It’s Time for Change at Arsenal – The Real Problem is the Chairman (and Players)

It’s time for Arsenal Fans to Stop Protesting – Most of the Current Arsenal Squad are SPINELESS GUTLESS WASTERS. by CS

I’ve been an Arsenal Fan for 48 Years, so in that time I’ve seen my share of Arsenal Success and Lack of it. I’ve seen my share of successful Managers and unsuccessful Managers, but I have NEVER seen such a bunch of GUTLESS SPINELESS OVERPAID PRIMADONNA FAIRIES as we have in the current Arsenal Squad.

I have always had great respect for Arsene Wenger – for the success in his Early Years – Yes he inherited a great set of Players from George Graham, but he also brought great Players in his Early Period – 1996 – 2005. He stayed with Arsenal during the Emirates Stadium Build, when he was being chased by Real Madrid, Bayern Munich & PSG.

Say what you like about the 4TH Place Trophy, but it was Champions League Qualification during those years that kept Arsenal solvent and in business. UEFA Paid Off Lion’s Share of the Emirates Debt – while the players that Wenger had developed and turned in to World Class Players deserted us for bigger fatter Wages.

Although, as a fan myself, I can fully understand the anger at the current situation, I don’t agree that Arsene Wenger should be ‘Hounded Out’ of the Club. Unlike many of our Former Players, he showed total Loyalty to Arsenal when we need his loyalty most, and although his time at Arsenal is almost certainly coming to an end, very likely at the end of this season – he deserves more respect than he is currently getting from some sections of the Fanbase.
We Are THE Arsenal – We have CLASS – Our Club has CLASS. Our Fans have CLASS.

There are OTHER Ways of Making our feelings Known………. I’ll produce another article in the next few days to suggest some useful options.

Since the Financial Constraints were loosened, Arsenal won the Back to Back FA Cups, Nice, but these papered over serious deficiencies in the Squad.

As we all know, Arsenal’s last 7 Seasons in the ECL have been poor. Finishing second in the Group Stages when in almost every one of the last 7 Season we should have finished 1st in the Group – and consistently avoided Barcelona any Bayern. Then we lost to Monaco. This year we do finish 1ST, ahead of PSG, but as luck would have it, we got Bayern again in the Last 16…….

At the beginning of last Season Wenger bought Petr Cech, still a World Class Goal Keeper, and although the Club had an estimated £200 Million in the Bank – confirmed at the time by Arsenal Director Lord Harris – he never bought a single outfield Player that summer, and ONLY bought Elneny in the January Window. THAT WAS UNFORGIVABLE.
Arsenal Could and SHOULLD have won the EPL last season, considering the way things turned out with Chelsea, Man United and Man City. OK Leicester were a revelation last Season – However Arsenal were the ONLY Team to beat Leicester Home and Away – but we STILL Finished 2nd – 10 Points behind them. THAT WAS UNFORGIVABLE.

This Season, since the New Year, as in Previous Seasons, since 2011, the year Stan Kroenke took control of OUR Club, have collapsed.

Who Is to blame?
Arsene Wenger – Yes: 40%
He Buys the Players and Trains them. He sets the Tactics. He constantly Publicly Defends them – especially since the Financial Constraints came off in 2013-2014, when they have played the second half of every season like WITLESS DONKEYS ( I Know, I’m being unfair to Donkeys.). George Graham would have had them Shot by Firing Squad – with his old mate SAF loading the Bullets.

The Players – Yes: 60%
With the obvious exception of Sanchez, Kos, and Cech, followed by…… one else really.!!!!
They are Unprofessional
They are Unprincipled
They have no Pride
They have No Character
They Are Soft as Soft can be!

The UNDERLYING Problem is the Chairman Silent Stan:
He bought the Club for Money and Profit – Not for Trophies

By Chris S


  1. According to the Mirror, Wenger is set to extend his stay at Arsenal for atleast two more years. Great times ahead ?

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    Sorry dude, I get the essence of what your saying but the article is everywhere!;)

    It’s the players 60% and arsene 40% (even though as you say he is the manager and therefore recruits, trains, selects them). But hole up the board are he ones to blame at what 0% or is it the proverbial extra 10% those in football parlance refer to as 110%;)

    Here is my ratio (and has been for some good number of years).

    Board of AFC (60% – it is there lack of vision and narrow focus on profit and not footballing success for the club that holds us back and therefore are the biggest problem for our great club)

    Wenger 30% – he had his day a long time ago

    (Some) Players 10% – for being agent controlled money lustful children

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Do fans not get a share of the pie. I want my slice.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Yes, let’s take a look at Liverpool and Tottenham. They changed their managers so many times, but still have similar league positions each year. This means the club executives and decision makers are not able to bring their club forward. Maybe because profit and financial stability are more important for them. I feel that currently Arsenal has the same issue as Liverpool and Tottenham, I think the people that run them do not really love the clubs.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Although I agree with the writer about the type of players we have, I still feel they are almost blameless. It isn’t a 60-40 split in favour of Wenger, I would say more a 90-10 split against him.

    As the writer pointed out, we have a lot of average/rubbish players at Arsenal, but if one really wants to get to the root of the problem, two very simple questions needs to be asked: Why have these average players been at Arsenal for so long? And how is Wenger helping them during matches in terms of tactics, and mentality? The reason our problems exist is because Wenger refuses to get rid of average/rubbish players, he isn’t giving them any tactical guidance, and he isn’t instilling a winning mentality. This all means that the performances, and the results suffer. It’s harder to be successful, and consistent, with average/rubbish players, no tactics, and no fighting spirit.

    Ramsey is the best example of this. He’s been at Arsenal for nine years, and has only had one good season. He’s usually one of the worst, if not, the worst player on the pitch, yet despite this, he’s a regular. Because of this, I know to expect a poor performance when he plays. I cannot get angry with him, or suggest he let the team down, because he has proven a long time ago that he cannot perform at this level, or certainly not in Wenger’s system. Ramsey is just playing to the level we expect of him. So the real question is: why does Wenger keep using Ramsey? Why hasn’t Ramsey been sold? Also, Wenger has used Ramsey mainly on the right-wing, even though he’s a central midfielder. So again, who’s fault is it if he doesn’t perform on the wing?

    It’s not just Ramsey. We have so many players that have been at Arsenal for a very long time, despite only having one good season, or in some cases, no good seasons! These players have been played out of their natural positions a lot as well. One can certainly blame players in the short-term, but when a player is consistently under performing over a long period, there is only man to blame. Another major key point about this problem is that these are Wenger signings. Not one player has Wenger inherited.

    Wenger has allowed the situation we’re in now to worsen over the years because he isn’t a ruthless manager. The likes of Mourinho, Ferguson, Pep, would have moved most of our squad on after 1/2 seasons.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Forgot to mention the board as well, because they have a very negative impact. I was only doing a comparison between Wenger and the players.

  4. davidnz says:

    There are two reasons Arsenal
    does not win anything major.
    1. After 2004 Wenger could not
    meet the challenge of Chelsea and City.
    2. The owner Mr Kroenke believes top 4 EPL is more profitable than winning.
    Kroeneke gets richer.
    Wenger gets 8 mill p/y with no pressure to win major trophies.
    Do we need change?
    According to 95% of the Emirates crowd at the Bayern massacre
    on Tuesday night the answer is most certainly “NO”
    AKB’s still rule. OK 🙁

  5. goonerboy says:

    But in most recent seasons, wenger in my opinion has been well supported in the market..

    What am saying is, eventhough the board lacks trophy ambition,with the kinda money released to Wenger this past seasons, a hungry manager would have made more out of the kitty…

    Wenger doesn’t only lack tactical flexibility,he doesn’t know how to spend prudently anymore…
    Look at our defence as an example, we have Mustafi, holding,Chambers,Gabriel,debuchy,Kos, Jenkinson,Bellerin,gibbs,Monreal…

    How many of them is good enough?? Why renew Per’s contract when you have Mustafi and Gab..why buy Holding when we still have Chambers??
    Why not just buy cheap from EPL, leave Holding at Bolton and let chambers stay…

    Why did he renew Jenkinson’s contract…and still paid 35m for Mustafi??? He spent 35m on xhaka when he could have gotten Kante for less..I could go on…

    Wenger has totally lost it, both in the market and on the field..with the money we spent this summer, if given to a better manager, we would have seen the difference, but things are just the same even worse…

    Let the change begin with Wenger leaving,when he leaves, we will know what next!!!

  6. reddb10 says:

    As you mention we bought great players up to 2005, but what you forget is that the success in the transfer market was down to one man and that was David Dein. Without going through the long list of joke transefrs since Dein departed, i will just mention Kante going to Chelski for less than what we paid for Xhaka which is more recent.
    So if we discuss management we have to admit that the most embarrasing defeats in our history are under Wenger and with the latest disaster at the hands of Bayern we are now breaking british records. The man is incompetent and so are the gutless spineless leaches running the club. The worst has yet to come if the trinity of evil remain at Arsenal

  7. Kotte says:

    wenger the untouchable!!!

  8. Vlad says:

    I’m an AKB, but here’s my take on it. No matter how you look at it, Wenger is definitely at fault. His tactics, and lack of motivation reflects poorly on the players. And his favoritism towards certain individuals is what I hate the most about him. Ramsey, Ox, Wilshere (finally on loan), Theo, as well as several others wouldn’t be allowed near the pitch at any other club. But at Arsenal not only they get to play week in and week out, but also collecting a ton of money. Players themselves should be accountable too, of course, but I feel that a different, more energetic personality (like Wenger was himself 20 years ago) would get the better/most of the guys he has. I mean, playing Frank Sinatra in the locker room before the game isn’t exactly what I see as motivating. However, I feel that there are those who should be blamed ahead of Wenger and the players. And that, of course, is the owner, and the board. Wenger has done miracles over the years, but he’s also gotten very complacent. I don’t like his “untouchable” status, and I don’t like the fact that he dictates everything that happens at the club. There’s gotta be the right person for everything. You’re the manager, manage. Leave recruiting to recruiters. Leave contract negotiations to contract negotiators… and so on and so forth. Anyway, I feel like I got away from the main topic of conversation, and that is who’s at fault. OWNER/BOARD: 50% ; WENGER: 30%; PLAYERS: 20%.

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