobody in the whole wide world. And there’s his age too. If he was 27, they’d be queuing up around the corner for him, but not now at the age of 32.

It’s a big problem for Arsenal and Arteta.”

It is certainly an interesting conundrum to be solved!

We are expecting the pre-match conference soon, so I am sure Arteta will get more questions from the media, but will he be more forthcoming in his responses?


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  1. Aubamayang has just been striped of the captaincy and he will also not be available for the game tomorrow.
    I predict this to be the beginning of the end of Arteta at Arsenal.

      1. It’s possible, but we all know players power always win over the coach power, especially when the coach is as clueless as Arteta. If Auba is leaving, Arteta Should also leave with him and I will be pissed if the Captain band is giving back to xhaka, if anything it should be given to either Gabriel or Tierney, I will even take Ramsdale over Xhaka

        1. I think it depends on how the team will react to this. More so if the team was open to the stripping of captaincy or against it.

          Hard to imagine if MA would’ve done this without the consent of majority of the squad..

          1. I totally agree,had it been a different player,MA might have got himself in a bit of mess,but somehow I believe that Auba being captain was/is not a popular decision,MA is going to be fine and he seems have the club’s backing since they’ve put out a public statement.

          2. DaJuhi Arteta will not ask the team who will be captain he will tell them but on another note we have strikers in the under 23;s that are training with the first team that the likes of Chelsea are looking to buy from us Come on Arteta get it sorted before it is too late

          1. Are you seriously suiggesting Ozil actually played then? I only ever saw him in his last several years APPPEARING on the field wearing our shirt.
            “Playing” involves movement and effort, so no, he did not “play”!

          1. Lol James don’t be ridiculous, Laca and Auba are the most loved players in the Arsenal dressing room, if you check his Instagram page often you will know this, he recently promised to take the whole squad out on dinner on the 24th of this month.

            1. Lenohappy Then it seems you seriously think that even very young, though still immensely wealthy players, would be SO impressed to have a free dinner bought for them by a notorious late timekeeper and non serious minded club”captain” that they would overlook and gainsay what their manager has correctly done in sacking him ?

              I say that post is total rubbish and that you vastly underestimate the seriousness and desire about being part of a developing team that younger players attach to their careers.

              Even less mature players can EASILY separate interpersonal amiableness in the dressing room(in both directions) from someone they no longer respect as captain material or want to remain as club captain.

              A year from now Auba will be long gone, unlamented by progressive fans, his former teammates and real thinkers, as simply a bad memory in the dressing room and even by most thinking fans too. He will be simply a tainted MEMORY.

      2. Declan was wondering why the end of arteta! Did he tell auba to be late and not only once? For a captain who should set an example it’s disappointing

    1. Good luck getting rid of Arteta because of Auba.
      Two years later, you still fail to see that Kroenke and the board will back Arteta over any player and it’s why they’ve give him so much power.
      Even though I’ve been less impressed with Arteta, I don’t see this being the reason he might leave.

    2. “I predict this to be the beginning of the end of Arteta at Arsenal.”

      I want to believe that AFC players are reasonable and have brain in their skull. A blind man can see that Auba should not be captain and shouldn’t be in the team at present. The players can see that too. Players do not support unreasonable decisions. This one is

  2. Not surprising but regrettable. This is finely poised as a win-win or lose-lose.

    If Auba focuses on his game maybe he regains his form without the burden of captaincy.

    If he gets in a funk then it can only damage the side.

    Over to you Auba. Do what’s right.

  3. Must of us have been asking for abua to get drop or rested for sometime. Now is the time. Take him out of the spotlight and bring him in at the end of games to try and grab a late goal to boast his confidence. Its doesnt need to be in for good or out for good like some are making out.

  4. This is a perfect example of why Arsenal’s net spend is so bad, we never capitalise on our top players when the time is right.

    We got his best years out of him, should’ve sold while he was one of the best in Europe. A lot easier said than done obviously but that’s why management at clubs get paid the big bucks!

    Remember everyone thinking Liverpool are insane for selling Suarez and Coutinho when they were smashing it! Let’s ask ourselves, “would AFC have sold those players?” Zero chance, we would’ve clung to them until they either became like Auba or ran down their contracts. Almost all fans, including myself, would never want to sell players like that but look at how it turned out for Liverpool.

    Liverpool bought Alisson and Van Dijk and they won the EPL shortly after.

    I’m no fan of our owners but we can be our own worst enemy sometimes by being desperate to hang onto our stars.

    1. Tbh I agree, but the age if the players we had too hampered our ability to sell. We had one of the oldest squads in the prem where our best players were 30+ that’s a terrible way to run a football club

    2. Its true. Our business is appalling.

      Mavropanos had a strong season last year. Stuttgart wanted him back for another loan. So we agreed, and put an obligation to buy for measly £3 million!! Mavro is now currently one of the best defenders in Bundesliga, with 4 goals and MOTM awards in 13 games (most for any defender).

      If there was no plans to bring him back, fine, but which kind of donkey evaluated his season last year and negotiated this idiotic move?

        1. It’s 3mil only yes, unless Stuttgart get relegated and for Guendouzi we’ll get a whole 9mil.

          My main issue with MA is that when he doens’t like a player he says and does things that devalue them and reduce revenue for the club. Why not just sell them straight away???

            1. Not a dig at all, if the truth offends you that’s your problem. Please tell me what is far fetched about what I said?

              Are you telling me when MA first had issues with Guendouzi that we wouldn’t have gotten more than 9mil for him if we had just sold him?

          1. PJ- SA Your right Guendouzi full cap for France not good enough for Arteta he does devalue them you do as I say or the door is there

        2. Arteta may be part of the problem but unfortunately Arsenal’s knack of selling for peanuts goes back well before his time.

          So even when we have sold players in their prime, we more often than not sell for much less then other teams seem to be able to do (Fabregas, Sagna, Nasri, Sanchez, Gnabry, Reine-Adelaide etc). Seems like for every Iwobi or Willock type sale we have three Mavroponos or Guendouzi type sales. Very frustrating especially when you look at what Liverpool manages to do in transfer sales.

    3. PJ-SA you are so right.
      One of our biggest problems for the past 15 years ore more has been the terrible management of players’ contracts and our inability to sell and reinvest. Liverpool is the prime example of a club, which has been managed so much better, and thisd is why, they have overtaken us.

    4. It was also hard to predict Auba’s decline would be so sharp and so sudden. Was a golden boot winner, and a golden boot runner up going into his new contract, and we were abysmal as a side and slipping further and further away from relevancy. I think it’s much easier to say to get rid of him with retrospect, when at the time we seemed totally hopeless without him, and were making moves like Willian, Cedric, & Mari.

      1. I think Ozil is the much bigger sin in terms of renewing contracts because it was so predictable what was going to happen.

    1. I think the club will be fully behind Arteta, auba disobayed the club not Arteta. If there is any stand off they will cut up his contract and let him leave. They have shown their not afraid to do it especially for a unsellable asset

      1. By the looks of it, the club is behind Arteta, at least if the situation is contained to only a problem with Auba. But if this is sign of more brewing underneath within the squad, then it is quite different

  5. I don’t really care about who captain’s the team(except xhaka) what I’m more worried about is why do players drop forms under Arteta, please someone should tell me one player that Arteta has improved. We should just sack this man. I accept Auba Should not be captain but I also know Arteta should not be our coach.

    1. Saka, ESR and Gabriel have improved under arteta, although it’s hard to say if he had a real influence on that aside from just picking them. Arguably holding.
      Im not sure about laca, but his form certainly hasn’t declined and he’s probably had some of his most influential games under arteta.
      I’m trying to be fair but I think we have a lot of players who were talented but with genuinely bad attitudes, in some cases due to being institutionalised – bellerin comes to mind as someone who’d probably just become too comfortable, so it shouldn’t necessarily surprise us if not many of the old players actually improved under arteta – they needed to be moved on

  6. Well he officially isn’t captain anymore. How many disciplinary problems does the guy need to have for ppl to be okay with him not being captain. He was never a leader to begin with. At the time Xhaka lost it, he just happened to be carrying the team with his goals, and there was nobody suitable at all to be a captain. We have better options now with Ramsdale, Tierney, Gabriel taking on more leadership roles this season. I suspect the armband will be passed around for a bit until a decision is made. And unfortunately this means Auba’s time at Arsenal is basically done and he’ll be riding the bench a lot until his contract is over. His attitude this year has simply been poor though, as has his performances. It’s unfortunate that he is holding us back now after giving us so much, but you need to know when to cut ties with some players.

  7. I am hopeful that this situation does not develop into the same situation as we saw with Mezut Ozil.
    The parallels are there to a degree. Massive new contract, poor attitude, poor run of form and now this latest incident.If it does degenerate further, I just hope that the management learnt something from the Ozil saga and act quickly and decisively to solve the problem. To have Auba placed in a similar position as was Ozil would be extremely damaging to the team and the club as a whole.

  8. We Trust the Process. Bonvoyage Monsieur Pierre. Don’t let the door bash you on your way out. 🖐️🖐️🖐️ Thank you for all the good memories. Well done to Arsenal Management for taking back the team from these rogues.

    1. Spot on! But to PROVE we have taken back the team from “these rogues”, we urgently NEED to get PEA completely out of the club, ASAP.

      How we do it is another matter but it urgently needs to be done, as this type of charletan player always causes dreesing room unrest while he stays behind.
      Just as Ozil did.

      It always happens when A PLAYER HAS SO OBVIOUSLY DOWNED TOOLS.
      If only more fans would have the guts and the intellect to see that fact!

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