It’s official – Arsenal are the most expensive club for a match-day – including a pint and a pie

Arsenal Top Match Day Prices As Fans Pay More Than £100 Per Game

Full cost of a matchday at the Emirates including a pie and pint is £105.40

Huddersfield is the cheapest football day out in the Premier League at £36.60

A season ticket at Spurs is the same as the average UK monthly salary

Chelsea has the cheapest pies but the most expensive beer.

Matchday Calculator provides comprehensive information on home and away match tickets for every Premier League club

With the Premier League season underway, new data reveals the true price of football for fans across the UK, and it’s more bad news for Arsenal fans.

After two defeats that have left Unai Emery’s side sliding down the table, Gooners may also see their bank balance take an unhealthy plunge, with tickets at the Emirates costing as much as £97.

Including a half-time pint and a pie, Arsenal fans will fork out a massive £105.40 for every home game. That equates to an eye-watering £2,002.60 if they attend all 19 home league matches – and that’s not even including cup games or Europa League matches.

The Matchday Calculator from FreeSuperTips reveals the true cost of attending Premier League matches, including home, away and season ticket data for every club, as well as the cost of a pint and a pie. A calculator function also enables fans to estimate their costs across an entire season, including home and away matches.

While the red half of North London is counting the cost, Tottenham fans don’t even have a home ground to attend after delays to the new-look White Hart Lane. When it’s finally finished, Spurs fans will be forking out £89.50 to watch Harry Kane and co in action.

The Premier League Match Day Calculator also reveals that Tottenham fans could shell out as much as £2,200 for a season ticket too – that’s the same as the average monthly UK salary!

Huddersfield fans have the lowest outgoings in their second season in the Premier League. A home game ticket, pie and a pint at the John Smith’s Stadium will set fans back just £36.60 – almost three times less than Arsenal fans will pay.

Surprisingly, the cheapest pie at £2.50 can be found at Stamford Bridge, while new boys Fulham charge the most at £4.50 despite only being down the road. However, Chelsea are the most costly team on the booze front, charging £4.60 for a pint; while Huddersfield fans only pay £3.20 – the only supporters in the Premier League who can get three pints for less than a tenner.

For the full set of statistics and to work out exactly how much you’re liekly to spend on Premier League attendance this season visit


  1. barryglik says:

    Reduce players salaries by 95%.
    Admission would then be 20 quid.
    Free lemonade, fruit slice
    and programme tossed in for free. 🙂

    1. Innit says:

      We would be relegated

  2. JUSTJOY says:

    thats why Chesea fans are always nimals.

    Arsenal fans are the Big boys without the result on the pitch…

    the best Fans in the whole world tht deserve better.

    just a win Tomorrow from the lads.

  3. Innit says:

    It’s a disgrace and very embarrassing. What’s so special about us to charge the most? We’ve never won CL and haven’t won a PL in over 14 years. Yes we are based in London but so are Chelsea.
    Kroenke wants every penny he can get

  4. ken1945 says:

    Once again the media are at it and once again some of our fans fall for it.
    READ the article properly and you will see certain words that paint a different picture.
    For example..’with tickets at the Arsenal costing as much as £97.00.
    They then go on using the £97.00 as the benchmark for the rest of the claims.
    Are we that thick that we then believe that is what everyone is paying to watch a game at the Emirates?
    Does everyone buy a pint and a pie?
    Of course not and it’s just another article meant to spur on the likes of Talksports Adrian Durham to knock our club yet again.
    Innit, do YOU spend that figure every time you go to the Emirates?
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think before making such statements as it’s a disgrace and embarrassing.
    The only embarrassing thing is that you are suckered in yet again to knock the club you claim to support.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      exactly….pint and pies are not cheap either

      spud has a billionaire owner yet no signings

      with fancy new stadium cost is going up for them

      yet no media complain

    2. Declan says:

      You took the words out of my mouth ken, it’s all propaganda and it’s being peddled on our site, pathetic. They take Arsenal’s highest priced ticket and Huddersfield’s lowest! My ticket is £45 at 5e Emirates.
      Damned lies and statistics.

    3. mobella says:

      Thanks Ken we have so many gloom doom mongers as a fan. IMO, it is most embarrassing when the fans that are complaining are not the one paying that much. Besides, if it is too expensive for for them they should not go. I have never being to Emirate but i spend equivalent of my 6 month salaries buying the club shirts for me and my family. It is so funny when innit could not answer your question. He maybe the club TV fans like myself or he had never paid 97 pound on match day yet he complains about the match ticket. That is hypocrisy at highest order

  5. Billy says:

    @Phil you follow us home and away, how much do you think you spend over a season?

    1. Phil says:

      @Billy-I think the total cost is sort of irrelevant in a way if you bring travel costs into things.Ken1945 drives down from Scotland every Home match so his costs are obviously higher than mine getting to matches.The travel to Away games is varied.Sometimes trains but mostly we go by car(my wife tends to do most of the driving).European Away games is obviously the most expensive and the overall cost depends whether we stay overnight(s) or not.
      But let me tell you something about the Club and the Away ticket prices.The cost of ALL Premiership tickets foe Away fans is £30.This is for every team at every match and has been this cost for 2-3 seasons.We have 1100 fans on the Away Scheme that are basically Away Season Ticket Holders And both my wife and I are members.The Club reduce the cost of our Away tickets to £26 for every Premier League game.So that’s costing the Club £83k a year to do this.In the second leg against Athletico last season we were being charged £72 for the Away leg.Arsenal subsidised this to all fans for 50% so we only paid £36.That cost the club over £100k to do this and made a difference to all fans who travelled.I believe the Club actually do their very best to look after the fans both home and Away.Yes the cost of a pie and a pint may be expensive but if you have ever had one you will only agree how good the quality of the food is throughout the Ground.I would certainly not call it cheap but I would say it’s good value.Buy a burger or something outside the ground.It may cost a £1 less but is nowhere near the quality as the Club serves.
      Travelling around as I do I can tell you No Club matches Arsenal for the quality of food but of course I accept its not the cheapest.But Arsenal have always maintained that they are selling a match day experience so there cannot be any overlooked Pukka Pies or Burgers as is the case in some grounds.
      I’m only too pleased to criticise the Club when called for but I honestly feel they try to treat the fans to warrant the cost of ticket prices and refreshment.

      PS -Ken1945 have a safe trip down and back.Total respect to you and your family for what you all do to follow the Club

      1. ken1945 says:

        Thanks Phil, coming from another true Gooner that means a lot to me.
        It’s good to see that our fanbase is reacting to this piece of s**t reporting with their own experiences.
        Declan, my senior ticket costs less than£29 over the twenty six games, so we know this article is actually WORTHLESS.
        Also Phil’s description of how the club supports our wonderfully committed away supporters gives credit to the club.
        That’s why it’s so good to be a Gooner.

  6. ozziegunner says:

    The cost of matchday is a pittance compared to the flight from Oz and accommodation in London. Can anyone offer me a piece of floor, please?

    1. Phil says:

      OG-when you are over here I will gladly put you up and sort out a ticket.Just let me know when you are coming

      1. .ken1945 says:

        Ozziegunner, same goes for me, if you fancy a trip to Scotland, we have a holiday cottage that you can use.
        Seriously this is a sincere offer fellow Gooner

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Thank you Phil and Ken for your gracious and generous offers of hospitality, which I hope to have the opportunity to take up in the future. On previous trips I had stayed with my second cousin in Hornchurch; however she unfortunately passed away last year aged 85 and her husband is 90 and a Spurs fan. Although we get on, it is difficult given his age, to stay with him.
          Can I also say should you have the opportunity to visit Sydney or Newcastle NSW I would be honoured to return the favour.

          1. Phil says:

            OG- My sons in laws are from Mackay in Queensland and we have been over to visit Four times in the last 7 years so due a visit soon.Im tempted to tie it in with an Ashes series but this would mean missing too much of Arsenal and I’m not too sure I could do that.Anyway I’m sure something will be booked soon so will let you know.I spent a fair bit of time in the Whitsunday Islands last time over a really enjoyed the whole time there.Last time in Sydney was 2010so good opportunity to revisit soon.
            Keep the faith

          2. BIlly says:

            Phil thanks for your detailed reply, you and Ken really are die hard fans and and a credit to Arsenal FC. If you do come to Oz for an ashes series’s you and your wife would be more than welcome to stay with us in Perth. And you wouldn’t miss Arsenal as every game is live in Oz

          3. ken1945 says:

            Billy, many thanks for the offer ditto to you if you ever visit Scotland.
            Glad to know you can see all the games mate!!

  7. Roshan says:

    and yet we dont spend any money on transfers

    1. barryglik says:

      Err Leno 20m
      Socritis 25m
      Torreira 22m ?
      Did you just wake up yesterday?

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