“It’s not good for the team or the coach” damning verdict on Arsenal star

Matteo Guendouzi has been in hot water with Arsenal recently because of his ill-discipline.

The young Frenchman has been axed from the Arsenal first team in recent games after he was caught mocking the players of Brighton in their Premier League game (Mirror).

He has also fallen out with Mikel Arteta in the past, and the Spaniard does not appear to be a fan of his style of play either.

He looks set to leave Arsenal this summer if the club gets a good offer, although he has been told that he is still a part of their plans heading into the future (Express).

His problems at Arsenal seems to be new, but his former manager at Lorient has blasted the former PSG trainee and he revealed that the Frenchman always had that attitude which is a problem.

Bernard Casoni revealed recently that while the Frenchman doesn’t have a problem with his physicality and his technicality, he has an attitude problem which was an issue between them as well.

He said as quoted in the Sun: “Guendouzi’s problem is not physical and is not technical. It’s his attitude.

“It’s not good for the team or the coach. My relationship with him wasn’t very good.”

Citing an example, the 58-year-old said: “I picked him for a cup game against Nice but he got booked early on.

“The ref told me at half time to warn Guendouzi, ‘one more foul and you’re off’. But in the second half nothing changed.

“I was left with no choice but to sub him off. When I did, he refused to shake my hand.”

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  1. OT,

    Bruno Fernandez essentially stomps
    on the Aston Villa player in the box
    and ol POS John Moss calls a penalty
    that is upheld by VAR.

    EPL is a laughable joke atm and VAR
    has killed the integrity of the game.

  2. But it’s not corrupt we are led to believe, so it must be in competence on a massive scale.
    I look forward to Riley sacking them tomorrow and then resigning himself for exactly the same reason.

    Who would have thought that VAR would have been used to favour certain clubs in such an obvious way?

  3. Okay, then, Casino. Why don’t you tell me what happened in the locker room between you two?

    I’m starting to think that this whole thing is just another unnecessary saga. Let Guendouzi train with the first team, play him in some games, and he’ll regain your trust. And you’ll regain his. Keep him in the team. It’ll do the Arsenal a lot of good, so this way we can REALLY get to business!

  4. Staying with the topic, in which I am virtually alone on here(save only for the post before mine) it is clear to me, though to few others judging from many other comments on Guendouzi articles- which like London buses come along in clumps – that hardly anyone has yet grasped the simple truth that Guendouzi has probably played his last match in our shirt. With games almost run out this season AND big head Guendouzi plying his trade elsewhere next year, as WILL happen, his chances have come and gone. I for one am pleased we have seen the back of this deeply unpleasent and rank poor representative of our club.
    We are better than having this unruly arrogant kid representing us and our values. In a few short weeks from now he will not be doing so ever again. I am one of very few who have grasped this fact. AND I AM EXTREMELY PLEASED THAT HE WILL BE GOING, AS HIS SORT ARE NOT ARSENAL AND DO NOT BELONG HERE.

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