It’s time for Wenger to leave Arsenal

Arsene has to change or go, time’s up. by KM

After another terrible Arsenal performance at Dortmund, how long before Wenger is taken to account for his mistakes? Are the AKB’s still happy with him ? Arsenal were miles behind the Germans. You could just see what a young manager with some tactical plans does to him.

Wenger is soft and weak. He is happy with being humiliated every season. Mikhitaryan could’ve scored 3 himself, and if he opted to assist, he would’ve gotten 3 assists and it would’ve been 5:0. Worst of all, it would’ve been a deserved result.

We were terribly slow. Why is Ozil on the pitch? For a man earning his money he deserves nothing more than a spot on the bench. Worst of all is seeing how Fabregas puts an assist after assist for Costa at Chelsea. You know what? We had a chance to bring him back and a chance to sign Costa for peanuts (yes 32 millions is peanuts for the goals he will bring). And what did we do instead?

And what does Podolski or Rosicky have to do to get a spot in the team? Or the Ox? For the first time we have an option of players to choose from and we put some people who are just walking on the pitch hoping something would happen. And Welbeck. I will just say that Van Gaal was spot on to release him and bring in Falcao. Mind you we had a chance to bring Falcao too. Guess United’s reject striker was good enough.

I will not comment on the fact Cazorla fails to make it in this midfield that didn’t even exist yesterday. Ramsey is looking more and more like his old self. But never mind this. Let’s see now why didn’t we bolster our defense? Where is the defending ? Do we train defending ? We’ve conceded in every PL game so far and guess what, we’ve conceded more than we have scored so far this season. What did we do in the transfer window to replace Sagna and Vermaelen ?

The guys at the skysports commentary studio were spot on. You cannot concede that many. Immobile ran the whole pitch and scored. Couldn’t there be one player in his way? You know what made that Barcelona side so strong and what Arsenal lacked so that we could be like them ? Pressing. We are DEpressing to watch but we failed to put anyone to fight for a ball. Guardiola at Barca said that he wants the ball returned in 5 seconds when it’s lost.

Wenger has to go for me. If i’m paid 8 million a year and have all the money in the world i wouldn’t let this happen. I would feel humiliated if i’m beaten 8-2, 6-3, 5-1, 3-0 away to all my competitors while they come to the Emirates and easily get draws. And before all the haters start spitting with their comment you should ask yourselves “Is this an Arsenal side good enough to win more than a lucky FA cup?” and the real answer is NO. We will be torn apart by a pacey Villa team if we continue to be so slow and depressing. And there is only one man responsible for this…..

Konstantin Mitov

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    1. im very conflicted with arsene hes a brilliant businessman, has a reputation that is world renowned, an has took this club from highbury to pot one of the champions league; he did not run like fergie leaving our team in tatters, he weathered the storm and kept us in europe but…

      1 trophy in 10 years, never competes for the league,tactically inept, cannot motivate our players an is every window thinking like a businessman not a manager.

      this is hard to call…

      1. You ARE very conflicted.

        Wenger a good businessman ?

        You call £16 million for Wellwide good business ?

        Lets drop the sentimentality and think whats best for Arsenal and not whats best for Arsene Wenger.

        Many people have said that no player is bigger than the club and the same philosophy should apply to managers as well.

        Wenger has no concept of defensive coaching – none whatsoever and frequently plays attacking players out of position, even giving attacking midfielders the midfield anchor role as in the case of Arteta.

        I am tired and sick to my stomach of the continued defending of a man who has continually failed to deliver.

        Wenger is a clueless buffoon who can neither outwit his opponent tactically or motivate his players to play well.

        When he leaves then you will see our chances improve, when he leaves we should bring in Klopp as it seems he has all the attributes Wenger does not.

        I am writing this season off already – no chance at all…

        1. One more thing.

          It was the board of directors and financial management that took Arsenal from Highbury to the Emirates not Arsene Wenger.

          Wenger is FOOTBALL MANAGER he doesn’t run the business aspects of the club…

        2. Look mate I get where you’re coming from, believe me, but you’ve went way overboard.

          Danny wellwide? 2 games played in a new team vs City and Dortmund away and he’s condemned? Give it a rest. Jury’s out, that’s all.

          Wenger IMO has one glaring downfall, and that’s his love for tiki taka when he saw it and his subsequent idea that he can implement a version. Name everyone of our midfielders we play centrally:

          Flamini, Arteta, Jack, Rambo, Ox, Ozil, Santi, Rosicky.

          All the EXACT SAME player of varying abilities, from totally inept Flamini, to totally underperforming Ozil. There’s your issue, talk defensive/tactical/motivational inability all you like but that’s such an easy thing to label….he proved his ability for all those things when he won things with us.

          The only thing he has changed, stadium finances aside, is his obsession with small and technical as the heart of the team. By doing this we have no tactical flexibility, you’re asking arteta and flamini to shield defenders…only one outcome against a dangerous team. Compare those two to Vieira and Gilberto. Just no comparison.

          It’s frustrating because we are rich, famous, desirable and our manager is renowned, innovative and capable of attracting essentially who he likes. The issue is his likes. Until we balance midfield and he applys what worked for him before we will do that same things, lose against the big guys (literally) and fall a half dozen points short. But on Wenger specifically, he is everything you want in a manager, but he needs a quiet word from a trusted source ala Dein to snap him out of this obsession.

          1. U morron akb balls licker take ur buffoon manager n all
            U akb arsewipe support some other team, cos u morron arsene ball licker arw draging this beautiful club down.

        3. i could not agree more every transfer market he buys one great player to shut the fans up,. He then proceeds to play them out of position.
          Ozil was a great play but how can you expect a great player to stay great when he is part of a very mediocre team. Wenger should be building a team around a great player and not expecting a great player to shine in a bad team. If you take the Arsenal team and truthfully look at the players only 2 players stand out Ozil and Sanchez the rest are not good enough to be playing with them.

          Also If Wenger is such a smart manager why is Arteta captain of the team he is slow and should be on the bench.
          Wenger is useless and it is time to face upto the fact that a guy who always make excuses is someone who has lost the plot. Is it not true that a bad workman always blames his tools, well this is Wenger through and through.

          History will prove that he is a dictator with no clue on how to manage a team. He is tight and arrogant, almost any Champion league manger will do a better job than him.

          I could go on forever about this Failure, but I instead will watch Arsenal achieve nothing this year.
          Big question though is will Arsenal when they are in the same position as Manchester United, spend as big and be able to attract player to the club, because next year we will be in that position unless Wenger is fired.
          The way Chelsea are playing we are not going to catch up with them, so winning the league is virtually over.
          Truth be told we need at Arsenal a fresh beginning. Wenger managed the stadium and now its time for him to leave and for the owner to sell out.

          I still maintain that when Wenger took over Arsenal we had some great players so buying one or two worked, but he sold them and destroyed the team.

          Wenger you are not needed go

        4. This is ridiculous. Were not even a 1/10th into the season and people are crying wenger out? Seems to me these are the same sensationalists who called for his head last year after villa! And after that, (with a worse team, than this year) got us to the top of the table for the most days that year. I know thats not a good result because we collapsed last year. But with what weve added, we have a better team that is CAN challenge on more fronts this year, get behind the guys and give them support, rather than being critical. Anyone can be a critic and find a scapegoat, but youll see Arsenal will come round and start playing some impressive football. Give some support and believe, we have some of the most fickle fans, look at what Spuds have had to go through every year! COYG

          1. @americangunner:
            we’re not crying out bc of just this game. its a repeating pattern of smaller highs, and bigger lows over the last 5 years.
            he got us top4 with a “worse team”: but who was responsible for that team being “worse”? wenger was. by always doing half of what was needed in window after window. even saying he’s not fond of the jan window when walcott was injured!!

            we DO want to challenge on MORE fronts.
            but sometimes you have to cut off the bad bits and start over.
            now wenger does have positives, but his negatives have, unfortunately, over the last few years, come to outweigh his positives.
            i loved the way arsenal used to play: beautiful football. scary to everyone.
            now we play ugly and still dont win.

      2. Hate him all you want but SAG is quite possibly the GOAT and left manure after a 13th EPL medal. He didn’t ‘run’ mate rather, bar the moyes experiment, retired a CLUB and FOOTBALL legend something our very own le proff is destroying with each passing day

    2. The stubborn one will never leave… or adapt. And Have to say that i don’t trust in people feelings, if suddenly this weekend we win a game , they will ignore again that we have an useless mánager and start saying that everything is ok. Just look at the end of the window, people start to say that will be ok with only SIX DEFENDERS. I’m not in england atm, the only thing that i know is that the key for persuading wenger to ADAPT OR LEAVE are the english fanbase. They Have to (for first time ever) shout and demand things to change.

    3. This site is actually a bias one..
      I hate ozil , leave my beloved team nothing will ever make me like you cos i have hated you ever since i heard wenger was buying you , I personally knowing ancelotti didn’t want you bcos u were lazy ..

    4. I think its safe to say that Arsenal are one of the most successful/powerful clubs in Europe. I dont think many would argue that. Though many will say that 1 trophy in 10yrs isnt successful, i would argue that its alot more then 90-95% of all European clubs could dream of achieving. Now with that being said, it seems as tho regardless of our teams power and success, we are one of the most (if not THE MOST) negative TOP club! and i would have to say its because of our fans! Now im not saying that we have no reason to be upset. but at what point do you just shut up and support your club?? Most of you on this site talk about the players you like that play for other teams. some of you talk about managers you like that manage other teams. so i ask…..WHY DONT YOU GO SUPPORT THOSE TEAMS?? As a parent and a coach i try to teach my kids that it isnt just about winning but HOW you win is what really matters. and i think thats what AW is trying to do. he doesnt just wanna win but he wants to win the right way. if Man U win the title, i think its safe to say that everyone would think “there is another team that bought another trophy” just like Chels and City. however, if arsenal wins it, nobody can say that. they would have to say we EARNED it doing things the right way. I think thats unique! and i can use a little unique in a world where so much is the same!!!

      bring on thumbs down….

      1. U morron buffoon. U akb ball lickers make my blood boil.
        ijmos are u arsene love child? Cos u seem like ur blindeed by wenger 10 years of failer. U probly will lick wengers ball
        if he was next to u.u akb mofo are the most stupidest idiots god created on his green earth.u akb mofo are not arsenal supporter, wen u get rid of this buffoon of a manager I bet allu akb morons will stop supporting arsenal.

        1. Not reeling many in tonight are you? I think it is your fixation with licking testicles that is putting people off replying.

    5. We are better off with out him now…Jurgen Klopp even martinez are far better managers if they got exposed to our financial power now. Wenger is very poor tactically no wander he’s never beaten moreen who is weak in other attributes but very good tactically.
      What beats my understanding most is him not returning Fabregas and song yet he returned useless flamini now i hear he wants 2bring back some funny french midfielder. WENGER OUT

  1. tough to say but I agree. I support the players and hope Welbeck proves me wrong but he isn’t the finisher we need. Jack runs hot and mostly cold and cannot play with Rambo. Arteta is great but not in the role he is asked to perform. Ozil WAS world’s best #10 but now he’s a useless winger who walks up and down pitch. Wojeh isn’t ready for #1 spot. No DM signing, no proper cover for CB. The lads don’t seem motivated to get stuck in and are disorganized defensively…zonal marking…pfffffft its 2014 monsieur. the man has done well and had he left a year or two ago would have been a pure legend, now he will leave a legend with a tarnished record. Lord Bendtner, Djourou and Senderos would all get into our squad, shambolic.

    1. True I once said it was Wenger who under used gervinho the same thing he is doing to Ozil I would prefer for wenger leaves after the champions league group stage so it then puts the next manager in a position to assess his squad for the next phase or Europa league

    2. True I once said it was Wenger who under used gervinho the same thing he is doing to Ozil I would prefer for wenger leaves after the champions league group stage so it then puts the next manager in a position to assess his squad for the next phase or Europa lyeague

  2. Oh for the love of God, stop moaning. We’re four games into the season and yet you’re so happy to come out with inaccurate statements and agressive rhetoric.

    1) For the nth time, Fabregas wouldn’t have sold ANY of our problems, because he cannot DEFEND. Fabregas is excellent for Chelsea because he’s paired with Matic. That’s who we should have signed – a Matic type.

    2) We could NOT have gotten Falcao. He earns twice as much as our top earner for f-cks sake !! We can’t afford that !

    3) Give Welbeck time. In my opinion he’s not as useful as Giroud but he’s young and he looks motivated. Try supporting the players, it’s even nicer than insutling them, you’ll see.

    As for the rest of the article, just the same, old, boring negativity. But then again, we had exactly the same stuff on this website after the Villa game a year ago. It was one game in the group stage, get a grip …

    1. 1 game?
      mate have u watched arsenal this season or last season. do me a favour count how many piss poor games we had…you can’t an u know why? because there was so many!!

      1. Really ? That’s strange, because I clearly remember us finishing 7 points off the top, winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield.

        But hey, believe what you want. I mean, facts, right ? They’re so annoying.

        1. you know whats even stranger cupcake…i remember us being beaten
          6-0, 5-1 and 6-3

          i remember us playing poorly in nearly every game
          and unable to beat any of the top teams except liverpool once.

          facts eh?

            1. Actually they are both spot on in their recounting of recent history. Renard the optimist, muffdiver the realist.

          1. We beat Liverpool twice … I can’t believe I have to remind you of that …

            I bet you were so proud when we won the FA Cup in May. Now that we’re in trouble suddenly we’re shit and we played poorly in every game last season ? Bullshit. We played great football last season, the best since 2008.

            You should consider supporting another team if Arsenal makes you so miserable.

              1. Yes, you’re right, but the performance matters more than position.

                – We finished with 79 points, which is our best total since 2008.
                – We won the FA Cup and the Community Shield.
                – We didn’t sell anyone important or irreplaceable.

                If anything, the club is on the up. There’s no need to panic because we lost away to one of the best teams in Europe in the group stage …

                1. another 4th place junkied snorting wenger’s magic powder and feeling good about being a second-tier team with a first-tier income flow that allows board and manager to laugh all the way to the bank

                  anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together knows that we are further from winning the epl and or the cl than we were 5 years ago..regardless of how many matches we won last year or the result in the community shield…is this a serious argument…and for the same reasons many of us have been saying for years…so the idea that we are on the up is not even wishful thinking its just plain stupid

            1. @renard jesus calm down man lol
              im fully aware we beat liverpool an everton in the cup, an napoli and dortmund last year all great performances, but how many other over 90 mins last season, seriously think about it.

              but most of all CALM DOWN lol its just a discussion .
              do u want a hug …come onnn u know u want one 😉

    2. We are defending the players and the team. I believe (yesterday apart) that the players are doing their utmost for the team. but they are not strong enough in certain areasm and that should have been addressed years ago. i outlay over £3000 a year to support our boys ( Ozil earns that probably per hour) and will always continue to do so, as they are in my blood. But i cannot defend Mr Wenger any longer.

      1. I lost faith in Wenger a long time ago but this transfer window was his chance to make a statement. He should have beaten Chelsea to the signings of Fabregas and Costa. He should have bought a quality CB and DM and sat players on the bench that aren’t performing (Ozil). I feel for you having spent that amount of money on broken promises. The article is 100% right.

    3. Nobody’s moaning we are looking at one frightening fact TEAMS HAVE LOST ALL THE RESPECT THEY HAD ON US” look at how BvB were deployed yesterday they had no worry on how we could react to their high pressing game they just kept pressing with no caution at all. Was this the first time? Not at all liverpool pressed and they gave us 5,chelsea used the same setup and gave us 6 everton copied and pasted the same tactic and they gave us 3.Now how many games does a good manager with 17 years at the same club needs to make his team cope with this?

    4. Stop moaning joke you are an idealist who is happy to see the club fall or rot. you clearly are in the Wenger mold happy with 4th and no ambition.

      Explain what is he doing that is right.

  3. Hands up!!! i was an AKB brigade member. But im afraid ive totally lost confidence in the man. everyman and his dog new we needed a world class striker and a solid DM this summer, In amny peoples eyes that was all we needed to compete for trophy’s this year. Where are they? Welbeck is good, but not world class and the finished article. Im not saying he wont be, just he wasnt what was needed. Chambers could well go on to become a great DM, but again, not what was needed. Sanchez and Debuchy are quality signings, Im sick of defending Ozil week after week as well. its becoming laughable saying he will come good. im not denying the guy is world class. he obviously is. but something is not right with him, and that is Arsenes job to sort out.

    Please Arsene, do your job, earn your wages as we all have to. If it now beyond you, GO!

  4. Oh please, you are fake fans! One day you praise him, next day you want to kill him. Get a life! If you are so smart and genius on how to manage team, then why are you siiting behind your computer making 2000 pounds a year? Submit application to Arsenal, I am sure they will consider you. People you understand that you can not have person one day Le Prof, and next day Looser!!!! You can not always win, and we dont know what is going in the players dressing room, so I am tired of all these comments. You should be more consistent, either like Wenger or don’t support him, but don’t come here after every game we loose and want to fire him and next game we win you show addoration towards him.

    1. dima—I agree many flip flop as do I sometimes—we are proud of what he has done and don’t want to knock the man but surely you can see that regardless of whether we win or lose—-the team hasn’t played good or inspired football for the most part and has looked a disjointed bunch. So yes, Wenger will make a better manager than all on here, but he isn’t doing well lately in spite of our single trophy and continuous spot as also rans

  5. I believe in our players. I still believe in Wenger. I just wish he’d play our best players in their best position. If he benched Ozil, I’d get it. If he gave him a chance to redeem himself in the only position he is world class, I’d get it. What I don’t get is playing him on the wing where a. He sucks and b. He loses confidence.

    1. a touch contradictory—you believe in the man that is upsetting you by playing players out of position and causing them to be ineffective?

  6. Totally agree with everything apart from the Ramsey statement – when he’s fully fit he’ll come good.
    Been an AFC supporter for nearly 34 years now and never seen a manager endure so much failure and still keep his 8mill a year job! So consistently lie to the fans who are the heart of the club and receive such an underwhelming backlash. You AKB’s are hilariously deluded. Blind faith. Friedrich Nietzsche said – “Faith means not wanting to know what is true”.
    #wengeroutforreal! Someone should start a petition or something…

    1. It has probably escaped the attention of the angry boys on here but the majority of contributors probably do not consider themselves to be in any camp and do not bother with the child-friendly labels; AKB this AOB that etc. They choose to support Arsenal end of, period. But this is what I really never get and simply do not understand: whilst the gobby ones keep trawling out their well-rehearsed one-liners and put-downs “4th place junkies”, “Wengerlites” and “Wenger ball-lickers” etc etc and many other hilarious variants – what are THEY actually doing with their superior convictions other than bleating and crying on forums. I mean how hollow and pathetic is it to use such meaningless and pitiful platitudes such as “I won’t settle for anything less than PL title” as evidence for being the superior supporter.

      BTW AsburtonGrove:

      “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist”.

      Friedrich Nietzsche

  7. I can see your point and understand the frustration but I’d be worried about Arsene Wenger leaving or being sacked as there’s not that many good managers available that could take up the mantle at Arsenal.

    Rather than Arsene leaving / getting sacked all he has to do is sack his current tactics in favour of something more profitable.

    Watching last nights game was painful by the fact that we were constantly harassed and pressed by a hard working and skilful Dortmund side who played to their strengths of pressuring Arsenal to relinquish possession and when the had it, they broke at pace and in numbers in a direct, rapier like manner. They didn’t feel the need to halt any momentum they had by having five passes where one would do, or by passing it to the wings when they didn’t have to…….it was a direct attack from everywhere in a single linear forward motion. The sort of attacking prowess Arsenal used to be renowned for with the likes of Henry, Wiltord, Pires, Ljunberg in days gone by.

    Last nights performance by Arsenal was a replica of the game we played against Barca a few season ago where they pressed us into submission and the ball became a hot potato with everybody wanting to get rid of it. Or, despite being under pressure continued short range passes which allowed Dortmund to hunt the receiving player down in a pack. The worst was, although our passing failed time and time again……we still tried to persevere. It reminded me of the time when Arsene gave Arshavin a free reign at Arsenal to do what he wanted (which was be lazy and negligent) and would constantly try his stupid back flick even though it always went to the opposition player but…………if he got it right one time out of ten, he was happy.

    What Dortmund did last night was what Chelsea and Liverpool done to us last season. Put us under constant pressure, knowing full well that we couldn’t cope and hoping that our fleet of foot football and moreso, fleet of foot players like Carzola or Ozil were going to scare anyone !

    And is pretty much what some of the lesser teams have done also. How many times have we heard pundits and worse, other managers say that Arsenal don’t like it up em. Too many times to be honest and they were all right with their predictions and the tactics. Allardyce, Pulis, Hughes, Warnock et all all knew that if you just get in Arsenal’s faces, they crumble.

    I don’t think Villa’s pacey game will be much of a problem for us but, I can see many managers telling their teams to just pressure and fight us into submission, as it seems to be the de facto standard when playing against Arsenal nowadays……and gets results.

    We’ve seriously gotta change tack and if worse comes to worse, fight fire with fire. Don’t try to finesse your way through a game which is based on physical endeavour. If your playing against a physical Stoke side pack the team with fighters not fairies. If we’ve got to kick, bite and bollock our way through tough game and nick the points by muscling it out and knocking it long for a break away goal then so be it……but do something because the present tactic isn’t working at all and every premiership manager knows it except ours !

    Forget not winning any trophies this or next season. We’ll be reduced to being the laughing stock of the premiership and that’s just based on our play. if we’re not careful !

    1. @LutenantDan
      Thank you very much for this. It’s good to read some reason amongst all the fickle, biased sh*t being shoveled.
      Many on here are so easy to point out the proficiency of other managers. And at times are quick to point out the superiority of some of our players compared to other teams with so called more proficient managers.
      I myself feel we have very talented players who lack the fight and grit to get stuck in when it’s needed. And even though AW might not be considered the best manger, I wouldn’t change him for anyone else save Johan Cruijff.

      1. Honest question NY GUNNER,I’ve read your comments and I think it’s fair to say we are polar opposites on this but I would however like to know why for you are so loyal to AW. I’m not looking for a slagging match of any kind just a genuine debate.

        1. i’d like to be loyal to AW too.
          i used to like him.
          i used to think it was all the stadium money situation why we were selling our best players etc etc.
          BUT now that we have more money, to do a half-job during transfer window, to not seriously & urgently press for the best players, that shows serious lack of ambition.
          if we have to pay our players more, to attract falcao and friends, then we have to.
          i’m sorry – thats reality — *IF* you want to win.

          things wenger does baffle me: not buying the best in the window, thinking the world will pay his valuations, not subbing until 70th or even 80th minute, not rotating players between CL and PL, playing players out of position, playing out-of-form players too much, leaving in-form bench players on the bench while the others are driven into the ground from 2 or 3 games in 8 days ….. he’s not above questioning: ARSENAL > arsene.

  8. Wilshere used to have 1 good moment (like goal in manchester city match) and that is enough to have him start in every match (although his stats prove he is still playing very poorly and looses the ball in key position and breaking aresnal attack).
    To accommodate him and make him look good by playing him in key central position , Wenger has practically destroyed the whole structure of team. Wenger now moved the best playmaker in the world, Ozil, to practically ineffective left wing and don’t select cazarola and Rosicky (who are much better player than wilshere) and don’t play podolski on left wing.
    This team is done if Wenger don’t leave his stubbornness of promoting his favorite player at the expense of team.
    Ozil best position is in the middle of the pitch…….Just consider fabregas playing on wings and accused of less effective.
    People who are praising fabregas now forgot that ozil has more assist and key passes than him when they both played in two best teams in spain (although fabregas got less chances but still ozil has highest assists in europe).
    Just give him his best position and you will see what ozil can do. But I think wenger now has habit of playing players out of position so to accommodate his favorite player.

  9. Wenger has become old and a weakling. I also find his assitant Steve just following him like a puppy without giving any sound advice. Time for Wenger to plan his retirement and get a new assistant for couple of years of his contract left, somebody like Bergkamp or Viera. Steve Boulder should also go…

  10. @ME , well said that man , my sentiments exactly . i am beginning to think that this page is beginning to wake up to the fraud that is arsin wenhger . he has nothing going for him anymore . my only wish for him now is to leave with some dignity in tact . the way we are playing we are championship material , and yes , stranger things have happened !.

  11. Im still sadden by yesterday’s defeat, not to mention the travelling supporters that went to germany! My heart goes out to them!

  12. My problem with wenger is that he is not tactical. He does the same mistakes all the time and very stubborn. There was no DM to even mark immobile during his run yet he won’t buy one instead he is giving a 2year contract 2 MA8. He is just too stubborn, had d whole summer 2 get a CB but never did. He is just an average coach. No tactical approach, always making a same for same sub and always playing Ozil despite his persistent inability to influence the game. KM is spot on. He should just leave. He has failed the club, he has lost ambition and worse more he is making arsenal depressing to watch.

    1. @sparkles
      my problem with guys like you is, you keep repeating the same sh*t as 20 other guys before you. goin round and round with the same old bullsh*t…

  13. i have to say it for i lost count the times i’ve said it. please mr stubborn its time you leave the club.
    thank you for the good job you done, but now you have no new ideas. i ask why you bring players and not using them? if i were a player i will not sign for arsenal football club since you are the manager. how many players have left us because either you dont play them or if so not in there position. what about the substitutions? always when the situation is ackward in the last 15 mins or so? what effect in the match the subs will do?
    i wish we did not win the fa cup for maybe you would have not signed a new contract stubborn.
    bring on the borussia dortmund manager, young energetic and know the game inside out.

    come on you gunners, come on you reds.

  14. Their is no leadership quality in this team and no communication. Where is the player that shouts at everyone else trying to instil some belief in the team when where losing?

  15. If I ever see Ozil on the wing again or arteta as a dm I will pull out my hair from my head. Ozil is being wasted, he does NOTHING useful on the wings and it’s like we are playing 10 men. As for arteta is just feel sorry for him, it is not his fault that wenger is asking him to something which is beyond his abilities. Besides he is not even a real cdm. We haven’t had a win in last 5 games I believe and we look shaky. It really really hurts to see arsenal like this, other teams get replacements instantly while arsenal just play players out of role instead

  16. DEJAVU…. WE ARE TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What can we say of yesterdays defeat. @Dilma, I am no plastic fan. I think the worst thing that happened to this club was winning the FACup last season. One one hand I was happy finally landing a trophy BUT THIS PAPERED OVER CRACKS AND GAVE WENGER MORE TIME HE DID NOT NEED. I have 4 reservations about Wenger

    1) HE DOES NOT CHANGE and will never change. Transfer window after window, the same story. We are not talking of a 4 yr old kid here but one of the most experienced coaches in Europe who cannot identify weaknesses in his team and strenghthen. HOW DIFFICULT CAN THIS BE
    2)FABREGAS: I know we have heard this over again but I maintain this is one of the most foolish decisions ver taken by a top manager I can remember. A TOP PLAYER OFFERED ON A PLATTER BUT ALL KNOWING WENGER REJECTED.
    3)WHEN HE GOES TO THE MARKET HE RARELY BUYS QUALITY. Wengers exxploits in the market recently, when he goes, are embarassing quite frankly for a top Manager. Van gaal has money and has done the business. Mourinho et al
    4)Keeps playing people out of position. I JUST CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS. Why do you not play to their strengths.

    IN CONCLUSION WENGER IS FAST BECOMING THE PROBLEM RATHER THAN SOLUTION ARSENAL NEED. I respect him for his past achievements. Nobody can take this away from him.


    1. 1) he has changed from a 442 formation. It would be stubborn to keep to it. Wenger also spent the most in a window he has ever spent, and the DM he tried to go for didn’t want the move or club wouldn’t sanction.
      We don’t know what is happening behind the scenes, sorry I can’t agree with this point. And I am tired of all the same excuses for why Wenger isn’t doing the right things in the transfer market when window by window since our new financial powers we have spent more and more.
      2) I agree with Fabregas comment, and at the expense of Cazorla
      3) Wenger does buy quality; Ramsay, Sanchez… And Van Gaal hasn’t brought everything they need.
      4) the only player I can see you suggesting is Özil. He is as weak and fragile as Pires but look how great he became, and I suspect Wenger wants the same from Özil.

      I get this is a place of freedom of speech, but I’m tired of poor reasons for why Wenger should go.

      For me, his tactics doesn’t work. It’s like he is looking at the long term goal, not the here and now. Here and now requires some solutions that he needs to sort out ASAP

      1. No. Ozil is not Pires. Arteta can’t defend. Having 0 defenders on the bench is not cool. Making last minute subs is useless. Not rotating players is our main injury source. Playing 5 cams (Arteta was a CAM toó) is a very stupid thing to do, lack of work ethic , no pressing ethic, horrible tactis and team selection, WASTING A WHOLE WING JUST FOR THE SAKE OF THIS MORONIC OBSESSION WITH CAMS… I can do this all day mate, i don’t wan’t wenger to stay, now his stupid tactis are ruining players that when played properly are AMAZING. Cazorla , Ozil and Ramsey.

        1. A lot of problems, and when times are good you could list a load of positives. Funny how things go!
          So when there is a problem we should chop and change.
          Tactics and personal is wrong, but this can be sorted.
          We have the same number of defenders on our books as last year yet we seem to not have enough this year. And although I personally feel we need more cover Arsenal are forgiven they felt they had enough.
          We had someone like Gervinho who was a natural winger yet he gets stick!! We play ‘CAM’ as wingers and Wenger gets stick.
          Fans have just become so impatient it’s assuming. Can’t win, just like to moan.
          Problem is some fans have set themselves the sights for the league even though that is not a realistic target.

          Judge Arsenal on where we are, and where we are aiming to go, and your realise we are on the right path!!!!

          1. @Arsenal Fan: “chop and change”: we’ve had the same manager for 17 years. i think a bit of chop and change is in order.
            he’s had lots of chances to change tactics & personnel: altho he has changed his tactics a smidge, he has really done a half-assed job on getting the best personnel.

            re # of defenders: we didnt have enough last year, and we dont have enough this year. yes, they are the same number: and he didnt improve that number.

            “we play CAM as wingers”: the only “we” in that is from wenger.

            “sights for the league”: we have millions more in the bank. we’re the only under-spending club: everyone else is busting their bank and their guts on the field. our players cant even find their shinpads: i bet its depressing in the dressing room when u realize your manager is losing it slowly & surely.

            i love arsenal: thats why i want what’s best for it – and i’m willing to take a chance w another manager & suck it for 1-2 transition seasons rather than see this fool continue making the SAME mistakes.

      2. With all due respects we’ve been looking at the long term for a long time now,a very long time and with every season and transfer window that goes by the areas in the team which need to be addressed never get sorted. I do not however believe it’s all about spending £150 million every year to compete, tactically we are awful, in fact like it or not cesc when he went to the euros with the spanish national side once claimed he spent more time working on the tactical side of the game in two weeks than he had in two years at arsenal. Too many similar players and not enough of the parlours and keowns if you ask me. I think wenger should go but I do not believe he will because of how much power he has at arsenal. He has in many fans eyes become arsenal and to criticise him is to criticise arsenal which is rubbish (would love to see what they’d made of rioch). If we continue like this though we will sooner or later fail to qualify for the champions league and that I believe will be wenger out (not sacked,resign) I hope and pray though he doesn’t stay at the club, a new man needs to come in and take the club in the direction he wants not be told by wenger what he’s got go sign and how to play.

        1. dictators never leave.
          i always saw arsene as gentlemanly & i seriously think he wants what’s best for arsenal but unfortunately, i think he’s simply not at the top of his game any more.

          if the board is serious, they can get klopp/simeone and build for the future.
          ARSENAL > arsene.

      3. Wenger isn’t planning for the future at the expense of the present, it’s worse than that. He just hasn’t a clue what he is doing anymore. Under Wenger right now is bad and the future will only get worse.

    2. @joejo
      Yet you’re one of the same groups of muppets who are always bringing up the old”10 years without a trophy” bullsh*t. Save it dude…

  17. Wenger’s thinking faculty is not accredited, he makes lopsided decisions and is colossaly rigid and dictatorial. The man should step down, he is merely an embodiment of verguenza.

  18. People say Arsene is too stubborn yet he has adapted to a 5 man midfield which is key in modern football because of the rule changes which means the slightest touch and a foul is given. It’s also why Arsene has decided to go with technically gifted players. All the top modern managers have similar tactics, the devil is from there in the details.

    And it is this that is of concern; the devil in the detail. Arsenal have a DM and than two CM. However Ramsay and Wilshire do not have the experience to understand how to read the game, they get sucked into the procession football and than behind the play. Arsenal can’t press if the ball is released quick enough to counter us. Ramsay or Wilshire need to sit back or you get the best DM in the world, and pay for everything that brings; pace, ability to read the game, direct AR & JW, protect our defence, slow down attacks against us…

    Also our full backs appear too far advanced to deal with counter attacks, however they don’t do what Lauren, Cole use to do and get to the byline. If they did, Özil and Sanchez could cut in more positively like the positions Pires use to get into. If they did this, AR and JW wouldn’t need to get so sucked up top.

    What we are losing is balance.

    This is a concern. The full backs lack of efficiency means our wingers get stuck out wide and outnumbered and beaten by the fullbacks, and supporting DM, breaks the ball to there winger ready for counter attack.

    If we had Alba and Alves with there natural ability to run to the byline and there ability to offer deadly balls into the box, Sanchez sand Özil can weave there magic in more deadly areas of the pitch.

    Getting rid of Wenger isn’t going to solve the problems, because they still exist. Wenger has a lot to answer to because he needs to realise the mistakes he is making, ones that he can solve himself…and I think he should

    1. Face it, he is finished!!! Getting rid of a person means that someone else will come in for him. New manager means new beginning. Old manager means same shet diff day.

      1. Lol. Getting rid of Wenger isn’t the only answer. If we play that game than get rid of Gibbs, Monreal, dubuncy, Arteta, Rocisky, Diaby, Cazorla. Why not? They don’t seem to be worth there weight in gold.
        Let’s face it, we are not Man City, we are not Chelsea and we can not through £150m at the problem.

        We spend the most in a window, more and more each window after our financial situation eased, yet we want more money through at the situation.

        Do you want Arsenal to say, we went for Bender, they didn’t want to sell? Arsenal just get on with what they have to. They don’t moan they just carry on…

        1. This is something the new manager would decide and not us. Money is not an issue with Arsenal, Its Wenger Alone.

          1. Based on what facts?
            I’m just hearing hearsay and opinions
            I am trying to be more structured in my criticism of Wenger but saying tactically what currently isn’t working. Another manager, would himself have his own set of issues.
            We are closer to Wenger solving his issues than a new manager starting new from day dot.
            I have faith that Wenger wants to achieve something, and isn’t just ignoring genuine issues

              1. There is no evidence at all to say wenger is close to solving the issues that HE created,the truth is we will see where we are at the end of season not before but I also see no evidence that the improvements needed from last season haven’t been addressed.

                1. Wow less than 10 games and not even a change to show What Arsenal can do. Yet’s be honest? You want Wenger out regardless.
                  I am Pro Arsenal, and we follow a Tradition and I am Proud of that. Even more so in a time where Man U, Chelsea, Man City have sold out.

                  Arsenal is an Institute

            1. Ha hah ha
              ur buffoon like ur lord wenger, wen will u akb balls likers will learn, 10 year n u still think he wants to achieve something? Yeah 4th place.

              1. lol. They should have age restrictions on here!!!
                I think you would be better off supporting Chelski.
                Seems like you just want to go on and see a plastic win every Saturday to feel good about yourself. Don’t understand totally Where Arsenal are or trying to go. Some stress at it not being quick enough, others appreciate the path.

                I believe Arsene should be given his remainder of his contract to complete/get closer to finishing his project. I think he is allowed that after what he has done for AFC. I would feel the same for whoever is manager and on the same road…

                1. @ arsenal fan. Enough is enough now, before you even go down the lines of the ‘I’m pro arsenal’ ‘age restrictions’ ‘better off supporting whoever’. I’m a season ticket holder, I go to away games. My Dad and my Grandad were both season ticket holders before both unfortunately passed away, I am not a glory supporter in fact I remember all to well the barren years between trophies with terry Neil bless him,the difference for me between then and now is wenger earns more and has more to spend than arsenal probably did as the whole club back then. He has become the club, fans are arguing amongst themselves and more re Brighton a few years back.why are we arguing? Surely we as gooners should stick together.the sooner we can have a debate that doesn’t result in a who can piss the highest contest and doesn’t result in a keyboard warrior fight the better. Wenger out E.I.E

    2. Getting rid of Wenger will not solve every problem this club has right now – because Wenger has assembled an unbalanced group of players and has not brought in the players we needed in recent windows and who now by rights should be at the club e.g Fabregas and Costa. But the first thing is to remove the source of our current problems which is clearly down to the manager. Getting rid of Wenger is only the first step but at least we will reap the benefits in the medium term and should immediately benefit by not having to watch our club being humiliated by the top teams.
      COYG we most start putting the club first before Wenger (who is by now incredibly wealthy in any case and doesn’t need to accumulate anymore wealth at the expense of our club’s humiliation).

    3. “Arsenal have a DM and than two CM”: we dont have a DM. the players who’ve been trying to be the DM for 2 seasons have failed. wenger needed to have several options besides carvalho (and be prepared to pay market rates) and he has failed to do so in several transfer windows.

      full backs: they cant go bombing forward when we dont have a strong DM; also one of our center backs is v.slow so when full backs bomb forward, they leave loads of space for attackers to exploit mertesacker. (esp since wenger doesnt believe in rotation so has his CBs play PL & CL : oh, yeah, i forgot: he has no options because he was negligent in not strengthening his CBs)

      wenger seems too congenial for me: he’s probably telling wilshire/ramsay what you say, but they dont do it. he’s probably telling the FBs to get back, but they dont. and they know he’ll never bench them and never play the squad players so the players love him.
      why dont we have have the energy & pressing of DORT? because wenger’s too soft.
      i cant imagine podolski is up for a game when he cant even find his shinpads.
      i imagine he’s not the only one who’s not up for the game.

  19. How many seasons in a row is it Wenger has failed to address something so simple….SQUAD DEPTH!!!

    Im not talking about 40mil dollar players, no. Im talking players that can come in when others are fatigued, out of form.

    Why hasn’t Wenger addressed any issue at all? Is he that stubborn or has he just lost his ability to see it for what it is. Why hasn’t Rosicky played? Why hasn’t Ozil and Ramsey been benched? Why dont we have at least 1 actual holding Mid. Why isnt Podolski ever playing? He bangs in goals more often than not.

    To me Wenger has been very poor for far too many seasons now. If YOU werent performing in your job, would you still be there????

    1. @gunmez. although i am mad with wenger failing to adress defensive issues repetitively, I cannot say the squad has no depth. poldi, rosicky, ox, gnabry, diaby, campbell, thats i waht i call depth – well at least on attacking position. But how are those players supposed shine if they get so little play time? he is killing the team by not rotating the squad more. poldi or rosicky should be so pissed not getting any game time despite others being tired and jaded.


  21. Aston Villa away will tear us a new one that is a promise. This manager we have has not the slightest clue as to how to manage in the modern game and he’s far too old to take on the pressures of the modern game.

    I honestly think after villa tear us down we should have him out by standing up to him.

    1. i dont think AV will tear us a new one.
      surely, we still have more potential, class & ability then they do (despite our long term problems)

  22. Regardless of the negativity surrounding one defeat, it has to be said that something ain’t right with how we are playing.

    I’m no tactical expert, or even approaching competent when it comes to tactics, but even I can see players aren’t being used to their best ability.

    And squad rotation is essential to keep players at their best. That doesn’t take an expert to work out.

    I’m concerned about our form, because we will not keep our best players if it goes on too long year after year. Players (and fans!) can only be dangled carrots for so long before they ship themselves out to greener pastures…

    So whatever is necessary, we need it to happen. My fear is that we need a change of manager, and unless he is sacked, that ain’t happening, but it may be what is needed. I’m sorry to say it, but we looked clueless at times last night. That is not normal for a team in the top four of the EPL. It happened too many times last season, and we see it beginning to happen again…do we need a leader, a captain that cracks the whip? Do we need a better manager? It cannot be the players, because they only follow the managers philosophy, so we are left with the belief that is MUST be the manager who is at fault….sadly. 🙁

          1. @muff
            You used to be funny and upbeat man now you just complain and are fickle like all the other people on here

  23. Im watching city game 30min in i havent seen silva do no defensive duties havent seen him make a tackle in his own half defending. Imagaine had that been ozil?

    1. I’m a big ozil fan and I support him but the problem is silva has fernandinho who can cover for him cause he’s an excellent DM. For us every1 needs to pull there weight cause arteta isn’t at the required level

      1. Thats what i mean city have balance they have real dm which allows players like silva to do what he is best at. Its just mis management from a guy earning 8mil a year

        1. I say we take a chance and put chambers as DM and promote Hayden and play bellerin on the right .
          If bellerin has the right attitude last night will make him a better player

    2. If not for Ozil they find some other punchbag. Its all about Wenger but who gived a damn the season is over already so no point in getting angry.

          1. Oooo cause city started so great last year? Or Real Madrid? You just like to be negative and depressing your clutching at straws

            1. In all fairness though we are five games in with the transfer window just over and we’re already short of defensive minded players,it’s great being positive but for a lot of fans whatever wenger does now it’ll never be right, about two years ago for ever negative wenger comment there were five positive now that is the opposite.i’m a season ticket holder and I pay a small fortune watching us home and away, I was more than willing to give arsene time to turn it around,to build another team,but honestly I am sick of it,£8million a year to hear the same of excuses. I think he’s as tired of this as I am.

  24. In the mean time fabagas scored already & ozil did nothin but be lazy on the pitch & doesn’t look like he want to b at arsenal smfh & o #fackAW

  25. I blame the board who offered a manager who is clearly well past his sell by date, a 3 year contract for 8 million a year. You reap what you sow which in wengers case is delusion and mediocrity. If he had any any decency he’d admit he is wrong and resign but he is clearly as deluded as his akb followers, so he wont.
    There are none so blind that cannot see.

  26. wenger needs to dump this bullshit 4141 formation…
    cramping spaces for all 3 similar players in arteta ramsey wilshere there by making them out of form
    just change it to 4411 or 4231

    or 4231

  27. Walcott will be back soon…Let him take RW,use OX as DM,I guess his pace will protect us from counters…we are badly being screwed at DM from city game to BVB….

  28. The bizarre thing about Wenger subbing Ozil off the wing last night is he decided to replace Ozil with a natural left sided player in Podolski. It’s like he purposely handicaps us to help the other team beat us.

    After that shocker will Ozil be made to play on the wing against Villa with Campbell and Podolski rotting on the bench?

  29. “Arsène’s softer centre in my later years reflected the players he brought to the club. Samir Nasri becomes available, so Arsène takes him. Rosický becomes available, so he takes him, because he’s his type of player. Arshavin becomes available, so in he comes. When you acquire a lot of those players, they are almost clones. The team Arsène inherited gave him a start in English football” Alex Ferguson

  30. “Then again, Aaron Ramsey said before we played Arsenal one time that he had chosen Arsène’s team over mine because Arsenal produce more players than Man Utd.I thought: ‘What world is he in?’ I think a young boy can get manipulated into saying things. It was his own decision to reject United, and I have no problem with that. I thought he made the wrong choice, I must say, though he would have faced more competition at our place to make the first team. Arsenal had not produced many of their own players. They had developed players, which is not the same thing. They bought them from clubs in France and all over the place. The only truly homegrown player I could think of was Jack Wilshere” SAF

  31. There are some people here saying that the club is on the “up”…!! We finished with 79 points last season (best since 2008) and we won the Fa cup as well as the C.Shield (basically 2 insignificant or meaningless trophies)…!!

    I don’t know, but it seems to me that, like the manager (Wenger “the deluded one”), some fans are (or have been) addicted to failure or would satisfy themselves with little (I hope it is not the same in your day to day life, otherwise I would worry).

    We have the most expensive (that is just a fact) price ticket per game in the world… Not Europe, Not America, but the all god damn world… And for what? this sh*t? Give me a f*cking break.

    Arsene “the deluded one” Wenger is remunerated at £8millions/years…!! You people don’t feel like mugs? Or is it just normal in this country to be taken for fools and “idiots”???

    I mean wake up.

    We have the smallest squad in the BPL with Burnley!!! (still don’t get this one)
    We have less players than before the transfer window!! (still don’t get this one too)
    We have 6 defenders for 4 competitions (and no winter break I might add).
    Ozil now plays on the wing (it is like playing Fabregas on the wing! does not make sense)
    Ramsey is on advance position to accommodate Wilshere. Why? Wilshere is not that good.
    Where are Cazorla, Rosicky, Campbell and Podolski??

    I mean what the f*ck is going on here???

    I mean seriously, the guy is just not doing his job…!!

    This is a delusional fool who said that “buying is not the solution”…
    Last season, he did not want to enter the market in January, but found a way to bring an injured Kallstrom !!!
    He sells Vermealen and confirmed that we were short… But yet, the twat goes away in Rome forgetting that he has a club to manage.
    He then tells us that we are lucky to have Welbeck (Welwide, I like that) because if he stayed home (instead of going to Rome) we would have not signed him (thanks for the favour and the time “Gollum”).

    Again we deserve better, but it seems that the next 3 years are going to be painful.
    Would he quite?
    Not a chance, he does not have the ball for that.
    Can he be fired?
    Again, not a chance, the board and the chairman are just “old tarts cronies” who have no clue about football anyway.

    1. Can you stop f*cking saying we have the smallest squad this is the most depth we’ve had in years. Against city rosicky, Campbell, diaby, didn’t even make the squad and that’s with Walcott injured

        1. 6 defenders is beyond negligent its just plain stupidity. And sanogo is completely hopeless, zero goals says it all, you’re having a laugh.

  32. We, the fans materially and emotionally invest in a club, players and managers come, make their money and go. Wenger and his players are all contractors, and the day they leave Arsenal, very few will have any emotional ties to the club. Nasri came and went, Fabregas came and went, Sagna came and went Clichy came and went, van Persie came and left with no remorse after years of injury at our cost, and so have many others. When they leave, they don’t look back. We never go, we never leave, we cry, we emotionally drain and financially deplete, but we hang on, we march on, we still support our club. Why shouldn’t we have a say in the running of the club? We need to rise up, Gooners!!! Wenger needs to answer some questions

  33. Gibbs is Arsenal number one LB… Would he get a game at Chelsea, City, Man United or even Everton? Yeah, my point exactly… !!
    Wenger likes his average and sh*t players as long as he is the one who found them.

    Another coach would just get rid off Diaby, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Arteta and more because they are just not good enough.

    We still have deadwoods, but the worse asset in this team is Wenger and we cannot sell his ass!!

    1. My two penneth worth – Every time for the last two years I’ve said we need a DM, so there’s no point going on about it, irritating myself and everybody else.

      Jenkinson is out on loan, so he can’t be blamed, he’s always shown a strong Arsenal spirit, has not been given much game time, and hasn’t done badly when he has played and is still very young.

      Yep, I don’t think Diaby will ever be able to play again, if he wasn’t so fragile, he would be exactly the player we need at DM, but he is and it simply doesn’t make sense to keep hoping he returns, when it doesn’t look like he ever will.

      Don’t have a problem with Gibbs apart from he is a bit fragile as well, but has good speed and often creates chances if he’s awake.

      Unfortunately Arteta is a problem as a DM, he just doesn’t have the build, strength and now speed to play in that position. It’s not his fault, he was never a DM, but has struggled hard to try and do it, but against the bigger teams he needs to be paired up with Flamini to have any chance at all.

      The other frustrating thing is when did Campbell and TR7 last play? These are players that can make a difference, why are they being left out?

  34. Wenger has won us many PL & FA Cup trophies and kept us in Champions League for over a decade and took us to Champions League final.

    He is also a financial genius

  35. wenger wont leave yet, and any new manager would have a rebuild(massive midfield(more for numbers and quality) and defence need strength and organizing c/b) on there hands its better maybe for the time being to “use” wenger as much as we can to keep us in the c/l contention and make it much easier for the next manager to come in to a full squad of new and improved players(am hoping wenger will do a good rebuild next 2or3 windows.

    If wenger can manage to convince more top draw players to come in the next few years and that is all the better, and the new guy only needs to make world class additions from then on in instead of having to replace a lot of aging/injury prone players in one hit.

    The next manager better have more nerve in transfer market to address the situation in the team when it arises as i believe the board will back him to the hilt like with wenger, and someone who will buy strong non injury prone players who can go the distance in the season with a strong emphases on scouting these areas of strength skill and injury history.


  36. @NY_GUNNER prob with guys like u is that u never have anything to say. For me, I say how I feel and just move on irrespective of what anybody had said or will say.

  37. Wenger should have left years ago. He created an enviroment where failure is acceptable and there’s no accountability, just excuses piling up.
    Wengerites shoud hold their heads in shame for supporting such a complacent manager who cannot understand tactics but keeps doing the same Prehistoric methods that have no place in modern football.
    You, Wengerites, are complicit in making Arsenal a joke. You lot keep supporting a businessman instead of a real football manager. Do not forget the humiliating defeats last seasons because they will be back very soon.
    And please, stop with this bulsh*t about ‘Wenger has to change’. He won’t change. Wash, rinse, repeat and fool many supporters, year after year. Wonga has proven time and time again he couldn’t keep up with the top managers. He was left behind and he should have recognised this and stepped down. But no, he is too greedy to do the right thing. So the club has not progressed at all, but Wenger is getting rich.

  38. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Lousy lousy lousy game. If a coach was paid to destroy a potentially great team, they wouldn’t do any more than wenger is doing at the moment. Arsenal will come back against Aston Villa mark my words and wenger will celebrate that as if we have won the premier league. But then that have been the story called Arsenal FC for the better part of 9 odd years. I call Arsenal great club because i have supported this club for the better part of 25 years, but 9 and 6 year old kids can NEVER say that. Sometimes i feel those boys think their father is insane. My friends invited me to watch the game with them yesterday at our local pub and i left the channel on for my kids to watch the game at home. When i saw them this morning they came and said to me ‘daddy Arsenal lost AGAIN’ and i asked ‘what do you guys think of the match?’, their response shattered me. It was ‘Daddy, we didn’t watch the game, as soon as you left we changed the channel to the real madrid game, it was after that we saw the result that Arsenal lost.’ I needn’t say more on that. Wenger has no reason on the planet not to have bought Khedira or Gustavo during the summer transfer window. Arsenal doesn’t need a defensive midfielder per se like everyone is saying, what Arsenal lack is a bully in the midfield like Flamini tries to be but one with a football brain, A Khedira, A Gustavo who will not only protect the back four adequately but combine well with the other midfielders, fullbacks and wingers when we are attacking. But i wouldnt have to dwell on what we don’t have, the window has closed already.

    My main issue is that wenger is not fielding our best players even from the existing squad. Mertasaker is not a pact defender and we didnt know that today so you need some bully in front of the defence that will do a job or two in slowing that things before they get to our defence so throw in Calum Chambers right there. He has a central defender’s mindset and not bad on the bad. Play Ramsey or Wilshere RIGHT BESIDE him so he has an immediate outlet when we are in possession. Play Ozil in the number 10 role but left to me i would even rather play Sanchez in that role. YES i mean ALEXIS SANCHEZ. I will play him behind the striker and play Joel Campbel on the right and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain on the left and Welbeck upfront. I am not a prophet neither am i a coach but i can tell you for sure, that team will never loose to Dortmond. They can still find their way to score us but trust me, if they score 2 this team will score 3. and i don’t even see them scoring 2 against this side.

    I can’t understand wenger anymore. He seem to have lost it. He knows the right thing to do but he is a terrible man manager. He is playing against the fans and not against his real opponents on the football pitch, he is more concerned to prove to the fans that Wilshere and Sanogo and Ozil are great players than winning a game. I was the city game at the emirates and that game told me everything about wengers stupidity. That was our game to win. When we got back to 2-1 was when wenger should have responded. Take Flamini out and bring in Chambers – Flamini had a yellow card at the time anyways and he’ll be more cautious. Take out Ozil and bring in the OX, he’ll contribute more defensively. And when debuchy got injured bring in another midfielder with strict instructions to sit back and send chambers to right back or better still bring in Coquelin, he has played his best game EVER for Arsenal as a RIGHT FULL BACK, SO BLOODY USE HIM THERE. IF wenger has done that we might not have drawn to city, we might even have gone on to score the 3rd goal. Wenger is experimenting hoping game time is what people need to get into form by the time they reach that form we will only use it to struggle to get into 4th position again. We get frustrated with Wenger because there is a mismatch in where we think Arsenal should be and where wenger knows Arsenal his and will always be under him- He sees us a the class captain of the fourth place seeking teams consisting of Totenham, Arston Villa and Everton. Liverpool used to be there but Brendan Rodgers has shown how more smarter and technically astute he is than Arsene. So what he doesn’t realize is that that group are now Europa chasing group and no more fourth place chasing.

    The Arsenal are no are the team that will dominate in possession and goal attempt but could still loose again at least then we were well entertain now we always come last in possession and yesterday we managed a meagre 4 attempts on goal. Please don’t blame welbeck, is it not shameful that we had 4 chances created as again Dortmunds 24. Patick score ONE goal out of 11 attempts. So Welbeck not scoring out of 3 is not an indictment at all, we simply didn’t create enough chances. And i will even say Welbeck got into good positions.

  39. I don’t think AW to go as much as he needs a number 2 that will take over from him. This not knowing how to play a holding game is beyond me. If he keeps doing the same things then yes go. And players with 42 mill tags round there necks need to stand up and say I AM or leave. AW stop loving yr players and make them work

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