It’s not that I want Emery pilloried – I just want Arsenal to improve

Emery out talks may be getting out of hand; but can you blame those who want him out?

Unai Emery may be the most talked about coach in football at the moment; with results not going his way and stories of players’ unrest, dressing room issues, and open confrontation with his players being spun around in the media, one can only imagine how uncomfortable the Spaniard may be at this juncture. But then, who is to blame for all this?

Naturally, I am not the type to heap negative pressures on a man who is not having it rosy at the moment; I don’t like spinning negative energy around. I will never kick a man who is already down and seriously injured. But when it comes to me wanting the best for my club, I will definitely not keep mute. I agree that things are really getting out of hand regarding Emery and his Arsenal future, but please, nobody should blame those who keep saying “Emery out”.

Arsenal football club is still trying to recover from the grips of a man who stayed as Arsenal’s coach for 22 years, and now that they expect things to start looking positive with their longest serving manager gone, losing games and not playing inspiring football, is something the fans don’t want at this trying period of the club.

If I were to have a meeting with Emery today, I will surely give him a hug and express my full respect for him and the things he has achieved in football. But if he were to ask me what I feel about what he is going through at Arsenal at the moment, I will definitely give him a blunt and honest piece of my mind. I will definitely ask him to reflect on what is going on and decide if he would want to stay. And I would ask if hecan turn things around, or if it will just be better for him to resign, take a few months off football and come back stronger, as coach of another club.

This may probably be the last piece I will write concerning Emery, unless there is a new development, but please, nobody should come out and fight me for wanting good things to happen in my darling club, Arsenal.

I am not just writing this to place Emery on the hot spot, but to also sound out a note of warning to everybody and anybody who has one business or the other at Arsenal, to sit up or get seriously backwashed by fans like me! I have spent my last ten years hoping and wishing Arsenal will truly get back to being great again and I won’t just allow a few people to keep drawing Arsenal back. I have said it severally in the past that Arsenal needs to be brutal and aggressively decisive in running the affaiars of this club, or risk being relegated in the long run.

To those who feel the “Emery out” chants is getting out of hand, accept my unreserved apology but until things start improving at Arsenal, you just have to bear with those of us who will keep on crying, until things are done right again.

Sylvester Kwentua (Lagos Gooner)


  1. Well to be honest we only bought Auba and Laca because we were a bottomless pit of cash at the time and could afford to employ coasters. Now they’re either detrimental or don’t see their future here after realising what a scam we all are. Sure, you all want the manager out but who else even Wants this job anyway. All the other prospects know they’re walking into a club that no longer has the funds to buy players or keep them long term. We can only attract the Allardyce type managers adept at keeping us in the league rather than winning it.

      1. How much was paid for Pepe? It was arranged in such a way that every Portsmouth of this world can pay (no disrespect to Portsmouth)

        1. What the heck difference does it make whether the managers decide to pay a lump sum for him today or work out a payment plan for him over 5 years? The club needed a player, the managers got him. Would Pepè play any better knowing his fee had been paid upfront?

          1. Actually, after all the players Arsenal released and sold, the total spend new players was very low. The monthly outlay has also been reduced! Kronke and co have actually saved money!

  2. A culture change is needed at the top!! At Chelsea, City, liverpool, even some midtable sides, Emery would’ve been sacked WEEKS ago!! Why are we still wondering if this result is the last straw? We will continue to suffer as long as the Kroenke’s and dinosaurs in the Arsenal hierarchy persist!

  3. I think the board will give him time till the next Europa League. I don’t think they have any replacements lined up or they could just be fine with giving him time. I didn’t even see the match vs Frankfurt, as I was pretty sure of what I would see. I saw the highlights today and that’s it. There is nothing to see.

    Anyway, Emery is probably going to survive this too,

    1. They have to think about Laca and Auba’s contracts as well though. It’s clear they are not happy playing under Emery and want him gone. The longer he stays the harder it will be to convince some of the players to stay.

      1. I don’t think we need Auba and Laca to just remain in the league as a mid table team. I really don’t see any bigger ambition from the higher ups in Arsenal. I think that’s why they brought Emery, giving up hopes already on the EPL title or even top 4 position and hoping we could sneak into CL through Europa League. That was probably their genius plan for bring Mr Europa Emery. But even that seems in shambles.

      2. @RSH
        Aubameyang and Lacazette would leave regardless of who is coach. Why would any player in this day and age, renew their contract after seeing how much Ramsey, Sanchez, Herrera, Emre Can etcetera have been making as free agents?

  4. MK Dons & Cardiff too changed their coaches, we will not act cause I feel 10th place may be the benchmark for a successful season for Edu & Raul. And he played the the B – triangle and you expect to win? Socrates is the new Mustafi, Unai knows he is not in the best of form, why does he persist in playing him? When Xhaka has his eyes on the exit door,why does he select him? The man was found grinning & laughing after the match – he cares the least for the club/fans. Traitor!!We are sitting at the top of our group, Unai should have tried the B team and gone for point. Well Unai is on the brink of history at AFC, 7 games without a win!A task never accomplished by Arsene. Make it 8, and we will have a legend.

    1. Chambers should have come back straight in for Luiz, it’s probably too late now, he should’ve seen it early sure it was as evident as the cookie monster eating all the cookies.

      If Sok had continued like he has with Luiz, then yes he should have been dropped, never saw him as a first choice player anyhow. Bielik should have came in to play with Chambers, and Mavro should’ve been looked at until we got Holding fit again.

      I’m amazed that Emery keeps it up despite all the chances we’re giving away.

      Xhaka, If we are planning on an upgrade in the market then that’s good, but with our options in midfield I think the fans were wrong to add to our matters, we’ve seen that we actually look worse, much worse over these last few weeks.

      Torriera and Xhaka until we bring someone in, should’ve been, and Cabellos was supposed to stitch that midfield and improve us until we can afford a big splash, but it didn’t happen. Luiz, if he is to play games then it can’t be at CB, Luiz should’ve been looked at as an alternative for Xhaka. Guendouzi is not ready yet, he hasn’t got the positioning for it nor has he the timing, but he’s good in a free role.

  5. Freddie would do just as good a job as Emery and most likely better. Give him the job till they find someone

  6. Another important thing that should be addressed, apart from getting another coach is compulsory athletic training for our players. 100 burpees every day would be a start. So that when they fall, they won’t take a minute to stand up again.

    It’s painful how slow to react are our players. They make the earth’s gravity feel way much stronger than it is. Newton would change his first law by seeing how inertial our players movements are. This is unacceptable level of athleticism for the EPL.

    And no other coach can make it better just like that.

    Another glaring thing that I have been witnessing all throughout the season, and especially yesterday against Frankfurt was, our players are playing technically like zombies. They only begin to think who to pass to AFTER they receive the ball rather than BEFORE. That is an additional cause for all this sluggishness in passing.

    A player at this level should be alert and aware of his surroundings and players before he traps the ball with his feet, that is the prerequisite to playing good one touch football. I don’t think Emery is actually addressing that issue in the training grounds, such as body positioning, field awareness, etc. These seemingly simple things differentiate a world class coach like Pep from someone like Emery, who just wants reanimated zombies to chase the ball like their death depends on it.

    I just watched the whole game again and what a pain it was to watch.

  7. What now? Hey Admin? After deleting my previous post….. silencing my facts…. now you see? Are fans still going to blame AFTV or fans going to be delusional again regarding the state of this club?

    Its bigger than me or any fan.

    Clearly there’s an accountability problem at this club.


    1. That’s the point for some, they chose the wrong target and they thought that the top four was a much too easy feat to achieve, but we needed that CL place at first just like Tott need it now, and look at how it made them react so early in their first season, they make a short term decision because of how really needed those funds are.

      Wenger under a caring owner who wants nothing other than to support this team and to see them compete as much as he possibly can, many would have preferred to see how that one would go ..rather than the alternative that A Fan club tv gave up. I know they aren’t fortune tellers, but look at who the Liv fans rallied against before making the ground up and are now wreaking the rewards. They (both set of fans) seemed so sure. Kroenke could honestly not care any less about our club, once his investment is on the rise due to market fluctuations, that’s all he cares about. Liv’s former owner was also a leach, a vampire, so they cut him out from the roots.

      We should have employed people like Edu and even Raul when Wenger was still a power, that consistency showed we were close but some things needed overhauling. We had Invincibles all saying how they would love to come back in in some capacity. Leaving the choice to Wenger was weak, do any leaders like their leadership to be rivaled or in dispute, it should not have been Wenger’s choice to make. Bergkamp, Freddie, Vieira, Keown, Dixon, Wright, Henry, Arteta, Lehman, the coaches we had to choose from, we could have had the best coaching set up of anywhere, like how Barca employed a lot of ex players, this is how you pass on an identity.

  8. How far do Arsenal have to drop down the Premiership? Some players need to step up or be shipped out(75% should be playing in the lower divisions) how long does it take for the Board and useless owners to realise Emery is C**P? We will lose our best players at the end of season (all four of them) if we don’t sack Emery NOW!!!

  9. The manager is not suited to Arsenal’s style of play. He is wrong for the club and you can blame the top level of the club for appointing him! As for the team, Sokratis is useless, not even PL quality. Mustafi is a flop at £30m. Our best CB, Kos left the club because he couldn’t see progress being made. Contracts have been allowed to run down. We could have sold Ramsey for £50m!!? The club is being run by muppets and owned by greedy Yanks!!!

    The stadium was embarrassingly empty last night and that is the only reason the Yanks might sit up and realise that money is not being made to it’s full potential! It’s one thing not being in the CL, but, not making good money in the EL will hurt the club owners big! Add to that, the fact we may finish mid table or worse will effect TV and prize money – Not good!

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