It’s time for Arsenal to unleash Jack Wilshere!

Safe passing vs Risk taking football? Could Arsenal players be more Expressive?‏ By Galen Sona.

It has been a very disappointing start to the season and I don’t even want to talk about the transfer window as we have had loads of articles on them already. The biggest problem we have at the moment is that we seem to have no idea going forward. With Bossielny back we seem to be very settled at the back.

We are now facing similar problems like the ones we faced last season in all the games that we couldn’t win. remember the games vs West Brom, Southampton, Norwich, Sunderland etc. Remember how safe we were in possession. Passing and building up sideways and sideways then getting stuck in the final third and run out of ideas?

Coquelin is neat and tidy, Xhaka is neat and tidy and Walcott just can’t beat a granny. That leaves us with Sanchez and Ox as our gamblers. Ox gets frozen in the final third and his decisions making is just poor. That is why I think having Wilshere could be a solution. I need someone that is not scared of making mistakes. What’s the point in having all that neat and clean possession and not being able to penetrate. We need someone who can carry the ball and provoke the opposition.

Yes Jack Wilshere loses the ball a lot. But when we play the small teams we can’t have Xhaka and Coquelin keeping it safe and passing sideways balls to fullbacks. Jack has got a unique ability to provoke, take a couple of players out of the game and cause freekicks. May be Wilshere could just be a solution to our problems when we play all this packing the bus teams.

I know loads of fans are tired with Wilshere’s injuries. But a fit Jack wilshere could do a lot of good for a team.





If we are lucky with the transfers we go for.. (But is a big if. Honestly i don’t trust the board and Manager)





I have also come to the conclusion that Wenger is not being given the money to spend. I don’t think you can give a manager £100 million to spend and he refuses to spend the money. It’s just not true. Wenger like any coach is a winner. I think right now he is just working on the philosophy that the club has in place since Stan and Ivan took over our club.

The board have to wake up. A manager can never stop a board from spending on a quality player. Never ever can that happen. If Stan says we should pay £45 million for Lacazette, how could Arsene refuse that?

That said I wish you all a great week.
BY Galen Sona.


  1. I rather we buy Chicharito. He knows the premier league and is a different type of player. Also Wenger needs to talk to Sanchez. he slows our attacking moves. Poor passing and trying to dribble too much.

  2. What again with listing Mustafi and Lacazette? Some people are still dreaming thinking the Old brain will do something…

    When will even the new additionns blend with the team? We lost the league at the beginning of the season again….


      1. nobody loses the league before the season.. not even sunderland.. How can you say that after such a frantic season which was concluded just some months ago??

    1. nobody loses the league at the beginning of the season.. not even sunderland.. How can you say that after such a frantic season which was concluded just some months ago??

  3. Really? Jack is the solution? You will bench Carzola for Wiltshire? Really? If you didn’t notice that we never score free kicks, and if look at stats Carzola is our best dribbler and he is better than Wiltshire defending than Wiltshire, we must to play our best player and not our favourite player and if you play Xacka , Wiltshire, you calling for trouble Xacka is not ready to play CM..

      1. Hahaha please!
        That has to be the funniest heading I have ever seen on this site.
        Hahaha Will Jack who? Is that the little smoker that is always injuried, loses the ball and can’t tackle?
        We should of sold him to City 2 years ago for 25 mil.

  4. You are right honestly. I keep saying Wenger should buy Chicharito. that is likely to happen than dreaming of some Lacazette. What is wrong with Wenger? He sent Campbell on loan. But has not yet signed another Striker. Hope he is not relying on the news of Welbeck being back in Christmas. This man does not learn from his mistakes. He should be called to order. How were the other teams able to buy Nolito, Batsuayi, Jansen, Zlatan Higuan, Gameiro(Althletico Madrid) while Wenger keeps saying he is working round the clock on transfers. Henry said Giroud alone won’t win you the league. Wenger said no. He disagreed. Henry said the fans at the Emirates were not happy and frustrated. Wenger said it was a lie. That no way Henry could know from where he sat. Henry said top players no longer find Arsenal attractive(based on Vardy turning down Arsenal) Wenger disagreed. Wenger hates Criticism. He is the Only problem with the team. A week to go in the transfer window, We are yet to sign a striker. I would rather get Chicharito than nobody. A striker is more important than a defender right now. We need something different in attack. We can’t rely on Giroud alone. Chicharito will get 20 league goals. Wenger is a fisherman that goes to fish and he is so happy he caught nothing.

    1. People all say RVP won them that title, but Fergie knew the importance of another decent scoring option in the side. Hernandez popped up with some very important goals, and even from the bench he was like an Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Ole Gunnar, now that’s a name for an Arsenal player if I ever seen one. I like Chicarito, he gives us something totally different, and we need that. He is great at just being in the right places, and he loses markers and finds space very well. What have we got to lose, it’s not like that money is gonna go towards Aubameyang or Griezmann. He will score some, more so than any of our second options seems very likely. Especially the home games I think we need a player like this, with intelligence at finding little pockets.

      1. You just Spoke my mind. We only have a week to the end of the window. Which a riot will cone for less than 30m pounds I think. He scored 17 league goals in 28 games last season for Bayer Leverkusen. More than Giroud. Wenger should make quick decisions. Loan out Akpom to a premier league club and Sign Chicharito. Our wide men are presently Walcott, AOC, Sanchez and Iwobi. Strikers could be Giroud, Chicharito and Welbeck. Pls Wenger. Do this deal. Chicharito always pop up at the right place. He is a poacher. He shoots in the box. 30m pound deal for Chicharito is not too much for Arsenal.

  5. We should have let Jack go 3 years ago
    when City offered 40 mill.
    We could have easy bought
    Suarez or Higuain
    City would now have an injury wreck and
    Arsenal woulda had at least one Premiership.
    Now JW gets paid 90k p/w to live in the medical room.

  6. You don’t believe Wenger has the money and you believe Wenger is a winner because no manager can have 100 million available and not spend???????

    Did you start supporting Arsenal last week?

  7. I don’t like how you frisco talked about Wilshere.What I’ve come to realize is that we always seem not to criticize some players.Let me give you examples.They are:Monreal,Cazorla,Ozil etc.I’ve watched several matches where Cazorls has not been efficient and at Arsenal lack of efficiency from players and inconsistency is the norm of the day for this club.Wilshere has not yet fulfilled his potential but the guy I admire him for his fighting spirit and he always shows signs of the old Wilshere when he gets a run of games.I expect Wilshere to be better than Ozil and Cazorla when fulfills his potential.When you watch him when he was 16 and compare to other players at the same age who are now stars he was far far better.The guy’s potential is really really huge and of there’s anyone Arsene must persist with then it’s Jack Wilshere.He should play this week in my opinion because he looked good when he came on and we can’t keeo that momentum on the vench.Arsenal fans are too interested in one player being better than the other to start.Okay well if you want me to say it like how it is then i’ll say it.Ozil and Cazorla are much better than Jack Wilshere but in terms of potential Wilshere was more blessed than them.

    1. Kev I really respect your opinion, but for Arsenal sake stop compering or put in the same sentence Wiltshire, Carzola and Ozil because it’s a crime against football, just check the stats by yourself, Wiltshire have 7 goals, 8 assist in all his Arsenal career and is a miracle that he and Walcott still Arsenal players if you remember 5 years ago when Arsenal supporters start to ask for Wenger’s head, Wiltshire was the first to defend Wenger by saying he will leave the club if Wenger leave, you know why? Because no other manager in the world would keep in in the team, he progress sinds Barcelona ‘game? No and No

      1. Pep seems to like him, and Hodgson, who put him ahead of people who play naturally in DM. He has talent, his injuries tells some of the story, but he needs to get wise and get playing regularly. I seen Jack pull off some link up play which lead to goals that very few players would’ve had the speed of thought to pull off ..very Barcelona like moves. We need to see he can do it allot more though, that everyone can agree.

  8. Guys can I ask a question?Now we all know after Henry left Arsenal he wasn’t the same calibre of player he was and so lemme ask if Henry(the one who played for Red bulls) had come to Arsenal in the same season Giroud came if they all had the same chances who do you think would be better and score more goals?Please let’s be honest and sincere about our answers.

  9. Jack wiltshire was once our brightest prospect, one of the first choices on the team sheet and a fan favourite. Seen as a future arsenal and england captain. Sadly all that has changed, mainly or perhaps solely due to injuries.

    If he could get a decent run of games without injuries then perhaps we would see the old jack back. But “if” is a big word.

    Like many on here I am expecting a few games then off injured again. Using him to unlock stubborn defences needs him to be fit and in form, but that needs a good run of games, and sadly I do not see that happening due to injuries.

  10. But I still think he’ll make it because he keeps fighting and anytime he comes back he shows he’s still got it in him.I’d have said we should sell him if he wasn’t showing those glimpses.For his case I have hope because it looks like it’s solely due to injuries.

  11. You did not include Elneny in none of the teams you pick. In the match against Leicester city Arsenal needed a defensive midfielder who control the flow of their game in all areas of the pitch similar to what Arteta did. So Elneny had to play ahead of Xhaka, playing two defensive midfielders against a team you are going to dominate makes no logical sense.

    I would also play Ozil or Wilshere ahead of Coquelin in that game. Xhaka dont have the movement up and down the pitch and variety of passes to control the flow of a game. Elneny has that in abundance, therefore, Elneny has to play ahead of Xhaka in games Arsenal will dominate.

  12. Great article GS! Running at players is the best way to create space, create mis-matches and ultimately create scoring chances.
    Let’s also lob the ball in high and cross more frequently.
    More direct in the final third is a solution to 0-0 draws.

  13. I think you’re right , the reasons that have been proposed for why our manager might not want to buy an obviously good player and might not even want to win the PL seem like conspiracy theories to me.

    Still, it does seem a bit bloody annoying that we can buy Ozil and Sanchez yet apparently not a striker.

    I do note that a lot of the players we’ve cried out for in the past have gone on to have extremely unimpressive seasons elsewhere. Ballotelli, remember? But equally others have gone elsewhere and been fantastic, like seems to be happening with old Zlatan.

  14. I will say it again Coquelin is the only true DM arsenal has, Chambers can be converted into a DM also, which i feel would be his most suited position, Xhaka is not really a DM but more a deep lying playmaker with some defensive qualities, cazorla also has that trait, Ramsay, Iwobi and wilshere are actually want to be number 10s, who are considered box to box midfielders but both lack the defensive discilpline, Elneny is our only box to box midfielder who is very disciplined and Ozil our number 10 who although provides a lot of assist does not provide a goal treat.

    Special note really want to see the development of JEFF who i think will become an arsenal legend.

    Arsenal midfield may not be perfect but can do a job, in the case of wilshere i think he will get playing time as long as he is fit, i fear the manager must use the players wisely by rotating players in the middle even OZIL, with the only constant being Coquelin and chambers is apprentice

    1. Well Elneny, Coquelin and Xhaka are considered and plays in a defensive midfield position for both club and country. Coquelin and Xhaka is very similar because they tend to hold their position and hence very rearly get caught out of position. They both are defensive midfielders nothing else.

      Elneny in my opinion tend to have more control of the offensive flow in a game, he follows the ball all around the pitch, I would consider him a deep lying playmaker with defensive skills. But I agree with you that Chambers could be converted into a defensive midfielder.

      In terms of box to box midfielder Elneny does not run foward try to take on players dribble and try to score goals to make him a box to box midfielder, he usually take shorts from long range. Ramsey is more what I would consider a box to box midfielder.

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