It’s time for Wenger to prove why Arsenal fans should NOT protest

The Arsenal board and manager show they don’t care about the fans once more‏ by KM

Well, well, Arsene you never fail to disappoint do you? In the press conference the Arsenal boss was asked about the ridiculous high prices fans pay to go to football matches (especially Arsenal with the highest ticket prices in the world).

He said: “I see fans as supporters. Somewhere, I think they feel like [when] you are at home and use electricity, you have no choice. They go to the club, they have no choice. It’s a little bit like their faith.”

Really Arsene? No choice? It’s ridiculous. It’s another spit in the face of the poor old Arsenal fan, who pays incredible money to see the Wenger trophy every year. What the Liverpool fans did was really nice, because it’s so true.

Without the fans, Wenger won’t earn his 8 million a year salary. He said that we don’t have such a problem and practically said that we are just a money machine which Arsenal very successfully rides.

“You want everybody there when the game starts. For me, the game is a joy and everyone has to be part of it. You can protest before and after, but during the game, you want everybody to be there”. That statement there is the icing on the cake for me.

I agree fans play a part, but if they all leave it’ll surely be noticed. I remember a few protests against the prices and even against Wenger, but of course anybody that doesn’t like Wenger or our business policy can go to hell as Wenger has give us numerous examples he thinks of such people as a minority, while in fact a lot of people have grown impatient with his incompetence.

Arsene feels the heat so much, he went to play mind games with Leicester, trying to pile pressure on them, but the truth is our next 3 away games are Man United, Spurs and Everton. Everybody sees the truth though, the pressure is on him to deliver and if he fails once more the excuses will be dried up.

It’s time that the highest prices deliver the highest results.


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  1. Exactly, its about time the highest prices deliver the highest results and a squad depth of the highest quality players as well!

  2. Great Article Konstantin, Spot on mate!
    But I doubt that Wenger’s excuses will dry up!
    Dj Wenger- vault, will just keep on remixing them! ?

  3. Agreed with K..But I have to zip it up because Admin is being disrespectful if our views clash with his.Of course we want to WIN..we were 5 points on top and let it slip so Leicester knows a WIN tomorrow and they will have 80% title wrapped it as March schedule is winnable as for us 3 tricky away games ( Utd, Everton, Spuds ) plus Barca in the mix…If we have added 1 more signing for sure we would be more optimistic by year in year out we tend to let slip..This year has been for the taken and If at the end we win because the other big four have cracked this year..they will invest big because their fans demands trophies, don’t we?

  4. I’ve been thinking the best team to play them taking into account that they play with lot pace on breaks with the following:
    El Neny – LeCoq
    Ramsey- Ozil-Alexis

    WHY this team? because their midfield is the key..they battle and are at the heart of their game..el neney can help LeCoq to have a go with Kante and Drinkwater..ramsey v albrighton and alexis v mahrez.Theo to break them like we did against them in the 5-2..Gab and Kos coz vardy likes to break through the middle and Okasaki moves out for him to be able to have space…what do you think fellow gooners?

  5. He said it, ‘no choice’.

    You support AFC? you have no choice but to pay the high prices that are charged, whilst the board and owners get richer and the ‘BUSINESS’ grows.

    All the while, we have to watch mediocrity and poor decision making that effects our success ‘ON’ the football field. But what does it matter, the sheep will follow because they support there club even though the healthy state of the books seems to be the only motivational factor for the owners of it.

    On footballing matters, it will be a tough day for Wenger and Co tomorrow coming face to face with a team that is showing how it is done and which has the potential to end our season there and then.

    Difference being, Leicester have an owner who wants success ‘ON’ the field and a manager who is able to construct, motivate and manage his team.

  6. OT: would be awesome if Big sam could take his boys out the relegation zone at the end of the season…..something Moanino can’t do..

    but one has to watch out and see if he could do a westham on the black cats (don’t forget he made the hammers Look established) and is on course to do same to do same at the stadium of Light

    Hahaha….nice whopping of Manure!

  7. I think Konstantin’s obsession with Wenger has crossed all boundaries. It’s one thing to criticize him for his team selection, tactics, etc, but it’s downright ridiculous to put blame on him for Arsenal’s high ticket prices. Dude, chill! You don’t want to go see games, don’t… you don’t want to support the club, don’t… you want to protest – go right ahead. Just remember, that there are Real fans out there, like myself, who have been here before, and who have supported the club through good and bad.

    P.S. You should try and write a different article for a change, not just about Wenger. Maybe it’ll help you on your way to recovery. Another suggestion is Anger Management. All I’m trying to say is Relax. At the end of the day, it’s just a game, and there are plenty more things in life to be obsessing over rather than have a huge hard on for our manager.

    1. So you support what Wenger said, NO CHOICE, just pay the highest prices to go watch Giroud and Flamini, while barca fans pay less to go watch the best attack ever. We see who’s obsessed with Wenger here

      1. You have a choice to pay or not to pay. You don’t like high prices, don’t go to games. Simple as that. And Wenger has absolutely nothing to do with it. Another thing I’d like to add is that “fans” like Konstantin seem to be only vocal when things don’t go our way. We lose, or draw a couple of games in a row, and they are in full voice. We win, and they disappear back to their holes all of a sudden. Fickle bunch you guys are… try Le-Grove, I think you’ll like it better there.

      2. @don99 What are you getting high and mighty about? If Wenger meant what he said, which is almost certainly not how Konstantin tries to portray it, then given I doubt you have a season ticket, it’s actually got sweet fa to do with you. Konstantin is peddling his usual propaganda.

        Did you read yesterday’s comments? Our lowest price is lower than most London clubs and yes our highest is slightly higher than the highest in the uk, but AFC just happens to be located in the UK’s most expensive city. Our season ticket permits access to other matches inc consistent CL and early fa cup rounds. However, Bayern bought their ground for 1euro and all the French teams pay nothing for their grounds or their maintenance. You guys have absolutely no idea about the most rudimentary economics at all. There is also a waiting list of several hundred thousand gooners who would snap up any available tickets.

        As of the protest. Yeah look what happened to Liverpool….2-0 up with 13 minutes to go and the scousers start walking out. 2-2 final score. Tomorrow is a critical match. How any gooner could encourage a walk out during the game ie Konstantin is beyond me, unless of course it’s got fa to do with tickets and more about damaging Wenger or AFC. Just totally deranged and actually potentially damaging bs.

        @vlad I totally agree m8, IMO Konstantin is a AFC troll and unable to reconcile reality with his own warped perceptions.

        As for others ridiculous comments I cannot believe some of your attitudes. You simply take every opportunity whether it actually affects you or not to rubbish Wenger. You aren’t able or don’t want to understand the issues. I really struggle to work out on what level you are supporters….you don’t support the manager, you probably contribute little if anything to AFC’s income, you moan constantly about everything and are contributors to the division amongst the fan base.

        I really do wish some of you would go and support a club tha meets your aspirations. You’ve got no loyally to AFC so what’s stopping you??

        1. What a refreshing comment… finally, someone with some sense and rationale. I’d give a 100 likes if I could. Cheers!

  8. The state of Arsenal:

    A Yankee owner whos corporate exploitation of our beloved club and detached understanding of everything that IS Arsenal has our beloved Gunners annualy celebrating Wenger and FA Cup glory.

    A deluded, $8 million dollar a year muppet that claims hard working Arsenal fans have no choice but to pay the exorbitant ticket prices for a meddling @ best product that he is singularly responsible for.

    The likely departure of our 2 best players that have been indifferent to contract extensions specifically related to a lack of club ambition.

    Currently sitting behind “little brother” Spuds in the table, with LC and visits to Manure, Everton and White Fart Lane on the horizon.

    Barca in the CL, lol

  9. arsene is surely a fraud, if he would as honest as he claims himself and some fans make him out to be, things would be very diff

  10. It’s about time some balance and truth came to these articles about ticket prices. Yes we have the highest top prices but compare what you get for it with other clubs. What gets overlooked is that our cheapest tickets are the cheapest of any London club. Also our season tickets include cup games which other clubs do not so compare fairly eh guys!

  11. One point wenger made is to protest before and after match not during. He has a valid point. We need to welcome the players on to the pitch, get behind the team from the start, do our part to get a win.

    Yes ticket prices are too high, but this is a consequence of the astronomical transfer fees and wages. If we sign a wc striker on four year contract for say £50m, and £150 0000 per week, that is a commitment to spend £80m. Yes we need a wc striker and we have the money but we need to be sure it will work out before committing such large sums.

    Protest by all means but not at the expense of not giving total support to the team on this critical match.

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