It’s not the Arsenal strikers – We miss Cazorla!

Arsenal are going through a mini goal drought at the moment having gone three games without a goal from anywhere. There has been much criticism of our strikers for being so wayward, but Arsene Wenger is trying to deflect criticism from his front men by declaring that there are many factors involved, and one of them is because we are missing Santi Cazorla from our midfield. “Look, it’s not definite,” Le Prof said.

“It is frustrating because we had some periods where we scored for fun and we have dried out recently so we have to correct that.

“Sometimes you have to go through spells like that. Sometimes when we win games we shoot three times at the goal and score three goals. [Against Southampton] we had all the chances – we must just continue to create them.

“Our style is offensive, to go forward and maybe we lost a little bit of our quality in the build-up over the longer period by losing people like Cazorla who are providers. We had to redress that.

“Goals are not only down to the strikers – it’s down to the quality of the way you create goal chances and the quality of the chances you create.”

Arsenal are only five points behind the leaders and that could all change after Leicester play Man City, but Wenger just wants to concentrate on getting back to scoring goals from within the Arsenal side. “There are 14 games to go and that match will not decide it,” he continued. “What is more important for us is to come back with a winning habit. We have lost only once [recently], and with 10 men – people forget that.

“So there are positives and negatives recently, but I think we were a bit unlucky in the last two home games.”

Personally I am not sure about the Cazorla bit, as we created an amazing 22 chances against Southampton, so there are still providers on the pitch, no less than our King of Assists Mesut Ozil. Perhaps he is saying that Ramsey can’t produce the same quality as Santi? Anyway, we have got the chances, it’s the finishing that IS the problem, Arsene.

Sort it out!

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  1. Typical Wenger, still flapping around looking for excuses ?
    It’s not as if Cazorla was scoring or assisting ?
    Yes, Cazorla is missed but I’m not buying that excuse for our goal drought!

    If only, the thought of more ‘target practice’ could enter the mind, of the deluded one, instead of looking for excuses. ?

  2. We do miss Santi as he can play out if very tight spaces in the middle if the park surrounded by opposition players and make a brilliant or smart passes, where as ramsey trys to run threw them, bomb forward, stay forward and then we lose the space in the middle where teams counter us and put us on the back foot. Cazorla has that disipline and Rambo looks for self glory.

    Our Attackers are at fault for alot. Ox rarly scores, walcott misses most chances or sitters and Giroud only was playing like a beast when walcott was in front of him, then got injured and Giroud knew he had to step up to make theo stay on bench. All too comfortable in theirs positions imo. wenger then throws walcott back on the wing upon his return?? Dont get that! Wenger has got alot wrong too in his approaches to the games where we have faltered and our injury list, has to be his training methods!

  3. 3 articles. Welbeck, Wilshere and Santi. All injured! When is Santi due back? I presume Le Coq will start tomorrow.

  4. And there’s no guarantee that Cazorla will be the same player he was before his injury. Although it’s just my opinion but Cazorla hasn’t even been as good as he was last year.

  5. Cech
    Koz Mertz/Gabe
    Bellerin Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey
    We oughta be scoring goals for fun

  6. Man City v Leicester, about to kick off!
    We could do with this game finishing as a draw, along with the spuds drawing at home to Watford, but hey, what difference will it make? … Since we never can take advantages from these situations!

    Being Realistic ? Man City will be top of the league tonight and the Spuds will be 3 points ahead of us ??

    It’s a no win situation, as the pressure will be on us either way!

  7. I read in one website that Arteta should replace Ramsey in the B2B role. He’s more technically and tactically aware than Ramsey. Besides, he’s our number 1 penalty taker (not that we’ve had too many of those anyway). I think it’s a great idea, what do you think?

    ______Sanchez Ozil Oxlade-Chamberlain
    _______Coquelin (DM) Arteta (CM)
    _____Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

    1. If thats the case then Ramsey should take back right flank and maybe it may result in productivity on that side.

  8. Leicester have so far scaled all the obstacles placed on their path. They’re not doing too badly against City so far 🙂

  9. Of course e miss Cazorla. He is WC and owned CM Like a champ.

    However our major problem is not enough goals and not scoring the winning goal when we are drawing

  10. of course we need santi coz after sanchez.cech, and ozil he is the closest thing we have to a world class player.

    my mood shifts into being angry when i think about some time ago, where people dared to say that ramsay is actually a better cm than santi.

    Wait till he gets in his natural poz. they said. f….ing imbeciles.

  11. Leicester City have a great chance to be crown champions. What a slap to the face that would to be to Wenger.

    Stabil team with a striker who knows how to do damage. What more can you ask from a team?

  12. The problem of Arsenal is Arsene Wenger. As far as Arsene Wenger continues as d manager of Arsenal, Arsenal will not make any progress than already done…
    Change Arsene Wenger, then motivate the players to fight… Simple!!!!!

  13. The simple fact, is that Van Persie left nearly four years ago and he hasn’t been replaced with another top striker. Essentially what Wenger is saying, is that in nearly four years there hasn’t been a better striker on the market than Giroud. Which is a complete lie for anyone who knows anything about football.

    When you have a manager who thinks like this, then there is absolutely no hope for us! What baffles more than anything, is that Wenger has managed one the best strikers ever in Henry! So he obviously knows what a quality striker brings to a team, and yet he continues with the likes of Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck and Sanogo. Suarez is a great example of how important a top striker is. As soon as he left, Liverpool crumbled!

  14. absolutely right…………i’ve been saying that as well to folks on ere…. But it seems they aren’t willing to understand and see things broadly

    Cazorla is 30 something now
    Cazorla is currently injured and is not due back until arnd march/april
    Cazorla’s performances were way off the chart so far this season
    Cazorla’s form after return from injury isn’t a guaranteed one
    Cazorla has no successor

    but how would these folks ever understand?

    They keep missing Cazorla over and over

  15. OMG I wish half of Arsenal players have the same commitment, work rate and stamina Leicester shows day in day out? the Pace of the invisibles written all touch football and with pace..then control the tempo..defend as unit..Da boy KANTE is amazing ( 400000 pounds from 2nd division team Lens ) ..and we got Flamini and Ramsey slower than turtle nor same level of fitness too.. but we can not find special ones as Mr Wenger always come out with.Man how rewarding would have been If we have got the WC ST and WC DM we desperately needed to boost our chances to win EPL? Scouts can not find them every transfer window nor our Coach shows AMBITION..and topping the nail in the coffin..PRICE INCREASE..I’m not against it IF YOU GIVE US THE SPECTACLE WE THE FANS DEMAND AND BUY THE PLAYERS TO DO the mean time DO NOT EVEN TREAT US LIKE is time we ( real gooners ) VOICE OUR DISCONTENT MASSIVELY..many over rated and under performer players in our squad..fresh start is needed and players to take us to places we DESERVE.

  16. if you watch arsenal place I see so much space and no runs no runs at all only when in the box if you watch Leicester they are always makeing runs all over the place that’s how you score goals against a team like Southampton they controlled the game it was not unlucky just like chelsea can do control the game and won arsenal players don’t believe they can win the title the players in that team play without heart you know why because Im sure wenger tells them becareful we don’t need anymore Injurys what kind of mentality is that also I will pick out Ramsey he is playing like a player who is leaveing the club he and flamini just don’t work Ramsey is not playing good at all wenger can blame make excuses but truth is he is the manager he make the tactics and he gets it wrong all the time giroud has no pace none bench him against some teams and play pure pace make runs ox Walcott but they don’t Walcott has lost it his pace has gone its clear or he fears I jury how if a player is fit put your all in forget injury if you get Injured then so be it but if your fit and your Walcott run put yourself about wenger should leave because he. Any motivate the players he don’t know how to be tactical he just picks the team and tells the same thing it’s not working change it ever team will not play open so wenger needs to change the team players and style to defeat that also if a team presses us wenger does nothing to get round that same team same tactics that’s the issue that’s why arsenal won’t win the league it’s like a boxer going for head all the time you need to go for body to open up the other for the head shot wenger is to soft and it’s transfers to the players remember the team he had before always makeing runs stretching teams even if they are sitting back spread there whole back line and midfield with run after run arsenal don’t do that anymore they don’t even shoot outside the box you know why because wenger tells them not to another tactic to draw another team out Ramsey can shoot but he never shoots anymore why is that wenger fact thanks guys .

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