It’s time for Wenger to give up his addiction to Arsenal

Wenger has done enough for football, time to take a bow from the game By SK

Addiction is a very difficult problem to deal with; especially if that addiction dates back too many years. A drug addict, who has been abusing drugs for more than half of his years, may find it difficult to get away from such a habit. He feels he is immune to any negativity that may arise due to the abuse, nobody can tell him it is dangerous for his health because he feels his body and health has come to accept the drug abuse. It takes a while to convince him to stop; and that is if he wishes to stop. But when he is determined not to give up the habit, no matter what you say to him, then you just have to pray to God to touch his heart.

Football has become an addiction for Wenger, coaching Arsenal has become an addiction to Wenger; he has lived over twenty of his years coaching Arsenal football club; he has become a part of the club and the club has become a part of him. He wakes up every morning to the joy of being an Arsenal coach and goes to sleep every night as a fulfilled man because of Arsenal, so why asking him to leave what gives him passion and joy, when he feels he still has a lot to offer the club, despite the evidence? Can you give him any other reason to leave Arsenal apart from the fact that the club is not doing well on the night? These are the thoughts on the mind of a man who is addicted to coaching the club. But is he right to think this way? No!

Monsieur Wenger has seen it all in football, he has done a lot for football and if he decides to take a break from the game today, the world of football will be grateful for his contributions to the growth and development to football. A wise man knows when to draw the curtain. He knows when to take a walk and he knows the time when appraisals turn to insults and at that moment, he quits! He is not quitting because he is a quitter, he is quitting because he knows that is the right thing to do at the moment. Wenger’s record in transforming a player from nobody to somebody, can’t be under emphasized. The likes of Thierry Henry, Kanu Nwankwo, Patrick Viera and others, will forever be grateful to this man who brought them out from being fringe players to being star players! Even our dear want-away Sanchez has no choice than to be grateful to Wenger for saving him from sitting on the bench constantly at Barcelona.

However, despite all he has done for football, Wenger has to leave the game alone for younger and fresher ideas. Not only should he retire from Arsenal, he should also retire from coaching as well. I know this may sound harsh but Wenger’s tactics of coaching are outdated and leaving coaching generally, will save him from being ridiculed some more. He doesn’t look like a man who wishes to change his ways, he is that stubborn, despite realizing how outdated his tactics are. After leaving Arsenal this season, he can take up a job as a football director at Arsenal or any other club of his choice. He can also decide to own and run an academy whereby he can continue grooming kids into becoming football greats, something he is adept at doing. Enough of the disgraces, enough of being beaten by younger managers who looked up to him while growing up!

Wenger is a wise man and as a wise man, he should know that this season should be his final season as a football coach. The offers from Barcelona and China may be tempting enough but a man should realize that period when a good name is better than riches or gold! A word is enough for the wise. What do you guys think? Is Wenger still needed as a football coach?



  1. Ramterta says:

    come back after 12 years mate.When people will be ready for change.

  2. Budd says:

    You only realize the huge problem in the club when you know that Wenger is leaving when he wants and not when the club owner and directors tell him to do so. In which world is this possible because I can’t fathom any, but any business enterprise (as Kroenke like to have it) where the board is not able to fire any other member of the board let alone an employee. And what is more baffling, also strictly from a business perspective, is that you are damaging the image of the brand itself. Not like Kroenke have any issue with that as long as he fills his pockets.
    I know Wenger will not go by his own choosing, watch him on the bench and watch him in the interviews. He’s having that look saying “I will show you, just wait and I will show you!”
    I think everyone agrees that we had enough of this show.
    PS: what a game at Barcelona but again, PSG were robbed in daylight by UEFA. I will probably stop watching football altogether because this refereeing at high level becomes ridiculous.

    1. N4NICOLAS says:

      I thought I was the only one that noticed it. Wenger seems to be too comfortable like he has signed the contract already n they are just waiting to announce it.. I am tired of this, I don’t sleep early cos am in Japan, I have to stay awake 4 9hours to watch us whipped here n there n the man in charge is so relaxed… Ahh what a Club

  3. luvdaguns says:

    barca showing how you defend your home down 4-0

  4. imran_gunr says:

    Will anyone buy whole share of kroenke? He doesn’t understand the value of championship (either EPL or Champions League). He is waste for Arsenal Football Club. We are ashamed to suffer for last 11 years. This year its more hard to take 10-2 demolishing. Players must also take responsibility and respond like how Barca responded to PSG. Arsene wants to create core english team which is highly impossible in today’s game. You need a mixture of different countries and talent. You can’t rely and make a core english team.
    I think the culprit is Kroenke. I wish anyone can buy all of his share or kick him out form the share holding.

    1. Inkfight says:

      Usmanov and Dangote would happily buy out Kroenke’s share if he were to sell.

      If we don’t qualify for a couple of years, that share price is going to start going down – that is when Kroenke might start liquidating.

      The club is very secure financially, in terms of revenue and value – we are among the top 6-7 clubs in Europe – and way ahead of the chasing pack. So from a financial perspective, the club remain a very valuable proposition for potential investors.

      But do we really want investors? Already had that experience with Kroenke – maybe we’d be much better off with an “owner”?

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