It’s Official! – Arsenal are a medical away from first signing

It’s hardly new Arsenal transfer news, but at lat we can safely say that Arsenal (barring a crazy medical) have finally got their first signing of January, and it has been confirmed by Krystian Bielik himself. “I’m going to London to fulfill my dreams. I hope I will become an Arsenal player soon.”

His club Legia Warsaw made it even more official when their official website announced:

Krystian Bielik will have a medical in Arsenal on Friday. ‘I’m going to London to fulfill my dreams. I hope I will become an Arsenal player soon,’ the 17-year-old midfielder said to

Bielik came to Legia before the start of the 2014-15 season. Since then he had six appearances in our Club’s official games – five in Polish T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and one in Europa League. In the past Bielik played for junior teams of Górnik Konin and Lech Poznań.

Well okay he is only 17, but he’s 6ft 2in and built to hold off opponents. Perhaps he could be another Wenger unpolished diamond, and apparently (probably because Arsenal were interested) every other club was after him as well!

The old United defender Henning Berg, who is the manager at Legia Warsaw at the moment, obviously didn’t know the deal was done when this quote came through: “Bielik is in comfortable situation, big clubs are interested in him. Not long ago nobody knew him and now half of Europe want him.”

“We do understand that of course other clubs might be interested in him. But that is normal when you have big talents and good players — there will be other clubs who are interested.

“What he will do we don’t know yet, but to stay at Legia would be a very good option for him.”

“He’s a physical player with good skills. He has very good understand of the game and match mentality. Krystian is quite far ahead of other players at his age.”

So his manager thinks he is special and he could be the bargain of the century! So come on, let’s be a little bit excited about getting him? And, on the bright side, the negotiating team can move on to the more important targets….

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  1. He will hardly play- Arsene will have left before this kid establishes himself.. He will then be sold to QPR or Fulham!

    It’s brilliant news we’ve signed someone but come on… What really do you expect him to do.. Realistically would city, Chelsea or manure sign a 17 year old from a weak league and expect anything other than the odd cup cameo..? No!
    Arsene that’s a start.. Now let’s sign someone for the NOW . To elevate us into the top 4 and make us competive against the other top teams .

    1. The excuse will be no players were available and diaby will be back ! Well for at least ten minutes !

      1. I don’t get it… Is this the Jesus we have all been crying out to come save us??? Hurrah!!! Wenger has brought in a world-class player at last. We did beat Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and Chelsea to his signature.

        F**k Kondogbia!!! F**k Wanyama!!! F**k Sneidelin!!! This guy is the real deal!!!

        1. Just gonna say this now, Barcelona youngsters playing today, Arsenal interested in buying Barcelona youngster.

    2. You’ll never know. Fabregas was pretty much a solid pick for the first squad at the age of 18-19.

      1. Well this kid is still a year or two shy of being 18-19…..and Fabregas was a precocious talent, an exception to the rule.But even he wasn’t in the Arsenal first 11 at 17.

        Nice addition, good potential, happy to see a change in physical profile for a midfielder (6″2)…but NOT worthy of an article drumming up a buzz of excitement.

        1. Pogba. You know him? He is still young. Next season this our boy will shine in capital one cup. But for now? I knew Wenger won’t get another DM with the way Le Coq is playing even when he thought Flamini was the best for us.I hope Le Coq doesn’t get injured.

      2. What if this kid ends up playing 70% of our games left this season?
        What would that say about the kid? What if he dominates play in his area of the pitch? The funny thing about risks is it creates an outcome. He will either cut it, or he won’t.
        1.He doesn’t and we feed one of the lesser league teams for more than what we brought… And it’s business as usual.
        2.He becomes a young established full international who is getting all the reviews for his no none sense silky play for Arsenal

        With Arteta Wilshire out long term, he has every chance to prove if he is worth the hype of being the new Vieira. If Arsene fails to buy anyone else in that role, than he has to perform now. If Arsene buys another, than the kid will get the experienced advise to make him better.

        Win Win

        1. If a 17 year old ends up having to feature in 70% of our remaining games I think more than few eyebrows will be raised at our transfer policy.

          Name another 17 year old having a similar impact at a top 16 European club. What you’ve just alluded to is pure fantasy.

            1. All currently 17 are they? Can you even read or do you just say things no matter the context to suit your agenda?

              Casillas, Mess, Maldini all prodigies. You’ve never heard of our new 17 year old and he’s in that bracket just because? Good stuff.

              1. Rooney, Anelka, Fabregas. All of which were playing very very well at age 16, 17 and 18, in the EPL specifically.

                1. Rooney went for 30mil, Anelka went for 500k almost 20 years ago, and Fabregas was at Barcelona. The idea players at that level can be picked up at Legia Warsaws for 2.5mil is hopeful at best.

                  Some Arsenal fans need a reality check. Coquelin has come back for a few games and that’ the DM position sorted, now we’re signing a 17 year old and he’s been dubbed the new Pogba. Hilarious

    3. Agreed.
      Can’t help but feel with Arteta now being out for 3 months, along with Debuchy, that our hopes of an established transfer will be more likely.

      I think it’s always been a case of finding replacements for Flamini and Arteta. Coquelin is covering Flaminis role, but no chance Wenger goes the rest of the season without an Arteta-type orchestrator in the middle. If theres any truth to the Gundagon case id be amazed if it isnt closed now. You only wonder why we haven’t signed someone already.

    1. we did try to sign lewa but so was bayern real an every other monkey swinging from the tree.

      he made his choice

  2. Sorry I cannot get excited about this signing ! Wenger is a joke and I’m worried this is all we will get in as he has started the usual BS about working day and night on transfers well hello Arsene the window was open all through the summer for a DM and CB and you have had 15 days already.

  3. 6 months ago he got his first start playing for warsaw.
    now hes joining arsenal…must be something to him.

    but hes one for the future.

    we still need a cb a dm and a bj

  4. Welcome.Krystian. He could be the next Tony Adams. He was only 17 when he made his debut and Cesc was only 16 I think. Now for at least one more.

  5. To all those who keep stating how Southampton have such a good chance of ending above us; we finally get an opportunity to see them with a couple of injuries which they have avoided all season (and we have not). Schneiderlin, Wayama, Alderwiereld, Mane all out.

  6. Im still not excited congrats to him but thats not what we need mr wenger hes jus going to suffer on the bench!!! We need a big signing to win trophies & hes not of that class smfh @ #AW!!!

  7. Off topic I find it incredible that from the team that are known as the invincibles and arguably the best ever Arsenal team not one of the is involved currently at the club !
    Maybe Wenger is too worried about being over shadowed by them and his big ego would be dented !

    1. City hardly needed ‘bony m’ but they are showing that to win the league you need to strengthen – when in a position of strength..
      We meanwhile are not even close.. It was the same before Walcott injured last season- WE NEEDED A STRIKER yet arsene signed Kim fekin kardashin that was injured..
      It’s a piss take to be fair..

      Still while there’s days left.. I’m Living in hope..

      1. wonder what will happen to Negrado??

        they do need bony….they only have 1 natural CF in Dzeko….Aquero plays on the wings or on the left side

        1. Jovetic ?
          That’s not my point.. They have players that can score from anywhere.. They are arsenal of 2004-2006 fluid free flowing football.. Why did they sign bony m…?
          Because ambitious teams want to improve themselves whereas average teams content with supplying the owner money become that-average..

  8. Great news I think this is a great move for 3m, (ish), I’d like to think two more signings would follow.
    It would be great to know what our projected budget for spend in Jan is if the right players come up, I’ve heard 20m banded around.

  9. Hey guys ask Budd to whisper in Wengers ear tonight , instead of i” I love you baby” he could whisper “BUY SOMEONE “

  10. Schneiderlin wont come in Jan!, maybe the Summer.
    Kondogbia is injured I believe and also plays for the team we meet in the CL, no chance.

    If nothing else happens by this time next week I’ll be praying for Tiote and Reid, (standards dropped).

    Would love Sissoko at Arsenal he’s got something about him that we desperately need!

  11. no good enough…we have too many deadwoods in the academy…

    we need a proper DM…. someone that flys, make multiple tackles, interceptions and score goals

  12. I am excited.
    Der Polish Kid coming.
    One for the future.
    I am excited yeha.
    Thats what being starved of signings does.
    Going crazy about the signing of a 3.5 mill 17 yr old.
    Just imagine if Arsene lashes out and gets in a
    6 mill Croation midfielder. I will totally go banana’s.
    And hell if he sells the farm and we get
    a 10 mill CB I will be admitted. 🙂
    Arsenal FA Cup, ECL Trophy coming up…

    1. No I think Bielik just popped up and
      Wenger thought while I am in town
      shopping might as well snap up
      this bargain for the future.
      Three more to come.
      Midfielder because Wilshere is out
      Walcott is struggling to really recover his form
      Ozil is just back Ramsey keeps picking up knocks
      Sanchez and Cazorla have played a lot.
      2 CB ‘s because Kos is borderline with his Archilles
      Chambers has to cover RB. and DM.
      No DM we have Coque Flamini Arteta Chambers DRB and Bielik.

  13. I remember back when i was a kid, when i saw Cesc for the first time, i was angry at Arsene for putting his trust on that young player who looked like a hippi with his hair, but boy what a player he became. Fakkk you Wenger for leting him go to Chelsea. We lack leaders in the team and there he goes to Chelsea. Dont be surprised if Chelsea makes him the captain after Terry retires.

    Young Cesc became so good bec he was learning from the best. Who is this kid about to learn from? Diaby? Arteta?

  14. Arsene may suprise us all and sign ronaldo..?
    Unfortunately not the Real Madrid player but the great Brazilian who is considering a comeback at 38..and 38 stone
    Good bit of business from arsene – especially if it brings some samba chix to the Emirates .. Id forgive him for an atrocious transfer window..
    Muff would be in like a dogs dick..!

  15. jesus guys! this is someone for the future. “ahh he will never play ” . use your brains please.

    we need a cb , not sure dm will happen this window.

  16. I personally think hes a good signing and why won’t he be a starter? He’s 6’2, mobile and if he has a shred of coquelins defensive awareness and half of sanchez’s engine/enthusiasm then start him but tread cautiously and go slowly. Who knows we could have just bought the next matic, (he says trying to be positive!). As for a dm signing I think its coquelin, flamini and chambers until the summer when I suspect well try again for morgan s or victor w etc. 1 or 2 cbs please, (got to replace per) and maybe brozovic…….thats all folks!

    1. He won’t play cause he was only worthy of 6 games at Legia Warsaw, which means that he isn’t even worthy of 2nd choice at Arsenal. We are better off loaning him off straight away and using him as leverage to bring in a CB.

  17. Also if beliek does sign, puts on our shirt and ends up starting and doesnt do welll enough, let’s protect him and not get on his case. Remeber it’s wenger who signs the players and picks the team! Wenger aleeady looked close to making this mistake with chambers before he pulled him out of the firing line just in time.

  18. We need CB/DM… What we get instead? a 17 year old lil boy, by the way we’re already half way through the transfer window.

    how’s this going to help get into top 4? this man is really playing with fire now… if kos gets injured again we’re back to 8th spot that’s a promise.

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