It’s TIME – for Arsenal fans to force changes at our club

It’s time by Sean

Okay Gunners I think we all get that we are in a dark period for the club, actually one of the worst I can remember with a squad & management team that is bang below average when Alexis & Ozil leave… look at Everton squad, we will be on par with them, if not behind, to be honest.

I believe now Its Time for Arsenal fans to step up & be heard once and for all. Banners, flags, protests & ditching/abandon matches all need to be done to get the change & overhaul of the whole club from top to bottom. Players need to leave, Management needs to step aside, board memebers need to step aside & Kroenke needs to sell up. Usmanov would buy this club no doubt, Dagote another if its the right time for him to do so as he said he would when he got other business ventures taken care of… BOTH are ARSENAL FANS & would want what’s best for the club & its fans.

Not attending the games but being at the stadium to attend the BIG protests (not 200 people) to show our Owner, Manager, Average players & Coaches that we want change & them out. Already gone is Gabriel, Ox & Gibbs from summer…Coquelin gone, Next is Alexis then will be Walcott in Jan here, along with Debuchy so that’s a bit of squad clearance… with;

Wenger, Bould & his coaching staff… GONE!
Kronke, Gazidaz & Old board…. GONE!
Few more deadwoods…. GONE!
-Cech (maybe keep as No2)

Look at the end of the day money talks so for Stan to be forced to sell we need an investor to put in a massive bid, then be willing to loan the club £300m to invest in squad as our Stadium, Training facilities & all round running of the club (financial wise) is spot on, we just need investment or spend what we earn & have in the bank.

Money talks also in transfers of players, Alexis situation perfect example… City bound now United bump up offer & he’s away to red side of Manchester. We can do the same with incomings. Example; New Players;

GK – 20M
CB – 40M
DM – 40M
AM- 50M
RW – 35M
LW- 35M
ST – 60M

280M average there, wages paid to incoming players can be used as we have freed up so much from player sales & their wages. Cech, Alexis, Ozil & Walcott massive earners all gone plus their fees along with Ox, Coquelin, Elneny, Debuchy etc….

Put Ancelotti in there for two seasons to steady the ship & buy right players needed for rebuild, its really not the end of the world but this has to happen or we are in a freefall down the English & European tables.

That being said its US THE FANS that have to make the change of ownership, management & running of the club happen by doing what needs to be done…. Now!

The time for change is now Gunners, make it happen, be heard!!



  1. McLov says:

    Let me get this straight:

    First we refuse 60 millions for our top scorer in the past 3 seasons, to join City (who still win thr title). Then we sell him to our biggest rival managed by a man who has insulted our club for the past 10 years, for half we got offered 5 months ago.

    And in return we get their flop player, who has been called lazy.

    There really is just one Arsene Wenger everyone.

    1. Mobella says:

      Would you rather he leave for free in 6 months time in which he can still choose Manchester united or we sell him cheap to man city. Sanchez and his agent sought out Manchester united. They agreed with them and that show how desperately he wants money and want out of arsenal. So please tell us do what you think arsenal best option is .otherwise put this we are selling to united a rest. This is not about Wenger and Jose and these two clubs have done biz in the past and they continue to do viz.

      1. Goonerbri says:

        Unfortunately afc is still full of loyal 100% gooners like myself who will support our club through thick and thin. So all you armchair fans stop calling for a boycott. It will never happen. 1000’s of arsenal fans are waiting for a season ticket! Some, like me are true fans who support the team cos they are our team. I’m all for Wenger to go. But I’m a fan of afc and I will be always. Be better than Wenger, be better than kroenke, support our boys, afc boys. Our club! Through thick and thin. I’m ashamed to hear some of your comments on here! If you don’t support your club no matter what, then walk up the road and get urself a spurs shirt.

        1. Highbury44 says:

          Well said

          1. GB says:

            That’s the truth

          2. Salmonella says:

            Will like to see your faces when you get relegated

          3. Highbury44 says:


          4. Goonerbri says:

            And I’ll still go and support the arsenal. Even in league 2. True gooner.

          5. Highbury44 says:

            You really have no idea what you are talking about

          1. Highbury44 says:

            Because it doesn’t agree with your opinion

          2. Sue says:

            I’m entitled to my opinion too

          3. Highbury44 says:

            But you don’t have to be rude and call them an idiot

          4. Sue says:

            Some ‘fans’ on here baffle me!!!

          5. jon fox says:

            Highbury 44 and the rest of your fast shrinking delusionals, if you vote in General elections , I reckon the LIBDEMS WITH THEIR 7% SUPPPORT will get your vote. General Custers last stand also comes to mind. Highbury 44, patron saint of lost causes. I assume you have noted the like and dislike figures for your -and the other few similarly mentally challenged – posts on here Not looking good for you delusionals, is it? Wait til the PALACE GAME AND SEE THE “S…T REALLY HIT THE FAN” WITH TRUE FANS FINALLY TAKING REAL ACTION AGAINST THIS CORRUPT REGIME!

          6. Goonerbri says:

            Shame on you.

          7. Goonerbri says:

            Do any of u on here remember our pre George Grahame days? We were an average div 1 side. But we had a great support. We all loved our club. I’m ashamed of our new supporters. Spoilt brats is the only explanation for them

          8. Tas says:

            It’s frustrating to know financially we are a top team at present we can for a season or two out spend any team in the world with FFP respected, fact that we don’t come close to our true potential in spending is fast causing Arsenal to a downward spiral, Goonerbri Highbury44 I ask you knowing we have the means but chose not too spend are fans right to protest weather is in the grounds or on this site? If you think we are a joke take Real Madrid at present they are booing Ronaldo yea the whole team is being BOO’d ZZ probebly will get the sack as soon as or if they get nocked out of the CL, we have been nocked out for twenty years under AW so it’s only right for fans to blow some smoke, but I agree we shouldn’t take it out on the players but management is fare game

          9. Sue says:

            I’ve been a gooner since 91 Goonerbri… clearly not as old as you!!!

          10. Tas says:

            Sue my first visit to Highbury was 1972 as a young boy and I have seen the boring days the problem days the invinsable days but for the life of me I canot understand the present days ?

          11. Paddywhack says:

            Supported the Gunners since coming to London from Ireland, 1966 have seen the good and the bad. Once stood on the North Bank on a freezing cold January day watching us lose 1-0 to Sheffield Utd. Crowd was just over 11,000. Those times could return under Wenger! !!!!!

          12. Ivan says:

            @ tas
            My first visit was 1972 as well. You are right football is very different now from then. The main change is money. It used to be a cheap day out. Now it is expensive.
            There was not a lot of difference in money between the clubs.
            Now where you finish in the league means everything. If you finish outside the CL spaces the club receives at least £35mil less a season which is important if the money is used to strengthen the team. If you don’t strengthen every year you go backwards.
            If you start to slide now you go all the way. Look at Newcastle and Villa.
            That is the change from the past that some cannot see.

      2. Ammerato says:

        Here’s my thoughts. Never sell him to utd unless we get Martial as part of the deal. Mourinho should not be allowed to get his hands on our best player end off. I would say he can go to utd if martial comes to us if not I would take the lower offer from Man City. What’s the point of the extra money anyway with Wenger in charge.

      3. Nothing changed says:

        @ Mobella – I would rather they did the common sense thing and sell Sanchez last summer to PSG or another non-PL team. Keeping him for a few months only to sell him in January is as dumb as it gets.

        He was never going to be 30 goals Sanchez this season and his presence and Ozil’s presence around the squad and club has put a totally avoidable cloud of negativity around us.

      4. Julius Ouko says:

        It is about Wenger’s mismanagement of players contracts and for being a deadwood!

    2. Midkemma says:

      Wenger wants Martial as part of the deal.
      Sven wants Miki.

      Why ignorantly blame Wenger for AFC trying to get Miki as part of the deal?

      Why also assume it is Wenger who said yes to UTD and not the board/Sven?

      We have seen AFC make one Sven signing when Wenger tried to say he already knew about him and Wenger has since admitted the young lad is impressive enough to keep around. That obviously wasn’t a Wenger signing.

      So… Wenger isn’t the final say and yet fans still blame Wenger when they read something they dislike???

      Brilliant how you got over 90 thumbs up… Shows how little people really think and enjoy jumping on a bandwagon.

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    please ensure the club spend 280m too or none of the big name managers can win anything with a small budget

  3. Innit says:

    We tried in 2014. Remember the Arsenal supporters association wrote that strong worded letter and made feelings known at Board meeting. That’s the only reason Wenger got Ozil at the last minute.

    Nothing is going to change until Wenger is out innit. Wenger will argue that he spends ie Xhaka £35 million, Lacazette £52 million, Mustafi £35 million. But Wenger doesn’t get enough top players or not the right players. For 13 years hes been doing this

    Wenger needs to go. The only way the board will listen is if we dont buy season tickets. They care about bottoms in seats ie Money through tickets and merch.

    I don’t think finishing even 6th place would get him fired. Kroenke likes him too much

    1. Highbury44 says:

      If you don’t buy the season tickets there is a 11 year waiting list that will

      1. Maks says:

        Thats the main problem. Arsenal of today is like every other entertainment and there will always be a people who spend time infront of “tv screen” no
        matter what!
        I used to, they would say, and no chage is possible with people like that.

      2. jon fox says:

        PROOF OF THAT BOGUS FIGURE, HAVE YOU? You may have chosen not to notice the catalogue of lies coming from this club. But thousands of others have!

    2. mikey says:

      That is the problem currently, no matter what players we get in for the last 6 years or so they all seem to regress once they have joined us and that for me is the worrying factor currently, and to top it all it seems like non of the current squad wants to extend their stay. The time has surely come for Wenger to move on, he might not think so but it is evident in everything he does at the club.

      1. Abel says:

        Did Sanchez regress? Did Ozil regress? Did Giroud regress? Kocielny became a much better player and became a France regular just like Giroud. A combination of age and persistent injury has blighted him this season.
        Don’t make sweeping statements for the sake of it.
        Walcott, Ramsey, Bellerin are definitely better than when they joined as teenagers.

        1. Ivan says:

          Ozil has regressed. He has had some good games but commentators have criticized him even this season.
          Other players who have got worse are Mustafi, Cech, Lacazette, Xhaka, Debuchy, Chambers, Iwobi,Welbeck.
          I can list more if you like.
          BTW Walcott and Bellerin improved? Are you serious? Bellerin has got word since he has come under Wenger coaching. As for Walcott, if he has improved how come even though transfer fees gave jumped massively since we signed him in 2006 his value is only marginally more? Oh yes he was in the England world cup squad in 2006 and now…….

          1. Midkemma says:

            Bellerin has improved under Wengers coaching, he appears to have hit a glass roof but up till that point he was improving.

            If we look at when that form dropped then we would see that he had an injury then we changed formation, he hasn’t looked as stable as a RWB… but he has been improving his performances at RWB.

            I will not sit here and claim he is the worlds best RB or RWB, he isn’t. He is far from the worse though. Barca was interested in him until they was put off by AFC standing tough and not selling, contract length helped with that.

            Theo may have gotten worse. He has still proven to score in the EPL, if inconsistent, still proven he can score. Wenger isn’t a drill sergeant and more of a teacher/professor, did you or anyone else think that ‘headless chicken’ would ever develop the mental intelligence to play a smart game? Non of us knew it when he was a kid but he isn’t the intelligent type of player who knows how to drag players out of pos and create spaces with his pace. Theo is the current Owen. No manager could turn him into TH14 and it was hubris on Wengers behalf to think he could be anything more after learning how 1 dimensional he is.

            Every manager has some failed players, Wenger has a few of them… more so recently with AFC being tight fisted on quality youth purchasing, buy lesser quality and you will get lesser results from their development.

            Wenger has helped quite a few players improve and when people make sweeping statements like “no matter what players we get in for the last 6 years or so they all seem to regress once they have joined us” then it shows the ignorance in the individuals knowledge of AFC.

            Cazorla and Alexis are examples of players improving.
            Theo and Iwobi are examples of headless chickens.
            Xhaka is example of poor tactics (he isn’t a DM).

          2. Ivan says:

            Sorry but I have to disagree on Santi and Alexis. They were both brilliant before they joied and neither got better or worse. That is not mean’t as a criticizm as neither needed improving. They look better as they are playing in a league whilst more competetive than Spain it is technically inferior.
            In the past Wenger has improved players; Henry and Freddie Ljungberg spring to kind but I can’t think of too many of late.
            As for Bellerin he was a better player 2 years ago than he is now and in that time he has been coached by…………..
            I don’t think we are going to agree about Wenger.

        2. jon fox says:

          Utter nonsense. How can you even think such a lunatic thought , certainly about “Weed Walcott” and ” non marking Bellerin” ? I THINK YOU MUST BE INSANE OR LYING AND CAN’T DECIDE WHICH.

  4. barryglik says:

    Dark Period?
    Sean you don’t know
    the half of it.
    I well remember
    1974 10th
    75 16th
    76 17th
    77 8th
    78 5th
    79 7th.
    That was dark. Those were real wilderness years. 🙁

    1. John0711 says:

      40 years ago we didnt have 300m in the bank

      1. muffdiver says:


        what a response

        1. barryglik says:

          No club had more than
          3m in those days.
          There were no oil clubs then.
          !976 May.

          Man U.
          Man City
          Aston Villa
          Arsenal Wins 13 Draws 10 Losses 19.

      2. Maks says:

        Bravo John!!!
        Those 300 mil are in the bank and what about Kronke to invest own money to the club?
        At least another 100-200 mil…

    2. Sue says:

      That was then, this is now. This is the worst I’ve ever known it ☹

    3. Ivan says:

      We have seen worse it is true in the fifties and sixties. Also I was never impressed with the team in the Charlie Nicholas years.
      Just because I have seen worse before does not mean I like it now. We seem to be regressing each year. We need to stop the rot now.

    4. Highbury44 says:

      These new supporters have no idea about troubled times

      1. Maks says:

        I m not a new fan but I dnt think that King Arthur was that legendary as in the movies so… every time has it s own glory and today we live intimes where Arsenal FC is not competitve, and that s all that matters.

    5. Clive Belcher says:

      That’s right and no world class players in them days,all from the British Ils and Arsenal never relegated Man U,Spurs,City Liverpool all the big clubs today have gone. But in them days you played for a wage and gave ya all. Now there wrapped in cotton wool fed with a spoon and hold the club for ransome play at 60% and only interested in breaking the bank for as much as they can then off to the highest bidder. Look I’m all in favour of getting the most for your talent but you should still give your best at the club you are with and not keep the fans who think of you as there hero worrying if you are going. I think well I know that Wenger has bought rubbish players of unknown names hoping they will under him become better, but his knowledge now is old hat and even when to sub players like Ramsey for Chambers and we lose it should have been for Azacka who is a not for this Premier lg. you need to buy English defenders as it’s in built in them from the Dunkirk days or Russian players. End of story. CB

    6. Coldzero says:


    7. Goonerbri says:

      Loved our club tho

      1. Tas says:

        If we canot complain or protest then our club is just a name we support and nothing more

        Pending on who ever owns it hope they treat it beter then this bunch of bankers who only look at it like a business other top club owners are in it for the glory off wining

    8. jon fox says:

      YES AND I BET THOSE DAYS THRILLED YOU AND YOUR IDIOT LIKE MINDS! Grow up man and join the human race and the 21st century or go back to Jurassic Park where you, obviously, live!

  5. pires says:

    you recognise at least that we have a training center…etc and i guess wenger is for nothing
    for these topnotch facilities…..

    1. muffdiver says:

      your in architecture too!
      all that accounting where do u the find the time?

    2. Maks says:

      Ha ha ha, you really love him, dnt you?

    3. Sean says:

      Yes i did recognise all of what is good for the club… training facilities, stadium etc… BUT we have the wrong manager & owner who are both as ambitiousless for glory, all money orientated! Not what the fans want & we have our OWN money in the bank so spend the damn lot

  6. Maks says:

    Have to go step by step. Real revolution is not possible today. First we must press on Wenger, then when he s gone we should take other steps (if possible).
    There will always be fans who would buy season tickets no matter what… fans for whom is enough to go to games cos thats what they used to do.
    So they will always be flow of money for the Board.
    Wenger out asap!

  7. eezzee says:

    You are a clown. The idea that you have some sort of stake in the club is ridiculous . When you buy a ticket you buy a seat for a football match and if you are mug enough to believe that entitles you to be listened to while you bitch about what you want the OWNERS of the club to do then you deserve everything you get . If you hav,nt worked it out yet the only thing that wins in football is getting on the gravy train and what that means is its the fans that foot the bill. Football is incredibly corrupt and you will only see it when you step away from all the tribalism and look at what is actually going on When enough people stop spending their hard earned money watching the game it will change and not before.

    1. Highbury44 says:

      If some supporters turn their back on the club others will just take their places.

      1. jon fox says:

        Just like more diseased rats, joining a sinking ship, eh Saint ? Saint Highbury 44, Patron Saint of lost causes.

  8. pires says:

    i think arsenal fans are really deluded.thinking that they can compete with the likes of Chelshit or SHITY IS LAUGHABLE……AND IDIOTIC BY THE WAY.
    just a QUESTION
    you will bring whom for the job?Mourinho?he is craying for money to spend when he has already spent 300ML in just over a year!!!!!
    Conte??he is moaning about board backing when he has a squad which worth three times our squad!!!!
    you will bring whom as your manager DT from arsenal fan tv?!!!

    1. Maks says:

      DT would be better then Mourinho! And Conte has every right to complain after what he did last year.
      I think that 90% of fans just want Wenger to go. Everybody else (except fracking Mourinho) will be better then out of his mind Wenger.

      1. Phil says:

        DT like the vast majority of fans has passion for his club and he tells it as most of us believe.We are led to believe Wenger is paid £9m per year and he continues to take us backwards and remains unaccountable.Why is this allowed to happen when in any other walk of life he would be out of a job.

        1. Maks says:

          Wenger is still at Arsenal cos he is doing job the Board wants him to do very well… and that is earn money, make profit without any risk of any investment.
          He is great in that regard

      2. Phil says:

        DT like the vast majority of fans has passion for his club and he tells it as most of us believe.

    2. Darthballz says:

      Only manager I see is Joachim low

      1. pires says:

        he will let Germany and come to arsenal?!!!

        1. Darthballz says:

          I think his contract end after the world cup you never know

  9. ME says:

    God will someone kill Pires
    Argues that good training facilities justifies Wenger remaining at the club
    Does it support arsenal or the manager

    1. pires says:

      stop your hatred mate!!!i have the right to give my opinion.

      1. Maks says:

        Thats right.
        Pires, you have every right for your opinion but dnt be suprised when people laugh at you.

        1. ME says:

          I’m not laughing at it
          I don’t care about its opinion
          An arsenal fan would not be arguing to keep a delusional crackpot of a manager in place.
          And it references city and Chelsea but neglects to mention Liverpool and Spurs who are not richer yet are competing
          Wenger is finished regardless of opinion – sooner he goes the better

      2. Ivan says:

        and in fairness @ pires has toned down his comments of late and we should respect that and tone down ours if should disagree.

        1. pires says:

          thank you mate!i respect you regardless of our opinions….

          1. pires says:

            IVAN if you permit ,i will dare to give you an advice.Go and SUPPORT. ENJOY being A london based fan. and guess who has attracted people like me to support your club: ARSENE.

          2. Ivan says:

            @ pires
            I have moved away from London and am now up North. I will always support Arsenal and where an Arsenal shirt every day but for me Wenger is a monument to the past and we need to look to the future.
            BTW isn’t it funny we have both been thumbs downed for saying we respect each other despite having differing opinions.

          3. Ivan says:

            Like you say we have had our differences in the past and I doubt if we will ever agree on Wenger but I respect you and your right to have opinions.

      3. lugdush says:

        yes u can, but use another name, some player of the period u are defending…Sanogo, medina, djorou, chamahk, Lord Bendtner, the promise walcott, lansbury…there are many…

        1. pires says:

          who has bring PIRES to the club?Claude from arsenal fan tv?!!!
          my first and only arsenal shirt is a PIRES shirt back to 2004…which bring me to support the club

          1. ME says:

            It’s not personal.
            But we will see who is right and who is wrong.
            But not looking to good for you though – just look at the season so far…
            23 points behind
            3rd round exit from FA cup
            8 points off CL
            And still people support him
            More like Wenger supporters than arsenal supporters…

    2. Mobella says:

      It is a crime for someone to have a different opinion. There are so many fans who respect and support Wenger and still want him gone. I’m one of them. I get angry with the man and his failures but I can’t bring myself to insult him because he is old enough to be my father. Get it clearly, it is not the so called akb support that is keeping his job and certainly it is not your hatred and abuse on JA and the desire of the wob that will make the man loss his job.

      1. Abel says:

        Chelsea finished in 10th place under Mourinho after he was shafted by some of his key players (Hazard,Costa, Fabregas, Terry) yet Chelsea their fans did not show as much hate as you guys presently show the club.
        Wenger is presently being shafted by some of his key players Sanchez being the spear head, others we will get to know later. Chamberlain showed his true colours when he gloated over Arsenal’s 4-0 defeat by liverpool, in a match he played very poorly in. Quoted as saying “we beat them 4-0” just after signing for Liverpool (less than a week after the match in question)
        Mustafi is another who is in the Sanchez camp. Was on his way to Inter in the summer until Wenger pulled the plug.

  10. Grandad says:

    So you would retain xhaka and Mustafi?

    1. John0711 says:

      Only to brush the stadium after games

  11. John0711 says:

    Sky sports- Man city have removed themselves from the Sanchez deal as the current deals on the table for sanchez would cost more than the 60 mil they offered in summer.

  12. Yossarian says:

    So we’re in for Aubameyang now? AND Malcolm? AND Mkhitaryn?

    If this is true then Wenger is obviously worried about being humiliated this season, and is now willing to pay top-dollar for some good players to bail him out. I really hope we manage to get Aubameyang and it doesn’t just turn out to be another disappointment.

    The problem is that Wenger will still mess-up the tactics/etc. and we still need a new manager, but at least if we keep Ozil and get some quality new players like that, a new manager will be able to hit the ground running when the dinosaur finally allows himself to become extinct.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      We won’t get Aubameyang, unless we’re selling Lacazette, because Wenger doesn’t play with two upfront. It’s really poor journalism that we keep getting linked with top strikers, when we just bought a top striker for £50 million only seven months ago!

      1. Yossarian says:

        That’s true… The thing that gives me hope in that story is maybe if Giroud is on his way out, then we’ll have two great strikers to rotate.

        And this is Wenger we’re talking about, so maybe Aubameyang will be our new central defender 😉

        1. lcebox says:

          LOL nice

  13. Mind the gap Mike says:

    It is a simple matter to get kronke out, organise a boycott of matches, tell season ticket holders if they love the club and want change to stay away. 3 home matches of empty stadium and banners against the owners would force his hand. The loss of face would force him to sell. He would realise there was no future and sell. No point in fans moaning, give up your seats, short term loss long term gain.

    1. Trudeau says:

      To paraphrase Andre the Giant, I do not think “simple” means what you think it means.

  14. barryglik says:

    Sean your hopes of big
    spendings are way off target 🙂
    This is Arsenal not Man Shieky.
    We will buy only after selling.
    E.G. Chamberlain 30m Gabriel 9 Gibbs 7m = 46m
    plus Perez on loan 4m wages =50m.
    So we bought Lacazette 50m.
    Some players won’t be replaced e.g.
    Sanogo, Debuchy Perez Campbell maybe even Cazorla or Coquelin.
    Arsene “I am happy with my squad”.
    Yes the club will buy a couple of Marquee players to keep fans happy.
    But only as we sell players for example if we sell Sanchez
    for say 30m only then might we pay for a 36m Malcom or a Pavon.
    But all indications are that most players leaving
    will be replaced by cheap youngsters.
    Gibbs replaced by Niles free or Bramall 40k.
    Gabriel has been replaced by Holding 2m.
    Cazorla has been “replaced” by Wilshere free.
    Mertesacker will be “replaced” by Mavropanus 2m.
    Koz will be “replaced” by Mustafi already in the squad.
    Walcott will be “replaced” by Iwobi free.
    Giroud will be “replaced” by Wellbeck already in the squad.
    Le Coq will be “replaced” by Elneny.
    Ramsey returning from injury is like a new Sanchez.
    Cech “replaced” by Martinez free.
    Jenkinson out of contract in June might be resigned to sell on.
    The policy is clear.
    1-2 marquee buys but only if we sell.
    Otherwise young, cheap or free.
    Net spend Nill.

    1. Ivan says:

      That’s pessimistic even for me.

      1. Maks says:

        Its pesimistic but if I have to bet I ll bet on it more money then on Wenger bringing 2 top players.

    2. ME says:

      Wenger is about Wenger and what Wenger wants.
      It’s not even about football management.
      There are no tactics applied – it’s one tactic home or away against everyone.
      It’s not about addressing issues in the team – the odd gem of a player is more luck than good scouting and identification of players.
      He has been there so long it’s a habit he cannot break – there is no level of competency just spouting the same crap and making the same mistakes
      Wenger is lingering on his own selfish needs – he has shown he is utterly incapable of reversing our fortunes. In fact, we are a team in decline.
      A legacy built in a time when there was only one good rival. Time to go and sooner the better

  15. AndersS says:

    Season ticket holders should not give up their tickets.
    But 3-4 matches where most stay away, or even better, go to the Stadium but stay outside, will make a big impact. Matchday sales of merchandise and food & beverage will take a hit, that will be noticed.
    If a boycott of sponsors can be organized as well, it should do the trick.

  16. go look at pierre-emerick aubameyang gools they’re all tapping arsenal doesn’t create those easy chance. so their only looking for name to please fans not about winning trophy

  17. GB says:

    All these ideas for boycotts, marches and protests but no one has suggested how you get thousands of supporters involved when possibly a hundred at most know this site and a few hundred on other sites.
    I’ve seen it in the stadium, 6 people stand up and shout Wenger out, displaying their A4 size posters (cos you certainly won’t get in with flags and banners) and the fans around them tell them to shut the fcuk up and stewards eject the protesters. Ain’t never gonna happen guys and girls.

  18. Peter says:

    Just boycott Arsenal merchandise, that will hit them fairly hard and may just wake them up!

  19. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Mr Wenger and the Arsenal Board don’t give a Monkey’s Uncle what the Fans Think or want.
    They have a business to run and nothing is going to derail their Plans. Which is to make as much money from Arsenal FC without spending much money.The Previous Plan was 4th place and the odd cup that plan is now gone so the New Plan is 6th Place and the odd Cup. Wenger and the Board are quite happy with this.

  20. Coldzero says:

    Our manager is crap yes, our board are awful yes- but the biggest problem is that football has moved on and we are never ever going to be able to compete with the oil rich clubs. So as arsenal fans we will constantly be looking at other clubs and seeing their top top players bought in and unfortunately that isn’t going to happen with us.

    It’s only relatively recent that we have broken out rigid wage structure.

    You want the top top marquee signings – you are supporting the wrong club as Arsenal will never spend those silly amounts.

    1. Ivan says:

      Whilst it is true that we do not have the money of 3 clubs the fact that we are doing worse than 2 clubs with less money that really grates.

  21. Nick2741 says:


  22. FunkyD says:

    Truth be told, the arsenal I watched last saturday cannot make the champions league ahead of the likes of chelsea, liverpool, manu nd tothm. Just felt so ashamed of being an arsenal fan, same thing day in day out. We need to take the bull by the horn nd force a change especially we fans in London. I have a signed a lot of petitions that ma hand is begining to hurt nd yet nothing. Longlive Arsenalfc..

  23. Wolfgang says:

    2008 was Arsenal’s best season to win the epl until Edurado was cruelly decimated by one Taylor.Needless to say rf went on to win the trophy.After that the gunners kept on bottling up every sprin g.Then in 2001 the 8-2 massacre finally forced the fm to make 5 belated signings.Then in 2004 the big losses to the top teams have confirmed that the gunners are 2nd rate and a joke.
    If Arsenal don’t sack this guy,I don’t know how he can survive the managerial purges going round in the fw. Ancelotri whose track record is far superior was sacked.
    If the fm carries on I shudder to think what will come in May.

  24. Midkemma says:

    If anyone thinks Silent Stan will sell up after a year or 2 of demonstrations hasn’t paid attention to how Silent Stan runs his companies.

    Simple fact is, we will not force Silent Stan out, AFC have too many matchday supporters who will just buy the tickets that the hardcore supporters refuse to buy in protest. Silent Stan isn’t after the small £2 million a year payout, he is interested in AFC share prices and if they go up.

    Get over it. I have.

    Doesn’t mean Silent Stan will suck the blood out of AFC, he isn’t a nice guy but he is wealth orientated and that means he will quietly make changes to AFC so AFC can increase its wealth without input from him.

    We are seeing this with Gazidis making some top personnel changes.
    Sven Diamond Eye is having more say in transfers than Wenger.
    Raul will be hired and he comes from Barca and Barca headhunted him from NIKE, he has connections and he could help in sponsorship deals etc to get more income generated.

    I do believe that Silent Stan would allow AFC to spend what they make, he appears happy as long as the clubs share prices increase so he can take out loans to buy new ranches or move teams around in USA…

    1. Ivan says:

      I agree. Evil Stan is far too hard nosed to take much notice of demonstations. I don’t see him going anywhere whilst he still feels the value of his investment will grow.

  25. Taf says:

    Boycott all you want…
    Bring out all the banners…
    Protest all day…
    You guys obviously don’t know Kroenke’s history in America…Kroenke has had Mayors…Senators..A whole state…Fans larger in numbers than us protest against him…He still does what he wants. He’s a Billionaire and his wife is a Walton (Wal-Mart) Global retailer. These Americans don’t care about soccer…he will sell up when he wants to I doubt it’s going to be in our lifetime. Best thing I think is continue supporting the club and hope for the best

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