“it’s not the worst point” Pundit says hard to be critical of Arsenal

Chris Sutton has reacted to Arsenal’s 1-1 draw against Southampton today and claims they didn’t look the part even though the result is not the worst outcome it could have been.

The Gunners headed into that fixture needing to win to stay four points clear of Manchester City.

Mikel Arteta’s side had won 9 of 10 league games, including fixtures against Liverpool and Tottenham.

They started well against the Saints and took the lead, but the home side was always in the game before they scored their equaliser.

The result means Arsenal has dropped points for only the second time this season and Sutton tweeted:

“Arsenal looked a tad today. Hard to be too critical. As things stand it’s not the worst point away from home. Fair play to Southampton.”

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We have played high-intensity matches for much of this season and winning nine of ten fixtures shows our players have been giving their best in every game.

We need to focus on recovering from these dropped points and targeting another win in our next competitive game.

We have been winning games with slim margins before this draw and we must start finishing off opponents sooner now to avoid an outcome like today.

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  1. The writer is spot on, in the scheme of things though not a great point it is indeed a good ponit.

    Forget about the Saints injuries, this game had all the hallmark of a potential banana skin waiting to happen, the team looks jaded against the youngest team in the league. So scoffing off a point at St Mary’s isn’t the end of the world.

    The gaffer needs to rest the entire team comes Thursday, as we negotiate the fixture pile up.

  2. I do not share the general opinion that v this performance which WAS down to tiredness(on THAT I DO AGREE) IS ACCEPTABLE AT ALL.

    Many player were noticeably losing intensity after only 15-20 mins and they OUGHT to be far fitter than that. I FOUND IT A TIMID, SCAREDY CAT TYPE OF PERF AND DEMAND MORE ENERGY THAN WE SAW TODAY.


    1. The core of our team has been playing relentlessly from the beginning of the season, team members will need a break, at times complete rest.

      As the team tire, fatigue and mistake chips in at times players will look like a shadow of their self
      But the gaffer knows this why he trys to sign Raphinha and Luiz.
      Saka for example should have no further involvement until the Forest game next Sunday.

      One must always remember the premise league is played at a level of intensity different from others

    2. Jon
      Acceptable or not, they were tired but I didn’t get that feeling as early in the game as you did.
      What I did feel was that their intensity was deflated by some very poor refereeing decisions during the first half and by the EL games too.
      It seems that Arteta is on a mission to finish top of the group in double quick time and has been using many of the regular first team which must impact energy levels. Do you have another explanation for the falling away?

      1. Well Sue P, the obvious reason most will agree on is that our quality level in th squad is too shallow and so players are used too much I accept that as truth.

        Though unlike you , I do not accept that as a valid reason for intensity levels to drop so very early in the game. For 15, maybe 20 mins, we looked hungry, but we fell away badly, even before half time and far more after it.

        I accept players were clearly tired and said so.

        But I do not think such relatively feeble efforts to run are excusable, despite a heavy schedule.

        I have always been one who demands maximum effort from each player in every game. Which is why I could never stand Walcott, Ozil in particular, and Auba in his last two seasons.

        1. Sue P, I SHOULD HAVE ADDED THAT I too thought the ref an appalling one. He let their defender almost murder Jesus, unpunished, and booked SAKA for a clear non dive. He also allowed, almost encouraged, the enormous time wasting by both teams and we had around 45 mins actual play, which is historically low for any game. Rubbish ref, not bent, just rubbish.

          My bette noire in most games is that free kicks take an age, if in dangerous positions, encouraged by couldn’t care less refs. Esp THIS ref!

  3. It’s not the end of the World(even City droped points from wining position against villa)…But this habit of conceding goals on counter attacks when you’r in wining position is to say the least naïve………Against Man U WE were drawing AWAY from home and yet WE concede on a counter attak!!!!these details have to be adressed

    1. Exactly……… Our competitors hav also drop points that’s why we top anyway, everyone will continue to drop point. D only tin I worry about is fatigue. Arteta needs to manage d players better to avoid fatigue

  4. Barring Man city, it feels as if the whole premier league is conspiring to give Arsenal the big Jug.

  5. It isnt the worse point in the world in the great scheme of things at all. Its what may or may not be developing with our reliance on certain players and not utilising the squad for the EL. The younger players have never let us down in this comp, when they are given their head and chance. I dont go with this fatigue excuse but how can a player prove himself if he isnt given playing time on Thursday and cup games. Nketiah, Vierra, Nelson, Cedric, and others need to be trusted to play in the EL. Our youngsters need to be given their head and chance to perform. They are not. Putting strong teams out every Thursday is costing us, it needs to be a good blend of experience, youth and players knocking on the door.

    1. If those young ones are giving the chances that you crave for, you would be the first to still complain and blame Arteta if things didn’t go so well, he is making sure Arsenal cement the top of the table position in Europa League, that isn’t so bad

    2. Reggie
      I’m all for putting out strong teams and getting the games won. However, I have been surprised at just how strong the EL squads have been and where it has worked for the EL is beginning to affect the league.
      It used to bug me back when we were in the CL that there was regularly too much reliance on the fringe players and it was a mad scramble to bring on experience to get a result.
      I get your points totally about getting a good balance between youth and experience- I just didn’t think that the senior team would flag so quickly which is putting pressure on the players and our league performances
      I hope Arteta gets the message

      1. Yes Sue, our young guns have a great record for years in the group stages of the EL i dont think Arteta trusts them. Which i think he should a little more.

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