It’s time for real Arsenal fans to show support for our captain

Time To Show The World How Real Gooners Act by Dan Smith

So Xhaka has revealed the scale of the abuse he’s been receiving and it’s worse than I imagined. Anyone still trying to make this a football debate is really missing the point, and it is obvious that real Arsenal fans should show their true feelings.

This is why I was so proud Arsenal didn’t force him to apologise first thing on Monday morning just to pick a PR box. They needed to protect their player first, as clearly there was more to this situation then met the eye.
All week some gooners have demanded he say sorry, for what?

Where have the fans been hurt?

Why the sense of entitlement?

Because he threw an armband to the floor? In reality it is a piece of material. Now consider how important that material compared to his to his wife and child.

I’m sorry, but if fans were threatening to break your legs, wish your baby got cancer, and your wife was killed, then you were asked to say sorry, I think you would find that hard to stomach? You have to tolerate that treatment, yet Arsenal fans on social media are counting down how many days it’s been where they haven’t had an apology? Sorry, an apology for what? Telling those who were swearing at him to f……

Go to a police officer and see which one he finds more serious; “Sorry officer, this man threw our arm band to the floor and put his hand to his ear” then ask him to read the private messages this man has been receiving over a period of time.

I am so glad he’s been brave enough to give us the full picture. If he had taken the easy way out and said sorry that would have made me sick. He’s effectively had to whistle blow on his own fans, we are an embarrassment this week, we have to accept that, take it on the chin and discourage others, don’t make excuses for them.

Just like it’s not all of Bulgaria who racially abused England, but it’s still reported as Bulgarian fans, so our image of our fan base as a whole has been hurt by these bullies. That is a slur on real Arsenal fans.

While the majority behave themselves, I have noticed over the years how we can’t seem to separate a footballer to a person. While most would never agree with the vile trolls, others follow it up with ……. ‘but he’s not very good’ or ……. ‘if the manager had dropped him.’

Let’s get this right, in 2019 lots of our current squad are not really good enough to take us to the next level. Not just Xhaka.

Our defence is poo; why were we worried that we might get 50 million for Torreira, he’s done nothing in a year? Why do we care at the moment if we get Ceballos permanently when he’s been poor? Auba and Lacca most likely won’t sign new contacts. There’s so much wrong but that does not give anyone the right to abuse anyone else.

Our job now is to educate Xhaka. Teach him that it is the minority. That most of us have better values than that, are educated better. That at Arsenal we are a family, let us reassure him.

Imagine the message it will send if 60,000 real Arsenal fans chant his name on Saturday, drowning out those cowards. That doesn’t mean we can’t judge him or have our own opinions…

It simply reminds him and the dressing room that while there are a few who act like idiots, there are thousands more who have your back. The sad thing is, I know there were fans looking forward to this weekend, hoping they had hounded him out, like they had Mustafi. We were facing the humiliation of one of our own being jeered every time he touched the ball.

Now we know the reality, we can send a message that this is not the true reflection of a gooner. For the record I’m not saying he should play out of sympathy. The fact is for over a year Emery always picked him, his peers wanted him captain, so let’s carry on like normal and send a message.

They say fans who do this are not football fans, but they are. They are simply fans who haven’t got the balance right between sport and life. They take it too seriously, go too deep. The only way they will learn is by seeing the majority stand by Xhaka.

Victory In Harmony

Dan Smith


  1. First, there 2 think
    The fans who booed him in stadium and the fans who threatening his family in social medias outside the stadium.
    Xhaka is react to the boo in the stadium, not to the threatening outside the stadium.
    The fans who booed him in stadium is not the fans who threatening his family in social medias.
    His behavior is unacceptable, hope we dont see him again in starting eleven for a couple week or more

    1. Yes, I think Xhaka knows that the crazy fans on the social media are the minority

      But the fans who booed him at the stadium have sent a clear message, that most Gooners don’t want him play for Arsenal anymore

      Luckily his market value is still high

      1. @gotanidea and and arie82
        This is utter nonsense. How is he, or either of you for that matter, to know if the fans at the stadium and those on social media are not one and the same… Dude is dealing with a threat situation, so they become one and the same…

      2. @gotanidea, he was booed in the stadium because of the way he sauntered off when we needed to make a quick substitution. It was no way a clear message we dont want him to play anymore. It’s really stupid comments like you make which clearly give the wrong idea to the football fandom in general. The “fans” threatening him on social media are not necessarily Arsenal fans, we’ve seen enough spurs and manc trolls onhere in the past to know that. Try engaging your brain before commenting in future.

    2. Even if they are minority which keep popping up to abuse whether it’s Xhaka, mustafi n recently auba…they are still Arsenal fans and as fans there are certain lines you don’t cross but they keep doing it again n again. They should be banned from stadium and should be investigated by police if they are given open threats on social media. Family and self respect always come first so for him to give his all which he does (he is doing his best, it’s just he is not suited to the way we want to play n that’s not his fault it’s the board n manager’s fault for trying to fit him in) n to be treated like that is unfair. No human should be treated like that. I support Xhaka in this case and if it was me in his place I’ll show the middle fingers to fans shout abuse at me.

  2. Cant wait for the next game so that we forget about this Xhaka chapter already. This site is becoming now.

    – The booing was deserved because he did not conduct himself like a captain (his form / slow walking / he couldn’t set a better example).

    – The death wises, misfortune and disease slayers were uncalled for, we should not get personal when airing our views. His human first before he even puts on our jersey.

    – His on filed reaction was not the best, he should have canceled his anger in a better way because that escalated the whole thing and most likely triggered even more negative acts.

    Can we move on.

    1. I comment mate on the relevant Arsenal news and give my opinion
      Funny how the moment Arsenal fans are called out for wishing a child had cancer and threatening to kill his wife, you want to cover your ears and talk about something else

      Yet it were Arsenal fans up in arms about being sworn at

      If your tired of negativity tell gooners to stop being negative

  3. ‘Educate xhaka’ if he doesn’t realise that the people trolling his twitter are a vast minority more the fool him, and honestly if hes struggling this much from these idle threats that much wouldn’t he have deleted his twitter? Yet hes using twitter (the source of these threats) to explain the threats just seems stupid to me, so while I dont condone these threats if he doesn’t want to take the simple solution of deleting twitter I cant feel too bad for him about it, while it is horrible the solution Is simple. As for the boo’ing he brought that on himself, when the sub sign went up there were a small percentage of the crowd ironically cheering, only when he goaded the crowd did he start getting properly boo’d and that’s on him, your here to do what’s best for the team get the hell off the pitch so we can try to win that’s what should instantly be going through his head.

    1. Xhaka is too dumb to be educated about anything. The moron will now use every excuse for his shit behaviour. Myself I wouldn’t have cheered his substitution (though for him to lose it over that just shows how weak he is compared to other players who go through fans’ worse abuse), but booing him when he’s deliberately showing he doesn’t give a shit about the club is fine with me.

      The club won’t progress until he’s a starter and Emery a coach, that’s for certain. But fans should boo Emery primarily because he’s the one who plays Xhaka and he’s the coward that allowed the players to chose their captain. Any reason why no other club does that? Because players will chose someone like Xhaka.

    1. That’s not xhaka lol completely different people you might as well if brought up anyone who’s ever been attacked.

      1. @Rory Johnson
        Thing is, you don’t know for sure.
        So you take it as a real threat. Especially when your family is threatened. Wonder if you’d still be so nonchalant, had it been your family.

        1. Yeah I can honestly say I would be, trolls are trolls and there not going away you cant let anonymous threats consume you,ive been abused by customers at work and I’ve been threated a few times in my younger years by sectarian people in northern ireland where I grew up but life goes on you cant let it take over your life…but more to the point I would DELETE TWITTER!! If an environment has a constant negative impact you take yourself out of said environment no?

          1. @Rory Johnson
            And I’m callin bs on that. Taking himself off of social media does not negate the fact that someone saw it in their twisted mind to threaten his family. He’s a high profile person, and those who threatened him, anonymous muppets. Not saying he should live in fear, just saying he shouldn’t be complacent either and should perceive the threat as real…

          2. @NY gunner your acting like this is the first time this has happened lol it happens every day to tens of thousands of people so please what’s your magical solution? If he stays on twitter this will continue to happen…fact!!if u think people spreading a bit of empathy will stop this your incredibly naive

  4. I share the sentiments expressed Dan in terms of the way to respond to the cowardly minority who have abused Xhaka and his family on social media.They are basically low life idiots who are a disgrace to our Club .I’m afraid the mob instinct which surfaces at football matches is a deep routed problem which is a sad reflection on society in this Country today.As far as Arsenal is concerned we need to all move on and focus on the difficult challenges ahead beginning with Wolves tomorrow.Being captain of a team should not entitle that person to privileges deprived to others.Players should be selected on merit which includes ability and character and not for any other reason including how much they cost.It’s about time our current Manager started to do this.

  5. It’s horrible to hear such things, so why doesn’t he just come off social media then? It’s very tough to sympathize, when he could easily walk away from what is upsetting him.

    1. I posted a comment yesterday in another topic on here exactly the same thing. How damaging social media can be and how it is used as a weapon or an outlet to harm!

      Don’t like it? walk away and never return!

    2. @ThirdmanJW
      Why should he have to come off of social media because of some ignorant clowns? Empathy is what’s called for here, not sympathy. You proved you’re devoid of that…

      1. That’s ridiculous NY you cant have it both ways, trolls aren’t going anywhere so accept the abuse you are given as there is no way to stop people trolling or get off social media, if threats to his family are that damaging to him he has to get off social media, that’s like me going to a pub full of spuds fans and complaining that I’m getting slagged off but refusing to leave.

        1. Rory Johnson – your kind of saying society has to accept things not try to change them?
          If you were verbally abused on the bus , should you simply walk and never take the bus?
          To stop knife crime in London should we just not walk down the street?
          If England players sensed they were going to be racially abused in Bulgaria, should they have not gone?
          if a women is sexually attacked is it how she dresses?
          The world has not solved problems by doing this

        2. @Rory Johnson
          You’re still not getting it. Ignorance must be bliss. Getting off social media doesn’t change the thinking of those twisted punks who made the threats… The effort you’re putting in to defend them puts you in with them.

          1. Those examples you gave vs online trolls are not even a quantifiable comparison. If you have a suggestion to stop online trolling completely I’m all ears but as of now there isnt one except get the hell off twitter!! Problem solved but he refuses to, someone threatens you on a bus you report them to the police, and I’m not hear to tell you how to stop knife crime that’s on the police force to do, what are YOU doing as a member of society to help him out of this situation?? My advice was get off Twitter yours is what empathy? That’s not going to stop trolls.

          2. And omfg did u really just say that puts me in with them, your a disgrace and incredibly naive lol, for all your huffing and puffing you haven’t give a single idea of how to combat it your just crying on about it, how do we solve this then all knowing NY gunner?? And you think I’m the ignorant one lol 🤦‍♂️ and please give an actual solution and dont just deflect again…

          3. I wouldn’t out him in with them but this is what I mean by education
            If you look at his comparison of walking into a room with Spurs fans and getting Slaughtered by them
            Xakha hasn’t been slaughtered , he’s had threats made to his wife and child which is a criminal crime
            So to answer your Spurs comparison
            If I walked into a bar I would be silly not to expect banter, you correct
            If then someone swore at me, threatened my wife/kids , said they break my legs, would I deserve that based on wearing a different colour shirt
            You think the law would see it like that?

          4. No you wouldn’t deserve that of course BUT you would take yourself out of that pub no?? Which is my whole point and the best solution to stop online trolling get off twitter, as until they can be prosecuted they WILL NOT STOP, trolls feed off a reaction, I’m still waiting for someone on here to give me a better solution instead if saying I’m as bad as these trolls (which honestly is a horrible thing to say, you dont even know me) when I’m actually trying to suggest a solution, so I’m all ears….

          5. No you wouldn’t deserve that of course BUT you would take yourself out of that pub no?? Which is my whole point and the best solution to stop online trolling get off twitter, as until they can be prosecuted they WILL NOT STOP, trolls feed off a reaction, I’m still waiting for someone on here to give me a better solution instead if saying I’m as bad as these trolls (which honestly is a truly horrible thing to say, you dont even know me) when I’m actually trying to suggest a solution, so I’m all ears….

          6. So no? No solutions?? Thought so you just want to be a counterproductive contrarian without actually suggesting a way to fix the problem, just shoot down others suggestions because you dont actually fully understand the situation…

      2. who?, me?

        If so, not at all. My point is that if you take everything that some stranger says to you personally, then don’t use it. Or, RISE above the scum comments and get on with it!!

        When you spend so much time in the Lime-Light, like so many sports celebs, actor and Royals do, you are likely to get the bad stuff too! It’s all part of the territory..


  6. There is a “massive” difference in fans booing the club and player and someone who threatens or taunts, “break your legs, wish your baby got cancer, and your wife was killed”! When I say “someone” I mean scum. And I say scum because these are not true fans.

    Scum who bully or abuse anyone are not doing it for any other reason other than to get joy or satisfaction out of it!

    To take things out on Xhaka’s family is simply the work of a troll or an idiot. Inside the stadium however fans are always vocal and to a point, they have a right to boo. After all, just like any other customer, if you don’t like the service you are entitled to “kick up a stick”. If the service tells you to F**K off, well, I think we would all react accordingly, no?

  7. Xhaka you need to grow up, big up man!!!! Why would you allow anger overrule you? The most annoying thing is you don’t see what the fans did to you as a challenge to go and improve yourself, instead you expect the fans to be by your side!!! You are a failure with that kind of mentality! You use this to go and improve on yourself and prove to us that you merit more than we take you just like what Ozil did, Now who will see Ozil and say he doesn’t deserve more playing time?

    1. I wondered how long it would take for some cretin to basically tell Xhaka to ‘man up’.
      I’m surprised it took this long!

  8. Despite being advised by the Arsenal bosses to publicly apologise to Arsenal fans he crossly disrespected at the Ems last Sunday, Xhaka in his arrogance posture, stubbornness and disregard to club officials has failed to publicly apologise unreservedly in the media to the Arsenal fans in time for his flagrant show of disrespect to them at the Ems which by now is even late anyway even if he decided to do it. For, it will no longer be valued by the Arsenal fans he abused f**k off at the Ems. The apology he hasn’t tender willingly and after taking days and appearing to be reluctant to take the club’s officials advice to do so is no longer an apology to Arsenal fans but mocking them whether he finally do it or not Arsenal can move on without him in their squad and will definitely move on. Let him take his arrogance, insulting, disrespect, stubbornness and show of incompetence in performance in matches on the field of play in playing for Arsenal to another club and their fans who are ready and prepare to accommodate him.

    1. @Samuel Akinsola Adebosin
      He doesn’t owe you or any other fan an apology for being human… He’s the victim in this situation.

  9. I will be travelling down from Yorkshire tomorrow with my grandson for the Wolves game and if Xhaka plays, I will be behind him 100%, why you ask, well the reason is simple he’s playing for my team and I will not boo my own team.
    The antics of the bloggs and sites of so called Arsenal fans has been shameful, you don’t succeed through constant discord.
    It’s time to show you care Arsenal fans or do me and the club a favour and stop going to games and following a great club.

  10. Still the butt hurt continues – so everyone who is still complaining that Xhakas statement wasn’t an apology – are you seriously telling me that you have apologised to every person you have ever told to fekk off?

    He should have just come off social media to avoid the cowardly twats sending him the vile abuse? So he should have just let them win? And of course nobody has ever used a player doing exactly that as yet another reason to slate them when they do reactivate have they?

    Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t happy to see the armband tossed on the floor, it’s a position of honour and should have been accorded some more respect but the way some of our fans have reacted is just ridiculous. He gave an explanation (which some report is actually more apologetic than it appears in his natural tongue), admitted he should have handled it better -,what more do people actually want? Grow up, move past it and get on with supporting the club. COYG.

    1. I agree with you about this for! You are right, he is human n any one in his situation would get upset n ppl react differently to every situation. People who say he crossed the line should first look at them selves in mirror …did the fans react in the right manner when he was getting sub? You can’t be booing ur own players n throwing abuse at them. What happened that day is on the fans as well. As they say if you want to be treated with respect show the same respect to others….some thick head Arsenal fans just don’t get the message
      ..they are toxic and destroying our club culture n ethics.

      1. That means we can no longer boo at spuds?
        Fans cheer and fans boo, can’t blame them. Otherwise, we are better of using some recordings in the stadium.

  11. Selfishly, can we please just stop talking about this incident and focus on our performances and on what is going to help the club. Xhaka is not going to help the club, he is not that kind of player, bashing Xhaka is also not going to help the club. Xhaka is not the problem nor the solution to our current situation.

    Emery is the problem and perhaps management is the solution.

  12. Unfortunately I take his alleged claims with a pinch of salt, without any evidence.

    If those things really happened, why haven’t we heard about them before? Why is he even wanting to stay. I would have far me respect if he had come out and said those things before. I could respect him again, if he said due to personal reasons that have now been made public, I have decided to resign as captain and have asked the club for a transfer as my family and I no longer feel safe.

    1. Evidence of everything Xhaka claims (and worse) has been doing the rounds on twitter – it’s not exactly hard to find if you want to verify it Atid 🤷‍♂️

  13. Come on Xhaka, that’s the risk of being a public figure, if you can’t stomach the pressure, don’t be one, simple as that. There are risks inherent in every occupation, that’s just one of them.
    I ask you people, if you behave like that at work, will your employer tolerate such behaviour?
    Secondly, some footballers were treated harsher in the past. Remember Beckham after World Cup?
    He answered the abuse in a very professional way, he stayed under the radar and performed on the pitch. Our Xhaka was throwing tantrums, goading the fans, and disrespecting the club.
    Third, I remember some fans defended his appointment by saying he was captain of his old club and his country. That is a behavior of a captain?
    Fourth, I ask you, if you are punched and you punch back, are you the better one? No, you are the same and that makes Xhaka exactly the same as the trolls on the article above.
    Fifth, trolls are anywhere, users above me suggested that he deletes his account. Then what about fans in the stadium, pundits, coaches, etc? Criticism are everywhere, and the extreme ones won’t cease to exist. In statistics, outliers are found in every population.

    Bottom line, it all comes down to Xhaka’s mental fragility.

    1. Totally agree with most point there although, as far as social media is concerned I suggested “If you can’t take the bad with the good, don’t use it”. Simple as that!

      Xhaka is a big boy and should be able to deal with pressure. Many Celebs and sportsmen and women have to do the same. This time he let his guard down and reacted. But, as I have said before, Emery is to blame for playing Xhaka in a team he is obviously not suited to. He’s not quick enough to attack or defend. It’s not his fault as far as not being able to perform goes. Emery should realise this by now! Solve the problem Emery and there will be happy fans!!

      1. Yes, I agree with your assessment. I also think Xhaka is the odd man out in Emery’s formation. Attacking-wise he can’t play out of trouble and too slow, continually allowing opponents to regroup. Defensively he isn’t quick enough to press or cover, plus he doesn’t have composure to win back possession cleanly.

  14. I dont think this xhaka situation is going to end satisfactory unless he leaves. He has never been a good player and he is a worse captain. The fans donr want him in the team let alone captain, he needs to leave, the problem is, i dont see who would want him, he was a poor buy in the first place. I dont want this to get even more sour than it is but the only way that wont happen is if he left.

  15. There should be three categories for debate here. 1) Fans reacting to Xhaka’s petulance. He deserved it. 2) Fans threatening his home etc. No. He doesnt deserve that, and 3) Fans prompted too boo because he simply isnt good enough. This (alongside Emery, mind you), he warrants most.

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