It’s not about money as table-topping Arsenal sit sixth on wage table

It is said that money buys success in the Premier League, but that may not be entirely true, especially if Arsenal wins the league this season.

The Gunners have spent admirably well in the last two transfer windows to bolster their squad and are reaping the rewards.

Gabriel Martinelli has recently signed a new contract at the club and it is believed to be for huge money.

The club will reward its stars with big-money deals, but that still will not mean they have bought their way to success.

A report in The Sun has revealed the wage bill of clubs in the Premier League and Arsenal came sixth.

Chelsea tops the standings with £212m being shelled out in wages by the Blues, followed by the two Manchester clubs.

Liverpool and Tottenham complete the top five, with the north London side shelling out £110m in wages.

Arsenal is sixth with £97m in wages, which shows the club has managed to keep its wages low while achieving on-field success.

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We expect this to change as we become more successful because we must pay big money to keep our best players happy.

However, for now, we deserve credit for keeping things simple and making the most of what we have.

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    1. Innocent until proven guilty dgr8xt.

      Glad to see that the consequence of Saka and Saliba’s new contracts are considered, along with what, undoubtedly, will be an increase when we try to recruit the level of players to challenge for the CL.

      1. You and I know that there’s no way City are innocent. PSG are even worse. UEFA is a joke of an organization

  1. The Sun (paper version).

    I was chatting to the woman who worked in the newspaper shop, when someone came in and bought a copy of the Sun.

    I could not resist commenting: “I don’t know why people buy the Sun, there isn’t any news in it.”

    He smiled and said: “Oh! I don’t buy it for the news. I buy it for the jokes! “

  2. Staggering that Chelsea’s wage bill is well over twice that of Arsenal’s, especially considering they have a policy of offering long term contracts to attract players rather than paying even higher short term wages! Good luck with offloading the deadwood on those terms… Throw in that they are paying upward of 20% over value in transfer fees. Hardly surprising they can gazump most other clubs for players who move merely for the cash. Regardless of FFP rules their approach is unsustainable long term.

  3. Well Chelsea are proving that the money situation on football is just crazy,Mudryk for example is sitting on the bench and he cost 80 million ???

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