It’s ON! Arsenal making deal for Fab French Forward

When, or if, this transfer deal is done the happiness of we Arsenal fans may soon be tempered by the news that we the Gunners will have to do without the services of our star striker Alexis Sanchez from now on, but I still feel that it would be better for us to sign a replacement for the Chilean before he leaves.

So the news reported by Metro this week about the transfer people from Arsenal and the French club Lyon being in talks to hammer out the terms of the summer transfer of Alexandre Lacazette must be seen as a positive thing. If their striker is happy to pl;ay for Arsenal the talks should go fairly quickly as well.

Lyon cannot really bluff or insist too strongly on getting Olivier Giroud as part of the deal because Lacazette was going to sign for Atletico Madrid before they were hit with a transfer ban so we know that he is available. One potential obstacle standing in the way of Arsene Wenger getting his man is the fact that the Gunners have no Champions League football to offer for the first time in two decades.

The fact that Arsenal have been in the UCL draw every other year in that time should be enough to convince Lacazette of our pedigree though, so do you expect this fan French forward to be our second signing of the summer?



  1. I don’t understand this news…the Lyon President was quoted saying he wants Lacazette to go to a french club..he wants the money and talent to be reinvested into french football. The lads going to PSG in my opinion. And why buy him now when he is 60M rated when we failed to buy him when he was 40M?

    1. that’s Wenger for you, missing every quality player by 2 or 3m only to come back next season when the price has gone up by 20 or 30m, but “I nearly signed him”, the best quote of the decade

    2. Personally i’m kind of not so sure about Lacazette…there is a reason he wanted to go to spain and no other Premier league has an interest in him supposedly as much as Arsenal does (if you believe the papers! they had us thinking Higuain was Arsenal bound 3 seasons in a row) I’m not too sure he can handle the physical nature of the EPL, i reckon he knows this himself which was why he was angling to an Ath.Madrid move..if we were going for Aubameyang I’d be for that move! Mbappe too even though he is a gamble…I reckon he is a better gamble than Lacezette..You’d have to take off about 10 goals out of Lacazette stats…since those are penalties and then there is the issue of…will he be able to adapt to the EPL within the season? i dont think so…from all the transfer news i’ve heard about Arsenal…the most that got me excited was the link to Kovacic of Real Madrid…underrated player…not a striker but the midfield link type of player that excels in transitions from defense to attack like Cazorla did when he was fit.

      1. i wouldnt be to excited abt lacazetti runur to arsenal cos personally i dont think he is worth of 60million and around 10 of his goalls are from penality, due to this i would prefere going out for aubamuyang who is the most profilic striker who might be available for around 70million and aproved striker but we got to sign some who can manage and control the midfield like cazoola did(verrati)

  2. I thought the Fab French forward was Mbappe….lacazette might be a good signing and a good addition to the squad but l don’t think he is world class.

    1. lacazette might not be world class but if you want immediate impact,of Mbappe and Lacazette you go for Lac.

    2. Any half decent striker can score lots of goals in France. It is a weak league. Giroud scored 27 goals the season before we signed him. I certainly would not want to lose Giroud for Lacazette. I think he’s good for 12 goals in the PL. He may prove me wrong as he can finish and if his movement is good, Ozil will find him. But £60m. No way.

  3. To have any chance of doing anything next year we need to improve on last year, which means to retain AS7 for at least a year. Clubs are just not willing to lose their star players any more, without demanding a fortune for them. MC have not overspent and got a lot of bang for their buck in Jesus and Sane. There is no way Lacazette equates to AS7 in any shape or form. This year could be make or break for us – do well and we could attract and retain talent, do badly and we are really going to struggle.

  4. So this story is based on when and if?

    Tomorrow’s article begins with the title “some bloke down the
    Pub reckons…”

      1. He said , and I quote “sleeping giants will always sleep whilst demons feed them wine”

        Make of that what you will;)

  5. Why is everyone so obsessed with Mbappe? Yes he had an awesome season and has a bright career ahead of him.. he’ll be a massive gamble for that amount of money.

    Let the thumbs downs begin

    1. All these guys who always wait for the next name to be dropped amaze me kf their shallow and shadow football.
      Some seasons Ago, it was Jackson Martinez. Is he ztill playing? AKB

      1. Solid point. with all the hype over Luis Gustavo and M’villa years back… now they’re forgotten heroes

        1. So are chamakh, gervinho, park,silvestre, kallstrom eisfield, djorou, senderos…i could go on mate…guess these players are also star names where they are right now

        2. @Wengerbooi – stop talking like you knew how all those guys would turn out. Every transfer is a gamble there is no sure thing in sports…which is why we need to take as many reasonable gambles as possible. Lacazzete at 40M was almost reasonable…but now at 60M…

  6. I don’t see the good news in lacazette coming to arsenal…arsenal fans are overrating him. I’ll rather have a lukaku than a lacazette, not that I’m a big fan of lukaku…in my opinion, I think we should try to keep alexis first. If not, lets sign a replacement who can score goals and who can play to the strengths of giroud. Lacazette to me is just another average player why would only shine in a French league. Look at falcao and see how chaff French league is

    1. Allot of the worlds best players come out of that league, and always have. I do think Lacazette should have moved sooner though, when they get older they get set in their ways, and he’s never been anywhere else. Keeping Alexis will make this a better signing, you need players that can come up with things all on their own. Lacazette can try just finish the chances we create. Also he has running in him, some people think it’s an Alexis replacement because of his chasing down. So having Alexis with him definitely makes it a better signing.

    2. Has lukaku ever scored above 30 in all competitions?
      You’ll say the major part of his goals are penalty kicks but you’ll are forgetting the fact that Chelski lost their first UCL to Man Utd on penalties!

      Get Me Some Le Cazette men!

    1. Marseille Nice Lyon at times would beat some prem teams for sure. We have the most competitive league, but even some of the mid table in other leagues would play our mid table off the park when it comes getting the ball down and playing.

      1. i agree,

        i went to france to live their for a year and when I arrived i got to train with a local french football team through a friend. i thought i could play football, and I was really taken a back by the quality, quantity and technique of all of the young players there.

        streets ahead of us by far.

  7. For us to buy anew player is good but not replacement for Alexis event though it take million to retain him

  8. I think the priority now is to bag a replacement for Alexis if he does decide to leave. He has been the best player for the team for the last two seasons and at times I thought he felt that he was the only one trying, by the way he looked at his team mates at the end of this season. If we can do a deal to bring Mbappe to Arsenal it will show that we mean business to not only challenge for the Premier League title but to get back in to the champions league the season after. Arsene is buying young players to strengthen the team not only for now but for the next 2-5 years whether he is at the club or not, he has a genuine love for the club and will do what he can to preserve it’s status as a top premier league team for the future. So Arsene do everything to bring Mbappe to Arsenal and signal your intent to the rest of the football world that you mean business at last and will spend money if the right player comes along which judging from the friendly match against England the other night Mbappe is. Players to leave now are – Ospina, Gabriel, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Cazorla, Giroud. This revenue would enable us to bring in – Mbappe, Golovin, Smalling, Toliso, Butland. We must make a massive effort to sign the best top rated players for the future.

  9. If Alexis is set on going then lets look beyond him. It could be neither lacazette or mbappe are ready to come. It will be rodreguez, oneyekuru and perhsps lemar with our free kolasinac – now lets all be real.

    1. and u think rodriguez and lemar will be happy to leave their respective clubs for a club that really do not compete for anything but just lie to her fans?…unless they like their comfort zone…and money

      1. Yes (Tony) i do – rodriguez it appears is not featured in RM plans and would do well to revive his promise and potential with another high-profile club. Its likely he would relish the chance to work with ozil and same time wenger would be getting a former world cup top scorer still in his prime. It would be a progressive move for lemar to compete in the english prem where playing for arsenal also helps his prospects for remaining in the france national picture. Im of the opinion the arsenal will win the league – with a committed defence and a clinical striker to be on the end of the chances the arsenal team will create.

  10. Arsenal owner, board and the manager are liars.
    They’ll just cash in on Alexis and buy a fringe player as a replacement.
    Forget about any transfer over 30-ish million pounds happening ever.
    No need for top players when you’re in EL. The poor bastards in fringe countries will be delighted to see the U21 Arsenal squad, let alone someone from the first team.

    1. Yeah right… That’s why England got beat by 10-Man French squad the last pls stop overrating English teams.
      If English teams were that good we’ll be winning The UCL or getting to the finals season in season out!

  11. I know the Mbappe money sounds crazy but we are leaving in a crazy world. At his age and potential we could surely recoup the money if we were ever to sell him. Wenger’s instincts have been good on players, its just that he does not close the deal. Look at Higuain, we (I think correctly) abandoned him for Suarez. The Suarez failed and meanwhile Higuan went to Napoli for 30-40 m. He went on to score 71 goals in 104apps and was then sold for 75 m.

    This is why Wenger should go all out for Mbappe especially if he thinks he is the next Henry. Call me crazy, but i don’t think Arsenal need an overhaul. Just one or two stars to get us over the top. The only position i really think we need help is defensive midfielder since Coq has taken a step back and maybe RB to replace Debuchy.

  12. We should have gone wild for only one player the last 2 weeks: Morata. He is young, talented, proven, can handle the pressure playing for Juve and Real. Proven in different competitions and will keep his market value or will only increase.

  13. Wenger is a Pennypincher
    Gazidis is a Greedster
    Kroenke is a Businessman
    So equation balanced
    Deadwoods remain
    No Epl title, No Europa League title
    Arsenal remains an Average Club!

    1. Just buy one or two world class players to add to what we already have Mr. Wenger. It is about time we make a buy of intent so as to help boost the morale of the players we already have. the sooner we do our transfer business the better it will be for the team spirit for the coming new season.

  14. ” No pain no gain”. AFC fans have been paying through the nose to shatter gate(ticket) fee record in Europe for so many seasons, and this hike in price of ticket is meant to sustain the club and at the same time make us compete with the big clubs and if the fans have being doing it for years then let the club do it(world record fee) for once and knows what the fans are passing through all this while.

  15. I think the gunners dont have any problems up front, unless they lose Sanchez… Wenger should go forr someone like auba rather than lacazette, if at all they need a replacement for sanchez…

    But the main weak link for the gunners lies in the centre of the park… elneny is average, cazorla is gone with the injuries nd at 32 aint getting better… coqlin’s chart has started sloping downwards way back couple of seasons ago… So Wenger need to go all in for a mid fielder than a striker… Think of guys like Verrati/Kroos/Koke/Casemiero etc… Wouldnt that improve our giroud/welbeck and take a bitta pressure on ozil so that he can roam in freely nd be even more creative….


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