It’s time for Arsenal fans to stand up and be counted! (Wenger In or Out poll)

Stand up and be heard of, or else suffer the consequences of your silence. by Konstantin Mitov

To be or not to be? That is the question! Shakespeare is a popular name these days, no, not that one, but the one that manages Leicester, but either both Shakespeares make a point about how it’s about time the Arsenal fans stand up for themselves and be accounted as a part of this football club!

If you are sick and tired of excuses, humiliating defeats, insulting comments from the board and the manager and overall you want to feel excited about Arsenal, not throw out your season ticket, it’s time that you stand up and be somebody. Say enough is enough. Next home game Arsenal are playing Man City and I only wish we could put a Wenger out banner so big it could be seen from space.

Our two main stars are leaving, a lunatic on relegation form is getting a new 2 year deal for no reason and if we shut up now, we’re doomed. We’re turning into a midtable team. For 12 long years we accepted this, but the breaking point has been reached. If you watch fans opinions from around the world, you’d see Wenger is done. Most of the fans no longer want him and we all know why he’s staying.

Time to wake up. Open your eyes. Take the red pill and escape the Matrix Arsene is living in. He will not rebuild the squad. He’ll ruin it. He ruined this one, and he’ll ruin us to a mid-table team unless our concern is raised. He has to be howled out. There is no other way he’ll ever leave. If you want change, blaming someone else for now doing it will not change anything.

Go to the game and say it. Express how you feel. The protest will be getting bigger when he signs because is unacceptable and it makes no common sense. Arsene hasn’t showed us any respect to us, neither has the board. The worlds highest football ticket prices are not worth what we are seeing.

Stand up and be someone. Don’t be afraid anymore. Say it. Wenger OUT!

Would you protest for.....

  • #WengerOut! (80%, 851 Votes)
  • #WengerStays! (20%, 208 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,059

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  1. Sam, need a striker says:

    WENGER OUT and all the AKB’s … Here, I said it …

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Out and proud!

  2. Barreh says:

    I really want to know the opinions of the Wenger stays voters.

    1. Maverick12 says:

      I think on justarsenal it could be fans from other clubs, I rarely ever see a comment that says they want Arsenal to stay. Maybe spurs fans sponsored the “In Arsene we trust” airplane at west brom

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    You got my vote for OUT! But we all that it won’t make any difference.
    9 votes for in? ? ? i bet the regulars can name them all? ?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      27 votes for IN ?
      Stan and the Board must be getting involved with this one?

  4. leo...fourteen says:

    to be or not to be, lol…I remember that from that squeaky bird in RIO 2, it just goes to show that arsenal players bar sanchez and kos are all cocky lots, making a hell out of temporary form, lemme let u into this big secret, if an arsenal player wants to lose form listen to his media interviews e.g iwobi, giorud, ozil, ramsey, walcot and co..ozil ame into the season trying to make us all aware that he’s been spending his time in the jym..(something Ronaldo does without ado) where are the results of all the gym work…look at the interview of young mbappe and you’ll discover that arsenal players have a lot to learn, total mediocres, whats hurts me the most is the off pitch speed mertesacker goes about talking about how we need to look at the next game after losing game after game and you’ll feel like this players spend most of their time in wenger’s house that in the training ground..#wenger out

  5. muda says:

    For me it is more like:
    1.Arsenal or 2. Arsene?????

    because that 1 1 will never matched together ever again.

    I chose Arsenal over Arsene because am a gunner not Wengunner.

  6. legend Henry says:

    Wenger the POTATO HEAD out !!!!!!!!

  7. Break-on-through says:

    You know what they say about people who protest too much, methinks they doth protest too much! ie, you’re dreaming about the man, he’s in your cornflakes, and the tea-leaves.

  8. leo...fourteen says:

    what angers me more is the fact that he spends his time complaining to poor bould instead of shouting at his players…poor bould would be like ‘ahhh, what a nag (wenger)

  9. sidofski says:

    You can dislike this post all you like but..

    Every time you say ‘Wenger Out’ are you not piling on more pressure to whatever manager succeeds him. A manager who already has the pressure of following a 20 year legacy but now has to deal with a rowdy (somewhat tragic) fan-base that will expect NOTHING but SUCCESS and WORLD CLASS SIGNINGS.
    If I was any top class manager at a top European club I would look at this current situation at Arsenal and say absolutely not.

    This topic is subjective and I am not going to go into the different sides because everyone is entitled to a opinion but do you guys not see the damage is already done in the sense that Wenger is genuinely contemplating his resignation for the first time in 20 years which was brought about due to unhappy fans. Well done you’ve done it but now every time you protest, fly a plane or feature on Arsenal Fan TV you are just putting pressure on our already very fragile future. You have made your point now let the man (whom some of you are showing no respect toward) and the board make their decision..

    Tell me I am wrong

    1. khangunners says:

      Stop reasoning like a small child. If that is the case then Leicester had no right to sack a manager who won the pl for the very first time. In business in order to be successful family and friendship has to be kept aside. This wenger issue is becomings a funny very funny issue. He is like the dad of the club now that is why complacency has sunk in. I don’t get how fans protesting shows they want a world class signing every time and they demand a titles every year. Everyone knows that with or without wenger we are already a mess and the new man will need some time to build a team that is will challenge for the title. Hehe you talk about legacy what legacy my friend? He will only be remembered mostly the invincible year but apart from that if you spread across the number of years we hve been poor. I for once demand change as i see a constant decline and downward trend that our club is taking. Is not clear for everyone to see? Totenham we were miles and decades away from them but if you dont become biased the truth is they are better than us. Look at everton they are just steps away from us and they started there project recently. Man u died after alex left but they hve rebuilt and are almost similar or better than us. This just shows we are slowly becoming a mediocre team. We need a manager with great tactical aptitude since we will not invest alot in the market. If you lack quality then the right tactics can save you. What most fans fail to see is that when it becomes a habit lossing to a particular team then it becomes very tough to turn it around and beat that team. This explains why we always struggle vs big teams and now even small teams are beating us. Just wait for stoke(when was the last time we bet them at there hme ??) Soton away,.. We need something new into the club

  10. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Thanks for the 3 PL trophies
    Thanks for the 6 FA Cups
    Thanks for the 6 Community Shields
    Thanks for invincibles and CL Final

    But it’s time to go
    You are an old dog who will NOT learn new tricks.
    Wenger Out

  11. BUR says:

    Bye bye wenger. Please go before further embarrassment. The PSG job would be excellent for you wenger.

  12. ger burke says:

    over and out le prof-it, you have bled us dry financially for the past 20 years . your legacy is in your bank account old chap . who was it that asked for a new stadium , i dont remember many fans complaining about highbury at the time .greedy guts is a dead man walking , thank you for a few good years .but you have destroyed our beloved club, it is going to take many seasons for us to right wengers wrongs, shame on him .

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