It’s time for the Arsenal players to repay Wenger’s faith in them

Arsene Wenger must be feeling that the whole world is against him at the minute, with an aggressive media and pressure from a small number of vocal Arsenal fans as well, so his is in need of a bit of support from the people who owe him the most, the Arsenal players themselves.

Everyone seems to think that Arsenal’s season is over right now, but as with every season, we are still in the most important fight for a Top Four place, and have made it to an FA Cup semifinal for the third time in four years and are two games away from winning the trophy yet again.

But whatever the fans may think, Wenger can not win these on his own, it is the players that must stand up and show that they still have pride and ambition for the club and our manager. As the Invincibles legend Gilberto Silva said yesterday: “The players could do something more,”

“I believe they can, for their quality, their ability – that’s why they’re at the club, why Arsene brought them to the club. He believed in them.

“I think it’s now time for them to give something back.

“Sometimes, if you look from outside, we can see everything we want. But the only thing for me, seeing from outside, it’s time for everyone to give the support for the man who believed in them.

“Give something back, get together.

“It’s the only way to handle the pressure and get through this situation, because nobody is in this situation alone. It didn’t create itself alone, the players didn’t create the pressure alone – if there is something that didn’t go well, everyone was part of it. Everyone must stick together, that’s the best way to deal with it.”

“I hope (Wenger) handles the pressure, the circumstance and the players get on his side and supports him more – even more than what they are doing.

“Not just by playing games, but when they have to talk about the coach, the manager, the man, they understand the importance of this man to them on the pitch and outside in the club.”

Never has an Arsenal team needed to be more united behind our manager as right now, and they need to prove that Wenger’s belief in them was not unfounded. And they must start by getting the three points tomorrow to help relieve some pressure on Wenger and themselves. And it would help if the fans got behind them too for a change….

Sam P


  1. aluz says:

    They have no pressure to do so. They have a docile grandpa of a manager who will come up with all sorts of excuses when they get beat.
    And why fight now? We fans are tired of being served leftovers each season. Top four means nothing for us.
    This will be the year Sunderland gets relegated, as Arsenal misses top four. And that is how mediocrity should end.

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    We’ve still got 12 premier league games to go ?? It’s still way to early for everyone to pull together and fight for that glorious Wenger trophy.
    So don’t expect a win against WBA tomorrow but hey, don’t worry,We’ll come good in the last seven or eight games, like we always do.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Tough game tomorrow. I like having games in hand but not when the others have gained the points. It’s vital we win, I’m thinking about players we go after when Alexis leaves. We can’t replace him with the same sort of quality but what are the chances of getting close to it if we have no CL football. Someone said the other day, and I have to agree, how bad is our season when we are already of the mind of transfers. I was thinking about them since Jan. I like that the FA cup has proper semi-finals. That’s something at-least to look forward to. Even if you say you’re not bothered whether we win it, you’ll enjoy the city game if it goes well. Then a London derby final is something that would interest you whether you admit to it or not.

  4. pubgooner says:

    Wenger don’t look far – you have some great players in the EPL:
    – Lukaku
    – Sell Giroud Buy Llorente
    – Martial is not happy – steal him
    – Luke Shaw is not happy – steal him under Mou’s nose
    – Traore > Walcott
    – Van Dijk > Mustafi
    – City Overhauling in summer. Buy Aguero
    – Sigurrson > Ramsey or Ox
    Wenger wake up! please wake up from your slumber!

    1. HA559 says:

      There are decent goalkeepers in this league as well one should come in for Cech. You forgot that. We definately need a thrid CB that is on level or above Mustafi and Koscielny. I don’t mind if the highest we paid for a play in the summer were a CB like Varane.

      GK, CB, DMF, need to be bought if we want to win title. Wenger thought what he saw in the 1-1 v Manu as ‘steel’ early in the season.

      1. pubgooner says:

        Joe Hart will be splendid. He want to come back to EPL.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Of course the players need to step up, but will Wenger give them any help this time? Has he properly prepared for West Brom? Will he adjust his tactics, and formation, to counter their key threats? Will Wenger finally start his best XI? Once the game has started, will there be any in game management from Wenger? So many questions, and I doubt a single one will be answered!

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    The players needed to step up ages ago

    Wenger’s faith in them is part of the problem. Especially, Ramsey and Iwobi

    Lucas should have been given more PL time

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, an evidence of things not seen!
    Dammit the players owe wenger nothing, they are all his initiative
    we want things we could see….we want goals…. we want trophies…. We wanna see beautiful football… We wanna see a good managerial activity…. We wanna see good players take over this team

  8. goonerwineverything says:

    If only Wenger could repay some of the faith the fans and board have shown to him over the years and leave this summer. How stupid will the board look if they give him another two years and he can’t finish us in the top four and get knocked out by city un fa cup both very real probabilities that could happen. Where do they go then this summer. If that is the case they have no wriggle room for new players or contract renewals. Both the board and wenger. Need to think long and hard before committing the longer term future of the club potentially sideways if results don’t go our way for rest of this season.

  9. DANDY GUNNER says:

    It.s time for Mr Wenger repay the Arsenal Fans by spending some money on Quality Players and sell the dead wood.

  10. khangunners says:

    We always undermine the effort that our fans are putting into the club. Reading through the article the author seems to think its only 10 or 20 guys protesting. Last year pple cried and said wenger will waste us this season and it has come to pass. Yet again the same pple hve put a blind eye and are fighting to save there beloved club coz they know if wenger is around things are getting worse but instead of all of us uniting we moke them and call them a “small vocal fans”
    What i will want to ask which arsenal fan is happy about this season all over the world? Is there even a single fan?

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