Ivan Gazidis and the Arsenal players now need to step up

Responsibility now shifts to Ivan and the players. by Konstantin Mitov

It’s done. Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal and the club is now looking to the future. For so long the spotlight was focused on Wenger just like Saurons eye was on the ring, but now it changes.

For all the critique Wenger received, he was really let down by quite a few players who he trusted even though they kept making the same mistakes. The likes of Mustafi, Cech and Xhaka are few of those who should seriously worry as a new manager is coming in.

There are obvious problems with our entire back 4, the keeper and the DM position. No manager will be able to just wave a magic wand and fix the defense, but whoever comes will have to do something close to that as we have Mustafi, who is not good enough, Koscielny who’s on a rapid decline, Bellerin who doesn’t really care and Mertesacker who we will free off our Charity fund.

And then there’s the case of Ramsey and Welbeck entering the final year of their deals and Wilshere who could very well leave – and to be honest I won’t miss him at all. We have to get ruthless with players who don’t deliver and the manager coming in would surely like to know what he will be working with.

The Board will also have to help with the contracts as I don’t think they’ll let another situation where one person does everything. Wenger was kind of let down by the board too in that regard as It’s not like he did a very good job with the transfers and contracts, but it shouldn’t have been his job either.

I think Gazidis has put his grip on the club. We hired one of the best scouts around and a person who oversaw incredible success at Barcelona. We were promised to compete and it hasn’t happened and now that Wenger is going, Gazidis will be a target if we don’t start improving as he is the architect of all this.

The new manager will be a major piece in our puzzle and Ivan will be one of the main people to help put it there. There is no shortage of potential candidates. From the obvious choices like Allegri and Simeone to questionable figures like Brendan Rodgers and Rafa Benitez. Or an ex player like Vieira?

Whoever it is, you have to ask what kind of resources will we give the new person? As great as Pep has been for City for example, he can throw money at every hole in the squad he has, which we aren’t likely to do, but we do have a lot of holes to fix.

It feels extremely interesting as to what the relationship between the board and the manager will be as you can see what a breakdown can do to a club if you look at Chelsea and Conte. The new manager choice could be very much influenced by our Europa League performance as being a Champions League team is a huge deal.

We have to pull it together and try and win the Europa League. Hopefully the Emirates will be sold out and it’ll be a massive atmosphere. I am so excited and I can’t wait to see what happens and things will be happening quick as the world cup will force the issue.

It starts on June 14th, while the season ends on May 13 and a potential Europa League final is on the 16th of May, so with all things said, I expect a decision on the new manager before June starts. It’s really exciting and I can’t wait.

I’m buzzing for Atletico. I thought we had no chance, and while I still think we are major underdogs, the club made the announcement at a good time to ride the emotional wave before the biggest games of our season.

I’m positive! Change is finally here and I love it. Lets try and beat Atletico and pave the way for a return to European Elite! Peace and love Arsenal people.



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Gazadis wouldnt care if 10m or 50m is available for the new manager…..

    he needs to balance the books to keep the balance sheet healthy

    1. Amitosh says:

      Miki/Ozil/Auba/Ramsey(renew)/Laca as core, Iwobi/Danny on periphery , we have strong attacking players
      New manager can evaluate Mustafi, Xhaka – they play better for their national side, so may be Arsane is missing the trick
      Sell Pérez/Akpom/Asano/Campbell/Čech
      Start using Martínez as Cup GK, Niles/Adélaïde/Nelson more in first team
      Give more game time to Mavropanos/Holding with Koscielny rested
      Mert/Santi will retire. Wilshere is gone.
      I am sure with 50-60mil we can manage to buy 3 young players in much needed positions. A CDM, a CB and another midfield player

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I agree. I think people saying that the new manager has a huge job and he’s inheriting a mess are way off the mark. Attack wise we should be very capable even against the best sides. Defensively yes a fair bit might need to be done but a top manager knows what defenders he wants and he knows how to get the balance right. Also Bellerin is valuable and Kolasinac there is something to work with. He’ll also like that there are spots open for him to add to the midfield centre. A mess would be players on long contracts and being difficult to move on, but we have defenders aging, contracts running down, midfield is bare and could become barer. It looks clear enough to me. And also am expecting performances to raise so there’s that too.

  2. gotanidea says:

    If any Arsenal player is not motivated to work harder in front of the fans, the departing Wenger and the prospective manager Simeone, it is better to bench him after the Atletico Madrid match

    Arsenal do not need lazy players that get millions for slacking off in the field

    The player could be a mega star, but his lazyness could be a cancer in the next season, if we don’t get rid of him as soon as possible

    1. RSH says:

      hmmm who could you possibly be referring to? O_O

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Ozil along with Ramsey are the two best players this season. People need to prioritize better, rather than staying on the same page, they should wait – til what they say lines up with what they see. Ozil, without his creativity this season, now this is no exaggeration, I’d honestly fear a relegation scrap/or a stage during the season. That Auba and Laca shooting power everyone is impressed by, would’ve been cut in half, maybe, without Ozil. Since Jan the top players have been, still Ozil, Ramsey, also Mkhit, Aubameyang, Lacazette, I’d like to say Monreal but defensively he’s had some poor spells even our last game overall he was poor.

  3. John0711 says:

    Spot on as always, ive noticed the AKB are positive about Arteta taking over, i can see the reasonong =poor to poor
    i cant see the board allwoing so much negativity to continue, at least some BS ABOUT TOP PLAYERS AND MANAGEMENT WILL COME OUT, untill the seats are filled

    1. gotanidea says:

      I want Arteta to replace Wenger, because of he has many strengths

      Please don’t be pessimistic about Arteta, because Guardiola and Zidane were also unproven before they brought Barcelona and Real Madrid major trophies

      1. ks-gunner says:

        Even the likes of you could manage a team like Barcelona and Real m. And i am not trying to be nice to you that much you should know.

        1. gotanidea says:

          Many managers before Guardiola and Zidane failed in Barcelona and Real Madrid. That means they were unproven, but they knew how to make their clubs successful at that time

          Who knows, Arteta might be able to achieve similar success at Arsenal? If Arteta cannot do it, Arsenal could always sack him

          1. ks-gunner says:

            Mate study those team well. Those managers did not fail. They where replaced bec the demand was always high. Whenever a manager got replaced they left the team in a fantastic condition. At Arsenal its a diff story and that’s why we can allow our self to experiment with no names bec Arsenal is not great. Far from it. And only a great manager can lift us up again.

      2. John0711 says:

        Gotanidea please can you elaborate on his many strengths in comparison to the other possibles ?

        1. Arsene is Out says:

          Great hair. Beautiful wife. and oh also cheap and wont ask for a lot of transfer funds.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            I think people who wont mind Arteta are hoping that he picked up enough under Wenger but also picked up Pep’s ball retention and pressing game. Interestingly enough, I was reading about your man R. Rangnick off Leipzig, he was the first to play Klopp’s heavy metal football, Klopp and Tuchel say that they were both inspired by himself, and he’s been doing it before Pep began defending from the front. I think the old 70’s Liverpool used to do that or else Ian Rush was just like that and Rush probably inspired it. But your man R. Rangnick is supposedly a dark horse for ourselves. When I was reading about him, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Arsene from way back when, when I first read about the man with all these different ideas. R. Rangnick is the director of football though, but everyone says he’s basically the manager because he gives the team philosophy, the tactics, he identifies targets, and does the player meetings and also works with the youth players. So am not sure what the man they call manager does, he must be a head coach.

      3. georgie b says:

        I think Mikel would be an outstanding assistant manager. He must have done somthing to help Pep. He also has fire and a bit of a temper.

        1. John0711 says:

          He’s not the assistant at city, ballegim or what ever happened snname is said he doesn’t really have a Job at city

      4. tony says:

        do not put Artetas name in the same line of pep n zidane.wtf? arteta was the most disgusting dm we could ever had!

      5. Anko says:

        Arteta is not even pep’s direct assistant. Bring him on, we need Pep’ number 3 at Arsenal to fight in the same league with him. Good radiance

      6. andydale says:

        Are you mad, We may as well keep Wenger, lol

    2. Trudeau says:

      “THE AKBs want Arteta…” For crissakes let it go man. Wenger is leaving. There is no basis for your comment apart from a perverse desire to maintain the divide in the fanbase. Turn the page.

  4. big G says:

    If you believe the papers then the new man will only have £50mil so i think we will be getting someone with lots of experience on the coaching side who is currently out of work.

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      No one with a good cv is coming to a team that needs a complete overhaul and has only 50M to spend. The potential for success with the team we have and a transfer budget of 50M is highly unlikely and no good manager wants to mess up their cv to be Stan’s puppy for a few years.

      We might get someone young and desperate to show what they can do like Arteta or Henry but we are not getting an Angelotti or an Allegri with no real project to make it back to the top.

      And if we do really just have 50M to spend why not keep Arsene? Obviously we have no ambition, so Arsene is perfect for that.

  5. BenardoM says:

    The issue of giving £50m for spending plus the money generated from sale of deadwood s will be good.

    1. tony says:

      sell the living deadwood wilshire 1st. wilshire is messi without head

  6. ks-gunner says:

    You guys are to harsh on Xhaka. All is well and good and he not so many games. But one can not ignore that he has improved since.

    But whats most important is who the new guy is going to be. I hope we dont do a moyes and hire second rate manager for the sake of experimenting. We need someone good who will work with this team, bec there is much to work for, bec as a team we are currently far from being good.

  7. Adam Criniti says:

    I don’t buy the widedpread media speculation that Gadizis and company have decided to hamstring the new manager with a paltry $50M to spend this summer. The new kit sponsorship, naming rights to the stadium @ potential Europa money should see that total easily double if not triple. There is also the very real possibility of the following players being sold to augment that transfer kitty.

    Monreal—$10M (fantastic player but @ 32 time to
    either feature Saed or buy a
    a younger successor)

    To put it into context that recouped cash could probably cover the cost of acquiring Butland and Manolas/Maguire (Leicester City).

    Spend the existing $50 on Imdidi ($25M Leicester City), Max Meyer(free), Gaya ($20M Valencia) and possibly Shaquiri($10M relegation discount).

    Would anyone be disappointed with this possible
    lineup starting next season.

    Imdidi—Ramsey (Meyer)


    1. ks-gunner says:

      This is not a top4 team. Far from it.

      English players are overrated and you cant buy the likes of Butland without spending over the odds. Ramsey is not up for the job and Mustafi and Kos need to be replace in time as well. Jack will move out for free if he wants. And Shaqiri is not worth spending money on due of us having youngsters who can do e better job.

      We need world class players. Especially a strong Cb, Dm, Gk and a good winger like Griezman. Yes him break the transfer record and get him in. otherwise new manager and new start is just pointless.

      1. Adam Criniti says:

        I agree with everything you propose but sadly this is AFC, still owned by Stan Kroenke.

        He will NEVER sanction the spending required to compete with both Manchester clubs and Chelsea. Acquiring the Greizmans, Oblacks, Varanes, Alaba’s of the futbol world are simply unrealistic, especially considering the current transitional state of the club.

        I wish it wasn’t the case but we all know out beloved club all to well.

    2. Ray says:

      WTF man? Mustafi??!!

      Seriously though, I don’t think the club will spend that big or, release that many players.

      That kind of change may be damaging all at once. However, I would say we need a good GK, CB, HM and possibly LB?

      Goodbye Xhaka, Mustafi Chech and Iwobly with Welbeck to follow!

  8. Ray says:

    There are so many managers out there, however, it will be difficult to get someone in a similar mould to a “young” Arsene Wenger. Arsenal need to find a manager that is both resourceful and willing. Willing to work with what he has with a vision for a longer project!

    If you look at the best managers in the game today you have to say that German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and South American managers take the top jobs. From the obvious candidates it’s easy to finger-point and claim we need a “Simeone” or a “Pep” etc. Problem is, these managers work with “High- profile” players bought with money that is deemed as “Loose change”. The Spanish and way, if you like, is to over power the opposition with money. It’s only money! The Arabs are over powering the Spanish with wealth that is not dependant on results or revenue and sales. They are self-sustainable by personal investment. Again, it’s only money!

    Give that to any man in the world and he will always attract players who play for money!

    We don’t need manager that operates like that. They are are of a particular kind and style. It’s not Arsenal’s style.

    I would say to look at the “resourceful” and “efficient” Germans. Joachim Löw is a manager, like “Klopp” who can get the best out of players with a relatively tight budget. At the same time, the football would be good too. Throw in a couple of ex-Arsenal greats like Viera and Henry as support coaching staff and I think it would work out well!!

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Joachim Loew is not proven and can not be compared to club football managers.
      Allgeri is to great for the likes of Arsenal.
      Ancelotti is someone who looks up for results and no building teams.
      Arteta is a nobody and unproven. Same with the other no names.
      Brandon could not do it with Liverpool what makes other believe he could do it with Arsenal?
      Simone I am not sure if we are a good fit due of us playing a total diff style of football.
      Conte is maybe. I like him a lot.

      Leonardo Jardim is my personal fav.

      1. Sue says:

        Low – scratch & sniff ????

        1. Ray says:

          LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 If Low wanted to scratch and sniff everyone else’s privates I think there would be plenty of running and activity on the pitch. Just to get away from that travelling hand of his!!

          On second thoughts, I just watched the video again. NOT GOOD. SCRAP THAT IDEA!!

  9. Joe says:

    Let the board appointed the Manager first immediately now and allow him to do his job he is the only person who can really works on the present Players then he can decide on how many new players he need in which areas, to my own assessment i think Low and Allgeri any one of them would be great for us.

  10. Innit says:

    If true, £50 million is no where close to what we need.
    Questions need to be asked?
    Will sale of “deadwood” give us enough? How many players will he sell?
    What are clubs willing to spend on our lot?
    How much are Iwobi, Welbeck, Mustafi or anyone needing to be sold worth?

    Also if Gazidas wants Arteta then he should “step up”. Step up and exit through the door. We need a proven manager, not experiment

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      We dont have enough deadwood to make a difference. Wilshire, Per , Santi are out of contract. Elneny just signed a new one. We cant sell Welbeck with only Iwobi who can play on the left or vice versa. If we sell Mustafi and Xhaka then we need to replace them with much better options and 50M will not be enough.
      Chambers is not worth a lot of money, neither are Campbell and Perez and they might be coming to the end of their contract anyway.
      So not a lot of potential to raise money here with this team.
      If we want to really be a top 4 team next year we need to spend around 200-250M just to catch up.
      Oblak, Fabinho, Koulibaly, and maybe Martial and if possible Meyer for free. Then if we want we can sell Ospina, Xhaka, Mustafi and Welbeck or Iwobi.
      Still that would be around 200M net spend.

      1. Midkemma says:

        To keep my delusion of AFC rebuilding alive I have came up with a solution to the manager given £50 million limit…

        Sven and Sanllehi has already planned to spend a lot already so the new manager will only have £50 million to pick a player he wants.


  11. #MAGA says:

    Jardim, Tuchel or Nagelsmann for me. Whilst I don’t think Arteta has a chance due to his inexperience, he is well thought of as a coach and liked by the City players. He was also wanted as assistant manager at spurs before joining City. Let’s not forget that Wenger was totally unknown and in fancied before he joined us but then again he was recruited by Dein who had a somewhat higher football knowledge than Gasidis has.
    Jardim definitely top my list though.

  12. Ozziegunner says:

    With Wenger gone, the spotlight will now fall on Kroenke and the board. It will be interesting to see if they step up.

  13. Howard says:

    Enrique is the one coming. He won bags of trophies for Barca so he can do it for us. As for our coffers Wenger spent all on Xacha, Lacarzade, Mustafi all average players at unreasonably high fees and couldn’t achieve anything with all that money. Wasted by Arsene.

    1. Ray says:

      He did waste the coffers. You’re right. That is when I knew he was beyond his best years and it was time to step down!

      Saying that, some of the “so-called” deadwood we got rid of last year are proving their worth now under different managers. Take Oxlade for example!!

      I’m hoping a new manager will be able to get the best out of some of under-performing players!

  14. Kinaro says:

    But Enrique won those trophies with Messi, Suarez, and Neymar. At Roma, he failed terribly which shows us that he is a man who needs big names to perform. Arsenal is a different case. Will Silent Stan give him enough cash to purchase the players that he needs? That’s why my personal preference is Leonardo Jardim as he has proved that he can perform even with limited funds.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I am proud we got Auba and Laca upfront, I think we could have na equally deadly attack, more so when we consider Ozil and Mkhi.

      I am glad that the man who signed Suarez is now at Arsenal, the manager who was at Barca when the Suarez deal happened was Enrique if I am not mistaken?

      I do believe Enrique got more points per game than Pep in his time, he may not have done well at Roma but he hasn’t done bad since, Roma appears to have been a club that didn’t suit him at that time.

      Jardim would be one of the 2 managers I can’t decide between, Enrique and Jardim.

      Enrique has the rep and could be a pull for big names, has tactical knowledge and has understanding of a top training set up.

      If not then Jardim would be best IMO as he knows what a good set up should look like for training his players, our coaching could turn Mustafi around and make him WC… We have young CBs waiting for a manager who will give them a chance. Jeff RA hasn’t progressed enough and AMN could benefit massively with his potential… along with Nelson. Young Eddie bangs in goals for fun and I wonder if Jardim could turn him into a deadly 1st team CF?

  15. Kinaro says:


  16. Midkemma says:

    I read that the manager would be given £50 million. I wonder though…

    What about Sven and Raul, how much will they spend?

    It may be that the manager will be given £50 million to pick a player with but AFC will make more transfers but through the set up?

    Sanllehi want Oblak, so not manager spending?
    Sven decides to decide to sign Defender X and Midfielder Y…
    Enrique picks someone within £50 million because the rest has been planned for already

    I can hope…

  17. Simon Williams says:

    I assume the ‘budget’ would be a critical part of the managers agreement-

    Given the situation any top manager will demand a realistic and healthy budget-


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