It’s not over yet! Arsenal could still lose Mesut Ozil to Barcelona…..

For some very obscure reason, the Spanish transfer window doesn’t close until late tonight so there could still be some crazy business still to be done. The Catalan giants Barcelona look to have failed in their attempt to lure Philipe Coutinho from Liverpool, and according to reports from Spain they could now try and fill the void with our contract-rebel Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal missed out on 60million yesterday by not selling Alexis Sanchez, but they could possibly recoup that loss today if they allow the German midfielder to return to La Liga.

To be honest, I don’t think there would be too many Arsenal fans complaining if we cashed in on Ozil, as he just doesn’t seem so keen to play for us any more, rather like Alexis and the now-sold Oxlade-Chamberlain. We may even play better without him!

Darren N


  1. TONY says:


    1. Remember Resource? says:

      He should leave.. Only then these arsenal fanatics in the uk will do something make a change. Boycott games and try and make the cub hard to own for kroenke.

    2. enda says:

      sell sell sell should have let sanchez go too regardless. if their not interested get them out, this whole saga will be repeated in January again

    3. gotanidea says:

      Agree, Arsenal could play better with other midfielder upfront and he could revive his career. A win-win situation.

    4. andydale says:

      I agree sell ozil, I would rather give awobi a go, Or even Ramsey in the no 10 shirt.

    5. wengerpls says:

      Should offer Özil and Sanchez for a cheap deal. Now it’s about salvaging whatever we can get. The season’s dead already – no PL, no EL. anything between 50-100m euro for the duo is a success. When even french players from monaco turn down Wenger, you know he’s dead as a top manager. Enduring this mess apathic is gonna be harder than I thought.

      One extra gag: We were linked with asensio. Look at his situation in real madrid – He’s an up and coming starlet getting loads of time on the pitch, playing under arguably the greatest football figure of all time (Greatest player of all time, achieving what no other manager has before him). Not only that, but Zidane and Asensio also play the same position, and he’s looked upon as the next big thing even for real! He’d have to be black-out drunk to think signing for the mess of a club that Arsene Wenger, Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis are in charge of is a good idea (alternatively what the club also is, a funny joke to the outsiders).

  2. Darwin says:

    Somethings not right here. Having a positive net spend is not a bad thing, but the scenario is such that I feel that Arsenal FC might be up for sale very shortly. Thus the owner might be reaping as much profits as possible and then sell the club.

    So many conspiracy theories in my head, and the sad part is, all these sound plausible. damn

    1. Me says:

      God I hope you are right.
      He is building a whole new stadium in the USA and needs the money.
      God I hope he goes and Wenger follows him..

      1. Remember Resource? says:

        You know how we were during the stadium move? selling to pay off the stadium? that is what will happen now with the rams stadium again. Arsenal will pay for it just like emirates. I would love to own arsenal .. the fans no matter what splash the cash! Its amazing!

        1. Darwin says:

          Yes. with the current owner, definitely possiblie

  3. Sri says:

    Debuchy is retained to fill the OX’s void? Can’t see any other reason to stick to him.
    I am expecting Niles to get many opportunities this season.

    1. andydale says:


  4. Muttley says:

    We can only pray they can sort a deal!

  5. Tas says:

    Reg Sanchez, I think Sanchez can make a killing in the next year by signing a new contract, first ask for a buy out clause of 70M which we will get offers easy then Sanchez to get 20% of the saie, not forgetting sale of Sanchez could be more then 70M, ask for a salary of 350 K a week job done

    Extra salary = 10 M
    20% on sale minimum of 14 M

    Total earnings of 24 M for a season not bad

    1. Tas says:

      Plus his existing salary 7.2m that’s in total 31.2M

      It keeps geting beter ?

      1. Tas says:

        also he will be taking the risk of not having a long term contract if he gets injured late in the season no one will buy him and where will he go to train to recover, he would need services of a top club to be able to get games to get fit

    2. Me says:

      The man is absolutely loaded.
      Money is not the motivation here…

        1. Tas says:

          If it was trophies he would of stayed at Barca

        2. ArseOverTit says:

          Yes, really. He wants out of Arsenal because he knows his ambitions won’t be matched here.

          Not everyone is as moneyhungry , especially when he is hardly on the breadline!;)

          1. Tas says:

            Yes with the buy out clause he can leave that’s the beauty of the new contract and Arsenal will get a few quid as well

    3. Joel says:

      Why would Alexis do that
      These days when a player signs as a “free agent” he will.ask for a signing on fee and his salary will be set high…depending upon his marketability.Defoe signed for Bournemouth on a “free” and received a very healthy fee himself as well as a reported £100k a week.Imahine what Alexis could negotiate in January…and after that he can just about “shut up shop” as far as Arsenal are concerned…going through the motions until the end of the Season on preparation for the World Cup followed by his lucrative move to a new Club
      Once again Arsenal made the wrong decision and have shot themselves in both feet #shambles

      1. Tas says:

        I’m wondering what will hapen if he gets a serious injury late in the season without a long term contract? Who will rehabilitate and give him games?

        Just saying If he gets a long term injury his career could be over without a big club helping

        1. Nothing changed says:

          That’s why I think he will not risk much because he has no incentive to risk injury. He is not stupid. We will not see the same Sanchez we are used to and we can’t blame him.

          1. Tas says:

            Nothing changed
            don’t forget it’s the World Cup year his going to want to stay sharp

          2. Gily says:

            If he fails to play well in few games, we can abandon him on the bench, or better throw him to the U23.
            We have a lot of our academy player good to join the senior team, but they are being blocked by these halfhearted senior players. At the end of the day, other teams buy them for cheat while we beg them for their own very costly. Who’s cheating who?

          3. Gily says:

            I meant cheap not cheat.
            By the way we were better off during the time we the academy. At least, we played beautiful, sweet passing game.
            Now is SHAMBLES and LOSSES.

        2. neil says:

          i guess he signs that contract then!

          1. Tas says:

            It would be win win all round if he dose

    4. Lugdush says:

      Too smart for the people who manage our team…i think they even understand ur plan

  6. Joel says:

    As things stand he serves little to no purpose on match day…unless we are playing a very poor side.For the few occasions last Season that he really bothered in games that counted he cannot and should not be picked every week…and certainly not away from Home.He is a luxury player that Arsenal can ill afford to play at this time.
    The only reason that he’s still at Arsenal is that there are few other teams who would be prepared to pay his wages and only Barcelona it would seem prepared to pay a fee.If they want him they can have him as short of Wenger leaving and a new Manager being able to re-motivste him..he is a liability in the current Arsenal midfield.

  7. John0711 says:

    Please make thIs true

  8. Tommy sid says:

    Not good enough for the premier league it’s way too quick for him. He’s not lazy he’s just not good enough. I look at the spurs up the road and they’ve got pace power quality all over the park he wouldn’t get anywhere near their first XI, sickening.

    1. jide says:

      football is not really all about the power,the same player you are talking about won the world cup with Germany. The spurs player you mentioned will never cut it when they move to a league that’s more technical. If you want to get the best of ozil pear him with players that will work for him,two defensive midfielder

  9. Tas says:

    The jury is out on Ozil

    If it was last week I would say sell sell sell but apart from money which we have shi7 loads we would lose another deacent player and cannot replace him until January

  10. Romeo says:

    One of the reasons why yesterday was a big disappointment is because we failed to sell Sanchez. Keeping a disruptive player is counterproductive. Imagine if city coming back for sanchez January, do you think he’d give his all when we meet them?
    We needed to sell all d rebels and face the music we’ve been playing for years.

  11. Al says:

    Next summer we will have to replace 50m Sanchez 50m ozil. And buy two 50m additions to keep up. We won’t make chams leauge. So i can only see us spending 50m. We will b a team with avarge players and a load more players in same situation with 1yr left on contract.
    The decline has started.
    It’s gonna take years and years to fix
    If wilshere stays fit he is also worth 50m and will also leave on a free. How have they let there 2 record signing run down contracts when it took years to be able to spend money like this.
    The management of this club is shocking. They should have admitted defeat and cashed in and replaced these players while we still had half a chance of attracting top players.

    1. Tedermaan says:

      Its always “next summer” …

    2. Tommy sid says:

      Wiltshire 50 million haha good one

  12. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Good! I hope we sell him. Not cause i don’t believe in him but so everyone of you all will see Ozil was never the problem until he lost interest. Surround him with good attackers at Barca, a stable midfield that doesn’t require him to be defending. Then regret selling him because Ozil isn’t the problem. Arsene Wenger is. For some reason i believe If Mourinho was to coach this squad, I believe he’ll bring the best out of our attack. And get better Defenders

    1. reddb10 says:

      if he is so fantastic why did Real Madrid sell him, and why has it taken over two years for anyone to show any interest in buying him?

      1. Tommy sid says:

        Spot on, bombed out of Spain because he was made to look better than he was because of the quality around him

  13. MANTAK says:

    We should take an offer on Ozil. I’m fed up of watching these powder puff players that are scared to tackle. We need players that other teams fear when they step on the pitch. Ozil is about as scary as Kermit the frog

  14. Liam says:

    Logged on here this morning to hopefully read how we are going to create the must toxic of atmospheres at every game to get Stan and Wenger out the club. However after reading a few comments its clear to see the majority of Arsenal fans are cowards. Yes i said the majority of you are cowards. Dont give me we have to support the team now the window is shut we need to support the club and the only way is to get rid of Kroenke and Wenger. If i still had my season ticket at the emirates i would be tempted to rip my seat out and throw it onto the pitch with the message for the rams stadium written across it. I believe even if we are 3-0 against Bournemouth we should still boo because its more than likely we will now go on a run only to crumble again just before christmas and then straight after Jan. Wenger out Kroenke out.

    1. Kamikaze says:

      Bring that club here in Kenya for a week only and we will create hell for Wenger and his board…its true arsenal fans are cowards it looks as if they have already embraced and accepted the situation,last time i said lets cry for signings people said relax and enjoy the Fa cup there is time lets judge Wenger at the end of the transfer window…how easily arsenal fan accepts mediocrity baffles me!!!

  15. John Ibrahim says:

    The Ibrahims want Ozil to leave…

    Hes a lazy player and has no heart to fight and play for Arsenal

  16. John Ibrahim says:

    Its amazing how the media can find fault and slaughter Arsenal when Sanchez could not move to City

  17. Tas says:

    Liverpool fans owe us a death of gratitude for buying Sanchez, as you know they were after Sanchez same time as us but Sanchez chose Arsenal over Liverpool, but if he had chosen Liverpool they still would of had Brandenburg Rodgers as their manager and we would of had Klop ??

    1. Tas says:

      Brendan Rodgers*

  18. FrankN says:

    “death of gratitude”, “would of”-why can’t people talk properly on this site?

    1. Tas says:

      FankNstine that’s because we are supporters from all over the world why can’t you see that

      1. Tas says:

        But no excuse for me I’m from UK I’m just blind without my glasses but again I speak three language fluently and one or two broken

        1. Tas says:

          FrankNstine whats your excuse for being arrogant?

          1. Tas says:

            And another thing almost all players from all the teams in EPL don’t speak “Properly” what are you going to do about that

          2. Tas says:

            FrankNstine may be you can give English lessons to our players on Wednesday nights at the Emirates now that we are out of the CL

  19. Kamikaze says:

    It took a little time for Man u fans to remove Moyes but we are here already planning about next season with new players and the same regime under control….you people make me sick!

  20. John Ibrahim says:

    so many fake fans in here

    the name tells alot

  21. Dan says:

    If Barca offer 55 mill for ozil I will drive him there myself!! Plus the board and Wenger will be delighted with this transfer window another nice profit for yank owner he will give Wenger a new 5 year contract!! Club is a complete shambles from top to bottom no ambition a owner who only cares about how much profit he will make every year and a deluded clueless manager!!!

  22. Al says:

    Most fans will not want to sing Wenger out. I too will not sing Wenger out, even tho I want him replaced. But I was at the everton game last year when everyone sang kroenke out. It was loud and made a statement. We should sing this every game to ruin his reputation.

  23. gunnerpete says:

    Let him go now and then convince the diehard fans to boycott the Emirates until Kronke has gone. That would solve most of the problems in a stroke.

  24. jacob says:

    u guys want ozil to go..who will replace him..we barely v good midfielders n all of u r shouting 4 him to..who will replace him? wilshere? a guy dat will nad play 15 games dis season..ramsey?..dis is the only unserious club in EPL..wenger should count himself lucky dat m nod in england

  25. Okayblack says:

    Don’t sell Ozil… You have no replacement of his standards. If you want Mesut Ozil to give you his best, start the kind of team that motivates him to Play his style of football. Ozil loves Arsenal and would gladly stay if Our club do the right thing. You want him to win Premier league for you playing with Ramsey, Walcott, Welbeck and Chamberlain (now sold)?? Not even Ronaldo or Messi can do it!!!!!

  26. Mr pat says:

    Well the merrygoround is over and I’m seriously thinking of not supporting arsenal until wenger leaves or sacked that way I won’t be too attached to them or their results, ummpgh!!! Who am I kidding but I must try and do that for my sanity, all the going madness wenger is putting arsenal football club through is beyond belief, players don’t want to come to arsenal because of wenger and surely the board must see that why the likes of Evans wasn’t signed as an experienced British defender who’s proved himself is beyond belief and he costs less than mustafi and now we hear coscienly is injured

  27. reddb10 says:

    Ozil leaving would be a blessing. He can f$$k off

  28. Foot gunner 3617 says:

    it is time to bench all the contract rebels their stock should fall , play the willing players. bring in Reiss Nelson

  29. Elmo says:

    Arsenal will not progress until a forward thinking board, owner and managers are in place, clearly this club is just a money making venture for the greedy Stan who cares only for his pocket, wenger sadly is his puppet and gazidis is the silent partner, turmoil and lack of profit in business is a sure thing to sell and move on, this is needed so we/us supporters have a voice and direction in our club, the previous board are to blame for selling to Kroenke & co we are now reaping the benefits of ill thought, blinded, pathetic former directors who were only interested in profits not the club, we are a laughing stock, i will be happy if we finish mid table with this lot… when you are on the bottom there is only one way to go.. up

  30. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Let him go and he can take Sanchez with him. I am sick to death of them. Wengers poor Management of these players has Arsenal in the state it’s in at the moment. WENGER OUT

  31. OxInTheBox says:

    sell him. he is good at home games against the bottom 10, useless on away games and games against top 6. for the easy home games we can also do without him, for the other games every other player will do, even debushy or akpum will do better.
    i wish i could say we’ll use the money to get grotazka or n’zonzi in january, but sell him either way.

  32. AB says:

    We should sell him else we will always have 2 players in the starting 11 who don’t want to play for us. I don’t think wenger will sell him because he will use Ozil to inspire Sanchez which I don’t think will happen.
    The most important thing is to get rid of wenger and the owner. Praying everyday for this to happen.

  33. Dennis says:

    Ozil should run as fast as he can from arsenal for his own good.

  34. Antony Douglas says:

    Why would Bacèlona want Ozil? Its fake news.

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