“It’s not the level for this football club” Mikel Arteta not satisfied with winning just the FA Cup

Mikel Arteta has had a profound impact at Arsenal since he became the club’s manager last year.

The Spaniard has been able to turn their season around after they struggled at the start of the season under Unai Emery.

They will finish this season outside the top six, but they have an FA Cup final to play.

If the Gunners can win the FA Cup, they will play in the Europa League next season, and most fans may consider that a befitting end to this season.

However, Arteta doesn’t think that winning that trophy and finishing outside the top six would make this season a success.

He revealed that the Gunners are a big team and they should be targeting bigger goals than ending this campaign with just the FA Cup.

Asked if winning the cup and finishing eight was good enough, Arteta replied as quoted in the Independent: “No. For me this club deserves the best and you have to be fighting for every title.

“Obviously after everything that happened, if we are able to win the final and qualify for Europe, we can say it’s OK. But it’s not the level for this football club.”

The Gunners will take on Chelsea in the FA Cup final on August 1, and Arteta will be hopeful that his players can get their hands on the trophy.

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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    That is exactly what we want to hear as fans! It remains to be seen whether Arteta can improve us, but he has certainly talked a good game since day one.

    For too long Wenger hoodwinked part of our fan base into believing that scraping into fourth every season, gods knows how many points off the top, was the equivalent of winning the league!

    Good to have a manager of ambition again.

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      Guess who is laughing now?

  2. RFrancis says:

    I agree, this is certainly not the level for this club and we are waiting earnestly to see what actions will be taken by the owners to address this matter. Certainly personnel changes at the executive or managerial levels to improve talent acquisition, development and management must be top of his list. And most importantly the entire club need to re-aligned to reflect changes in the league and the game itself.

    1. GunneRay says:

      Completely agree. The owners need a full review of the clubs management and structure. Bad descisions have been made and people need to be accountable. If the owners cannot fathom the problems then maybe they really are the problem!?

      Here’s hoping to a wake up call for the club and full support for MA!!

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        They should start by firing anyone who sanctioned Pepe’s buy.

  3. Top Gunner says:

    “The Spaniard was able to turn the season around.” What season did he turn? Emery left the team at No.10 on the log and we are still there. What kind of article is this one? Arteta has not yet done anything spectacular. Atleast Emery took us to Europa final

    1. UNCLE JOSH says:

      Is there no difference between downward spiralling and stability at a point? At the point Arteta took over, the team was already heading towards relegation. Please appreciate good things no matter how little it is. Wait till next season.

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        What good thing? We are still where we were.

    2. ozziegunner says:

      One important improvement for Arsenal would be less “talking the talk” and more “walking the walk” on the field.
      Let Arsenal first win the FA Cup, then we can assess the situation at the end of the season.

    3. Admin Martin says:

      I try to find balance and am very careful to try and minimise my own personal opinion within an article and sometimes I find it best just to parrot what the majority think.

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        Can you write one comparing Emery stats vs Arteta’s this season?

  4. Top Gunner says:

    I’m not gonna be brainwashed by media and pundits to believe that Arteta has made any significant improvement at Arsenal

    1. GunneRay says:

      He has at least steadied the sinking ship, Top Gunner. The thing is, he has passion and Arsenal DNA. With some support and time to build a team, he may just be our man!? Can we at least give him a chance everyone!!??

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        The ship has already sunk my friend.

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