It’s simple – Arsenal need to stop letting in goals! Starting tomorrow!

We all know the massive amount of research that Unai Emery puts in to each of Arsenal’s opponents and his almost fanatical trait of compiling videos to teach his players how to work to his tactics, but despite all these brilliant improvements the fct is that our defence keep conceding avoidable goals in every single game.

Even Emery spoke about it today. He said: “Today I was speaking in the dressing room with the players for half an hour, different things, tactically and other things,”

“We have scored 26 goals in the Premier League. That’s very good for us. But how many have we conceded? 15. That is a lot.

“At the moment the balance is positive, but it is not enough.

“We need to keep the scoring statistic, but concede fewer chances and let in less goals.

“Sixteen games without losing, that’s fantastic. But the last three we have drawn. That is not enough at the moment.”

Our grim stats show that we have had just two clean sheets out of our twelve League games so far, no matter who is in goal or who makes up our back line. We have tried many different combinations but we haven’t really found a solid defence, and the amount of shots we give away to our opponents is nothing short of amazing. We have conceded a massive 14 shots per game on average and we have only had 12 ourselves! Luckily we are converting more than our opponents but as Emery, the team and the fans are aware. Something’s gotta change or we are going to get seriously punished at some point.

But what can Emery do?

POINT TO PONDER – Bournemouth have scored 21 goals, one more than Spurs and Man United, and have only conceded one more than Arsenal!



  1. Break-on-through says:

    That is a good statistic for Bournemouth.
    We have improved a little defensively, we even got some clean sheets. Still allot to improve on however, and I’m eager to see some changes to the squad in near future.

    Some of the errors are down to our expansive forward play, though we don’t charge forward in the same way that we did under Wenger. And the players are getting better at recovering/returning so to help out the defence.

    It is good seeing two central midfielders scanning the space in front of our CB’s. Though Xhaka really needs to stop switching off, it is a simple thing just to keep focus, but he struggles with it. Other than that I have liked the look of Torriera and Xhaka. Xhaka is a tough lad and himself next to the defensive midfielder, together they are a tough proposition. He also has good weight on his passing. Allot, probably want to see Guendouzi with Torriera but at the moment I would say Xhaka and Torriera are our best two. Guendouzi needs to acclimatize to the pace of the game. The mistakes, every player will have a certain number of them. Though, Xhaka and Mustafi can seem a little prone at times, but so to can Guendouzi. Hopefully we’ll manage iron things out.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Your facts and statistics clearly show that Arsenal is still not solid as a team and still performing similarly to Wenger’s Arsenal, despite the fourteen consecutive wins and the high possession

    When Emery’s system is matured, I expect a domination like what Man City and PSG have been showing in the last two seasons. Arsenal is his chance to prove that he can bring a glory to team with less resources like Arsenal

  3. Innit says:

    Emery’s Arsenal are clearly better than Wenger’s Arsenal because of Emery’s attitude and tactics and because we finally have defensive midfielders
    But we still have too many average players who are simply not good enough. Emery isn’t a miracle worker

    Sign better centre backs
    We have good enough full backs and quality defensive midfielders (something Wenger didn’t give us)
    But our centre backs aren’t even in the Top 6 in the league. Everton have better. Certainly Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Spurs, United have better

    Also Ozil, Mkhi don’t like to defend

    1. Sue says:

      Everton have better??? I don’t agree innit

      1. gotanidea says:

        I think only Yerry Mina is better than Mustafi, Koscielny and Sokratis

    2. Uchman says:

      Emery’s arsenal is better than Wenger’s arsenal? R u seriously OK?Wenger’s arsenal gave us the 3 league titles, 7 fa cups and 7 community shields, Wenger’s arsenal gave us 49 unbeaten run,the golden trophy,29 unbeaten run,champions league finals, Wenger’s arsenal gave us a superior head to head count against every team in English football bar man u,Wenger’s arsenal gave us the amazing emirate stadium,our state of the art training centre,Wenger’s arsenal gave us thiery henry,overmers, Patrick viera,Wilford,pappilo nwankwo KANU,pires,Freddie, gilberto Silva,cecs fabregas,rvp,Sanchez, ozil etc,wtf r u even talkkng about? Stop taking shit against our greatest ever manager,he is our greatest legend and he deserve a huge respect! 50 million lies can nevermake up a truth!

  4. st sass says:

    agent Sanchez did it again

    1. Tissiam says:

      If only sanchez had stayed with us!,I bet he regrets it!I should have done his homework and talked to former players!may be if arsene had announced his retirement earlier he might have anyway he,s got no sympathy from me f#cjk him hahaha!!

  5. Man we really need to get our stuff together and pick up some wins. Liverpool, City and Chelsea seem a class ahead of us.

  6. st sass says:

    Chelsea is losing ma bro

  7. victor says:

    chelsea hv only lost 2dy.

  8. Aubamezzette says:

    Bench Ozil till he is in better form n start with 3CMs in Xhaka Torreira n guedouzi .. it ll help the team retain possession more in midfield n then get rid of mustafi, start holding n sokratis till koscielny returns to full fitness then u start koscielny sokratis.

    1. Tissiam says:

      We should have sold ozil and invest the money on few players unai needs and love!!!

  9. Tissiam says:

    The aim of a football game is to score more goals than the opposite team as long as we do it I don,t see the problem do you ?because seriously I don’t see the problem.COYG!!

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