It’s Official – Arsenal are NOT a one-man team!

One-Man Team? What One-Man Team?! by Uche

Hello there folks. Still celebrating the Aston Villa assault? Of course you are you drunken Gunners! Boy what a win! Correct me if I am wrong but Arsenal have not scored five goals in a game in… like a century! We played that game like it was a training ground exercise and it could have end up being 9-0. And we did it all without Alexis Sanchez in the side.

That my friends is the subject of today’s musings. You see, the haters will always try to make our achievements look ridiculous. We win the FA Cup and they call it a Mickey Mouse cup. We sign Mesut Ozil and they say it was a waste of money. We sign Alexis Sanchez and they say we are now a one man team. And then we beat Man City in their own house like a boss and what did they say? Oh, that’s right, they are running out of excuses now. But someone might have said something like, ‘They only won because there was no Yaya Toure’. Interesting. If I recall correctly, Yaya Toure played for 60 minutes at Wembley in the Community Shield trophy match and we still whopped their butts 3-0 comfortably.

I am never in a hurry to declare that we have turned a corner. Even our Man City win left me speechless and stunned. But after the Aston Villa game, I had seen enough to make that proclamation. You can feel all the pieces clicking now. In Ospina, we have found a mature and safe pair of hands. That guy is our undisputed number one keeper. Hector Bellerin went through a baptism of fire at Stoke but he has since grown in leaps and bounds. And as for that midfield void that Patrick Viera left years ago, we couldn’t be bothered with the transfer window because General Francis the Coquelin is conquering everything in his path, kicking butt and taking names. Everything has clicked. Even young Bielick is wowing the boss in training, so an injury to Coquelin will not leave us exposed.

Alexis was absent because of a hamstring injury and we went on to score more goals than we have ever scored with him on the side. This is weird because we had a similar result away at Galatasaray. Alexis was rested and we were all nervous because we needed a win to keep our momentum going. And before we could all grab beers and settle on our favorite chairs, Podolski had banged in a screamer to announce that the Gunners were not in Turkey to take selfies….. or eat turkey… That match ended with a big score line of 4-1 without Sanchez even being on the bench. Maybe we should start benching Sanchez whenever we need a big win! Lol!

When everyone is fit, this Arsenal side can come up with six or eight different attacking combinations and still win their games comfortably. What a time we are having! We had no Welbeck, Wilshere, Sanchez nor The Ox. Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo are away on loans and we STILL put out that kind of performance.

So it is official. Alexis is the undisputed king of the ring – but we are no one man team. Special mention to Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil, two incredible players that have been questioned for a while now. Walcott was largely anonymous in that game and was afraid of contact after being injured for almost a year. But he remains a very dangerous sniper and that is the difference between him and the Ox.

Ox is a better all-round footballer on current form, but with a poor goal and assist record. Walcott is that guy that gets you goals and assists, even when he is not playing well. Walcott has scored six goals in his last six games and often from the bench. In fact, Walcott is a good luck charm of some kind. We create more clear cut chances when he plays because he will make those runs that put him in goal scoring positions.

And as for Ozil, don’t even get me started. He has more talent in his little finger than most midfielders will ever dream of, and he is becoming a clinical goal scorer. I am glad he is back and raising his game more than ever.

Happy days Gunners. Unto the next one. Peace.

Uche Edochie
Lagos – Nigeria

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    1. And what were City when we played them at the Etihad??? Give your team some credit were it’s due man…

      1. we played brilliant at city and the team and wenger deserve alot of credit for that. The point was that villa are actually the worst team in the league who havent scored a goal for 10 hours. I think if we hadnt give them a hiding there would have been questions to answer. Yes we scored 5 but they lacked determination and didnt want to know second half. We should be smashing teams like villa- look at our team on paper- we should be challenging for the title.

        1. Villa are poor offensively but until yesterday pretty good defensively. It wasn’t the win – which as you point out was expected – but rather the way we won that has got folks excited.

          1. Dont get me wrong im as excited as anyone about our city win and our hammering of villa. I was just saying they are a very poor side and if city or chelsea had whacked them for 5 everyone on here would be saying yeah but its only aston villa. Anyway lets hope we can continue our run against a spuds team that look in a bit of form…. Keep harry kane and erikson quiet and im thinking 3 more points.

    2. @rick
      Thats doesn’t matter dude. We did what teams have been doing to us in the past. We played our game so well, it cancelled out their game. Regardless of what they were coming with…

  1. And City also? I like Sanchez. He is very good. But he did play to his standard against City but we won covincingly with our Spainish magician out of the world peformance. Everybody is stepping up now including the much slated Ozil 11.

  2. After the first leg win, the excuse was that Villa player had some kind of food poisoning or something.

    How I wish Arsene can be a consistent Manager. He is old anyway. I dont pray for any major injuries again because that could distort Arsene’s new found trick.

    1. John what’s the hate on wenger about? If u hate wenger at the moment then u hate arsenal n it makes u my enemy, simply plotting against my football happiness n im might be tempted to use curse words but I’ve outgrown that, ur wanted porchettino, martinez then klopp, ok i see,,,, careful boi don’t kill my villa vibe

  3. I wonder what a certain Van Persie would be thinking now. Let’s see who will issue a statement and say the direction of the club was ‘shit’. He probably saw akpom in training and got scared that the team wasn’t going to be abt him anymore…….lol. just kidding. It shows that Arsenal FC is greater than any player and Arsene was right….. The media always called us a one man team in his days, they thought SANCHEZ had brought back that status but Arsene knows best. Kudos to the guys for proving the haters wrong….

    1. “The crest on the front is more important than the name on the back.” I doubt those were the exact lines, but I can finally use a ‘Goal’ reference on this site lol.

  4. Arsenal are finding better form nowadays. The win over Man City was excellent and the win over a dreadful Villa was good. Alexis has been the key to the season so far. He has carried the team up until this point, but now more Gunners are contributing. If Arsenal can remain healthy and continue to improve, then surely than can lock up 4th place again. Arsenal will need a couple more top class signings like Sanchez in the summer to compete for the title however.

    1. @ Hafiz can you send me all the players list that you think needs to be added to our team, also the names of the players you want.
      I’ll check if my son has them in his match attack cards decks.

  5. Yes so many players stepping up. We beat city well yes but villa were awful mostly because they were in awe and terrified of what we could unleash upon them! Great for our confidence and gd. Onwards and upwards. Ot: quiet deadline day so far, yawn……quadrado the only exception.

  6. Target should be finish in 3rd, (maybe 2nd) then make some quality well chosen signings. One top striker and schneiderlin or someone of the same ilke. Still like kondogbia.

  7. For the January transfer window, I think Mourinho/Chelsea beat us AGAIN for being more ambitious by getting Cuadrado. Paulista was a good signing but is someone we required to make up the numbers as we were short a CD.

    Most of the time I don’t agree with Hafiz but this time his comment above is correct.

    With the amount of injuries we have every season, we need to get two WC signings to be close to Chelsea. Ideally a WC striker and WC DM.

    We have 2, arguably 3 WC players.
    Chelsea have 7 WC players imho.

    It’s not just WC players that make up a team but how well the team plays together as a collective unit, but we are still in 5th place and have been 6th place most of the season

    If we were as good as Chelsea and don’t need any more WC players, we wouldn’t be 6th place most of the season. I love that we got Paulista, but he alone is not the answer to challenging for top trophies.

    1. Chelsea didn’t show more ambition. They bought what they needed, and we bought what we needed. Having loaned out Salah, and Schurrle certain to join wolfsburg, they needed to buy a winger. We needed to buy at least a CB and we did. We should not just buy because others are buying. No 3 points for that.

    2. Bro, Rome was not built in a day. Arsenal were miles of Chelsea and Mancity just 2 years ago. Now we are much closer and by the summer there will probably be no gap…..we don’t have sugar daddies, we have visionaries who started a plan 10years ago and now we are closer to realising the plan. And even with a team that is behind Chelsea, who knows what could happen by May. Champs league and FA cup in our sight and if Chelsea and mancity twitch in the league, we may also be able to capitalize.

    3. Ambition? Losing 2 players and bringing in one? Schurrle > Cuadrado. He is covering over the cracks and making up the squad numbers after wasting £30M with these 2 transfer failures? Salah there for 12 months, Schurrle for 20 months but who is slating Mourinho for incompetence? Mourinho has lost 2 players (one sold, one loaned) and replaced them with one player, a PL newbie with a modest record (23 league goals in 6 years) in a mid-table Serie A side, a flavour of the month Gervinho 2.0. See if he can last more than the 12 months Salah did.

  8. So how come no one is talking about how wenger missed a trick by not signing Fabregas again (the player that abandoned us wen he needed him and also showed other players like nasri and rvp the way out of arsenal)?? Could it be because of Carzola and Ozil like Wenger said and people thought he was a Big fool?? No matter what haters say or the media, Arsene knows BEST….Fact.

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