It’s not over for Arsenal yet, and we ALWAYS beat Tottenham!

Anything is still possible for Arsenal by Sam P

Okay Arsenal yet again played against a makeshift team at the Emirates, it it is not the end of the world in this season of shifting tides and crazy results. Leicester had only drawn on Tuesday, Tottenham got beat by West Ham, Man City got slaughtered by Liverpool. Okay Man United managed to beat Watford by the odd goal but that was the only really expected bad result for Arsenal.

We are STILL only six points behind Leicester, we are STILL only three points behind the Spuds, We are STILL four points ahead of Man City and Man United. We have lost three games in row for the first time in ten years but it is now high time that our blip ended, and if we now go on a sizzling unbeaten run then we can still run away with the Premier League title, and where better to begin that run than White Hart Lane?

Let’s look at a few facts. Man United are a bogey team, we hadn’t won at Old Trafford for 10 years – now it’s 11. Swansea are another bogey team and had not lost at the Emirates in the last 3 years. Now it’s 4. But this weekend WE are the bogey team! Tottenham have got an ingrained inferiority complex against Arsenal and we ALWAYS raise our game against them. They haven’t finished above Arsenal in any of the 19 years that Arsene Wenger has been in charge even when they have flattered to deceive. We have only lost twice in our last 10 meeting with the Spuds, and beat them at the Lane last season.

If Wenger and the fans can’t get the Gunners motivated to perform in this game then we really are in trouble, and probably out of the title race for good. But we are playing Tottenham. We have to BELIEVE. We are better than the Spuds and always will be….


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    1. Even if we beat them like we beat Leicester, we will still do what we are best at (bottle it) somewhere on the way!
      Its time #WengerOut

      1. bcan beat us easily. Arsenal pattern is once again showed that come February and March and we falter, you know why? because we are a mediocre team with no ambition to win trophies. With exception of few the rest of the team is below par and they don’t even have a chance to be starting 11 in other teams.
        Time is perfect for Wenger to go, and leave our beloved Arsenal alone. There are still hope that some good managers would revive this team.
        With Wenger in charge we are always like this. Now the best we can hope is to be 4th, ad the is the same old scenario for the past 11 years.

    2. The only reason we will not win the league this season is because we have Wenger as our manager.

        1. It will be dream come true for us to win it. I desire we win it. But i can bet that with Wenger as our manager, we will not win it. We have the players to win it, but not the manager. The present managers are smarter than Wenger, he is past it, and the earlier you stopped deluding yourself about Wenger, the better for you.

  1. I repeat Wenger should do the honorable thing he must resign and recommend Diego Simeone, this team needs someone like him, he is the only manager who is breaking Barca and RM dominance. it time for the change.
    Ps why did you take Cambell out after him Arsenal lost shape, it reminds me the decision he took against Man U some years ago when Ox was on top form and our beloved manager took him out even Van Persie was shock.
    Arsen has failed dismally to replace Van Persie (oh how i miss him)

  2. YES, we are STILL only 6 points behind Leicester, and YES we are still only 4 behind Spuds, and YES, we are still 4 points ahead of Man u and Man city…..but sadly, YES,we are STILL the same team….flaky and prone to crumbling under pressure, YES we are STILL the same team with average, no heart no gut no backbone players and YES we still have the same manager who does not know the time of the day and is too selfish and arrogant to accept that and move on…so what exactly are we .meant to build the hope the writer is trying to sell us on…oh, our title hope is now a religion? We are just meant to hope and belief we can win it just because?…….this is not about the points between us and the leaders, this is about a squad who will not take advantage when the leaders stumble like they will do….and already doing…they will drop points, that is a given, and we we fluff our chances we asked, and that sadly is also a given…..with all the pressure that is bound to surround every remaining matches,and with our history of choking under pressure I personally have given up because its a given AFC don’t do pressure, we lack the mental.strength and character to withstand any sort of pressure and that is why we will never win the most important trophies

  3. First off we need to stop making out its all hunky dory because we are third. The only reason we are third is because Man city, chelski and united are having a bad season which is something that will not happen again for a few decades. Arsenal are on about the same points they were last year at this stage. so progress, ZERO..
    Losing is part of the game but one look at the players and you can see they are broken men.
    We single out players and blame them for our bad performances but who is it that says we have a top squad? Who picks the starting 11? who makes the substitutions? Wenger is the problem and unfortunately we have people who call themselves Arsenal supporters but in reality they are wenger supporters seeing as they insist to put him first. How can you lose 8-2 and not be sacked? how can you lose 6-0 and not be sacked? i could go on but it just makes me more mad. The new stadium was supposed to be a stepping stone for great things. What they didn’t tell us was that they meant a great bank account and not great trophies.
    Arsenal Football club is a big part of many fans lives going back for generations but we are now stiuck with an owner that wants to bleed us dry and a manager who has a job for life as long as he is making his overlord money. That people is not sport, that is tyranny and as long as we are filling this greedy yanks pockets we will remain the laughing stock of the league and stuck in the past.
    Watching Arsenal used to be a privelage now its just another way to get ill.
    A final message to the team.
    At least do the decent thing and make sure the spuds don’t get three points on the weekend, because them winning it would be the nail in our coffin.

  4. Guys i thnk we shud stop talking alot and do smting..we shud voice our frustrations to the board i thnk its nw crystal clear that Wenger wont take us anywea…its time we unite and demand change plz guys lets fight for our beloved club,its not fair at all for us to go thru this year in year out we’ve given our all to Wengr and the club but is this what we realy deserve?

    1. Demanding changes without Protest would take us anywhere.
      We have to be loud like MU, Liverpool fans and force owners to replace Wenger.
      This guy is the number one enemy of Arsenal club and he must go.
      Wenger out.

  5. Your bogey, bogey analysis should be included that this was how we have been messing up starting from January till May for 12 years an that it can easily repeat itself, Why are we like this ? Arsenal has stoop so low that every matches we play is like gambling or expecting miracle to happen, it’s Fans endless patient that turned that man Wenger to a demon that requires all the sophisticated weapons in the world to terminate, what Van gal encountered in last three months in the hands of fans and journalists is more than that of Wenger in 12 years, and I think that forces everybody at Man united hands to be on deck from top comes down, Wenger is too comfortable, in my opinion that team need rebuild from top comes down.

  6. @Sam P
    ” and if we now go on a
    sizzling unbeaten run then
    we can still run away with
    the Premier League title”
    That’s the spirit son 🙂 🙂

    1. Yes and we might go to Camp Nou and win 3-0, but we keep learching from crisis to crisis to just about keep ourselves in toughing distance of whateve, and after 10 years plus we really haven’t got that much to show for it!

    2. You remind me of the movie “Life is Beautiful”. We’re in concentration camps, yet you keep your spirit high.

  7. As much as I hate the spuds team as a whole I hate to say that we will be put to shreds by them come Saturday…wenger is d only employee in d world whose job is always safe except he decides to go.

  8. Admini, did we beat Spurs at the Lane in the League last season? Were we not beaten 2-1 with Harry Kane scoring the winner for Spurs?

    Arsenal MUST be careful not to rest on their oars of alaways topping Spurs in the table for the past 19 years. But work deligently hard in training so that they can totally ovecome Spurs on Saturday afternoon at the Lane.

    A run is not permanent. It can come to an end one day unexpectedly or expectedlly. The Gunners MUSTN’T be banking on a run. But rather Bank on their superior perfomance to convincingly defeat Spurs at the Lane on Saturday.

    1. Hahaha Nah mate …. The only Banking Arsenal do, is with Money!…. And You can Bank on that! ??

  9. I Now believe in What Jose Mourinho Said, That Frenchman is a Specialist in Failure


    Bloody Idiot

  10. Without Cech and Koscielny we are up for a proper rape. I wouldn’t dare to turn on the telly for that one. This Saturday will be the most disgraceful Saturday of every Arsenal fan ever. After that match Wenger should be a man enough to resign.

  11. Ramsey, Sanchez and Giroud must be benched in the next game. I would have included Bellerin, but sadly we have no one to replace him. The kid can’t cross to save his life. For the next game I’ll go with:

    Campbell Ozil Walcott
    Coquelin El-Nenny
    Monreal Gabriel Mertesacker Bellerin

    1. I have agonised over whether you put Alexis or Walcott for Spurs game. The rest I agree with you, coz we don’t really have many other options. I just wonder if I would try Walcott one more time on the left. He played much better on that side. If he didn’perform off at half time for Alexis.

      1. First time I agree with red thumb down guys, but who else is there now. You could try Iwobi, but he was just muscled off the ball, and giving him a start might be a little too much for his confidence with this team around him.

  12. In what strange wibbly wobbly world is the author of this article living in? ??????
    “We always beat the spuds”
    Right now mate we couldn’t be a a f@ckin egg !!!!!!!
    If the rumours are right about cech then get ready for a really really bad day on Saturday cos right now our team are on the missing list giroud wells!h!te and wallcott cannot score for toffee and our defence can’t even speak English
    This is what happens when you have 75 million to spend 9n transfers and……….you don’t !!!!!!
    Get used to it though if you’ve not already cos guess where our glorious leader “grue” will be spending his summer ???? Out buying new players you might think ?? Maybe overhauling a team that fail consistently or perhaps thrashing out a major marquee signing to end the year in year out heartache that the club’s loyal fans endure while paying the highest rocket prices?
    He’s go on a be on French TV commentating on the euro’s
    Well done “grue” while we bleed from our eyes lamenting the missed opportunities for silverware YOU!!!!! will be lining your pockets even further instead of trying to address the problem
    Anyone on here still think he’s the Messiah ?

  13. If we keep a clean sheet with Ospina in goal and that useless excuse of a defense in front of him i might actually have a heart attack.

  14. I last commented here in December when we were strong title contenders. I always come here though to read your comments and laugh my ass off!! I remember getting a lot of thumbs down those days for talking the truth about Wenger and his boys. I hope you see it now. Really guys, do you expect a team managed by stubborn, clueless Wenger with his mediocre boys to win the trophy??? Look at Ramsey, the guy is irreplaceable. He seems to be Messi or CR7’s class. Why would Ox or Walcott start over JC? Why do we buy good players like Gabriel and Chambers and we end up spoiling them? Look at our frontline, appalling!!!! Bellerin looks too comfortable. With City, United and Chelsea all struggling, this is the best season to win the EPL but No, Wenger will just blow it up like he did in 2013 when all the big teams had new managers. City will be with Guadiola, United with Mour and Chelsea with Conte maybe. Wenger should just leave. He could help us by going with OG, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Gibbs and Chamberlain

    1. NY-Gunner;
      I only see you come to surface when Wenger is in deep $hit.
      Right now like it or not any team in EPL can beat us. In Europe 3rd or 4th tier clubs beat us easily.
      You and the rest of AKB’s take your clueless and incapable manager and leave Arsenal alone for good.

  15. I blame Arsenal fans resident in England. They throng the perimeters of the Emirates stadium without voicing their concerns. Stay off that stadium and change will come.

  16. Beat spurs? If u want to play hide and seek, and you don’t want wenger/Arsenal to see or get what you’ve hidden, just simply put it on top of the table, arsenal-wenger will never find it. Arsenal will never think bout being top of the table……

  17. This morning these banter words sliced my heart “Arsenal have gone back to their usual self, its like they become some one else and got too uncomfortable in the end decided to go back to their loser attitude”….. I spent the whole morning defending my beloved team as I never show defeat in presence of other team’s fans. I have to admit he did have a point, whatever the problem is it must be fixed, Fast! Our team is full of talent, player for player very few can match us but look at some of the games we’ve lost, a Chelsea team at its worse, an academy united, n nw Swansea team that’s so poor compared to their past season. The team that wins th league is usually th one thats consistent over a longer period of time bt its proving not to be us. I am so gutted, it beats me how we are still not top of th table, this was our time, if we blow it this time we need some change. Too Many people are comfortable, manager knows his job is safe, players underperforming but still know they’ll b picked/& paid, clueless owner just interested in profits wonder if he even knows the players by name….something has to give, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

    1. I feel that bro, utterly shocked disappointed and coming round to the fact that something needs to be done. Id even consider getting in one of those chiefs of executive to target and sign players instead of Arsene for a while ..this would probably be minimum requirement the way I feel this morning. Last night I was well I don’t know what I was as I sat close to tears ..then came the anger of course. I’m not going to blame one or two players or just blame one of owner or manager because so much has gone wrong in these last two months that I need both hands and probably more to count the number of people at fault. I know I know the buck stops at the top.

  18. I appreciate the article Sam and do think you are right about six points meaning not out of race but the trouble is that this team has shown time and again that they cannot pounce on opportunity. Not just this season but it is a problem we have had for many years now in league football. It’s happened numerous times in this one season as it does in every season going back quite a bit. If it wasn’t us chasing the six points back I would think all they have to do is win each of next games til the team at top feels pressure and they slip a little, however with it being us even if that scenario played out I would not put a single cent on us taking advantage of the slip.

    I think the problem is the attitude and character of players bought, not that it is all wrong more like how they are all so similar. They are all really nice well behaved lads or as Souness would say they are all son in law types. We need to start targeting some contrasting type players and we need to do it years ago.

  19. The article talked about Swansea being a bogey team, yesterday wasn’t about anything other than AW pulling JC off to try and prove a point and gettingit wrong. We all know AW is very arrogant, and must of hated the calls for Joel to start, and then to see him revitalise the team as he did especially HB and yes OG and Alexis to some extent in the final 1/3 must have grated. Pulling him on the hour made no sense, unless he thought Welbz would take over the heroics of Joel and outshine him. It backfired big time and the energy JC added pretty much evaporated. AW excuse of JC looking tired just makes the whole thing worse, yes he was tiring, but he still was 10x our best player on the night. Now for the Spuds game, AW has to swallow his pride, swallow his notion of hierarchy of players and build on what everyone else and his dog knows, play JC on the bloody right for 90 mins along with HB and try and build some attack around that. I also thought Alexis was looking better yesterday, I must admit I have no idea why I suggested putting Thoe on the left above in front of him. A moment of madness from me too.

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