‘It’s really weird’ – Aubameyang actions come under the spotlight

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang soaked up plenty of the spotlight at the weekend of the North London Derby, without even appearing for Arsenal.

The Gunners captain was dropped from the starting line-up for supposed disciplinary issues, with the star supposedly turning up later than expected.

Mikel Arteta opted not only to punish him from the starting XI, but left him on the sidelines as his side went onto win 2-1 against their noisy neighbours Tottenham, and attracted further attention when it became apparent that he did not celebrate the win with his team-mates.

The striker was heard departing the stadium as his loud sports car was heard leaving the area while the post-match interviews were still taking place.

Seb Stafford-Bloor has described the situation as ‘really weird’ as he relived the incidents of the weekend when speaking on Tifo’s podcast: “Everybody in the stadium could hear the roar of a Ferrari. He didn’t hang around after full time.

“Obviously, he didn’t take part in the warm-down, according to James [McNicholas], and just got in his Ferrari and left, which is really strange if you’ve broken a team discipline rule, and you’ve been left out for good reason.

“You saw the way they celebrated at full time. That was more than just like a three points, and your captain has left. That’s weird. It’s really weird.”

It would have been nice to see our captain celebrating the win with the other players, despite the fans not being present, and I certainly hope that this is all blown over before Thursday night’s crucial Europa League clash.


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  1. He will be sold. Aubamayang was a dick at Dortmund and he has played up for a while it seems, being late often. Thinks too much of himself.
    I would rather have a more technical striker anyway

    1. We have good memmories in his absence. We value this club more than players and a coach. So we need where his committment is because committment is expressed by hard work and good descipline. Infact we often forget this when he scores. UHM!

  2. Apparently, the disciplinary action was supported by the other players, because Aubameyang is a serial offender for punctuality.
    He may have had an urgent appointment after the game, but his actions don’t demonstrate “leadership by example”. He obviously prefers driving his own cars, rather than joining his team mates on the Arsenal coach.

    1. Like i said MA missed a great opportunity players backed his decision to bench him and would have done the same if he took the captaincy from him.

  3. Arteta sidelined Guendouzi 4 disciplinary reasons, let me watch & see how he deals with the Aubameyang issue. Personally, I think Arteta is biase & sentimental 2 some players which is a sign of failure in man management,the Pep style.

    1. How can you say he is treating Aubameyang differently to anyone else?
      He just dropped him very publicly, for the NLD!!!

      MA has proved that he is in charge and does not want anyone undermining his authority – good on him and what a pleasant and reassuring change to the last two /three seasons.
      If it does go pear shaped, there will only be one person to blame – I hope and think that will not happen.

      1. Ken , I guess neither of us two actually want Auba to leave . BUT, I believe his days here are numbered and though I do not yet say he WILL leave this ummer, I just do not see him having more than next season here, at most.
        I say this despite his contract, as I DO NOT THINK he will want to hang around if not normal first choice, as I suspect may soon be the case, though perhaps not this season.

        I think he has amply demonstrated to manager, teammates and supporters that he is a self centred man and unsuitable to be captain and thus main man, so to speak. Once that becomes clear to all, and those others turn, even SLIGHTLY against him, I SUSPECT HE WILL WANT OUT.
        In some stronger character players you can easily see that bloody mindedness of “I’ll bloody well prove you all wrong”. Tierney and some others, even Luiz, are clearly in that category but Auba , just as clearly , is not!

  4. Human beings, we often forget easily when we are in need of some one else, Auba came late to training and he has been punished for that, what other punishment do you guys want from the coach and arsenal mgt? Oh you want us to sell him and buy who to replace him? You guys have forgotten that we bought lacazzate in the summer and when he could not meet up to expectations, we went for Auba in which his club didn’t want to leave him and also real Madrid was on his neck too but he rather chose us and has been prolific in goal scoring until now. Even his former club president was jealous and still got angry with him to the extent that he said Auba went to a club where he would not be playing champions league still he chose us and was happy with us….
    Auba came to arsenal in Jan( half a season) and he scored 13 league goals, following season, he scored 22 league goals ( with the assistant of assist makers like iwobi, ozil and mikhi), he won golden boot, last season he scored 22 league goals again and with his over 98% effort from him( and of course his team mates), he won us fa cup by beating Man city and Chelsea( in the semifinal and final respectively), , he won us community shield( against inform Liverpool) but in this season ( without any creative midfielder) he was struggling with goals, then to some fans he has become useless player that must be sold( please to buy who and for how much). You guys think all strikers should be like Souares, Aguero…. I have watched some so called best strikers playing( like lewandoski, Kane, Halland etc) I said to myself that if these strikers are in Arsenal, they won’t do more that what Auba has been doing for us….
    For example, Arsenal vs Tot, in the first 75 mins ( or before the red card) Kane was like a ghost or short one in the match, I also watched Dortmund in some bundesliga game and I asked my self that what is so special about Halland apart from scoring goals( provided by almost all his team mate ), I watched lewandoski in his national team( against Nigeria), he was like normal average player……
    After Vanpersie, the only prolific striker we have gotten is Auba and if he was to leave now and thinking of buying another striker that might meet up with his goal tally, I can assure you that we will be spending over 100m.
    Please fans let’s support this club, the coach and the players we have now.,… Thanks.

    1. And then what about the lack of discipline of Auba?.
      He is the captain and must lead as a role model.

      1. At Diop, I don’t think there is anybody that doesn’t have his or her bad side, we are only managing one another, we are not close to these people and we don’t see them while they are training, lack of discipline to your few I guest is about coming late to training, I don’t encourage that but what we should be concern about is the result on the field of play which he has done or is still doing for us….. Arteta too has his ego like wise every human being on the planet, so we should not capitalise on his negative impact and forget about the positive impact he has rendered to this great club…..we are human being so we can never be perfect…..

    2. Auba did all that and our club was paying him massive wages on return. It’s not like he was doing us a favour and playing for free. The guy was being paid nearly £200,000 a week.

      I just can’t understand this way of reasoning from some people. “But he helped us do so and so”.
      Weren’t we also helping him earn massive weekly wages?

      Have Arsenal ever disrespected him like we are now hearing he has been disrespecting the club by being late on multiple occasions as compared to his own teammates?

      This type of favouritism and idolising some players is the reason Wenger had become a joke in his later years. Just letting players underperform, misbehave and have show off their poor attitude without facing any consequences. Players taking liberties knowing grandad wenger would let them get away with it.

      Some of us have had enough of that nonsense for a long time. Now Arteta is trying to bring a bit of respect and responsibility back at the club.

      Keep doing what you are doing Mr Arteta.

      1. @ Goonster, this is not about favoritism, its about what going on the field, you said Auba was paying over 200k weekly wages and likewise lacazatte, lewandowski, benzema, Kane etc….. I am not in anyway supporting Auba for coming late to the training, they have punished him for that( in which I support) but since the issue, I have read the case here like five times concerning that, so what I am saying is that we should let it go and allow the fans to have a peaceful environment…..See, every human being has individual ego and we are just enduring and managing one another. Auba should not be treated as another Oezil in the club…
        Other clubs too always have issues with their players but they don’t broadcast or exaggerate like this( there was a moment Kane had issues with the club and I never heard any of Tot fans saying that he should leave or he lacks discipline). Let us leave the disciplinary action to the club and the fans should not bring toxic atmosphere to the player and his club… Let’s watch beautiful football and support the team as one big family…. Thanks

        1. Which club does not do what Arteta did with Auba?
          Each and every club does it.

          Fergie used to do it more than everyone else.

          Pep did it at Barcelona when it came to Zlatan, Etoo, Yaya, Ronaldinho etc.

          Pepe did it to Aguero at city.

          Mourinho, I don’t even have to mention how many time he has done it. He is doing it to Dele Alli at Spuds.

          Madrid did it with many many players, Bale being the latest. Even C. Ronaldo.


          That’s just from the top of my head.

          So, stop trying to make a big deal out of this no burger situation. It is normal club practice. Every club does it. How many players in the EPL and Europe are constantly reported in the media for their misbehaviours and their clubs fining them?. It’s normal practice what Arteta did.
          You guys are the ones that want to make such a big deal out of it.

          I know that a lot of my fellow gooners can’t stand Arteta for the way handled a certain player that is now playing in Turkey. They still hold a grudge against Arteta for disciplining and forcing him out of Arsenal.

          What he did with Auba was the right call. I just hope Arteta continues with this no nonsense attitude he has. These primadonnas have had it too easy at Arsenal under wenger, Emery and Ljumberg. They should put up or find another club that will let them do whatever they want. I have had enough of their poor mentality and attitude. Can’t stand it.
          Let our youngsters (ESR, Saka, Tierney, Martinelli etc) be our main focus. I couldn’t care less about the likes of Auba, Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka, Bellerin, Laca, Luiz, Willian etc any more.

      2. Goonster. Your fine philosophy and way of thinking is exactly my own too. I have never understood some fans idea that such and such a player is doing us a favour , when all regular players are being paid tens or hundreds or thousands of pounds each week, OR ELSE that player would not choose to play, IN ALMOST all cases!

        Some fans forget the reality of how a professional player thinks.
        The cult of player worship, even ABOVE the club – eg OZIL – that seems far more prevalent now than decades ago when I was young, is wrongheaded and not that of a clear thinker and a sober minded realist.

        BACK IN 1958 I CAME TO WATCH ARSENAL F. C, not Jack Kelsey, nor any player of that era. Not even much later when such as Bergkamp and Henry came . I have always supported the CLUB, way above ANY player, no matter whom and I always will. That is what a true CLUB SUPPORTER does!

    1. Oh…You really think they don’t know the car he came with, for them to mention Ferrari? 🙄🤔

  5. But that’s human, we all aren’t perfect Auba is a human as well let’s not forget he’s importance in the squad…… Forgive and forget….my captain still the best

  6. Auba not being part of the team to me was a blessing in disguise. He wouldn’t have impacted as Lacs did. All that played gave more than 100% . If I were Arteta, I will bring in Folarin or Martinelli to fill his position until Auba tenders public apology

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