It’s time for Arsenal players to stand up and be counted

Arsenal players no longer have Unai Emery to hide behind for their failings.

Arsenal has had one of their worse starts to a campaign since the start of the Premier League era this season.

As it almost always is, the manager pays the price and Unai Emery has been made the sacrificial lamb for Arsenal.

However, the Arsenal players cannot hide from their responsibilities, they earn lots of money and are being signed to do a professional job.

The spotlight has been on Unai Emery for much of Arsenal’s struggles this season, but the likes of Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and David Luiz have to step up now.

Arsenal’s biggest problem has been the lack of coordination as well as solidity at the back, it is shocking that the fans haven’t turned on Luiz who joined from cross-city rivals Chelsea at the end of the transfer window.

The club’s midfield has also been underperforming. While most fans have sided with Ozil in his battle with Emery, we cannot deny the fact that Ozil is no longer as effective as he was when he first moved to the Emirates Stadium.

Maybe players like Ozil and Granit Xhaka deliberately hid their best from Emery just to get the Spaniard sacked, now that he is gone, there is no one to hide under again.

I know that it would take some time for these players to get back their winning mindset as they flirted too much with mediocrity, but I want to see them with renewed enthusiasm and passion for the game now.

If these players underperform for the next manager then who will they hide behind then?

The time is now for them to step up and show us what they are truly capable of.


  1. Only time will tell now if these players are up for it!?

    With Emery gone, we will see if the mood and the attitude changes with the squad. I’m sure it will take time to adjust but I think (hope) things improve now? The thing is, it’s also important to remember you can’t always improve some players. Sokratis, Xhaka and Mustafi have all failed to impress. Will they excel now? I doubt it but time will tell. These player have let the manager, team, club and fans down. You might agree, you might not. There are more players like Ozil, chambers, Guendozi, AMN and deffo Pepe who need to prove Emery was the problem. Again, time will tell!

  2. Emery needed to go but that doesn’t change the fact that we are rotten to the core and it will take more than a new coach to fix it. We saw it with both wenger and emery our squad is mentally weak and cannot consistently perform at peak physical level. we have done pretty good in buying players the past 2 years but the same symptoms that plagued wenger’s last year and this season. Remember last season emery brought some fight and tenacity to arsenal, we weren’t playing pretty football but grinding results then we dropped the ball after the palace loss and reverted to the weak side who crumbled under the slightest pressure from the opposition.

    Sure we will see the players having a spring in their steps for the next few weeks but it’s very likely once the going get tough we will see the same pathetic mental weakness resurfaced. We need someone like klopp to kick those players into higher gears and improve our mentality. its not the lack of quality in the squad but the lack of fight that is hampering our progress.

  3. We need to resort back to all out attack mode and dominate possession.

    Our defense simply isn’t up to the task, so the less defending we do the better. We also possess the firepower to outscore most sides.

    Every cent of our remaining budget then needs to go towards bringing in top 4 quality defenders, as opposed to other clubs hand me downs such as Sokratis and Luiz.

  4. Came down from Dundee to see the game last nite and was saddened to see how poor the performance from Arsenal was. I only saw 3 of the players acknowledging fans after the match which after their display was shocking.

  5. I have seen laziness often sprouts out of sedentary daily routines. It’s as much physical as much it is mental. But mental state can be affected through physical means as it is scientifically backed. So my approach would be to make the players go through strenuous physical training to get rid of their physical as well as mental inertia.

    There are reports Emery did emphasize on physical training as he installed a gym out in the training ground, don’t know how much he exerted it unto his players though. But we need a coach who keeps doing that and makes it an essential part of the training, apart from all the other footballing lessons and drills. I’ve seen our players drop their heads and don’t react in time in case they lose possession either through misplacing a pass or through other players winning the ball from them. That can be seen as a mental state, but it could just be physical inertia of the body, which can be addressed.

    So yeah, I’m hoping our players also show some spirit and willingness to better themselves physically in the training ground. Let’s hope Freddie can inspire the players.

    1. It may be the opposite. if the players are focusing more on the basic strength and balance exercise to the detriment of building quick reaction and acceleration exercise. that would explain why we appear slow on the pitch despite the players looking fit. look at liverpool and man city players how quickly they act and react on the pitch, even the players who lack pace are quick to intercept and pass.

      1. I meant to address the reaction timing and acceleration. Athleticism, explosiveness and speed comes from good stability and balance especially in the hip and core, any good MMA coach will tell you that. I think our players have stamina, what they lack is athleticism. But they need to be very stable at their core and hip areas, to build functional speed and explosiveness. Otherwise attempting such speed and explosive exercises is a recipe to injuries

  6. I dont trust them to stand up and be counted, i think they think they are better than Arsenal or at least some and some i feel are not fighters in the right sense of the word.

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